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HGH #62 - Mike O'Hearn and Stoph's Natty Plans?

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So you would just start recording early just so that when you connect, I'll hopefully, that'll Maybe fix something.

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Change the buffering.

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Yeah. Exactly. Maybe we'll fuck with it. But, anyways, we can just

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do Yeah. Well, no. I wanna hear what this video was about.

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Yeah. Well, we could restart the recording is what I'm saying.

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It's recording right now. We're up north.

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I'm gonna cut this I could cut this out.

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Oh, okay.

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Yeah. I was just starting early.

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Gotcha. Gotcha.

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See if it fixes it when you before you join or something, you know. Because it looks like it's running smoother. We're both at fifty percent right now. So Looks like it's running better. So if we could just restart back over. So we'll just do like a three two one, I guess. So we'll go three.

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Michael Hern completely natural.

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The biggest daddy daddy. He's looked the same since the eighties. He's looked the same for forty years. There's a video recently. Oh, I will attribute a question for you guys. Who's our background right now if you're watching the video? Got your his forehead and his chest.

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Correct. JB's mom's daddy.

Speaker 0 00:01:24

Correct. It's Courtney King.

Speaker 1 00:01:25

It's a it's a mash up of of Hadi Rambaud and Hadi Chupin.

Speaker 0 00:01:30

Both Hadi's. Yeah. No. It's Mike or Hern. Mike or Trent. There's a video recently RP. I think it's Renaissance performance or something like that. He's like a endocrinologyist or sports I don't really know too much about the guy who runs the YouTube channel or at least is the voice of it and the face of it, but he he does videos about, like, training and, I think, supplementation and talks about, like, steroids and stuff like that here and there. But I would say, like, with him, he he's pretty knowledgeable, I would say. And he has plenty of credentials to back up what he has to say. And he did a video about Michael Hern's training. I think it was, like, a week or two ago that he posted it. I don't know how far ago the actual training video was. But basically, every moment that he did was either, like, pointless. Like, he like, a lot of the training he was doing, like, the forum and stuff like that, was all correct. But some of the movements were pointless. And then also just the way he explained it was completely wrong. You know? So, like, he he said the hammer curls refer your wrist in forearms which is fucking not true. He was doing a Wow. You know variation,

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you know, variation where it's Well, Kristen. Forums.

Speaker 0 00:02:53

Yeah. All you gotta do is not a hammer crawl at that point. You go from straight up and down with your with your grip to overhand. And you can still

Speaker 1 00:03:01

you could still lock it as a in your in your neutral position, you just see you just hinging. You're not curling.

Speaker 0 00:03:08

I mean, depending on how you do it, but he's saying hammercrows are for your wrist and foremost.

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Okay. So, like, as as a general statement.

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Yeah. Yeah. He's, like, this is what hammercrows are for. Yeah, you could really alter any movement to target a different muscle group, but you've seen hemorrhage are for the recent forms. It's like, no, technically, they're not at all. They're for the for the outside head of the bicep. That's really what you wanna target there. You can target your forearms and your wrist. There are better movements though, I would say. If you just turn your wrist a little bit, make your overhead grip, and you'll be able to hit it much easier. But Yeah. He he said that shit. And then, like, he was training this guy and they're doing, like, press and he had him like facing his toes inwards. And it was just like, the study shows that If it's within your first sixteen weeks of training or sixty weeks of a program is what said, for sixteen weeks of a new program, putting your toes during a quad movement. Has very little if any noticeable difference in targeting different quad heads. He he was saying long term absolutely. Long term, you can point your toes in different this is the RP guy. He's like, you could point your toes in different directions to hit different heads of your quads. But He's like, ultimately, if you're starting a new program or starting a routine or something like that, it'll take a while for your legs to adapt. And that's when you can start to you can start taking advantage. So he should say no, we're gonna target the outside the or inside of the quad by putting the toast in words, which is wrong. If you wanna do out inside of the quads, you do you're pointing towards outwards. So you had them backwards inside, pointing inside is gonna be outside your quads. And then he was doing a was a warm up granted, but he was doing, like, wrote pull downs, but he was doing it on, like, an inclined bench. So it was, like, it was kind of like, it's a good movement, but you can't leverage the weight at all. There's no nothing to leverage the weight. Nothing for like, fighting against the way that you're pulling down. So he can only do less than what he weighs essentially, you know, so it's like you can't really push that movement at all. And on top of that, using a rope, your grip like, the actual weight is also limited by a grip. Like, you have you have to cautiously think about your grip with a rope in a movement like that. TriState pushes out, stuff like that. Not really. You can kinda leverage it against your hands. You don't really need to worry about it too much. But in that particular lap movement, the way he was doing it, his his hands are pretty neutral. He was pulling it towards him. So he had to really focus on, like, holding that grip there. So it's just it's just really funny to see. And our like, he he's like doctor Mike or Mike or something like that. His name he he kept throwing, like, very very subtle jazz at him, and it was so funny. I've never seen him like, I've seen quite a few videos from him, and I've never seen him, like, really sick of humorous approach. It was it was funny to watch. And at the same time, Mike was like, oh, you're not supposed to train heavy when you're prepping for a show or something. Like, he's prepping for something. And he's like, you're not supposed to train heavy, nothing like that. And Mike's like, that's true. That's true. You should not be training heavy. You should be pretty training pretty light, high reps, stuff like that. Whatever he said. And then Mike goes, Walmart shows tomorrow. And he's like, what the fuck are you doing? This big show said, You're trading super hard and heavy the day before show or whatever it was that he was doing. Makes no sense. But I was just it was an entertaining video. You gotta watch it.

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Yeah. I'll say though there's definitely a lot of content out there where Mike is talking some good information. Like, I've seen plenty of of videos where I've genuinely learned a good bit from it. But one thing I will say is just the and this happens not just with him, but across any basically celebrities status people will either forget everything they know or just say things to appease to a celebrity figure. So for example, I he was doing a video on implant press and call implant of barbell press for for you just. And Mike's talking to the guy holding the camera because, you know, it's just some fan recording him or something like that. And he asked the guy and he goes, if you're doing this this press and your ass comes off off the off the bench, is that still a lift? And, I mean, yes, it's a lift. You've messed up your your inclined movement, but, like, yes, it's still a lift. And the guy behind the camera goes, I genuinely don't know as he's just trying to pull more stuff out of out of Mike. And it's just funny to see people react in that way instead of just, like, taking stance, yes or no, you're allowed to be right or wrong with someone. Like, in fact, I would prefer to be wrong and then be corrected by someone who knows more than taking a neutral stance and just claiming, you know, stupidity.

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Right. And that's why you always say, like, asking questions is always a good thing. Like, it's never a bad thing to learn more and if you're wrong. Like, you really you really do learn from your mistakes. If you're wrong about something, just learn from it and adapt, you know. Exactly. That's why you ask questions in, you know, school, stuff like that. The people who who struggle the most kinda just don't really pay attention. Don't give a don't don't give a shit and never ask questions. And that's when they struggle. You know? So it's always good to ask and see if you're doing something correct or doing something wrong or whatever. I would say, like, something like that. It's like a lift, but I wouldn't say it's like a proper lift.

Speaker 1 00:08:56

Correct. And and that's what he said in his explanation. He's like, you messed up what you were trying to target. It's still by technicality of lift, you're still lifting something. But it's not the incline press anymore.

