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HGH #61 - CBums Baby Gender & Stophs 2023 Recap

Speaker 0 00:00:01

Sebumps baby comes out holding vial of tren.

Speaker 1 00:00:06

Already got tren injected into its system right off the bat.

Speaker 0 00:00:09

No. No. No. That's that's sebum's plug. It's

Speaker 1 00:00:13

yeah. That's that's

Speaker 0 00:00:14

where he gets some stuff.

Speaker 1 00:00:15

That's just he his sebum just has, like, trend built into it. It's a release mechanism. That's the one that's the one drug he says he won't touch though. He's ever touched it at some point.

Speaker 0 00:00:27

Well, I feel like you've touched it, like, once early on and had, like, just bed, like, just didn't like it very much. And because of that now holds his opinion of, you know, never touching it again.

Speaker 1 00:00:39

Yeah. I mean, it everybody reacts to it, you know, differently. The side effects are are drastically different. It's all a lot of those side effects are mental. There's a lot of physical ones too, but there are a lot of mental side effects and Does that affect that affect guy to guy are very, very different?

Speaker 0 00:00:57

I was gonna say, I I I got a in my stream yesterday, I was asked about Royds. And the the question was posed so poorly that I had to just pause for a sec. But they they said, I heard all Royalties do that used like, ROIDs, Royce. All words do is help with recovery. And I was like, alright. We got a lot to unpack here.

Speaker 1 00:01:23

I mean, basically. Like, in a very dumb down sense. Yes.

Speaker 0 00:01:29

I I was gonna say if you and and my initial response was, like, in the most generalized like just no information looked into sense and just like, again, generalizing every compound Sure. But that's also the furthest thing from it. So it was Yeah. An interesting conversation.

Speaker 1 00:01:52

Yeah. Fundamentally, that's basically all it does. How it does it with the food you intake, the way you train. Yeah. How you're like, how it actually does it as far as, like, like, your goal is essentially, like, you take certain things for certain results But really, at the end of the day, yeah, basically, it just results in recovery, which just means that you build muscle cells faster. Well, really a lot of times, it's multiple density to ultimately. So if you really wanna get technical about it, technically, what steroids do anabolic do that are based off

Speaker 0 00:02:30

of the soft

Speaker 1 00:02:31

drink, which is most of them.

Speaker 0 00:02:33

Before you get into this, I need you to put your coach, Greg, voice

Speaker 1 00:02:36

on. Show? No. No. That's the that's the only thing I could, like, imagine saying is no.

Speaker 0 00:02:47

Steroids are not just for recovery.

Speaker 1 00:02:50

Are you dumb? Are you dumb stupid or dumb? But though he's in person, he's just like, yeah. This is my actual voice. You know? Yeah. I'm a normal guy. I'm pretty normal. Kinda short. But they went behind the camera in my own house. No. But yeah. So if you really wanna get technical about it, Anything that's derivative of testosterone, which is most what most of what people call steroids is derivative of testosterone. But then you do have alphanumeric, which is like like, China is one of them. That's why China is so so different from everything else. Let me look up. There's only one other one. I always forget what it fucking is. So let me see. Okay. That is not what I wanted at all. Alright. Here it is. Yeah. So nineteen North testosterone. It's how would argue it's not necessarily a full testosterone derivative? DHT and a straight testosterone derivative. Derivative. Yes. Trust alone. So it's meant meant to load it and then they trust alone. What a lot of people argue or is under the nineteen NOR testosterone derivative side, which I also call alpha nine NOR alpha being one, so just alpha nine nor. People say nineteen nor depends. But point is everything's basically what do you consider a steroid is essentially derivative of testosterone. Some are direct, some are indirect. But so the way it works, right, is a lot of time if you really wanna get, like, generalized with the technical side of things, is that steroids they essentially help with recovery and increase muscle density, but then you have something like growth hormone. Growth hormone is the opposite. It's doesn't help with density. It helps with actual muscle cell increased. So if you actually increase the amount of muscle cells that are in your body. That's why it takes so long to run a cycle of g h. You roughly, it's about six months usually at least for for a g h cycle. And you don't really see the results towards the end of the six months because your body is building those muscle cell over time. But when you do run that so, like, essentially, you run it for six months and then six months after is actually all of your results. It's really weird how it's so prolonged. But basically, if you look at anybody who's who didn't take GH and then after they took GH, like the year after they took GH, completely different fucking physique. Like, completely different. It'll literally it'll literally take you to the next level. Granted, it's extremely expensive. GH is arguably one of the most expensive. I wonder whether they even call it a steroid, but one of the most expensive you know, underground supplements that you can get out there for that reason. And it's very hard to create it's very expensive. I mean, you can get, like, I wanna say, like, a hundred I use I'm trying to remember what the price was. I think, like, a hundred IUs is, like, three hundred fifty bucks. And a lot of guys go through that and, like, less than a month. So it's very, very expensive. A lot of guys, they'll, like, save up over time, buy a bunch at once, let it sit, and then use it as needed. You know, they'll save up a couple grand, drop all of it at once, and then, you know, their physique is essentially turns it, you know, changed. At the end of it. But yeah. So that's there's my little spiel on the technical side of things. You really wanna look at it that way, but that's why people take g h alongside other steroids because it does something completely different.

Speaker 0 00:06:38

Yeah. Well, for context, that conversation was also followed by Yeah. You know, I've been dabbling with pre and post workouts. And I was like, oh, boy. Alright.

Speaker 1 00:06:49

Does how old are he?

Speaker 0 00:06:51

I there's no way to kill that. It's it's just comments coming through. But I was, like, there's, like, three things that you're completely fine taking. One is a pre workout, like, obviously, with in moderation. Two is three eighteen, and and three is your BCAs or protein or whatever you're taking post work out.

Speaker 1 00:07:10

Yeah. Yeah. That's that's a lot of people compare it, you know. They're like, oh, no. It was it was a next step after creating steroids?

Speaker 0 00:07:18

I'm gonna I'm gonna huff blue to mine.

Speaker 1 00:07:22

Gluedemann. Gonna get it from my guy. I gotta I know a guy that

Speaker 0 00:07:27

might yeah.

Speaker 1 00:07:28

Give me plenty of Gluedemann.

Speaker 0 00:07:31

My guy is Gail Lewis eight four four Illinois Boulevard.

Speaker 1 00:07:36

The Walmart o g the Walmart o g. I won't ever be able to say without her.

Speaker 0 00:07:42

We need to figure out what her cycle is because her her physique is just crazy. So as God they

Speaker 1 00:07:47

did. Probably taking everything out of the sun. You name it. She's taking it. That's probably her cycle. Well, how do you think how much sterilizes Gail on? Yes. That's how much he's on. Yes. Yeah. Speaking of females, go ahead. I

Speaker 0 00:08:05

wanna say. Baby bum. Baby bum will not have the male physique title, but rather instead we'll transition and then get the male physique title.

Speaker 1 00:08:21

Yeah. I imagine. I already got the genetics for it. She's gonna be the if she wanted to, she could probably be, like, the biggest fucking lady up there. I'm gonna bring back to you. Bodybuilding.

Speaker 0 00:08:31

Seagram's fiancee is also is isn't isn't she in the In bodybuilding queue? Or No. No. She's just very She's

Speaker 1 00:08:38

no. I think

Speaker 0 00:08:38

she feel like she's just big into, like, nutrition and fitness and all that.

