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HGH #65 - 2024 Arnold Classic Part 1

Stoph (00:00.569)

Coach Greg wins the Arnold Classic?

Paul (00:03.694)

There's only one competitor in the whole Arnold Classic and it's Greg Doucet. They're like, you get first. He's like, no, I deserve second.

Stoph (00:07.681)


Stoph (00:13.305)

Actually, you know what would be great is if he was the only judge and he was allowed to live comment on things So imagine someone goes like to hit a front double and like like the alignment isn't right and he just goes no Like live

Paul (00:26.766)

Is that is that aligned is that is that lined up properly no?

Stoph (00:30.845)

Live mic and everything. He's recording one of his Snapchat stories.

Paul (00:34.978)

He's like a commentator. Yeah, he's like, he's like live on like some like off -brand like he's on live on like Vimeo or something. Check me out on Vimeo.

Stoph (00:43.097)


Paul (00:46.318)


Stoph (00:47.385)


Paul (00:49.838)

But yeah, so this.

Stoph (00:49.913)

I have the latest results.

Paul (00:53.486)

Geez. This weekend, so yesterday is Friday the first, today is Saturday the second. All -in classic sports festival is happening this weekend. And so far we have results for, what was it, classic physique, classic wellness, fitness. I don't see men's physique.

Stoph (01:11.641)

We have everything but open.

Stoph (01:19.737)

Oh, okay. Yeah, maybe no men's physique. What I'm looking at, I don't see it.

Paul (01:21.806)

I don't have they? Let me see. I'm checking barbend. Yeah, so all we have for men is yeah, see wheelchair men's physique, men's open hasn't happened yet. The only thing that has happened is classic physique. So we figured we'd go over that. What's that?

Stoph (01:38.521)

Yeah, I have to.

and compete for the wheelchair classic so.

Paul (01:45.742)

Yep. You're in Ohio right now, getting ready.

Stoph (01:50.135)

Ohio's not real.

Paul (01:52.622)

Ohio doesn't exist, Delaware doesn't exist. Convince me otherwise. I dare you. Tell me I'm wrong.

Stoph (01:54.937)


Stoph (01:59.673)

But yeah, we'll go to another one of the Arnold shows. We had talked about like six months ago going there, but that kind of fell through this time around. So Paul and I will give you a live podcast like in a year or two.

Paul (02:13.838)

I completely forgot that it was the Arnold's even happening. I saw everybody posting that they're there and I was like, oh, that's this weekend? Oops. Completely forgot about it.

Stoph (02:20.281)

I knew about it. I knew about it, but I wasn't like For for me Dean Dinos wanted like the past couple times. So I was like, alright I I don't even need to check the results and then wham guess what happened coach Greg

Paul (02:36.014)

Yep. Yeah, so we'll go over the surprise winner of this year's Arnold. I mean, it's not like he came out of nowhere. It's not like he was like 15th, but like it was still a bit of a surprise. So we'll go over that.

Stoph (02:41.049)


Stoph (02:46.745)

No, no, yeah.

I think all of the predictions that I was looking at, even Coach Greg had him at like five or something like that.

Paul (02:58.606)

Yeah, that's what I think you got at the Olympia, right? Didn't you get like fifth?

Stoph (03:02.071)

Fifth or sixth, something like that.

Paul (03:04.014)

Okay, yeah, we're just still phenomenal placing. But yeah, I'm actually like...

Stoph (03:07.361)


Paul (03:14.67)

I, so looking at Ramon's physique, I think he looks phenomenal. He looks really, really, so here, we'll just share our screen. Let me see, one sec. All right, let's start this over.

Alright so Ramon looks really really good. All this goes to Gocco Productions and Arnold Sports so this isn't our content. We're just reviewing it but yeah so he looks really good. Vacuum pretty good right there.

Stoph (03:50.329)

His arms are just, his arms are such a strength of his.

Paul (03:50.38)

Posing overall is really good.

Paul (03:55.15)

his forearms specifically like his biceps and triceps are solid, but it's his forearms that stick out. Like a couple of years ago in the Olympia, I was like, his forearms almost like overtook his, oh, look at that pin locations. Look at that. He pins glutes. So like his look at his forearms, like they're almost as big as his actual arms, right?