Speaker 0 00:09:09

Yeah. And, I mean, that ends up happening a lot, especially chinery. People end up arching their back, like, crazy. And by the time, you actually, like, ready to look at what you're doing. If you arch your back in a machine. Like, let's say, like, an incline pressing your arch and your back. By the time you're, like, done your set, your arch and your back so much is basically a flat bench machine at that point. You know, I see it all the time. And I also see, like so one of the things that that Mike talked about in that video was when you're stretching at the bottom of a chest press, my chest is so sore. When you're when you're stretching at the bottom of a chest press, And, like, the bar is, like, touching your chest. That's when you actually get, like, a disproportionate amount of hypertrophy in muscle gain. So you say when you're doing a chest press, Like, Mike was he was benching inclined bench four plates.

Speaker 1 00:09:59

And I assume that

Speaker 0 00:10:00

Yeah. Mike was, like now, Michael Heard, the RP guy was, like, dude, he's, like, regardless of what people say or think about Michael Heard, like, Four plates an incline bench is fucking sick.

Speaker 1 00:10:12

Four plates are regular bench is sick. Now make the incline absurd. And then he does he does that in the video and he's like slow control. I mean, it's not like, you know when someone's going for, like, like, an immature PR where you you real quick down and then you struggle and push it up. He's just, like, it if from a casual bystander, it's casual.

Speaker 0 00:10:36

Yeah. For sure. And he I mean, Mike's got he's been training for so long. He's got super super thick dense muscles. Mhmm. So, like, even if you stop trending, it'll take a year for that shit to go away. You know what I mean? Probably years, to be honest, because it's just so dense and it's so mature and it's been there for so long. And that's what Dennis Mussel will give you. It's gonna give you godly strength over time. Eventually, at one point, he was like, oh, I hit a PR for a place that eventually you got a few and then eventually become eight or nine and then it's all of a sudden like your mid set or whatever. But incline I also think that, like, people really discredit incline for being, like, they play down or they play up how heavy it is. Like for me, my incline is as good if not better than my flat bench. That's because that's what I focus on the most. You know? So a lot of times people are focusing on mid peck more than upper chest, so that's why they think incline is heavier, but it just depends on how you focus on it. You know, being in Memphis, being, you know, focusing on shows and competing, our protest is much more of a focus. So therefore, my protest ends up being stronger. So doesn't necessarily mean it's the stronger version of the movement. It's still the same rough movement. It's just how you focus it, I guess. So I just wanted to say that real quick.

Speaker 1 00:11:54

I I agree with that now that I think about it because my shoulders are my strongest and because not that you target shoulders on incline, but it's more leveraged in that position in incline. It's still a chest but when you still focus it that way. But you know, you're going for the upper part. So I can I can now see that because I always thought about that too because my bench sucks? My bench is my my like, flat bench is my worst movement. In terms of the weight I can move and incline I do most most of my inclines with dumbbells and I can do a lot like calculated adding the dumbbells together more on dumbbells than the flat bench on a bar.

Speaker 0 00:12:37

Yeah. I mean, in incline, you do end up using a bit more shoulders in order to press it. That's why a lot of guys don't agree with incline, especially barbell. But I'm very optimistic. So, like, here's what's funny about bench is incline is the one that's supposedly bad for your shoulders. Right? Flap bench is pretty neutral as long as you keep good form nice and slow, keep your angles at or your not angles, your elbows at like a forty five degree angle or so. All that. Right? But the decline is supposed to be good for your shoulders. Your shoulders are pretty in a low position. They're kind of where they're supposed to be. All you're doing is pressing from your chest. But for me, it's the exact opposite. My shoulder feels so much better than it can climb. But then when I go to the decline, I did it like a year ago, and I could've sworn I was gonna tear my fucking shoulder. I was like, this is this is not for me. I don't focus on anything lower peck really anyways, but the decline for me is the exact opposite of incline as far as your shoulders go. So that's why a lot of people prefer decline over incline. It's just because your shoulders and all that. And you could press more weight because you could put more behind it with decline. There's more weight or more strength you could put behind a decline press. So that's why they're, like, hitting it. But Now, inclined where it's at. Incline. Incline or anything upper chest, what's gonna make your chest pop and make it look that much bigger. But even though Mhmm.

Speaker 1 00:14:01

I can't even recall the last time I did decline. Like, I we have with the the one usage I have for a decline bench is that I do, like, sit I I do I do sit ups on it. Like, I do weighted sit ups on decline bench. That's the only thing I use it for. Like, the last time I did it, I was training an empire a while back. And that was just out of, like, I think it was the routine that was built for me at the time.

Speaker 0 00:14:28


Speaker 1 00:14:29

But I and a lot of people will will, you know, there's so much hate for this machine. But for me, when I do an online, it's the best connection I have. But my Smith machine, inclines are where I get the absolute best feeling, best muscle connection, best pump, everything. So I I I don't know if it's because I focus less on like, subconsciously focus less on the bar since I know I can click it in at any time and just focus everything into my chest, but for some reason, compared to dumbbell incline or barbell incline up. The Smith machine inclined just is the best thing for me?

Speaker 0 00:15:13

I mean, that's that's the case for a lot of people. You're not alone there. Smooth machine for incline, you can get a super super good pump and then you can make it really hard or you don't have to worry about failing because you could just twist the bar a little bit and you'll re rack it. So you could really push yourself to the very limit. So you're not alone there, especially if you could have I mean, I know Vaynercare does it, but my gym doesn't either, but if you could have a swim machine that's that's completely vertical, straight up and down completely, then it's like night and day. It's so it's such a good movement for for for bench. If your Smith Machine is straight up and down, I wish they made more of those. I wish they weren't angled. Shit pisses me off. But, also, the the Smith machine at BannerQ, you might not realize it because you've been using it for a while, but that Smith machine is super heavy. There's very little resistance that that Smith machine gives. All it really gives is, like, angle, honestly. It just kinda points you to an angle when you're when you're pressing. But if you were to lift on that machine, that's with machine, and then immediately go into a different swift machine, you would see the difference. You're like, wow. Okay. So this like, if anything, I feel like the Smith machine out of anarchy is, like, adding weight versus taking

Speaker 1 00:16:26

I was gonna say Like, I I recall, like, way back when when I was training at p f because the only thing we had I mean, years ago, what that was you know, the only thing they had was Smith Machine. So doing inline there and I remember at at those ones repping a plate, no problem, and then building up from there. And I still use a plate as my warm up here at Van, like, for after, you know, after my no. Wait. Just get blood flowing. My actual warm upset, I use a plate. And And now that I think about it, it's definitely a lot tougher than when I was doing it way back when. But granted, I'm also a lot deeper into my journey and I'm focusing on different things. Like before, you at at p f your ego lifting. You're just throwing it a lot of ego lifting. And and and now I'm more focusing on how it contracts my muscle, how I can isolate the muscle and use, like, less shoulders, use less arms, like, just completely, like, perfect the movement. So I guess, I'm a little bit, you know, biased in what my my weight movement should be.

Speaker 0 00:17:41

Yeah. I mean, I'm telling you if you try it, you'd be like, wow. This is crazy. It it really does make a difference. Like, the smooth machine app plan attendance is probably lighter. Most smooth machines do provide some resistance That's part of the reason why they're angled a lot of them too is to to provide some resistance to what you're training. And, obviously, guy, you know, all that. But the webinar key, there's, like, almost no assistance at all. And the the grip, the actual peaks on the bar. I don't even know what to call it. They're also pretty sharp as well. You can fuck up your hand from that with machine.