Speaker 1 00:08:44

Let me look up. Well, I'll assign his wife as his, like, go for fiance.

Speaker 0 00:08:50

Well, that yeah. That's what I said fiance. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:08:52

Yeah. I I typed his wife. That's why I corrected myself. She who is it? What's her name? They're forgetting.

Speaker 0 00:09:02

Well, see, this is the thing with if you ever date a famous person, you will always just be known as so and so's, you know, part or or whatever. Right?

Speaker 1 00:09:11


Speaker 0 00:09:11

This is fee this is Sebum's fiancee or soon to be Sebum's wife. I don't know many people who know who Sebum is, who is going to know what her name is to

Speaker 1 00:09:20

Courtney King. Do

Speaker 0 00:09:23

I thought you're about to say Courtney Cox, like the the actors and friends?

Speaker 1 00:09:29

Nope. Preeting. She okay. So she does have a yeah. I was gonna say it. I'm pretty sure she competes. Yeah. So she has competed throughout the most of the two thousand ten since she's a significant successor that time. Yeah. So she got her ProCard in twenty thirteen in bikini and qualified for that year as bikini Olympia. Let me see. Three so twenty sixteen, she won her first and only bikini Olympic championship, and she defeated them three time shape being called Walter to get there. So she has won the Olympias just in bikini.

Speaker 0 00:10:10


Speaker 1 00:10:11

She stopped competing in twenty seventeen. So Yeah. I I thought she was pro. I thought she was pro. I didn't know if she won the Olympia. Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:10:22

I'd be willing to bet that you know how you're on a a fertility, like, off of all of, you know, your cycle and and everything. I'd be willing to bet that her stopping her her competitive, you know, bodybuilding in twenty seventeen is, like, in preparation for now. So, like, a much longer process.

Speaker 1 00:10:43

I mean, I think here's here's my thing. I think this is a difference probably between Court and E and C, Mam, is that Courtney accomplished what she wanted to accomplish. And was like, you know what, it's it's too detrimental to my body. I I won the Olympiac and say, I'm a I guess, like a misOlympia. So that's what I wanted to do, and I'm I'm okay with calling it now. And she still, you know, she still trains. You know, that's Oh. That's part of, like, you know, any bodybuilders that training is part of your life. It's part of your it's the lifestyle. You know, it's you're always gonna be on a meal plan. You're always gonna be part of, you know, you're always gonna be training. It's just part of life. I think, you know, when I'm done bodybuilding one day, you know, ten to fifteen years from now. I'll probably do what I do now, which is like a two on one off kind of thing. Like, I might do, like, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. On, and then maybe either, like, a Saturday or Sunday, whatever day I'm free. It's probably what I'll end up doing. But So for her, I think that she's just like, you know what? I'm I'm happy with my success, and I I think I'm just gonna call it here. And I mean, because, like, they haven't been trying for baby forever, you know. And I'm not sure how long they've been together for. Let me see.

Speaker 0 00:12:07

Well, they have to have been Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:12:09

Twenty eighteen.

Speaker 0 00:12:10

It was it was I thought it was Yes. That that got sebum into bodybuilding. Is that I thought that

Speaker 1 00:12:19

was no.

Speaker 0 00:12:22

No. No. It was his sister married.

Speaker 1 00:12:24

Very young sister. Yeah. That's That was the opposite. So His sister's boyfriend said, dude, you have the genetics to be a good body builder. And brought him up through that way. That's Ian Baier. And he's married to forget her name, something bumpstead. They still kept their last name. But, yeah, that's how that happened, which is crazy to think. It's like, did Ian clearly has an eye for it? Like, it's it's weird. Like like, Rodney Coleman's, like, trainer did the same thing. He's like, dude, I'll give you free membership if you come train. And that's the reason why he he trained us because of the free membership, you know. And so some guys just have an eye for it, you know. But, yeah, that's that's how it works for them. So I think that that's ultimately the court news reason why she was just successful enough and she didn't wanna keep putting on that stress on her body. But Chris is very much the opposite. He's very like, I'm gonna go until my body can't do it anymore. Like, Ronnie. Like, I feel like that's what it's gonna end up being. It's gonna be he'll go and so he gets dethrone and then he'll call it. I don't I mean, I it would be smart if you called it this year. I think that, you know, five Olympias it's five, I think. Right? Yeah. Five. Right?

Speaker 0 00:13:35


Speaker 1 00:13:36

Yeah. Yeah. So five Olympias. And then also, I feel like he did have a little bit of a, like, a decrease in quality from this year versus last year. So I think that twenty twenty four would be a smart one to call us. He could focus on his kid. And because by the time she has a kid, and he goes to do the Olympics. He's I mean, he's gonna be, like, fresh and prep. Like like, starting prep right at the birth of the baby. So, like, that's gonna be a rough prep.

Speaker 0 00:14:05

So it's four. It's I I I gotta we gotta clarify.

Speaker 1 00:14:08

It's four. Four. Oh, okay. Alright. Four is a lot. Most is eight. I think they're all tied. A bunch tied for eight for nineteen. Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:14:16

Well, so that's That's

Speaker 1 00:14:19

he has five. Twenty nineteen, twenty twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three.

Speaker 0 00:14:26

Okay. Yep.

Speaker 1 00:14:30

I was gonna say.

Speaker 0 00:14:31

Well, I was gonna say I think that's ultimately where at this point he's won this money. I feel like you have to just go for that record none. You know?

Speaker 1 00:14:43

I mean, that's Jessica a lot. Like, he's won five in what?

Speaker 0 00:14:46

He's he's he's need to win four more. Which is like, I get that. I get that, but at that point, like, he's sure he'll still go down his probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing men of all time, like, without question. But I think just for personal, you know, props. I don't know if you can stop. You know?

Speaker 1 00:15:11

Yeah. I I mean, he's got the competitive nature in his system, and he's got the genetics for it. Who knows? I mean, maybe his physique will just age like fine wine. You know, like, he's what he's twenty eight. I guess he was born in nineteen ninety five, so he's twenty eight right now. So he's got to genetics for it and he has the time, you know, twenty eight years old. He can keep going for a long time. You know, he could go till he's thirty five plus, most likely. And he's at the point now where he doesn't really have to add a lot of size. He just really just focused on conditioning. So he'll focus on a good prep. You know, he takes his time off after the Olympics. He said he takes six weeks off right after the Olympics. Doesn't train or anything. And then he could just do, like, a maintenance slight slight ish bulk and then just a prep when he gets ready for the loop. You know, he doesn't have to push his body super hard in the season, like, all these other guys do who need the size. You know? Or he doesn't need to take a year off, something like that. You know, he would just stay lean and get ready for the next show. So he's got the time. And it makes me feel like a piece of shit because he's twenty eight, and he won his first olepsy at twenty three. So

Speaker 0 00:16:26

That's what I want. Right? Twenty five. I won my first wheelchair that that you age. So you just got a, you know I

Speaker 1 00:16:33

won at thirteen before I got in high school. For a special abuse since I was a teenager and

Speaker 0 00:16:40

taken a trend since since I came out.

Speaker 1 00:16:44

That was that was my initiation to middle school. My my gift for for going into middle school, my first day of class of school was was Trent.

Speaker 0 00:16:55

No. The bullies took me behind the school and said, you know, we're gonna beat you up. Are you gonna take whatever Billy has in his hand?