Stoph (04:00.513)


Stoph (04:18.647)

That's absurd.

Paul (04:20.046)

Yeah, like two Olympias ago I was like, this dude needs to actually like turn it down a bit on his forearms because they're overpowering his regular arms.

Stoph (04:27.737)

You said that he pins in his glutes, you fool. He pins in his forearms.

Paul (04:32.91)

Yeah, just straight Popeye bullshit. He just paints spinach directly into his forearms. He's probably like right before a show, he does like the Popeye squeeze, he like squeezes a can of spinach and just boom right in his mouth, like just like arches over into his mouth and he becomes Popeye. But.

Stoph (04:44.331)


Also, I love, keep this paused right here, I love the trap definition right down the spine, like how the divide is up at the very top too.

Paul (04:55.382)

Oh dude, so there is a video. This is like, like, okay, so bodybuilders in general, they're bigger than a lot of people think they are, right? Classic is big, but like Men's Open is fucking enormous, like way bigger than people think it is.

Stoph (05:04.473)

They're massive.

Stoph (05:09.113)

Yeah, but if you... Even if you see, like, immense physique or classic physique guide, they're still bigger than 95 % of the human population. Yeah.

Paul (05:16.366)

Yeah, they're still pretty big, right? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Like the amateur level of like even men's physique is bigger than most dudes in the gym, you know?

Stoph (05:25.881)

And the only reason, like, we, when we take a look at this, we can say things like they're small, it's comparative to the other guys on stage. Compared to us, they're destroying us.

Paul (05:34.222)


Yeah, it's like saying like some like wide receivers slow or something in in in NFL. It's like, yeah, they're way faster than I'll ever be. But it's like in terms of like NFL, they're slower than other people. You know, that's how this like, I'll I almost guarantee you 99 .999 % chance I'll never step on probably the Arnold of the Olympic stage. I would love to and I'm going to work towards it. But chances are like there's only a few right there's only like, I mean, it's getting more and more like 100 is like on Mr. Z. But

Stoph (05:40.673)


Stoph (06:04.121)

Well, we'll step on stage, but it'll be from Hall of Gains and hypertrophy content. We'll be there with a media pass.

Paul (06:05.806)

These are the top of the top.

Paul (06:12.462)

Yeah, it would be special guests. So yeah, we are comparing them to the top of the top, but Men's Open is so big. The reason I bring this up is because when you said the trap thing, Regan Grimes showed a video a few years ago that really puts it in perspective. He had a back pump and his back pump was so gnarly, just standing up straight, his back, like his spine could hold a pen in place because his lats were like going all around the pen. Yeah, it was crazy. They just put a pen in the middle of his back.

Stoph (06:36.473)

Oh my god.

Stoph (06:42.457)

That's like if you're ever doing like crossovers or a peck deck or something and the goal is like if someone holds their hand down the middle of your chest, you're squeezing that and like having your pecks like high five each other, doing that without even like flexing.

Paul (06:42.638)

It was crazy.

Paul (06:54.35)

Exactly. Yep.

Yep, exactly. He just stood there and his back was holding the pen. It was crazy. So that puts into perspective how big these fuckers are. So yeah, so he looks great here. He does that weird like hand behind the back thing for a lot of his poses. I don't know why.

Stoph (07:16.665)

I think it's just his comfort transition. Oh, are you able to go back at all? Probably not. Okay. Right there. Yeah. I really wish when he hits this, I mean, it's called the mantis pose, but when he hits it, I really wish that he has his arm extended out. Ready? Pause right there. I really wish, because...

Paul (07:19.95)

Yeah, it's just what he likes, but...

Yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Paul (07:42.094)

Doesn't he, I wanna say he does it earlier, doesn't he?

Stoph (07:45.401)

Well, I just think that that pose you're supposed to be high, like that's almost quite literally a forearm pose. Like not really, like you're showing off a lot more than that, but that's where he can take advantage. Yeah, yeah, I guess so. But I still think for the standing one, he should have had it. And again, we're critiquing as we sit back in chairs, weighing like half of what he weighs. So it's not like we're at all going to be better than him, but.

Paul (07:56.814)

Yeah, there it is. There it is. So he does do it. Yeah.