Speaker 1 00:18:17

Like the grooves on the bar? Yeah. Yeah. My end is pretty callous out, so I I don't notice that stuff.

Speaker 0 00:18:26

Yeah. I gotta get mine, like, callous back again because a lot like yesterday's back day. Quite a few of the pieces of equipment that I was using had, like, pretty hard grips. Like, even the I'll show you in a bit, but even the like, I use these hand attachments for for lower back or, like, lower lap. Hold on on a machine. And, like, that one doesn't have any, like, rubberized grip around it. You know, you use it for, like, like, you know, one arm rows or whatever. You know what I mean? Like, it's like plastic handles you use on a cable machine. So use that on a plate loaded machine to have free free flowing, like, or free moving wrist attachment. So those don't have any rubberized grip on it. It's just plastic like cylinders. There's four of them around the whole grip. So it's, like, hard on your hands, and they're pretty sharp. So, like, that was fucking up my hands. And then doing rack pulls was kinda fucking up my hands a bit with a sharp bar, all that. I did I did VBAR rose or a TBAR rose or even a column, and that was fucking on my my hands. So I gotta get back I gotta get my calluses back. They're still there. They're just not as hard as they used to be, especially at BannerKey. BannerKey's equipment will fuck you up. Which is awesome. I loved it there. But Cass is where it's stayed. But

Speaker 1 00:19:49

Well, one thing that I learned and noticed from that from from training is that ever since I went to Van, I I stopped bringing in to gym bag. I just walk in with whatever I mean, like, my shoes sweatshirt. Like, I don't bring in any I don't even bring water anymore. Like, I just walk in and train. And that means I'm not bringing in any lifting straps. I'm not bringing any wrist straps, anything. And I still train heavy, but on, let's say, deadlifts or rack poles, or even dumbbell rose if I if I was trying to go super heavy. Like, I'm not going to the extreme of the weight anymore because one thing that I've always lacked in is forums and forums is basically just your grip strength too. So I'm prioritizing, making sure I'm building up my grip now. And because of that, I'm not using any reps and my palms are just I've I've never had as many grooves and bumps in my palms as I do now because Even some of the bars, like, the barbells are old, like, ones that have that I'm gonna I I call them personality, not is where, like, if you grab them the wrong way, it's, like, oh, I'm getting poked by something. And it's it's just fun. It's fun to train there.

Speaker 0 00:21:04

Yeah. It is. It'll mess you up. I mean, the dumbbells are really really good for that. Those are also the smooth dumbbells too. That, like, make a hard trade too. They're, like, I don't really know what to describe. It's just the handle smooth and the brake that came and those are pretty those give you a really good arm pop. Next time you do dumbbell curls for your biceps, just grab those. Trust me. Really get our our pump there. But and then also do the that easy bar curl machine thing. Not really the machine. The easy bar curl the pads. That thing what part of it?

Speaker 1 00:21:41

Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay. I thought you were talking about that.

Speaker 0 00:21:43

You thought you were talking about that.

Speaker 1 00:21:44

There there there's a cable preacher machine. I thought you were talking about that. That thing's legendary though. I love a cable preacher.

Speaker 0 00:21:51

Yeah. That thing is pretty sweet. I wish I had one of those, but the the easy the easy crowbar with the pads on it Mhmm. The way the weight is displaced, it's always pulling on your arms. So you curl up until the pad touches your arms, your biceps. And then you you obviously do negative of the rep. And when you're at the top, the weight is displaced by about four inches or something, So it's still pulling. You know, it's not like you can rest it all up here. It's always pulling on you. So it's kind of like, gerald curls, both of the freeway. It's freesuit. I was gonna say something. Oh, one thing to to not discount is that using, you know, grips doesn't necessarily mean you can't lift it with your forearms. It just also you could use it as a tool to focus that that muscle group.

Speaker 1 00:22:38

I know. I know. I I just Mhmm. I I know where my deficits are, and I do my best to counteract them and build them up. Mhmm. For, like, for example, like, when I was at Empire Rack Bulls, I could not grip for the reps I wanted to for what I was moving and at the time was prioritizing how much I could move on a rack pull. So I would wrap those. The one thing I will wrap and I'll make sure I have, you know, lifting straps with me for that is straight leg deadlifts because that's the one movement I like, hamstrings is such a like, it's a muscle that a lot of people don't put the time and effort into that they should, and I'm cognizant of that. So I know that, like, on my hamstring movements, I take them super seriously. And straight leg deadlifts. I'm stretching the muscles so deeply and for so long and I'm taking so long on my reps. That if I even just a plate, like, one plate on each side, I can't hold that for as long as I want to to train my hamstrings. So that's the one movement that I'll I'll still strap up for.

Speaker 0 00:23:54

Yeah. I mean, anything you're gonna be using your grip for a while, you should be using wrist wraps. I mean, like, I used them yesterday for rack pulls and then also for TYROs. Just so that I don't think about my grip at all, but that's the only time I did it. And then, like, chest and bite or chest and bicep day. I don't use them at all. I use them on light day for for romanian deadlifts, but that's it there. And then that's I think that's actually it. I don't think about it. I only use them a few times a week, really. And it's mainly just a focus that also group instead of focusing over four arms. I mean, I got I think it got decent enough four. I'm certainly not have to worry about them. Like, it looks wise, strength wise, like, you can never have strong enough four arms, but I don't really think I need to, like, work on that.

Speaker 1 00:24:44

There there there is one man who doesn't need any more strength in his forearms. Ramon Ramon. Ramon. Ramon. Ramon.

Speaker 0 00:24:52

Ramon. Ramon. Ramon. Like, it really puts into perspective how big is forearms are. Because, like, you see a lot of, like, big arms and and chest and back and shit in these guys. Right? It's not surprising. It's all fucking huge. But it really put in perspective because, you know, we only see photos of videos because you can't really even tell how big these guys are, but when you saw that video with that girl like sodging his forearm. And she could, like, put both of her hands like this across his fucking forearm. I'm, like, what the fuck?

Speaker 1 00:25:23

His forearms are his forearms are bigger than most dude's arms. Like

Speaker 0 00:25:28

Yeah. Absurd. Like, I had to watch it a couple times. I'm like, is she tiny, or is he just that big? And I think it's she probably was a small chick, but then he was also just that his farms are just, like, huge too. So Yeah. Combination of the two. But, yeah, that was that blew my mind, dude. I had no I that was absurd. But when you just see him just like in the gym, like, his forearms, like, really, like, pull away from his actual arms. Like, it's actually, like, it's crazy to see it, but it is kind of hindrance to his physique. Like, it is a negative trait of his physique.

Speaker 1 00:26:04

Which is wild because his his arms are massive too. Like Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:26:11

It's not like he's general. Like his strength.

Speaker 1 00:26:13

Yeah. It's it's not like he's, you know, like, a popeye, you know, like, he's got, like, proportionate arms to any bodybuilder on stage. It's just his forearms are, like, oh, you thought the bicep was cute bow.