Speaker 1 00:17:02

It was tread. And you just, like, you just, like, blow the fuck up in three seconds. Ten pounds and then muscle to, like, your genetic god You worship you. It's like, what are those videos? They did one on Sam's Clubic. Meet, kit meet Canon or no. There's there's this this YouTube channel that makes these animated videos. They're fucking weird. And one of them was with Sam Sulick. And he every time he touched someone, he'd, like, blow up that muscle. And he, like, turned this guy into, like, this gigantic seven thousand pound freak of nature. That was, like, just tell me it's so painful. It's so weird. It's so weird. But, yeah, that that reminds me of something like that. You know, you take Trent one so you just blow the hell up. But with with Seabaldam's star announcement, you know, I mean, congrats to him for, you know, that account man, that's that's huge. I'm I'm hoping to be in the same place here soon, but everybody's talking about, I did see this video that that was saying exactly what I was thinking. And somebody is like, Bucking brought it back brought it back. He's gonna have a boy. But I'm like, man, if he if he ever had a boy, he's just that that kid is obligated to become a bodybuilder like he has to. He if he doesn't I I don't I don't know what's gonna happen, but he has to.

Speaker 0 00:18:30

I was gonna say, like, yes, Sebum's physique is a is, you know, the biggest factor. But an underlying factor is also that he's just like, from an objective standpoint, a very attractive facial like, his facial's construction is very attractive. So taking it, like, a a kid will always be a risk at whether or not that's going to be the same or not. So Like, you you take a look at, like, the top bodybuilders and that like, most of them, they they look decent, you know. Even open guys, if they if their faces aren't all bloated up, they're they have decent faces, you know?

Speaker 1 00:19:10

I mean, I guess it depends, like, I don't think Big Bahram is a good looking dude. I don't think Okay.

Speaker 0 00:19:17


Speaker 1 00:19:17

from Heidahruppin is is very attractive at all. There are

Speaker 0 00:19:22

no beards are in. Beards are in. So Hadi's cover Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:19:25

I wish that beards would make it make it showing to the other divisions too because I wanna shave my beard for men's physique anymore men. That shit sucks.

Speaker 0 00:19:35


Speaker 1 00:19:36

I hate that. It's so dumb. I feel like I should be able to show that off. If I don't gotta shave if you guys don't gotta shave their dreads, then they shouldn't have to I shouldn't have to shave my beard, but whatever.

Speaker 0 00:19:48

Well, there's there's an easy solution to that. Quadruple your cycle and go to men's open.

Speaker 1 00:19:55

Yeah. Just Just get huge. It's simple as that.

Speaker 0 00:19:58

You pretty much get that. Huge

Speaker 1 00:19:59

on vault. Just eat a lot and then get lean. That's it. It's not hard. Just getting three pounds in one year. I'm asking a lot. But, yeah, I mean, it's hopefully, you know, obviously, Seabody's kit can do whatever makes him happy if she gets into you know, bikini or whatever. She has genetics for it. You know, her mom's gonna be or was a pro bikini competitor, her dad's arguably the best physique of all time. So she's gonna have the genetics for it. It's just or they're not she wants to capitalize on it. I mean, imagine sebum, but he started training two years earlier, you know, he started treating at sixteen. Imagine that, you know. How where would he be today? And that's that's something I saved myself to. But you can't you can't beat yourself up over that. But I always imagine sometimes like, what if I started training at sixteen? Like I did when I was what? Twenty? Something like that. Okay.

Speaker 0 00:21:00

I didn't start, like, seriously training until, I think, twenty two. So Yeah. Yeah. Like, I I mean, I was athletic in my whole life, and I did the the the routines with that. But, like, serious gym training. I didn't start that till I was twenty two. So I mean and then I won my first wheelchair the the year after, but that was those That's great.

Speaker 1 00:21:20

Of course.

Speaker 0 00:21:21

Yeah. Of course.

Speaker 1 00:21:23

It's a fluke. No. But I I I wish I I got into it sooner. But I also don't know if I would have ended up where I have if I started sooner. You know? So I mean, it's it's a very much of what if scenario, and you can't keep putting yourself up over what ifs because they didn't happen. You got what you got and you gotta make the most of it. You know, there's it's like it sucks because I'm like damn, you know. Seabald won his first olimpia at twenty three. I think it was, what am I doing? But then I'm, like, looking at these other pros. And I was watching the video on this one pro open body builder goes, yeah, I didn't start taking steroids or really taking bodybuilding seriously until I was twenty eight. I was like, alright. I mean,

Speaker 0 00:22:14

you got a clock. Like, like, you're you're good until, like, I know late thirties, like, maybe early forties at the most, but you've got, like, a good fifteen years on top of where we are right now. So

Speaker 1 00:22:28

Yeah. Every, you know Male, prime is, like, twenty eight to thirty two. You know, that's what they say. Like, that's, like, their male physical prime. So, you know, come twenty eight. Who knows? Like, I could hopefully, my physique just gets better and better. And then twenty eight just really takes a turn. And it gets to the point where I'm like, okay. Now I can, like, really compete at pro level. Mhmm. But we'll see. I mean, you know, my coach that they got pro at thirty one or thirty two, I believe, something like that. So it's, you know, time is very subjective. You know, Chris might retire by the time he's thirty, but then there's other guys who really, like, hit pro at thirty and keep competing till they're forty. At all just depends, you know. It just depends on your body, depends on your mind, your genetics. And something I've always said and that I live by is wanna die young as late as possible. So you wanna die with a young mindset and, you know, young mind drilling general just as old as you possibly can. You know? So it it's, you know, the the maturity could also be a big difference. You know, CEMA might only be able to compete until he's twenty nine. But then, you know, other guys fill out when they're twenty nine and they compete until they're thirty nine. It all just depends on how you wanna look at it. So you got I try not to beat myself up up over it, but it's hard not to. When, you know,

Speaker 0 00:23:55

while the question you have to ask is, will you be able to train at thirty? The answer

Speaker 1 00:24:00

is? No. Only Pilates. You gotta

Speaker 0 00:24:07

CrossFit is the only way to survive.

Speaker 1 00:24:12

Look at my yelts. Pilates. I remember one of my favorite videos from him was when he's bashing, like, a chef rush, I think his name was or something. The guy the the Jeff Roy. For the for the White House?

Speaker 0 00:24:28

Oh, never mind. I thought there's a there's a gym influencer with the name, chef Roy.

Speaker 1 00:24:33

Oh, okay. Yeah. I think it's chef rush or something like that. He's a chef at the White House. And he he went viral because he's fucking massive. So, you know, I think is a men's fitness magazine or whatever did a video on them. And it was it was like a day in the life of him. And he, like, talked about his food that he, like, cooks and eats and his trading and all that. And it's all fucking bullshit. The the timeline doesn't make any sense. The food doesn't make any sense. The train doesn't make any sense. He starts every day with I forget how many, like, almost I think it was almost, like, twenty one hundred pushups a day. It's like the number of, like, veterans commit suicide a year or something like that. And, like, he does that many push ups a day. And I'm like, my fucking ass dude. Like, so do the math. Like, it took over an hour to do that many push ups. If you're going, like, relatively quick, it'll take a long ass time to do that.

Speaker 0 00:25:33

And that doesn't factor in

Speaker 1 00:25:35

this day.