Paul (08:14.732)

Mm -hmm. Yeah, he looks really good He looked really lean and then let's see here. What do we got? We also got ours or hers got third You

Stoph (08:18.241)


Stoph (08:25.881)

I, so, my thing, Urs is shaking a lot. I really think he went really hard in his prep. Like, not arms, like, or I mean when he like flexes something, but you could see it in his legs. Like, he's twitching, you know?

Paul (08:34.926)


Paul (08:43.758)

Yeah, it is very difficult to stay smooth when you're posing.

Stoph (08:50.265)

Like it's one thing if you hit like a front double or back double like this and your arms are shaking, right? That's one thing, but when your whole frame is shaking, I think that that's just really going hard on your prep.

Paul (09:02.446)

I mean, it could also be nerves. Nerves also does play a role in it. There is that. Hey, I mean, I'm sure they still get nervous for this shit, you know?

Stoph (09:08.481)

Yeah, but he's been around a while now.

Stoph (09:14.201)

Oh, I don't disagree with that. I just think... I don't think he would have been shaking as much. I don't know.

Paul (09:23.47)

I mean, yeah, there's so many variables that go into it. I mean, I think Breon shaking, which we'll show in a minute. I think that's just because of the way he poses. A lot of it is something like this. I would chalk it up probably to maybe lack of electrolytes, you know, a bit of cramping here and there, a little bit of nerves. Like it's a combination of a bunch of things, but I think the majority of it is probably just going to be like whatever's in his system. It's just not like agreeing with him staying stable.

Stoph (09:31.031)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (09:51.872)

And it's just shaking a lot like he could have been going really hard backstage like trying to get a pump You know like that could have been it to you like because if like like if you do like a bunch of push -ups to the point where you're like your chest is burning and you get up and try to do poses you're gonna be shaking a little bit just because you just did a really hard chest, you know sets right so and that could be a bit playing a big role here.

Stoph (09:52.001)


Stoph (10:15.033)

I think he looks dice though, he looks great here.

Paul (10:18.752)

Yeah, he looks really good. His issue is just always size. It's literally just like, I think if he just gets his legs up a little bit, specifically his quads, he'd be fucking nailing it. Like, it's... Let's see. Oh yeah, yeah.

Stoph (10:23.305)


Stoph (10:30.169)

And I think he has some of the best stage charisma out of anybody because like his smile and the way he commands it, like it's great. Like his posing great. And it's, you're right. It's the size, like.

Paul (10:44.206)

Yeah, I think he's literally just his quads. I think that's it. It is that even this in these teardrops I think if he just works on his quad sweep of it, I think he'd be golden like just get a bit more Around this right here and he'll be you be solid, you know That's all I think it is but also like his front double per like he has the classic look but personally, I think his front double there's just something about it and I think it's just because of the way he like

Stoph (10:55.383)


Paul (11:15.118)

Twist stirring it.

Stoph (11:15.801)

I was gonna say how he's doing like a quarter turn, but maybe like an eighth turn.

Paul (11:21.582)

Yeah, I think that's what it is. I just, for me, I'm not the biggest fan of it. Like the way C -Bomb does it is a bit more straight on for his front double, but then he like tilts his legs rather than his upper body. So like his legs are pointing in the opposite direction, but then his upper body twists to face more straight. So it gives the illusion of a more narrow waist, but then like looks more straight on.

Stoph (11:36.535)


Paul (11:48.12)

I think that's part of the reason why I Bob wins is because of his front double to be honest. His front double is just next level.

Stoph (11:54.593)

I love I love how he goes into like a duck face when he changes his he'll do like Right there how he just kind of did that I mean he's breathing out but it looks like he's doing like a

Paul (12:00.972)

Does he?

Paul (12:06.798)

Always breathing. Yeah.

Paul (12:12.686)

Give me a kiss judge Joe Wainberger give me a kiss

Stoph (12:16.065)


Paul (12:21.838)

Yeah, he looks phenomenal. They're getting better and better, which is great. Classic is becoming a look. It's there's a look now.

Stoph (12:25.663)

Oh, I love... I love the Arnold pose that... Oh my god, literally my favorite pose of all time. You have to.

Paul (12:32.494)

You gotta do it. You gotta do it at the Arnold. Every single one of them has got to do it. Yeah. So yeah, he looks great. We also got Breon here. So this is what we were talking about earlier. This is just, I think you, I really do think that you hit the nail on the head when, when we were talking about. So before we start recording, what did you say, Saf about why he shakes so bad?