Speaker 0 00:26:28

I wonder what he does for him. It reminds me of what's that guy with the crazy veins oh, I forget his name. There's a guy. He was a pro body builder, I'm pretty sure. He he had a couple injuries, and I think that's kind of what made him call it, on bodybuilding. But he I if you ask me any other day, I swear I coulda give you news then. But he he got crazy forearms, and he's just always trained forearms really hard, and it's just like his thing, his his forearms. And the veins in his in his shoulders and his arms are fucking ludicrous. It looks like almost like Barakos veins. It's crazy. One of his gimmicks is he he's a bicep vein that's like it's sick as like like a pen or like a sharpie marker and he he pushes down on it on one side and then squeezes the blood out and you can see it go flat

Speaker 1 00:27:18


Speaker 0 00:27:19

think he lets go and it, like, the blood rushes back in and it fills back up. Yeah. It's wild looking. That he he's he's pretty insane. I gotta find him and send him to you. But yeah. Ramon's forums are allude to Chris. But that people don't realize how big men's open guys are. Do you see what a person? You're like motherfucker? Like, I almost guarantee you. If you're listening to this and okay. If you've seen men's super heavyweight open or something like then you'll know what I'm talking about. But if you if you don't know if you have, I was guaranteed you haven't. If you if you're thinking like, oh, I don't I don't know if I've seen our men's open competitor, you haven't. Like, a true actual probe, like, a probe men's competitor men's open competitor is, like, out of this fucking world huge. Like, we don't we don't give enough credit to how genetically gifted these guys are until you see them in person. You're like motherfucker. I've never seen someone like that before in my own life. And, you know, I I still think about that to this day from that seminar with Steve Weinberger. Like, those two guys stepped on stage. I'm like, what the fuck am I looking at? Like, I swore I could have seen men's open guys up into that point. And I was like, dude, everybody I've seen is tiny in comparison to these guys. It's ridiculous.

Speaker 1 00:28:34

And those guys those guys at the seminar weren't even pros. Right? They were amateur open. Oh, they're pros open. Oh, oh, oh, I was

Speaker 0 00:28:41

just not an Olympia level.

Speaker 1 00:28:43

Even even amateur open. Not that there's many of them because, like, at all the shows you've been to, there's not even that many, you know, divisions if even a classification for for men's open at that, you know, level. There is. But

Speaker 0 00:28:57

It's mostly class of Zeek now.

Speaker 1 00:29:00

But Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:29:00

You go either one one of two ways. You either have like at the shows up in two, it's either like. All classic, like it's either you the person competing is going for classic, a few going for men's open, even less adjustment's physique. And then but a lot of guys in classic either do classic and midsize week or classic and open because classic can translate pretty well to both. Yeah. But, yeah, man's open is definitely prevalent. But it's it's not nearly as big as people think it is. You know, the guy the guy who I see when the men the men's open division at the shows are not nearly as big as a pro like, these still gotta these these average guys still gotta put on, like, twenty, thirty more pounds of muscle tissue at least before they could think about going pro or that's competing at the pro level, you know. Internationally. But it's the it's it's mind blowing. And, like, that's how I knew, like, I knew I learned that's how I learned pretty pretty quick that I didn't have the genetic test.

Speaker 1 00:29:57

Wasn't open. I was gonna say the I feel like most people who are who get into men's open. And this is I'm saying it respectfully because this is how you know, but they're just bigger people. Like, they're they're either like, I'd say gen like, just because genetically is is your natural stuff and, like, naturally just of, like, a football offensive lineman, basically. Like, that and then they've just whittled it down, turned it into muscle, and then just built their their physique from that?

Speaker 0 00:30:32

I mean, it's also just natural genetics too. I mean, you look at, like, James Hollings had. He posted it. I I still remember that photo seeing that for the first time. He was, like, sixteen, and that dude looked bigger than most dudes when they're thirty. Like, that's how you know you're supposed to be at that level because you just put on muscle like fucking crazy. It's just your genetics. And a lot of these guys too also don't put on a ton of fat either.

Speaker 1 00:30:55

They, you

Speaker 0 00:30:55

know, they're by the time they're twenty, they're massive. You know, a lot of time, we've talked about it before where a lot of the time, guys are competing. You know, there's different ages where you you kinda peak and your your your physique kinda fills out whether that's, like, earlier, like, Chris Munson, that's kinda earlier. You know, he's not gonna be competing probably much into his thirties at all. It's all twenties for him. But then, you'll have guys who are competing in their pros. Like like, Ryan Coleman was competing in his, you know, at the Olympian and really at the pro level, like, starting in the thirties. You know? So, like, you have these different guys who peak, but at the same time, like, the difference here is men's physique and class physique. You could still catch up even if you're older. You know, I don't guys who really started, like, focusing on bodybuilding at, like, twenty eight, twenty nine. And then they got huge by, like, early to mid thirties and then now they're competing pro. But then men's open is a different world. You have to just be able to be huge. Just naturally. Like Yep. These guys don't go. Pretty yeah. They're pretty muscular and they don't even train. Like, that's just how it is. And they don't realize it. Like, there's there's obviously way more guys who don't realize it until they become, you know, theoretically, if they get into bodybuilding. Like, there's so many more guys who are like open bodybuilders than there are open bodybuilders. You know what I mean? It's like Like, you never know if you're, like, a gifted baseball player unless you play baseball. You know? So, like, I'm sure that, like, the best baseball player human kind would have ever seen, we didn't he didn't even know that he would be that gifted. You know, like, he probably didn't even play baseball. You know, it's like shit like that. You know, it's like the best men's opened better. Probably never even trained.

Speaker 1 00:32:39


Speaker 0 00:32:40

But we wouldn't know because he never trained. So a lot of these guys just that's just how they are and they don't realize it. You know, they drink and, you know, do whatever, eat, like, shit, whatever, and they still look decent in pretty muscular athletic builds. But also, you know, you could kinda tell it too, like, especially if they're blue collar. There are some some blue collar cajoups that are fucking massive, but they eat, like, shit, drink beer all the time. Swoop cigarettes and you're just like, oh, it's just how it is. It's like, dude, do you ever think about training? Like Take it seriously.

Speaker 1 00:33:12

I was gonna say men's open in in the body building world, we'll call it athletic, but to everybody else in, like, different sports and whatnot. Men's open, PhysIQues are no longer athletic. Those those are like, I I'm just like, to get the the phrasing. Right? Because, like, for us, we we consider Anthony because of what we know what they do. Like, for us, that is monumental. But to the outside world, that's and I actually had this conversation the other day because I I don't use Snapchat much anymore, but I finally posted something because I just felt good in the gym. I posted a stranger picture, and it was I was just feeling good about it. And someone commented and said, please don't get gross huge. And that's that's kinda like what I what what I'm getting at here is that to everybody else men's open and maybe even top to your classic physique, like, when I showed my my my girlfriend a picture of bum of c bum on stage, like, that isn't aesthetic to them, but to us it is. So the word athletic is, like, used differently depending on who's saying it.

Speaker 0 00:34:24

Yeah. I mean, typically, once somebody says an athlete to think, like, sports performance Yeah. You know, running, jumping, catching throwing, stuff like that. Bodybuilding and bodybuilders in general are absolutely athletes. A lot of the way athletes train is very similar to the way bodybuilders train. Granted, you know, there's different focus and all that and there's different, you know, gives and takes, you know, obviously, hypertrophy is not about sports performance. But at the end of the day, like, I bet you Any body builder. Oh, shit. Yep. And Sago's Anybody below there at the end of the day could alter their training program to train, like, an athlete, and it wouldn't really be much of a difference, to be honest, at that point.