Speaker 0 00:25:35

I was gonna say that doesn't even factor in, like, muscle degradation, like, your your you're you're not gonna be able to keep up that pace of rate or pace of play, like, for the last I don't know. I don't like, realistically, I do it his size, you know, I'd say couple hundred. Right? Yeah. You I mean, you can't put it much higher without seeing, like, a slowdown. Like, I would put them at, like, the one two hundred before you even see slowdown. Like because

Speaker 1 00:26:06

Yeah. So Here we go. It's he says it's two thousand two hundred twenty two push ups to honor twenty two veterans who who reportedly died by suicide each day. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. So he wakes up at three AM. So let me just let me here. Actually, that looks I'll just share my screen.

Speaker 0 00:26:26

Go go through the calendar. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:26:28

Let me let me share my screen here. Let's see what we got. I'll just go right through it. Alright. Here we go. Alright. So we got wakes up the tree.

Speaker 0 00:26:41

Twenty four whole legs.

Speaker 1 00:26:44

Yep. Meditates. Does that many push ups hour and fifteen minutes. Twenty four whole eggs, so two dozen protein chip with oats, peanut butter and kale, and a few pieces of lean beef. Okay? Already overdoing it, but whatever. Eleven AM lunch. So, like, breakfast is probably, like, well, like, four thirty in the morning, something like that?

Speaker 0 00:27:03

Yeah. Hour and a half because yeah.

Speaker 1 00:27:06

Hour and fifteen, what does it say like, we'll be we'll be generation, say five o'clock. Right? So let's say five o'clock. Yes. As long as two servings of beef with quinoa or whatever. Quinoa quinoa. Quinoa.

Speaker 0 00:27:19


Speaker 1 00:27:20

Fed a cheese, cherry tomatoes, lemon pepper garlic dressing. Alright. So kind of like a beef salad. Three three hours later, half a chicken, two to four ounces of steak, white rice. Okay. Ninety minutes of strength training. So he probably does a strength training at, like, three PM probably is my guess, maybe. Maybe maybe a little later, who knows? Six PM better. Six PM titles.

Speaker 0 00:27:48

I I I looked ahead. Twelve AM is just too funny.

Speaker 1 00:27:53

Whatever's left to the chicken, hang up. Broadly, the other half the chicken, another protein shake, which also makes no sense because if it's half a chicken, and then the other half of the chicken, whatever's left of the chicken. There's nothing left you a bowl have.

Speaker 0 00:28:07


Speaker 1 00:28:08

Diamond kale, tomatoes, the balsamic vinegar, olive oil and black garlic at eight PM. Ten PM. This one has Greek yogurt, oats, quinoa, blueberries, and banana. Alright. So just little protein like smoothie thing. Water's left the chicken, and then throughout the day he takes multiple of them in sync. Magnesium BC and fish oil. But let's go ahead and do the math. If he wakes up at three AM and goes to Eats at twelve AM. How much sleep is he getting every day?

Speaker 0 00:28:38

It it says right below three hours. Yeah. It says rush only appears to only sleep three hours a night. It's the first line in the Yeah. Immediately to do noise. And can you scroll back up to the to the timeline? Yeah. So he's a White House chef.

Speaker 1 00:29:00


Speaker 0 00:29:02

What obviously, it's his it's his job to to cook. But the amount of food that is presented right there takes time to eat. You can't just do that. And as a chef, you're not allowed to eat on the line. That's unsanitary. So where does he have time to do his job?

Speaker 1 00:29:22

So here's here's my guess. Let's say this timeline is one hundred percent accurate. Let's say this is exactly what he does every single day. My guess he does the push ups and eats four thirty, five o'clock, then he sleeps another like five to six hours. As my guess. You guys in the middle of the day does all this, eats, goes back to bed for another five to six hours. So total if he does it that way, he could get a total, you know, six to seven of, like, actually decent sleep. Great. And he has raked out the middle of it, which is not very conducive. It's not very productive. It's not a good way of doing it. And then let's say he finishes at, like, twelve twenty or something and policy of a twelve thirty. That's, like, best case scenario. He gets in bed immediately after eating and just passes the fuck out. We're talking, like, two to two and a half hours of sleep. So yeah. So about that. But I think, also, he probably works out, let's say, like, till four o'clock maybe five oh, yeah. So ninety minutes. Let's say let's say he starts trading at three finishes at four thirty. He probably gets to work for, like, dinner time. Probably like five o'clock or something. And then he's at six while he's working and doesn't finish work until probably like eleven o'clock. That's my guess.

Speaker 0 00:30:40

Yeah. But my point being, like, you can get away with eating on the line at like small time restaurant in some in some town. But you're talking about the White House. Yeah. Really think they're gonna allow him to eat on the line?

Speaker 1 00:30:53

I don't see why not. I mean, if you if you listen to what the, like, president say and all that about what is like, what? For the food and everything, And it's it's a pretty normal, like, situation. They just order whatever they want. Like, they they say, hey, I want this, and then they cook it. You know? It's not like

Speaker 0 00:31:11

You see the You

Speaker 1 00:31:11

know what? So I like to have to make three thousand meals or something.

Speaker 0 00:31:14

You would see the video of what? His, like, The guy's name is like James Court, Cordon. Cardon. I don't know what his name is. But he goes to the White House with Biden, and he goes What if I want some ice cream? And Biden just reaches over and presses a button on his desk? And James goes, Is is that order a ice cream? But it goes, we'll find out.

Speaker 1 00:31:40

That's awesome. I'd love to have ice ice cream button. But yeah. So this is, like, one of my favorite videos that Greg ever put out was just bashing on this guy for this routine. He like, it doesn't make any sense. And then the problem was, It's not like rush came out with this or whatever and kinda just let it be. Every he kept calling out people who were calling him out and was like calling them issues and shit. Like, he was, like, talking shit right back to them. Like, all they were doing was really kind of pulling this apart. They're, like, this doesn't make any sense. Like, there's no way look at twenty four eggs, it comes for a hundred forty four grams of protein alone. Like, that doesn't that doesn't even make any sense. Like, that that's way too much for one for one meal.

Speaker 0 00:32:23

You might have to know what

Speaker 1 00:32:24

size you are.

Speaker 0 00:32:25

What what's even crazier if you go down to the next paragraph, A man is an endurance trainer, a motivational speaker, and a professional ice sculptor. Yeah. Throw in throw in just crazy sculpting talent in there. And ice skating, see that? Not a a, you know, quick thing. Like, you're like, sculpting is something that takes a long time.

Speaker 1 00:32:46

Yeah. And motivational speaking, you have to travel and and you speak for fifteen, twenty, thirty, hour, whatever the the case may be. Like, it it none of it makes sense. You know? It doesn't I don't know. I don't agree with any of it. And and don't make any sense. There's he can't survive, like that amount of sleep. Like, the three hours of sleep, that he can't survive off that. There's no way.

Speaker 0 00:33:12

And there's there's right. The second paragraph, last line, they're trying to spin it. That knowing someone else who is doing or Sorry. Not everyone. In fact, almost no one can do two thousand two hundred twenty two push ups in seventy five minutes, knowing someone else is doing them every day, though, could provide some inspiration for you to get off your couch and do twenty two. I don't know how or what you make a whole article basically showing this whole thing and how this is not for longevity, this is not possible, and then you try and spin it and say, like, well, this is motivation for you to do some. Like, I would say it's the opposite. Knowing someone's doing that would incentivize me not to do anything because that's showing just a destructive pattern.