Stoph (12:41.593)

Ugh, I... I... Look at that.

Stoph (12:52.121)

I s - Well, look - Alright, so one pause right there. Alright. He has 98 % of his weight on his right leg. His left leg is literally just there and because of that, look at the size difference. It's not that he has like a pump or anything, but he's able to flex so much more on his right leg and his left leg is still, I mean, it's still absolutely dice. Like you can see every muscle in his leg, but look at it, it's like -

You can notice a size difference and it's already hard enough to do a routine, right? I mean, you know better than anybody because posing is your thing, but like, it's already hard enough to hit these poses. Now do it one legged. Like that's essentially what he's doing. He's taking himself out of it.

Paul (13:37.42)

Yeah, you shouldn't be doing it like that. Like that's the problem with men's physique because a lot of guys lean really hard on that side leg and it ruins the pose and you shouldn't be doing that. You should be as stable as possible.

Stoph (13:44.249)

And... You...

And that's exactly every time I send Paul a video of me doing a couple poses or even like a mini routine I put together every single time is, hey, you're leaning forward or backwards or you're leaning side to side. And then here's like someone on the pinnacle of bodybuilding stage because he was at the Olympia and now at the Arnold and he's doing all of that. Like, I really think if he just either...

I don't know if he has a guy that's helping him pose or if he's just got old habits that have set in, but like, this is what I see like at the Olympia each year. And it's so...

Paul (14:17.07)

Oh yeah, for sure.

Paul (14:24.43)

See, and it's also like with a coach too, it's also like, it's just like anything when you're, when somebody's teaching you how to do something, it all makes sense when you're doing it and you can do it in front of them. But then when you're on your own, whether or not you apply it, it's sometimes subconscious that you don't apply it, right? So it's like, that's why you have to drill these things into your mind. And that's possibly a problem where like, is supposing coach keeps telling him, get off that leg, get off that leg, get off that leg.

Stoph (14:42.583)


Stoph (14:50.041)

But he's got old habits. Yeah.

Paul (14:51.918)

And when he does it with him, he does it and then like slowly it tapers off as he doesn't put like, like it's like training. Like when you train with someone who knows what they're doing, you like, you know, you train like them and they teach you all the right things. But then after you stop, after you're done training with them over time, that knowledge starts to kind of fall out and you go back to what you were doing before. And that's, I'm sure like, could be part of the reason here where like,

Stoph (15:10.519)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (15:17.07)

his coach or his post -coach or whatever keeps telling him to get off that leg, but then he just goes right back to it without meaning to. But again, it could also be nerves too. Like he could be like so focused on something else, like his upper body or something, or I don't know.

Stoph (15:29.049)

I think it has to be posing like the coach because look at this right here with this front double. His arms are much wider than you normally would be. And there is something for symmetry because he's doing it on both sides. But right now, like if you looked at this, so from the photography point of view too, I would genuinely think that I got the wrong angle on this shot. Look at it, because I, from like a, like,

Paul (15:38.446)

Yeah, yeah, he's got like a 90 degree angle.

Paul (15:55.854)


Stoph (15:57.881)

putting someone in the center of the frame and getting the shot, I would generally think that I'm like 20 feet too far to the right getting this photograph. Like, and it's genuinely frustrating because Breon brings one of the best packages to every single event he goes to. And I really think he just loses it with his posing because look right now, he's got incredible bicep tricep definition and tone. His vacuum is pretty darn good for.

Paul (16:05.902)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (16:26.457)

being kind of angled like that and his striations and his quads are incredible like he's got such a good frame and if like two seconds prior in this video when he was you know had his arms down crossed in front you could see just how round and beautiful his delts were or are so it's like

Paul (16:47.374)

the area uh... given by the search and stuff

Stoph (16:49.049)

It's... It's just frustrating to see someone with such a good physique. Right there, look at his delts. You kidding me?

Paul (16:55.438)

Yeah, he's got solid delts. This dude's 44. Keep that in mind.

Stoph (16:58.681)

Yeah, like, and think about that. You're bringing this physique at 44. Oh, I... Look at that. Look, he's barely on his... Oh my goodness. I...