Speaker 1 00:35:33


Speaker 0 00:35:34

You know? So it's it's a it's a weird give and take, but, yeah, you're right. I mean, they're not. You know, in the traditional sense athletes, but I think that I could easily call the professional athletes one hundred percent And I'd also one call bodybuilding, theoretically, an extreme sport in a way Mhmm. Because you're putting your body through extreme things and you're you're taking it to an extreme level. And at the at the same time, I have always argued that bodybuilding I mean, not necessarily meant for seat. I mean, you can, but I would say especially like men's open and then less so the the further time you get. Is arguably the hardest sport out there. Not the most dangerous or anything like that. I'll put that up to Isle of Man, TT for for motorcycle racing, and then rally racing after that. So I put that at the highest level. Like, nothing will ever top that,

Speaker 1 00:36:34

but curling's up.

Speaker 0 00:36:35

Below that. Curly. Yeah. Curly. Shuffle board.

Speaker 1 00:36:41

Retirement on the Hulu. Dirts. He's going to throw some hard electric, though.

Speaker 0 00:36:48

Can be. Can be. You could peer someone with it too. You're not if you're not safe. Throw it right into someone's back. It just sticks.

Speaker 1 00:36:57

That our goal in bodybuilding is that when someone throws a dart in our back, the dart gets thrown back. It bounces

Speaker 0 00:37:03

off dark, but it falls.

Speaker 1 00:37:07

Like an animated metal ring.

Speaker 0 00:37:10

Would be like I would be like the whole liquid. Somebody shoots me the bullet. It just, like, bounces and it just creates a little shock wave. Yeah. And, like, my chest You know what I mean? Do it. It about goes right through me. Go hot. Who's wrong? You know, I'm so very wrong.

Speaker 1 00:37:28

We saw a video of a of a tank shell being fired through a not his body, but one of those, like, like, make bodies like the mythbusters use, and it just got obliterated. And I'm, like, Hold on. Let me flex my chest.

Speaker 0 00:37:45

Really hard. It'll bounce right off. I'll deflect it, like, the armor tank the the armor on the tank. Two. Gone gone in the other direction. But, yeah, I would say bodybuilding is, like, one of arguably the hardest just because you eat, sleep, and breathe it literally. You have to you have to live at twenty four seven. You can't. It's not like any other sport where you can go practice then go home and be done with it. You know, it's not. The other like, there's so much to it. I could I could give a whole three hour spiel and how difficult bodybuilding is. Comparison other sports. But, you know, it's not to discredit other sports. Other sports aren't difficult in their own way. I just think that overall bodybuilding itself is the hardest out there because very few people can do it. Anybody who's competed and quit will tell you it's fucking awful. It's you have to be almost borderline masochistic in order to be into it. I'm not masochistic at all, but I do love challenging myself Mhmm. And I can push myself to its limits. Yeah. Exactly. I'm super super competitive. And you have to be in bodybuilding not a team sport. It's all it's all up to you. Your coach can tell you what to eat, tell you what to train, stuff like that, but it's up to you to execute it. And it's up to you alone. So, you know, it's only you in your mind. It's not a team. You can't you can't be just one cog in the machine and you're the entire machine. So It's very, very difficult. And you like I said, you you live it constantly. You can't just go train and go home and be done with it. You're always living it. And it just becomes part of your life. It becomes part of your lifestyle. It's I mean, it's it's it's similar in that sense to if you're a professional athlete, like David Beckham, which is a phenomenal. David Beckham's documentary is phenomenal. You guys haven't watched it. I think it's on Netflix. Amazing documentary. Probably one of my favorites I've ever seen, it was it's amazing. But he still plays soccer or well for him football, but soccer all the time. You know? Oh, shit. In Rebekah. Sorry, guys. I don't know why if it cuts out, it's just because of some sort of network issue. I don't know why it does this sometimes. Last time, it was completely defined.

Speaker 1 00:40:17

So Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:40:18

Not sure what the issue is. Anyways, where was I? What do you think is difficult? Yeah. Wait a minute. Back up. So so David back up will always play soccer. Right? It's just part of who he is. He's just he's played it for so long. He's played it so constantly. It's just something that is part of who he is. He's in a bodybuilding or anybody who's trained for very long time in the gym. We just you're just always gonna do it. It's just part of who you are. When I'm, you know, when I'm done focusing on bodybuilding, I'll probably do, like, like, two on, one off, two on, two off or something. You know? So that way, I'm, like, trading, like, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or something like that, and then off on the weekends. That's probably like my plan. I think any anything more especially when being off shit, I could tell you, like, my body can't handle the recovery. I'm sore all the time. So doing something like that would give me enough rest time. And then also, be able to help me focus on my actual life at the same time too. So I think that'd be perfect for me, but I'll always be training. I'll never not be training. You know, I'll be fucking I'll trade until my body literally can't do it anymore. You know, if my legs decide to go or arms, whatever it is, my elbows, whatever it decides to go or if I need to guess surgery on shit, whatever. That's the only time I'll I'll stop training.

Speaker 1 00:41:37

And you can even find workarounds like when I had my hand in a cast, just hooking it into the hard part of the cast, it's just doing push movements.

Speaker 0 00:41:48

Yeah. You just trade in the left side.

Speaker 1 00:41:50

Yeah. That that means

Speaker 0 00:41:51

That video is so funny. Yeah. That video is so funny. I saw it before you send it to me and I didn't make connection. I just thought, I was like, oh, it's gonna flood you. But then you said, you know, I was like, dude, that's gonna, like, with your head.

Speaker 1 00:42:02

Hey, man. What do you it's so for for reference, it's a video, and it's like, that one friend who always has the weird splits. Hey, man. What are you training today? Left.

Speaker 0 00:42:11

Hey, just does the left side. Oldly left. Just the left side.

Speaker 1 00:42:16

And what? It it pans right.

Speaker 0 00:42:17

Left right.

Speaker 1 00:42:18

It pans over to him on a leg extension, and he's just doing leg extension while flexing.

Speaker 0 00:42:25

It's so dumb. I love it. But yeah. No. That's it's that made me laugh. And I forgot It was your it was your hand. I thought it was your ankle, but it was your ankle.

Speaker 1 00:42:35

Well, my ankles were messed up. Right. Everything got messed up this past summer.

Speaker 0 00:42:42

Yes, which is true. With that in mind, like, have you adjusted what your plans are for this year? With the new year, anything like that, or like, because your injuries last year, like, what's your plan? Like, what are you gonna do differently this year to avoid those injuries and all that? You know? Give him a freak to fuck out. Another one. What's your plan for this year given the industries you had last year? Like, what's what are you gonna do differently now?

Speaker 1 00:43:31

Yeah. So I mentioned this in the past, but my athletic career and everything has been I called it retirement, but it probably is more so like just a halting because I can very easily play men's leagues later on in light in light for whatever I want to play. But Softball was really where I tacked on the the most injuries. And so that's that's just completely gone. I I I cut that completely out. Golf, I never really get injuries from. That actually just helps improve my flexibility. So I'm basically for other than training, golf is just, you know, everything I do. And I have pitched an an idea to to join my girlfriend and play soccer, but realistically, my cardio is never gonna get that high. Like, So that's probably not gonna happen. Well,

Speaker 0 00:44:24

here's here's my thing with soccer is that if you're not that big of a runner, or, like, you can't run that long. Just don't play mid. Yep. I would say play either offense or this is also, like, if we're talking about a team that is able to have, like, a three two three, you know, set up or, like, a four one three, whatever it is. That way, you're not just on mid. You could also be goalie. Those are my favorite positions as goalie too, and that doesn't require a lot of running. Yeah. You should run, so you can get comfortable because you will be talking back and forth. But it's not nearly like mid mid the mid field players and soccer just constantly run. So as long as you're not there, you should be fine.