Speaker 1 00:34:01

Yeah. I mean, if if this is if this is true, it's very hard on his body. And it's very possible because Like, it's very possible to do this for one day. You could maybe do this for, like, one day. Like, if he's you know, because they because the the camera crew are there for one day, they were documenting everything for one day. So you could theoretically do it for one day and be like, oh, this is my routine, but it's really not actually the routine.

Speaker 0 00:34:23

This was this was documented?

Speaker 1 00:34:26

Yeah. This is like there's a video about it. Let me let me pull up. Let me see.

Speaker 0 00:34:35

Pull it up, Jamie.

Speaker 1 00:34:39

Let me see if I could find the exact video. Did they take it down? It was men's health. Let me see if I could find the exact video. Yeah. I'm not even I think they might have taken it down

Speaker 0 00:35:13

because too many people disputed it.

Speaker 1 00:35:17

Yeah. I mean, it's like when I searched Chef Rush daily routine, all that ever comes up is people picking apart his daily routine.

Speaker 0 00:35:28


Speaker 1 00:35:30

It doesn't show the actual routine itself, like the video. There was a video. The the people I'm talking about, they, like, pick it apart in the video. Watch a people's health article.

Speaker 0 00:35:41

I was gonna say, watch him pop up on the next generation iron.

Speaker 1 00:35:47

Yeah, man. He even talks about hear me. What are you doing? There we go. Alright. Yeah. Let me share this screen. I think it's this one. Alright. So this is the actual, like, men's health article that talked about it. So You know, this is why how us are growing up, maybe leaks. There's a leak in the boat. Yes. He looks so this this is the reason he got he got famous just because of his arm. He has, like, twenty six inch arms or some shit. Twenty four inch It says twenty four inch biceps, that's not what's measured. It's just the circumference of his actual arm from pia tricep to pica bicep. So it's twenty four inches, which is is is along the same lines as, like, Ronnie Coleman. That's why he went so viral because his arms are so massive. So that this is where this is the reason for the article, all of that. A lot of people if you look at, like, his I think the video is kind of pulling it pulling it apart. A lot of people down the comments were, like, the vibe that he gave gives off when he's talking about his food and all of that is very much is very much like making up as he goes. Like, it does the vibe. It it seems very almost like impromptu, like, improvised. So, you know, it's very possible that he was just kind of making it up. And I guess, like, I don't know if this is, like, his Sure. For his arms. We have five sets of forty five reps each arm. I see the curls. And then it's five sets of twenty five reps, both arms of seated curls. Then it's forearm roll pulls, five sets of twenty five pulls, each arm stating v bar curls. Four sets twenty five reps hold inside a bar. Four sets of twenty five reps holding outside the bar.

Speaker 0 00:37:50

This is just volume heavy. This is all this is.

Speaker 1 00:37:54

It's very, very volume heavy very much. Yeah. Four sets of twelve reps each first hitting TriNet. Which is twelve reps each arm. It's gonna be alternating dumbbell curls, and then he goes immediately into crossover curls. Which is just cross body curls that nobody fucking does anymore. And then the third one is gonna be hammer curls. And then four sets of fifteen reps of seated inclined curls. Finally, one arm, cable curls. Then it's a drop set starting at thirty two pounds. So he just probably does, like, a, like, a pump finish or at the end there.

Speaker 0 00:38:27

Can you scroll up just a little bit up to the top of it? Alright. Yeah. Alright. Oh, that's Okay. Well, if you if you count, like, the if if you disregard the the the unilateral movement and just consider one set instead of two sets. Twenty eight sets in ninety minutes.

Speaker 1 00:38:58

Well, that's his arm workout loan. I don't know what his other routines are, but I mean, it depends on the set. So, like, he like, somebody was okay. So, like, five sets of twenty five. The first three sets could be, like, pretty easy warm upsets. You know, you know, you know, you might not be really pushing it. Then, like, sets four and five are, like, to failure. You know. But also, the other thing is, like, straight sets don't really make any sense. Very few people straight sets actually work on. So I wonder if, like, when he says five five sets of twenty five, if he means, like, eighteen to twenty five or something, but, like, really, he, like, aims for twenty five.

Speaker 0 00:39:34


Speaker 1 00:39:35

Like, that's his goal. And if he doesn't reach it, then he marks that down. You know? So I mean, that's who knows? Like, what his training actually looks like. But, I mean, it's very possible to do that many sets of ninety minutes. The seated curls, like, the the unilateral stuff as well would take so long. Because he's doing each arm and he's twenty five reps, which is a fucking shit ton. So he could I mean, I don't know. He he could do, like, one arm. And while the that arm is resting, he does the other arm. Once that one's resting, he does the other arm. Or he could alternate who knows who knows how he's doing it. But, yeah, it's it's this is a bit much, a bit too much volume. If it works for him, it works for him. I mean, clearly clearly, it fucking works for him. He's got enormous arms. So clearly, it works for him. But the The food is what doesn't make any sense. I mean, his morning he starts his morning off with twelve to twenty four hard boiled eggs to our whole eggs and the rest of our egg whites. So it's a bunch of egg whites.

Speaker 0 00:40:45

How old is he? I just mentioned his age.

Speaker 1 00:40:54

You joined the army at twenty one. I don't know. It's I feel like it should forty five. Forty forty five. At least at the time I've read in this article, which was twenty eighteen. So he's fifty now. I don't know where he's at now. I think the video well, let me see. The video on him. So, like, this generation iron, they posted it three years ago, so twenty twenty. So I think a lot of people were, like, picking it apart in twenty twenty. Probably when the video came out. I don't know where the video is, but it didn't really surface or, like, this information didn't really surface for a few years after this article was written. I wonder where he's at now.

Speaker 0 00:41:51

Well, let's see what time

Speaker 1 00:41:52

he's at.

Speaker 0 00:41:53

It's ten thirty seven, so we know where he is. He's He's in the he's about to

Speaker 1 00:41:58

have lunch. Where is he? He's about to have lunch. Mhmm. Two servings of beef with quinoa. And he's on the East Coast because of the White House if he still works there. So, yeah, it's accurate. He's about he's about to have lunch. He's probably he's probably getting ready to cook it right now.

Speaker 0 00:42:15


Speaker 1 00:42:16

If this is if this is remotely accurate, if this timeline is remotely accurate, this tab right here, and this tab is remotely accurate. So who knows? Where he's up to? I have good idea. But we'll tangent there on chef rush.

Speaker 0 00:42:39

Could you imagine how to break it up?

Speaker 1 00:42:43

Oh, dude. That's a nightmare. That is a nightmare. I mean, you might cook each meal flat just because he's a chef. You know, he might enjoy cooking.

Speaker 0 00:42:50

You hire your own chef to meal prep all that because that takes a day to cook all of that.

Speaker 1 00:42:56

I mean, you know, that's why like meal prep companies exist. You know, it's just for shit like that. Like, where you just you spend like, you don't even so, like, the the meal prep, the the the value that I'd see in our meal prep company is one of two things. One of two ways I've looked into it. So one, either you get like a certain meat, like, pre cooked and pre seasoned all that, like, chicken. You know, like like I've looked into, like, the cost of chicken, you know, pre made because I just don't wanna cook it. I'd rather have it seasoned well, and I can enjoy it. Then there's also, like, you if you had this sponsor, you could theoretically or, like, if you had the money, you could theoretically have a meal prep company make all of your meals. That's a lot of money because it's, like, eight to twelve bucks per meal at least. Mhmm.