Paul (17:04.302)

Yeah, that's fucking wild. That's wild.

Paul (17:10.062)

Yeah. A lot of people in here are saying that he's got one of the best upper bodies. It's simply just his legs. He just got to work on his quads. And for me, it's the shaking.

Stoph (17:18.361)

But his legs aren't even that, and his legs aren't even that bad though. It's just, he's...

Paul (17:22.648)

It's his quads, like his quads are pretty rough, but I think honestly it's like, I really do think a lot of it is kind of age too, like because his quads just look a little weird at this stage. You know, they don't look super round. They don't look full. They just look a little weird, right? And I think it's part of his age.

Stoph (17:25.399)

Well... Yeah.

Stoph (17:38.361)

I'm almost tempted to say that he has or had an injury on one of either left or right leg, whether that's like, because the way he's angling, like again, here he's all on his right leg and his left leg's up. Like that's how it was when he was in front poses. Like something in his left quad, hamstring or calf must be like, oh my God, look at how great his back is. Look at his back. See, this is what's truly frustrating.

Paul (17:47.202)


Paul (17:55.692)


Paul (18:01.368)

I'd imagine quad.

Paul (18:08.494)

little angled here, little off, but.

Stoph (18:08.537)

I mean, he's angled and I'll say that's wrong, but like, wow, that's an incredible back.

Paul (18:14.446)

Yeah, he's got really good, yeah. This is what's surprising to me. The way he poses, you can see his chest, right? That's his chest. So he's arching so much that you can see his chest. So like that could be a problem too. Like he could be arching way too much. Cause like this is front delts, right?

Stoph (18:21.089)


Stoph (18:30.425)

That's why you correct me all the time.

Paul (18:34.35)

Yeah, you don't want to arch too much. Like you, you like there's a lot of guys when they do rear double, this is something that I've noticed. Like this is where they want to want to do. I want to be a posing coach. So I studied this shit. And the thing I see the most is guys either arch too much or they don't arch enough. Right? So like a good example of that is like Sam Sulek. Sam Sulek is straight up. He is straight. His back is straight when he does a rear double. You want a little bit of arch in there to widen your upper back and shrink your lower back. But guys pose.

with too much of a lean like this, you end up seeing their front delts and their chest, which pulls away from their back. And because he's arching so much, he's scrunching his back down and making it look smaller.

Stoph (19:13.241)

That's what I was going to say with the scrunch. Like, you know how we talked about Regan Grimes and holding the pen between his lats? You could hold the pen between the him scrunching there. Like that, that's almost like an, that's almost like an ab crunch. You know, when you go up top and you press down and squeeze your abs to pop them, that's, that's almost like the opposite of that.

Paul (19:19.596)


Oh, for sure, yeah.

Paul (19:30.382)


Yeah, pretty much. He's like scrunching his back down.

Stoph (19:38.681)

Ugh, that's... He's so...

Paul (19:39.758)

See that's see like, okay here. So like he like raises up for a second right where he raises up right there. That's like perfect. Like he like comes down, comes back up and then goes back down. When he comes back up, that's like perfect. Like he should have just stayed there but then he goes back down. See, but that's just.

Stoph (19:47.799)


Stoph (19:53.817)

And yeah, and as he goes back down, he tilts again. He loses the proper angle.

Paul (20:03.182)

Yeah, I mean, again, this is all just personal opinion. I think he just would have looked better if he did. Um, I used to still art. Yeah.

Stoph (20:12.377)

It was before this. Yeah.

Paul (20:21.518)

Or did it happen? Oh, right here, okay.

Stoph (20:22.393)

Right. Oh, maybe it's coming up. Yeah, he's gonna reach up here.

Paul (20:30.03)

He has to keep fixing it. Yeah, so like where he comes up.

Stoph (20:31.991)


Paul (20:36.558)

He has to keep fixing his pose.

Yes, you like that. If he's like up more like this, his back looks bigger, even though all he's doing is just changing his posture a little bit. See, like boom, his back looks smaller now. He just walloped to me.

Stoph (20:50.849)


Paul (20:56.174)

He had to fix that a bunch of times. Yeah, yeah, he did. Yeah.

Stoph (20:56.985)

Look, he turned the wrong way.