Speaker 1 00:45:02

Well, yeah. And all through my years of playing a bit of forward. So that's just what I would do. But Yeah. That also depends on my ankle health come season start because that's all on ankle. But yeah. So my ankles are messed, my knees are messed, and my right well, my my left hand and my right elbow, like, my body's messed up. So what my goal now is just I've cut out all athletic things like sport wise, and primarily focusing on just packing on as much weight as possible. Because for me, I'm focusing on building up my legs again. And obviously, training is one thing. I drained my legs twice a week. But adding, like, the more weight, like, the heavier you are, the stronger your legs are just going to be as well because you have to walk around with that weight. If I'm jogging Yeah. Move around with that weight. So

Speaker 0 00:46:03

very large people are super strong.

Speaker 1 00:46:05

Yeah. And, actually, a really great example of this was Rogen head on shoot. What's the comedian's name? He looks like a little rat and he's big fat dude with stringy hair, but he they were talking about calves and this dude and it's just big, big fat dude. And he he shows Grogan his calves.

Speaker 0 00:46:28

Oh, Stavros.

Speaker 1 00:46:29

Stavros. Stavros. Yeah. And his calves are Yeah. Okay. Just enormous. And so that like, obviously, I'm not get to that size. But the goal being I'm kind of moving away from because more or less year round I have anesthetic build just because of I'm athletic. I have okay size, but I'm moving away from that to just pack on as much of everything as I can right now. And my goal was, in my head, I'm gonna hop back on a song cycle. I was gonna do it for the New Year, but financially, I I had to take a step back just because a lot of, you know, paid for the holidays, girlfriends, birthday, stuff like that. So I'm gonna start very soon and just annihilate it for three months. So and ideally, it was gonna be January, February, March now it's looking like mid January to mid March or mid April, I guess, to make it the full three months. Mhmm. And just pack on as much size as possible and then get to the summer and not really do a cut, but just stabilize myself there.

Speaker 0 00:47:41


Speaker 1 00:47:42

maintenance exactly and then just basically see if not on any swarms or anything if I can hold that for the summer. It's trained the same way, but just hold it throughout the summer and then do another bulk in that next winter because ideally, in my head, not this summer, but the following summer, I wanted to get on stage for the first time. And my thing is always, I just need more size. Like, I've got tone in the areas that I want tone. I just need size. And then when I get the size all whittle back down and get the tone, like, I know I won't have a problem with the tone. It's My problem is with the sides. So I need to add as much size as I can, and the diet is locked in. I'm pounding a lot of food again. And we're it's it's not quite to the point of force feeding because I'm able to time my meals a lot better now. Because I'm I'm eating while I teach now. There's it so I have a meal before I leave for the day. And then my first two periods, like, that I'm that I'm teaching, I eat while while I'm like teaching. And then my fourth and fifth periods I'm also eating. So I'm kind of a little bit luckier than I'm able to get away with that where I teach now. Because that was always my biggest problem at the other place I was teaching it. I couldn't get away with that. So I wasn't able to I had to take, like, six hours of no eating. Because I even lost lunch breaks. It's a a lot of days. So now I'm able to really, you know, time out my meals. So The goal I weighed in this morning at two eleven. The goal for the end of April, I'm gonna say, because it's gonna be mid April, but I'll do away. And at the end of April, just to, like, have an extra week or two. But the goal for there is two twenty five. So just getting fourteen pounds tacked on, which it doesn't even have to be muscle. I'm just trying to tack on that weight. I think that's super realistic especially hopping back on a SARM Cycle. And I'm adding I'm adding m k six seven seven to it, which is going to make me we want to eat even more and more and more. So that built up to hopefully get to two twenty five maintain that for the whole summer. And then next winter, try and push for two fifty. And then basically, two fifty whittle that down to I think I have to be in the, like, two thirties range for six four. I I have to check I have to check the guide again. Do you know how the new measurements came out for weight class?

Speaker 0 00:50:24

Well, I mean, MPC depending on the division has its own has its own weight class

Speaker 1 00:50:31


Speaker 0 00:50:31

Comparison to IFPB. IFBB, it's it's very stringent and very particular. Usually so, like, the NPC, it'll be different weight ranges and height ranges. So, like, it might be it it depends on how many divisions. IFPB always has the same number of divisions each show. Or classes, I mean, within the division. So in NPC, there might be four or four classes. You know, it might be five classes, it might be six classes. It just depends on the classes. So six four, you're almost always gonna be the the highest class.

Speaker 1 00:51:05


Speaker 0 00:51:05

So I would see I would see what that division calls for. Or what that class called for at the show, theoretically, you end up planning on competing at. If you plan on competing, you know, summer of next year, I would see what shows. And also, we're also talking NPC, which is non tested. I think that you should probably compete naturally in a Nashville show. It'll probably be less people, you know, not as big of a show. I mean, NPC shows really aren't that big anyways, but It won't be that big of a show or anything like that, but you'll at least be up against fair competition

Speaker 1 00:51:39


Speaker 0 00:51:40

Where if you were competing NPC, you're gonna be competing against guys who you know, whether or not they have the same better or worse than you, but they have the advantage of anabolic Mhmm. Which is night and day. So you're setting yourself you're setting yourself up at a disadvantage against guys who take it in a ball compete in the NPC. So I would say, compete in a natural league. Guys still kinda are able to get by in the natural leagues with taken shit, but I would say, did go for it naturally. You can just go from there

Speaker 1 00:52:12


Speaker 0 00:52:13

And and see what it's like. Because you're also, like, talking about with NPCRs talking about guys who take diuretics, who take, you know, very harsh fat burners, who take, you know, fucking insulin to drop their blood sugar for cardio, shit like that. Right? So Shoe like that. So I would put you I would say just give yourself the best the best even playing field, you possibly can. And so that's

Speaker 1 00:52:58

where Right.

Speaker 0 00:52:58

That's why I would say compete in the natural side of things. And if anything, especially if you could be like a successful natural competitor. One is not nearly as harsh in your body, so you could do it for a lot longer. It's a lot. More doable typically all it comes down to is cardio and food. You don't have to you're not gonna be getting all these mood swings, mental shit, and physical shit going on. So It's a lot more doable. And at the same time, you're gonna if you can compete naturally and look really really good naturally, I would say you're gonna get that much more respect from guys who do compete in NPC or IFPB Mhmm. And take shit because a lot of us in NPC and NFPB wish we could do this naturally if we could, but you just can't. The level, the level that we could that, you know, the MPC is even at the least, requires anabolic's, basically. So

Speaker 1 00:53:49

I'll say that's I

Speaker 0 00:53:50

would say.

Speaker 1 00:53:50

That that's kinda where I'd get away with stuff too because I know that just I mean, we we have this to associate all the time whether it's harms netty or not. But even prior to that, my athletic build has always been really, really good. So I I I got away with a little bit more of the natural side of things where I know we've had the discussion how your natural genetics aren't where you wish they would have been. And how I kind of I mean, not a little bit better.