Speaker 0 00:43:42

This is

Speaker 1 00:43:42

it was this is a shit time especially where we're talking about, like, at least four meals, be meal prepped. Because, like, my first meal, my last meal are, like, just like egg whites and a piece of toast. I don't mean to get that meal prepped. But the reindeer bundles, I could see it if you get pre meal prep. But I think for me the value would be like making a meal Like, my second meal a day is is basically just a chicken meal. Right? It's chicken and varying carbs depending on whatever the plan calls for. So I get that meal prep. So that way, all I gotta do is just keep that up and I can go back to work because I work from home. So That's at, like, eleven, eleven thirty is when I eat that. So I need to go heat that up, come back sit down, and enjoy a good meal that was cooked by chef. While working. Like, that's what I would find valuing is is it's already ready. For you, it would be, like, maybe, like, the same kind of meal timing, like, eleven o'clock it's already made. You can leave, like, five meals in a mini fridge in your class or something like that or something with your desk or whatever. You know, something like that. That's what I would see as, like, the value isn't, like, every single meal. It's, like, a a meal that the value of time is better spent on something else than it is for cooking.

Speaker 0 00:44:55

That's always the balance I have to fight. Like, I absolutely love the to end. Maybe I'm I'm in a probably a small portion of people who actually enjoy this but I absolutely love fresh white rice. Like, I don't know what it is, but, like,

Speaker 1 00:45:11

of course.

Speaker 0 00:45:12

Like, most people will be like, oh my god. White rice is so bland. Like, maybe it's because I've eaten so much, like, microwave kind of chunky old rice that just fresh white rice just hits and I'm, you know, I'm constantly adding calories. So I add two tablespoons of olive oil to almost every single rice based meal I eat. So it's even more like I'm not gonna call it soggy, but like it's it's just more dense with liquid and it just oh, that just because of that, I intentionally stopped prepping out my post gym meal, my I I really only prep one meal now. I only prep the meal that I take to work with me each day. And granted it's a big meal, but all my other meals now. I just I I cook them out because it's just I there's some when I mean, you and I get it when we're on a meal plan. Like, we tend to lose a lot of enjoyment in food. And when you find little things to bring back just a little bit of enjoyment, especially in a bulk, like you you you absolutely take the time for that. So, like, my recent meal change has added more, like, sausage based things into my diet and Nuh-uh. God. A fresh sausage, like, you know, I grind it. I break it up. It's like little pieces, so it's not like I'm eating a sausage by itself. But having it broken up and just cooking it fresh every single time, I'll take the time to do that. I really will. So I I I can understand that.

Speaker 1 00:46:49

That's something that I did during prep, especially when I had, like, such a little amount of food Mhmm. Whatever food I wanted, I wanted to have tape either way, it was gonna taste amazing. Because you I was eating so little, but I don't I'd cook it and season it properly every single time I had it so that I could enjoy it more. You know? It's just that that extra layer. But anybody who's had, like, a true, like, force fed bulk

Speaker 0 00:47:13


Speaker 1 00:47:13

Will know how annoying food can be and, like, how like unsatisfactory food is. So anything you can add to make it tasty will go a mile, you know, to make a big difference in just your motivation alone. Like, that was so, like, my thing a long time ago when I was bulking was, Fridays, I'd get I had well, when I was bulking pretty heavily, I get steak and rice. Right? It was a steak and rice meal. So I'd get it from Chipotle. I guess, steak and rice, I guess, vegetables on it, and I'd wrap into tortilla. Should I have had the tortilla? No. But it may be enjoy it. I was like, fuck, I actually look forward to this because I like the seasoning, I like the flavor, all of that. And then Once a week, what I would do is it's like everyday I had six ounces of steak. So once a week I'd get rib eye, and then I'd also cook it with a little bit of butter. And just just keep tossing the butter over it. Yeah. And, like, that's makes such a big difference in the flavor going from, like, lean sirloin that just would sit in the fridge for four or five days till, like, a freshly cooked rib eye with butter on it. Mhmm. Oh, it's night and day. It doesn't seem like it doesn't even taste like it's from the same animal. It's ridiculous. So, I mean, I knew you know. I mean, you know, all of our friends are pretty much into me, you know, like, it's as far as, like, cooking goes. So smoking and all that, smoking meat that is in dry aging. You know, I gotta I gotta buddy who dry ages, all that. So it's it it makes a big, big difference. And when you're in prep too, I can even like, I can't even explain what it's like to be in prep because your stomach is constantly growling. But because of that, you truly enjoy every single fucking meal you have. Mhmm. Like, it's so weird. To go from bulking where it's like, man, every meal sucks to prep where, like, you're literally counting the minutes to when you could finally eat again. And I remember fighting this seasoning, so I couldn't have any salt anymore. And I remember fire, like, not I could have salt. I supplemented salt specifically. So I couldn't add salt from seasonings. So to get like no salt seasonings. And I found a seasoning for my what was it? It was my I think it was my eggs, and I put I'd fry, like, on a pan, just with some pan, asparagus. Throw that in my eggs that I'd scramble just just egg whites, put that in there, and then I put There's like Italian seasoning I got found from McCormick in there and holy shit. Mhmm. I like, it was so damn good. I look forward to it every single day. Like, the little stuff like that. Like, a little Italian seasoning was no salt, which is so good. So, yeah, you gotta find what makes the food enjoyable to you again. And fresh rice really does make a difference especially when you're bulking and like there's videos of, especially in generation iron, while the bagel is in that will show, like, when they're bulking and they'll have, like, a fresh pot of rice every single day and they eat all the rice in the pot. You know, they've gotten and dialed into where okay, this amount of water and this amount of dry rice equals exactly one day serving of rice. So they just cook it in the morning. And just like to sit in the pot warm all day.

Speaker 0 00:50:25


Speaker 1 00:50:25

And they'll scoop it out as needed. And I bet you that's amazing.

Speaker 0 00:50:30

I I remember god we close to a year ago. One of your goals was to get to the point where you just have a pot a pot of rice running all day.

Speaker 1 00:50:40

Oh, I'd love that. I'd love that. Sick. Granted, I wouldn't be able to do it, like, my full like, I my insta pot I have at home is, like, enormous. It's like, three gallons or something. But, you know, I would imagine a smaller one would be the one that I would need to use. But if I could have a fresh pot of rice every day, hell yeah I did.

Speaker 0 00:50:58


Speaker 1 00:50:58

Absolutely. That'd be awesome. But how did we didn't really touch upon it last week. Which come to find out. We only recorded forty minutes. We had a short episode last week.

Speaker 0 00:51:10

Yeah. Well, that was all down to place. So It was Yeah. We we made it with all the issues.

Speaker 1 00:51:16

Yep. So how did your twenty twenty three go? Like, what was the Like, where did you start and where you ending? You know, what's your consensus of your year?