Paul (21:04.398)

His obliques look really good right here. His left arm looks really good too.

Stoph (21:06.081)


Paul (21:18.666)

Solid side chest. This dot looks really good. This right dot looks really good right here.

I still, I will always preach like more of an Arnold side chest. Raise that chest up, inflate your chest a bit and make a shelf, you know, make that shelf. It would fill him out more. And that's what C -Bomb does. He creates a shelf and nobody else fucking does that. That's why his side chest is so dominant.

Stoph (21:32.793)

Yeah, I agree.

Stoph (21:45.849)

He did it for a brief second there, but it was because he was breathing. Right there. Yeah. Yep.

Paul (21:50.638)

Yeah, exactly. Right there. Boom. Looks, he looks bigger there. He looks bigger. Like it's, that's so much, it's so simple. Like that's why posing is so complex because there's so many little intricacies involved where just a littlest movement, you make yourself look bigger. Yeah, he looks great. Super, super lean. It's just, yeah, like a lot of guys are saying, it's just his quads that really pulls away from his physique and the shaking drives me nuts.

Stoph (22:19.895)


Paul (22:19.95)

Um, you just shake a lot.

Stoph (22:22.937)

Can you pause right there? Oh, sorry, where he's hitting the side try. So, I did a little bit of posing work with Van recently, and he was helping me with my side try. And one of the things that he really was harking on me for was you can see the separation from his forearm to his obliques. Granted, it's how he's turned right now. Yeah, right there.

Paul (22:25.038)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (22:34.254)

Mm -hmm.


Paul (22:50.158)

What is? His forearm is to what?

Stoph (22:52.857)

No, no, where you had it right in that little gap right there. Yeah. No, no, no. Where you had that triangle of open space right there. Yeah. Yeah. And, uh...

Paul (22:55.342)

This. Oh, this.

Paul (23:01.868)

Yes, this. On your screen it's a little off. Sorry, on my screen, that's weird. On my screen the mouse is on his forearm right here.

Stoph (23:10.905)

Oh, yeah. But that makes that that takes away from your size, having that gap there. So either pulling your arm either tighter or making your quarter turn a little bit more pronounced, like because you lose some of that size by looking like right now he looks almost a little top heavy. Not that that's a bad thing. You want to have size, but it's like out of proportion looking from this angle.

Paul (23:12.75)

On your screen it's in the space, there we go.

Paul (23:40.654)

Yeah, I could see that. Bringing it in just a tad would make the size. And it would bring this, the backside. Now I gotta look at this screen. It would make the backside of his tricep come out more. It'll roll it out if he pulls it in, because his arm will tilt a little bit. So it would bring out this part of his tricep.

Stoph (23:43.609)


Stoph (23:56.801)


Paul (24:03.054)

and see what's next. Yeah, back on his foot.

Stoph (24:04.697)

See? Ugh. These are such great poses. Like, he's so well -defined up top, but that leg is just so bothering.

Paul (24:10.158)


Paul (24:16.75)

Yeah, he has to keep moving. And again, I mean, I, you it could be partially age, could be partially nerves. Like there's a lot of things going on, but man, he just kept moving. He was never still.

Stoph (24:28.857)

And then, I mean, look at the comments. A lot of people saying like, he's got the best physique. And I'm like, yeah, sure. He's got maybe the best physique up there, but it's really his posing that's taking away from it.

Paul (24:42.798)

see yeah everybody is seeing that he's peeled looks great if Brianna was a few inches taller he would be unbeatable but that yeah that that was his problem I mean up until recently that was his problem was that he was always a little too short so he couldn't put on

more weight like for his weight class, you know, or otherwise he'd be in men's open. So he was doing 212 for a bit because I think he could put on more for that. But then he got downsides for classic. Now he doesn't have to do that. This is like what sucks is it came a little too late, you know, for Breon. Like if it came a few years earlier, I think Breon would have been a lot more dominant. But now he's able to like actually be the size that he wants to be for classic because he has a lot more weight to work with. So.

Stoph (25:04.267)


Stoph (25:30.137)

I'll say too, that man has zero hair loss.

Paul (25:35.246)

Yeah, he's got gray hair. I'm jealous. I gotta fix my shit.