Speaker 0 00:54:18

Not for power or not for bodybuilding at least. My my don't know why I say powerlifting. I've never been with powerlifting. My genetics do not promote bodybuilding. I've put on a lot of fat. But I can also put on a lot of size whenever I want to too. So it's a lot easier for me to bulk up than it is for me to to cut as well. It's it's just my you know, it's the northern European genetics that I have. Northern Northeastern Europe. Like, it's like, my body right now, it almost feels like it knows it's winter. So I'm just stacking on fat like crazy. But I do need to give it that anabolic push in order to lose the fat. But when I now that I know what I can do to lose a fat is gonna be easier in the future. But, yeah, I think for you, your problem isn't taken off the fat. It's putting on the weight.

Speaker 1 00:55:07

It's putting

Speaker 0 00:55:07

on the size. And that's gonna be your biggest downfall. And I think or, like, biggest hindrance, I would say. Is definitely gonna be just putting on size. And I would say most bodybuilders in general, that is the problem is putting on the size. Yeah. And size a lot of times especially at the amateur level is what's gonna win you shows. Lean absolutely being lean for sure. But especially in classic commands open, it's almost always the bigger dude that wins Yep. Not the leanest dude, you know. So you know, I know a guy who competed at the national level recently and the only region he lost, he was super lean, looked really good on stage. The only routine loss he just didn't have the size. You know, so if you have the size, you would have won. So I think that would be that would be your biggest thing for you. It's just put on that size. And then theoretically, prior to a show, definitely working with someone who knows prep at least, and nose

Speaker 1 00:56:06


Speaker 0 00:56:06

And cardio and all of that to the point where you can get that lean, if possible, you know, naturally, or get as lean as you can naturally. While not sacrificing as much muscle. You know, anabolic that's what a lot of anabolic certain prep helps with is keeping on size or gaining size, like muscle size while cutting. So doing that without anabolic is a is a completely different world. So I would say, let's try to find someone who can help you with that as well. That'll help you a lot too. But somebody just find out recently, this is this is gonna be something you find funny. So, technically, there are steroids that are like by definition a SARM because they are very selective in the tissue that that it binds to, so one of them is actually tren. Technically, tren is a storoidal sARM. So that's what the term is. Storoidal sARM. So it's a steroidal selective engineered receptor modulator. So it's very selective with tissue. That's what Triton has developed for. It was literally just building muscle tissue. And very selective at that point. So trend is technically

Speaker 1 00:57:14

I'm gonna get a little

Speaker 0 00:57:15

sARM, and I just learned that.

Speaker 1 00:57:16

I'm gonna get t r tattooed on my left bicep and Ian on my right thumbs up.

Speaker 0 00:57:23

It should be the it should be the other way. That way, when we're looking at you, your right would be t r and then e n.

Speaker 1 00:57:29

Yep. I'm I'm I'm not all there.

Speaker 0 00:57:35

Come on English teacher. Let's go. Get the program.

Speaker 1 00:57:37

That's true.

Speaker 0 00:57:40

But yeah. So I think that that'll that'll do you good and Competing is competing is a lot of fun. I miss it, but I think you just need the size. You just gotta put on the size and that'll take time.

Speaker 1 00:57:52


Speaker 0 00:57:52

But these are the plan for you. I think

Speaker 1 00:57:55

Yeah. And as for training, I'm back on a while back I I talked on here about an Arnold split that I was doing where it's a a three it's three days, three days, one off. Where it goes oh, Boston.

Speaker 0 00:58:37

It's three days

Speaker 1 00:58:38


Speaker 0 00:58:38

It goes in the one off.

Speaker 1 00:58:39

It goes three days on, three days on, one off. What ends up turning into for me is three days on, one off, and then three days on just because in the middle of the week, I always have something that comes up Like, I'm I just have Okay. Stuff that goes on. So I always have something that comes up, so I end up taking that rest in the middle of the week. On Thursdays. But it's chest back on day one, shoulders arms on day two, and then legs on day three. Then it just repeats and I train each of those twice. And what it ends up being too is that training two muscles in a week. If you have the recovery in place, it's doable, but what ends up happening for me a lot of the time is my first chest back day. I obliterate. I go heavy, heavy, heavy on my first chest back day. And then when I get to my second one, I'm not able to push the same weight well, push pull since it's just back. I'm not able to move the same weight as I did on that first chest back day. So what I end up doing is a lot more like fine tuning on areas that I want to add like a little bit more tone or maybe like I I prioritized rows instead of a different movement on the first just back day. So now I'm going to substitute something else or I'm gonna do a variation of a movement. Like, if I'm going to lap pull down, maybe I'm doing a close grip pull down now or something like that just giving a little bit of variation just because it's not it's not sustainable to do too heavy of the same same muscle every single week. So this is also for being able to do this plan for, you know, long periods of time. Which I'm planning on doing. I'm planning on basically running this plan through next winter.

Speaker 0 01:00:29

That'll be good. I'm gonna be fun. That'll be almost a year. Shit. That'd be a long time. Yeah. I mean, I think that you should probably change it up.

Speaker 1 01:00:42

Well, that's what the variations.

Speaker 0 01:00:43

Oh, that's more.

Speaker 1 01:00:44


Speaker 0 01:00:45

Okay. Well, I mean, I just mean the split. Like, every so often, maybe take, like, a couple weeks, do a different split, shock your body a bit. And then go back to it. Mhmm. Because you'll get too comfortable for too long. That's true. You know, I I feel like that's probably what's gonna end up happening. Like, your body will adapt

Speaker 1 01:01:01


Speaker 0 01:01:02

And you'll get comfortable there. So I would that's what I would do. Something like that. Like, every so often, maybe every, like, two or three months take a week or two, do something completely different, do like a six day on one day off, or or maybe even less, do like a two on one off. Mhmm. Two on one off. And just do that for a couple weeks and then get back to it the other way. Or do you like a you could do like a three on one off, two on one off, something that way you have the same rest day. You could just still do a Thursday rest day. That way, you shock the body a bit. I would say for something like that, change up the split as well. We do, like, a dedicated back day. And do, like, like, a shoulder and a delt day or, like, a shoulder and a five separate tricep day and then do, like, a shoulder or, sorry, a chest sorry, chest in, like, shoulder day or, like, a chest in BioTri day, and then do, like, a shoulder day. Whatever the opposite of where we did there, That'll shock it a bit. And then you can get right back to the to the, like, the Arnold split that you had going on there.

Speaker 1 01:02:03


Speaker 0 01:02:04

I know I know plenty of guys who who changed up their split every two weeks, you know, they'll they'll go two weeks on one thing, two weeks back. You know, they go back and forth between, like, two different programs.