Speaker 0 00:51:26

Yeah. Well, twenty twenty three was the year that I finally took the first serious step into the bodybuilding world, not at all claiming to be a bodybuilder because I haven't stepped on stage. Paul and I have kind of made that, like, the requirement for if you're gonna call yourself a body builder, you have to have been on stage at some point. But I took my first serious step and I picked up a coach, and I was my first, like, you know, serious step towards it. And we worked together for a good couple months. I mean, it was probably four months And, you know, my just I I couldn't commit the time that I needed to. Like, I was missing meals, then I was trying to I was doing a cardinal sin and I was combining meals later in the day and just eating a giant meal and it was just really mess up my digestion and I just I I couldn't keep up with what the plan was in place because I just couldn't commit the time to it. And, you know, I had other priorities, like, you know, I'm I'm I'm very career focused with my teaching and all that. So, like, I just couldn't commit that time to it. So the coach and I didn't work out. We're we're still, you know, friends. He yelled something out his car to me the other day just because he recognized me. But Like, we're, like, we're on great terms. It just was there's no

Speaker 1 00:52:50


Speaker 0 00:52:50

Amicability. It's just just didn't work out. But That was my first serious step. And I that what what that gave to me It was twofold. One might I'm able to write myself meal plans that are just way more effective now. Like, I and and my coach made this point to me when I was his client. He said he said about ninety percent of his clients ten, twenty years down the line become coaches because you just rip you absorb the information and you retain the information. And in the short couple months that I was with them, my understanding of nutrition dieting, you know, how to actually create a bulk how to get your body to adapt to the meals and the food and the diet. Like, all of that is stuff that I've retained and, like, I mean, I think there's been episodes where, like, you you handle all of the, like, talking about antibiotics and stuff and then it gets handed over to me for for dietary stuff. And that's, like, just something that I've been able to really add to my repertoire. And, like, when I have, you know, I interact with a lot of young adults. I'm I'm a teacher. So a lot especially a lot of young men who are trying to probably not get into the body building role, but just get themselves to peak, whether it's athletic ability or just look as good as I can and I am able to implement that understanding and give them, you know, different tactics that they can use. But overall, you know, that that was the first thing. And then the second thing that I got was my training intensity. That was something that I had, you know, for me, had always kind of whacked. I I was the person who was training for, like, three hours in the gym. I mean, a year ago when we or a little over a year ago when we started this podcast, I was a p f user who was in the gym for three hours

Speaker 1 00:54:51

No. Days.

Speaker 0 00:54:53

Yeah. And granted, there are some things of long sessions that I still use in my in my training sessions today, but overall training intensity is where it's I've really just completely changed my craft. And because of that, I see my own you know, while they're small, but incremental changes in myself as I continue that training. Mhmm. So not saying I'm anywhere near to being a coach, but there's just tidbits of information that and ways to convey that information that I had not had before that, you know, later down the line probably will be able to be very useful to me. Like, if I want to And especially, like, if I took it, like, lifestyle coaching, take bodybuilding aside, I could absolutely do lifestyle coaching just from a little bit of information I've I've gotten from him in that span of time. So that's one thing. But then my twenty twenty three was riddled with injuries. I've I have not had as many injuries this past year as I have ever had. And I'm twenty five now. So my recovery to major injuries is not what it was when I was, you know, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. So I mean, a combination of straining or breaking each ankle, right one who's broken, left one who's brain, both knees, hyper extended, and I I don't go to the doctor for any kind of knee thing, which is probably not great, but there's a decent chance we had some kind of strain or tear in in the knee. My right elbow was still in constant pain. So just long standing injuries that that really combated my ability to train. So I'm taking a big step back from athletics in twenty twenty four I'm really only doing I'm only playing golf this upcoming year. I've mentioned to my girlfriend that I might play soccer with her, but that's a once a week thing. And as long as I could get my ankles healthy, I'll do it. But realistically, I'm just gonna be training and playing golf. So my injury should be far, far fewer, and in between just because I want to see what a full year of training for me looks like. I I had I had a full year of training when I started, but granted it was doing it all the wrong ways. You know? So now I'm focusing on what one year of just complete what what one year of complete training looks like for me. So I'm excited to see what that looks like. And, you know, from the just couple months that I've had these past few months, it's been crazy. Like, the the past few

Speaker 1 00:57:47

last year for a sec.

Speaker 0 00:57:48

Yeah. You're good. My connection was good, so I'm still ripped. Okay. Okay. But the past few months I've had and this is also post like, I I did I I guess I should mention also my first SARM cycle and, like, I reacted Yeah. Incredibly well to LGD. That's my complete favorite. Rad one hundred and forty really didn't take with me. It didn't have, like, negative effects, but it just didn't show me the same results that I got from LGD. So When I hop back on in the New Year, it's gonna be a heavy LGD use for a good three months and just push to the spring and then you know, lean off in the spring and just look great in the summer.

Speaker 1 00:58:32

You should you should get a

Speaker 0 00:58:34


Speaker 1 00:58:35

Your Yes. No. But you should get blood pressure. Yeah. You could even just do, like, basic, like, testosterone an estrogen read, you know, probably, like, forty, fifty bucks just to see where you're at.

Speaker 0 00:58:49


Speaker 1 00:58:49

I would do it. If I could recommend anything, I would say I would do it now to get it done to see where you're at before,

Speaker 0 00:58:55

actually, like Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:58:56

After everything. And then I would get it done in middle of it. To see what it does to you if there's any difference because, you know, I feel pretty normal even though my test is in the it was at least was in the shitter. So, you know, even though you might feel normal, you might not necessarily be normal. So I'll just I'll get it checked out to see where it's at.

Speaker 0 00:59:15

Yeah. And

Speaker 1 00:59:15

see what it does to you in the middle of the cycle too.

Speaker 0 00:59:17

Yeah. I'm curious. And if it tanks, then I'll just I'll go full full cycle and just just blow it to the ground and be on beyond TRT the rest of my life.

Speaker 1 00:59:28

So it was, like, three grams a test pretty normal. Yeah. You're starting point, like, ten mil every other day. You know, I think it'd be good to know where everything's at during all of that. So you could just you could just know at least But I think you'd be surprised also what you're what you were saying about retaining the information. You'd be surprised. We've talked about this before. How little people do retain information

Speaker 0 00:59:53


Speaker 1 00:59:54

When it comes to, you know, food and training and all of that, you know, I I I try not to bomb my coach with questions. I do my own, you know, independent research. When I see researchers look up studies, I look up you know, few doctors talking about certain things. Like, when we I was looking up recently, like, for different fertility cycles we could do, stuff like that and what a lot of, like, endocrinologists say or what a lot of urologists say because, like, you got endocrinologists who focus on the hormone side of things, but then you got urologists who are also kind of like on the surgical side of things too. So it's like, you got a good mix of both opinions if you if you look up both of those. So, you know, just like that kind of research does go a long way. Which I think is also part of, like, us talking about on here is that, naturally, in order for us to talk about these topics, we do have to do research for you guys. So that also helps us retain information. And talking about certain things too does help us retain it as well. And then also a lot of people just don't give a shit. If it works, that's all they care about. You know? So for you, you actually wanted to learn those things.

Speaker 0 01:00:57

You know, so sure you did.

Speaker 1 01:00:59

A lot of people don't. You know, I and and at the same time, you know, even if a lot of people became coaches, there's there's a big difference between a coach when you say, well, like a lifestyle coach or like a like a weight loss coach. Versus a bodybuilding coach. Those are two completely different coaches. It's like, you know, bodybuilding coaches, I think I I would put, like, pretty much above any other coach, parallel to, like, a powerlifting coach because they're two different two different disciplines, but they're, like, kind of, at the same level. But, like, lifestyle coach and then the psychotherweight loss coaches, all of them are kinda below bodybuilding coaches because it's so much more complex because you're also talking about hormones. And that's where I don't wanna become a coach. I don't wanna be a coach because of anabolic's. I don't want that liability. So that could be a stopping point for lack of a will too. You know, just because somebody doesn't become a coach's, I mean, they didn't retain the information either. Yeah. So you just retain it because you want to. Not everybody does. But you also learned with your coach kind of what it takes

Speaker 0 01:02:05

That's true. Yeah.