Stoph (25:38.649)


I'm not super huge on that pose, that like double or bicep claw thing. Like I'm not huge on that, but I mean, it still highlights like look at his right bicep. That thing is a ball. That is beautiful.

Paul (25:41.452)

He looks great.

Paul (25:50.242)


Paul (25:55.438)

Yeah, he's got really good bicep insertions that are nice and short. That's what Arnold was known for for his biceps, was they were so short, the heads were so short in his biceps that like, he'd get a crazy peak.

Stoph (26:07.349)


Paul (26:07.566)

And that's kind of how it is for Breon. That's a lot of a lot of the shorter guys get that it's just Arnold is a fluke because he's tall. So he doesn't he just doesn't have that long with bicep insertions. And that's why like that's one of my problems with biceps is that I have very long bicep insertions. So my biceps, even though like they're strong, you know, and I got a lot of bicep mass, it's just not they don't got the peak. So they don't look big at all. You know, it sucks. Yes, that's Breon. So we got Ramon second.

Stoph (26:30.059)


Paul (26:36.556)

Erz3rd and Breon4th and first we got Wesley Vissers.

Stoph (26:39.385)

And then from, from, I'm not gonna say out of nowhere, but you wanna know what I think is really interesting too. And I'm not at all saying that there's a conspiracy here, cause he definitely, like just looking at this pose, he definitely earned it. But he's been called Arnold Jr. for probably like the better part of five years now. And for him to win the Arnold, I think is, I...

Paul (26:55.054)


Stoph (27:05.081)

Again, not at all saying it's conspiracy because I think he definitely earned it, like watching his routine, his conditioning, everything. But I just think it's really funny. Like that is first like big win comes at the Arnold.

Paul (27:14.286)

Yeah. Yeah, that's a good, that's a good timing. I think personally put a little bit of size on his legs. If he could lower, you can't do this, but if he could lower his lat insertions, just a tad, just like bring it down to like, like, okay, on your side, it's wrong. So like on your, like right here or so something like here, like it's like a tad more. I put him against C bum.

Stoph (27:37.409)


Paul (27:41.87)

Like I'd be like, yeah, it could be either of these guys winning, you know? But it's like, because his Latin churches are so high and his quads aren't quite where they should be, they're really good. Like he totally deserves first. But like in comparison to Seabombe, for instance, his quads aren't quite where they need to be. So if we just had those two things, he'd be up against Seabombe.

Stoph (28:01.497)

And what I think is, you know, again, oddly similar is like this is a this granted they weren't doing as much legs back in the golden era, but this is literally Arnold's build how his top half is just so dominant. And then, you know, his legs were just kind of they were conditioned, but they were just there, you know, and he obviously has a small waist. You can see that from how his upper body, you know, V tapers off of it. But his waist would be emphasized more how small it is if his like.

Paul (28:18.958)


Stoph (28:31.449)

quads blew up a little bit. So I think that it's just really interesting that it's like, this is literally like, like, look at his arms. Those are for all the other guys, when we put them up there, like you can tell that they're, you know, bodybuilders, but against each other, it's like, yeah, they're similarly built. Him just standing there alone just looks massive.

Paul (28:35.086)

Yeah, it would.

Paul (28:57.006)

Yeah, yeah, he's a big ass dude. Yeah, I think I think a lot of people were saying that his waist is what's keeping him from winning first, you know, over here in the comments. But yeah, if he just gets a little bit more quad size, and if his lats are just a little bit lower, it would create the illusion of a much smaller waist. You know, so like that, that's I think that's just part of it. So that's his front double great front double. It also just is that pose too. It's also just his front double pose.

Stoph (29:13.177)


Stoph (29:24.729)

Pause right there.

Paul (29:26.51)

That was really fast. He did his front light spread really fast.

Stoph (29:30.457)

Right above his abs, his rib cage, holy moly, it's literally poking out.

Paul (29:35.886)

Yeah, it's yeah, he's got he's got his as are very odd to me. Because they're very like, I haven't. Yeah, they like. It's. They almost look like implants a little bit, you know, like like small implants, that's kind of what they're like look like to me, because he's got the four here, but they're like weirdly like don't even look like they're part of his body.

Stoph (29:44.537)

They're low. They don't go to his pecs. Not that that's, you know what I mean? Like.