Speaker 1 01:02:13


Speaker 0 01:02:13

They might have, like, you know, a, you know, more selective group. Like, what I'm both gonna get next time I actually, like, do, like, a full push. It'll be, you know, six hour one off like I'm used to. So that'll be, you know, chest day, armed day, delta day, back day like day, whatever I feel like doing. For the split. But then, like, you know, it could do something like that. These these guys would do something like that. And then they'll do, like, one where it's, like, like, combined. It'll be, like, like, chest, knees, back by, shoulders, legs. I'm doing that again. You know, in the same week, same six day split, and then do that for two weeks, you know. That's that's what I've seen a lot of guys do too. They're constantly kind of changing things up. Mhmm. But I think that you should probably change it up. At least every couple months for a week or something

Speaker 1 01:03:06


Speaker 0 01:03:06

Just to make sure that your body is not too adapted to it. That's why, like, I changed my routine recently too. It's still two one one off. Two one one off, but it's not which we can go over another day. I got a screenshot and all that, but and I also gotta see if this even works for me. This split Basically, what I'm doing now is is chest tries, legs sorry. No. Chest buys. We usually like one or two movements in abs, then legs, and then rest, and then it's shoulders, tries, apps, then a back day, then then rest. So oh, shit. So now I have a dedicated back day, and my back day isn't close to my leg day. It was it was chest, thighs, back, thighs, rest, legs, and then a shoulder day with a touch up on arms.

Speaker 1 01:04:21


Speaker 0 01:04:21

But Now I was thinking about it more methodically, and I was like, it'd be better if I spread out the likes and back more. For better recovery because I really need to focus on recovery because I recover like shit now. So spread out the legs and back more And then also because back is such a big muscle group, I'm gonna have that dedicated because it makes more sense to put like, tries with shoulders because shoulders are smaller muscle group than back is by a long shot.

Speaker 1 01:04:49

Mhmm. So it

Speaker 0 01:04:50

would make sense recovery wise to put to put tries with shoulders rather than tries with back and having, like, a mostly dealt day. So that's what I'm doing now. And I'm also making sure that, like, I'm not hit because, like, when you hit chest, you also kind of hit shoulders and tries a little bit too. Right? So I'm hitting chest and bias because it's their anterior muscle groups. While one is resting, I can hit the other. But then it's enough recovery for whatever my shoulders and triceps activated. For the following shoulder and try day to be, like, fully rested and ready to go.

Speaker 1 01:05:23


Speaker 0 01:05:24

So, like, that's kind of how I did the split. And then I'm also I'll show you the movements. Once I go through this full routine, make sure it works for me. But I also did it so that every single movement I have at least one warm up which is like fourteen plus reps. That's super light. Just kinda warming up. Like, actual genuine warm up. Like, it's not difficult. I stopped at twenty at most. Sometimes they'll stop at fourteen, just depending on if it's like a compound movement or something. And then I'll have like, you know, if it's one or two warm ups after those warm ups, I'll have like, semi work and set, which is it's heavy. It's I probably, like, stop right about, like, what are two reps from failure? So I'm, like, alright. I should probably call it at twelve or something. Because I could maybe make it to fourteen, but twelve is is pretty good. And then I'll have like a full blown like failure set where I go until the very end usually, like, eight eight to ten, and then I'll do a drop set depending on the movement. And that'll be exactly half of what my failure set was. So if I my failure set was a hundred, other drops at a fifty. And that's how I've been doing a lot of my movements. And like, my chest is so fucking sore right now. My back is sore from yesterday too. So it's, like, both, like, pushing and pulling a sore right now. It's fucking awful. And chest I hit two days ago, and I'm still fucking dying. And so that's my new, like, idea. And I mentioned it to you, but I did have, like, for a while mindset, like, I'm not really gonna folk like, I don't wanna log my way too much or anything like that because I'm like, it doesn't matter. It's like on my my genetics. So shit, it don't matter. I'm not gonna make any gains. But I was like, you know what? That's not my mindset for most of the time I've been training. You know, my mindset was how hard can I push it? Can I build this? Like, I wanted to improve myself. So Why not also do that? Right? Because, like, I'm all I'm gonna do by not pushing myself is only making it harder for myself later. You know, I'm postponing the effort. Right? So if I could put in the effort now, it's gonna be easier later when I am actually in a push phase in order to build the muscle back up and lose a fat rather than it'd be easier than if I push it now too. Versus taking it easy now and then pushing extra hard then.

Speaker 1 01:07:44


Speaker 0 01:07:45

And it's better for you. It's also gonna be better for me in general. To push it now and then not have to push it as hard then to make up for my lack of effort now. But I did say in my Snapchat story yesterday, I'm not if you listen I'm not sure if you listen to it or not. But basically, I'm I'm at this point, I'm really happy that I'm not in a position where, like, I need to be on shit twenty four seven. And now that I know what I know, I'm totally fine with coming off shit to have everything go back to normal because the more I learn about fertility, the more I realize how sensitive it is, and, you know, seeing guys who who go viral because of how they look. And, you know, they look like Sam Simigg is a good example. A lot of respect for Sam's who, like, great dude from the videos I've seen, seems really down to earth, always smiling and all that shit. Right? Dude has a great physique. You know, he's got time to put on the mature, physique, and proportions, and all of that. But at the end of the day, if he does this Probably not. There are a couple numbers of titles. Have kids. Yeah. And that that's that's where I'm like, alright. I'm okay not doing that because I wanna have kids. And I wanna have my own kids. You know, I don't wanna have to adopt because I'm sterile because I decided to get huge for whatever reason. Mhmm. You know? So I'm totally fine with with, you know, coming off for a few months so I could properly get back to fertility. And at the end of the day, you know, your kid's gonna last the rest of your life. Hopefully, you know, you don't obviously, you know, something back could happen, but hopefully, your kids gonna last the rest of your life and and these few months that I'm off shit is gonna be a blip. I'm gonna forget about it. Yep. You know, I'm gonna forget what it was like. It's gonna feel like nothing. So It sucks in the moment, but later on, I'm gonna be so glad that I did once we actually pop out that baby, and I'll be able to hold my kid in my arms. That's it's all gonna be worth it. So that's my mindset now. And I also don't wanna, like, This is the other thing too that I that I saw recently was, like, ask yourself why, like, why am I not doing this?

Speaker 1 01:09:57


Speaker 0 01:09:57

Like, and your answer's probably gonna be fucking dumb. Like, it's like, oh, why am I not eating properly? Oh, because I don't like to taste. That's fucking stupid. Yep. Like, if you really think about it, it's like, oh, why are you eating that pizza?

Speaker 1 01:10:10

I don't wanna take the time to cook.

Speaker 0 01:10:12

Let's yeah. Exactly. That sounds so dumb. So that's the only thing I've been doing too. It's like, why am I not trading hard? Because I don't feel

Speaker 1 01:10:19


Speaker 0 01:10:20

well, that's fucking dumb. That's a stupid reason. So that's the only thing I would do with lately too. And that's been helping a lot too.

Speaker 1 01:10:28


Speaker 0 01:10:30

But, yeah, that's where I'm at with it. So I'll update you guys everybody listening next weekend, how my training's been going and what the routine is. It will go through it, kinda dissect it a bit. The philosophy is there. The mind the mindset is there. It's just executing and seeing if it works for me. Making sure that it does because I'm very much a believer in drop sets and pyramid sets for myself at least. I don't do any straight sets, nothing like that. So I'm gonna go back to my roots. With this with this training program that I wrote for myself and kinda just go from there and see what happens. But I'll update you guys next week and see how it's going.

Speaker 1 01:11:07

Hell, yeah. The answer was Michael Herv, everyone, for who's behind us.

Speaker 0 01:11:13

Yep. Yep. Always. Micra Hearn is is is the savior. But cool. Appreciate you guys listening. We'll be back next weekend. With another episode. Appreciate you guys listening. We will see you guys later. Train hard. Eat. Eat pick you up next week. Epic, epic. Mhmm. Alright to you guys, please. I think

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