Speaker 1 01:02:06

To get into bodybuilding. And I actually had a conversation exactly yesterday, literally yesterday, Friday with my coach because I posted, like, kind of, like, a recap of my twenty twenty three year. I kinda showed where I started. Kinda showed where I ended as far as, like, lean goes. So I showed, like, all the way up to my show, and then I showed, like, a few weeks after my show. I haven't showed since, you know, I haven't showed anything since then because it's just been a health phase. I haven't had that presentable physique. But he goes he goes, I just realized, you know, retrospectively that I kinda diluted the fuck out of you. Like, we kinda went too hard on a diet. And he's like, I think I was just too focused on trying to get your apps to show, and therefore, like, fly and do out everywhere else. And I was like, yeah. We learned some lessons from this one, but I learned a lot of things. We both learned a lot of things. But at the same time, I know I have the strength into NASA in order to achieve, you know, a weighted bodybuilding because, like, that's like, what I went through for prep is as worse as it gets. You know? So if I know I could go through that, then I can go through any prep. And, like, that's also why I think, like, Alex, in your case, was, like, if you can't do this right now, it's not the right time.

Speaker 0 01:03:16


Speaker 1 01:03:17

Because it's like, this is the bareboat. This is the basic stuff. So if you don't wanna put the time towards it right now, which actually perspective for. He's like, there's no point in continuing because you're not gonna be able to and effectively take advantage of it.

Speaker 0 01:03:31

And that's what I mean. Like, I'd much rather a person give like, he, one hundred percent, could have kept me going and taken, like, made money off me and all of that. But Yeah. Did, like, he actually wanted what's best for me and what's best for me wasn't doing that at the time.

Speaker 1 01:03:48

Any good coaches like that.

Speaker 0 01:03:49


Speaker 1 01:03:50

Yeah. And they'll also any good coaches say look like my previous coach before my coach now was like, look, he's like my goal isn't to keep you as a client forever. He's like my goal is to get you to the point where you learn so much or like I could teach you as much as I know. It's like that's my goal. It's to teach you as much as I know. And then I want you to then branch off to someone else. He's like, because there's gonna be a point where, you know, you outgrow my information, my knowledge. And he's like, I would I'm not gonna take a person when you go to somebody else because it's what's best for you. And if we're at the point where, you know, you're as far as you can go with me, then you gotta take it to the next step. And that's kind of what, like, like my coach did. You know, he was with his coach for a long time. And then he said his coach was like, look, this other coach right here, he's better fit for what you need. He's like, he's he's gonna really take it to the next level, and here he is now professional. Hopefully, getting ready to compete in twenty twenty four again in a pro show. So, like, that's a good coach. You know, it's a good I mean, you know, he's not the best coach for everybody. I already know some stuff about him, but not my coach, the other my coach's previous coach, but anyways, you know the best coach for everybody, but it's a good thing that a coach can do that because it's not about the coaches about you. You know? All that the coach can do is help you get to where you wanna go. It's about you. It's not about the coach. It's a good thing that Alex is like that too. It also says a lot about, you know, what he would do. You know, if you were, like, hey. Let's do the top one cycle or something like you can get ready for

Speaker 0 01:05:22

that. And you

Speaker 1 01:05:22

would know that he's truthful about it and not gonna pump you full of shit.

Speaker 0 01:05:26

And that's ultimately what comes down to as well is that like in, you know, if if I ever get myself to a point where I can fully commit, like, I'm I'm on, like, the gradual, like, slow grind just based on like what I can do, like, currently. But if I ever get to the point where I can fully commit, my relationship with him is still so good and the way he handled the or how we both handled the the breaking way like splitting up ways. Incentivizes me to go back to him and knowing exactly what you said that he won't put me on anything until Like, you you you all you often mention reaching your natural peak before ever touching anything. And he would not allow anybody to touch something until they reach that point. Like, I know another one of his clients that I don't work out with them anymore because I'm not an empire, but looks phenomenal. Like, I mean, like, he's not huge, but, like, for natural bodybuilding looks phenomenal. And my understanding the first time I met him was that he was on some kind of gear. And I had a conversation. It was a one off conversation. He was like, yeah, coaches prepping me to hop on. And it it was just phenomenal to see his physique and then realized that. And I had every reason to believe him because it was Alex as the coach. If there was a different coach, you know, I don't know the guy. But because I knew the coach, I was believing that he was truthful, and it's just crazy to see, like, how much time and dedication he would put forth before ever considering anything. Yeah.

Speaker 1 01:07:10

I mean, something I've also said to keep in mind too is that everybody responds. Everybody's genetics are different too, so like you could have phenomenal natural genetics. But then he takes nuts through gear, and it's really not much difference, you know. So it doesn't work for everybody. Gear doesn't transform you every day. And that's why I send you those, like, average gear users because the average gear users are pretty normal looking dude. So, you know, he might take gear and his fizzy could literally deteriorate, which it's it's been seen before where, like, you know, Derek, more place, more dates will talk about he had a video once where this guy looked great genetically, just naturally, like, just look phenomenal, took gear, got tons of acne, put on tons of water, like, lost a lot of strength. Like, he just his physique literally deteriorated because of gear usage. You know? So it's not made for everybody. Sometimes you just have such a good natural genetics. Like, dude, honestly, just stay natural.

Speaker 0 01:08:03


Speaker 1 01:08:03

if you look that good, I'd be like, just compete naturally, dude. Honestly, like, you're at that level where you could compete naturally. Will you step on the Olympias stage? No. Mhmm. But would you be at the top of the game in the natural world? Absolutely. Would you be able to live a longer life? Yes. Would you ever have any fertility or testosterone issues when you're fifty years old? No. You know, it's if you could do it naturally, do it naturally. So that's what I say. In his case, GEA could ruin it for him, but who knows? Know, and that's what Alex is gonna help with.

Speaker 0 01:08:34


Speaker 1 01:08:36

So but, I mean, I think that it was a good year for the both of us. I think we both learned a lot, ultimately. I'm glad that you went through what you went through because you you learn kind of what it takes and now you know what to expect going into when you do get to that point if you do decide to get to that point.

Speaker 0 01:08:52

And my my recovery meant mentality and understanding is more than anybody should have. So

Speaker 1 01:09:01

it's beyond what you need.

Speaker 0 01:09:02

Like, I'm I'm I'm good there.

Speaker 1 01:09:05

Yeah. You got that covered at least. Nobody has that though. But I think that's Good place for it to call it a day for us to call it today. We appreciate you guys listening. We'll be back. We'll see you guys next year.

Speaker 0 01:09:23

Deolos, Dave four four. Before Walmart signing off.

Speaker 1 01:09:28

Duke University. But alright. Well, We appreciate you guys listening. Remember to check out our website, h h cast dot com. We always got our episodes up on that, YouTube, h h podcast. We're on Spotify, Apple, all of that. So trick or something where you'd like. Our videos are up on Spotify and up on YouTube. So if you guys wanted to ever watch, us shoot the shit. You can go on there. But other than that, we will see you guys later. Thanks for listening.

Speaker 0 01:09:57

Peace out. Grosscoats. Yep.

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