Paul (30:04.27)

And then like his other two are up here on his ribs, which is fine. Like he's just how your Azure bill is. No big deal there. Um, so like there's his other two up there.

Stoph (30:12.569)

Those might be some of the thickest bicep veins I've ever seen. Holy moly, that's popping out of his skin.

Paul (30:17.774)

Yeah, this one over here. It's like a Sharpie marker on his arm.

Yeah, I mean it's also it's very possible that like Gilco like edited this so it does look more pronounced you know like because the I think he

Stoph (30:31.297)

He does a pretty good job of keeping everything just the lighting as it was.

Paul (30:37.102)

I'm yeah, but I'm saying like if you increase the sharpness and shit just because it might have been like It was like a little fuzzy or anything like that. Like that could add to it, you know making it look sharper Like same with this vein over here like as yeah based off the your screen looking at this vein over here It does look very pronounced. It could very much be the video. It could very much be real life I'm not sure but either way there either way even without editing. They're so pretty crazy

Stoph (31:03.723)


Paul (31:05.644)

But yeah, so his front and not spread. I think you should have lead back a little bit more, but it's not one of his favorite poses. That's why he did it so fast. I think it's just cause he's not a big fan of it. Um.

Stoph (31:15.417)

I bet you the crowd goes nuts when he hits any of Arnold's poses.

Paul (31:20.046)

See like that's, yeah, yeah he could, yeah. This is a really good pose. This is really good. I think he pulls, I was gonna say like, I just think that he pushes a little too hard here.

Stoph (31:25.945)

I think it's good. Go ahead, sir.

Stoph (31:32.793)

That's what I was about to say. Like it's a great pose, but you can literally, you can see where he's like, like it's, it's a visible push. Like instead of like angling it and like manipulating your body, like that's where I think it's, it's not as great. Like how he's just, you can see the line of his skin being pushed.

Paul (31:42.102)


Paul (31:51.98)

Yeah, I think he's trying to flex this arm and make this arm look good, but I think he should have pushed a little less hard, not make it so obvious. You can see the skin discoloration right here because he's pushing so hard. So I think he just needs to not push so hard and it would have looked a little bit better, but that's just my opinion. Besides that, pose looks great. Again, just literally just quad size, just quad sweep probably. Most guys are very teardrop dominant. I'm the opposite. I'm very quad sweep dominant.

Stoph (32:02.265)

Yeah, exactly.

Paul (32:21.294)

And it's a much better problem to have to be teardrop dominant. Let me tell you.

Stoph (32:24.601)

Also, stay right there for a sec. This is the proper amount of weight shifting from leg to leg. How he has, this is probably like 60 -40, maybe 65 -35. Like...

Paul (32:33.484)


Paul (32:38.03)

But also like look at how big this dude is, right? Because his feet are, they look pretty close together, right? And then look at Breon. They're like the same, they're the same spot in the square, right? But they look like they're spread apart. So like, look at this. So like close to the line, a little more than halfway. Look at Wesley. Let's get to that, let's get back to that pose. Like look at that.

Stoph (32:44.481)


Stoph (32:48.633)



Stoph (32:59.193)

He's... He's...

Paul (33:08.462)

this dude's massive. He's tall as shit. And then Breon's like short as shit too. So it's like, like this is, that's the perfect example of why like videos and photos can't do you justice. Like seeing it in person is a completely different thing than seeing it in videos and photos because like, look at that. Like his, his toes, you know, granted, you know, Breon's like heels are pointed a little differently. So it looks a little more spread out, but like,

Stoph (33:09.463)


Stoph (33:14.903)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (33:36.59)

You could tell this dude's a lot taller than Breon is, just by just those two things right there. Interesting transition, not the biggest fan of that. Side chest, solid. His.

Stoph (33:39.221)


Stoph (33:51.897)

I think you could puff a bit more.

Paul (33:55.502)

Yeah, like his abs are kind of like really protruding right here. It's almost like if you just sucked in his abs just a bit, like a bit more of a vacuum, I think it would have come full circle. I think it would have been everything came together, but like his delts look phenomenal. You can see each head. Yeah.

Stoph (34:10.233)

That's a great pack insertion though. Like, look how cuppy it looks, you know? That's like needing a bra type. Yeah. You can see the striations too, that's incredible. This is a great package.

Paul (34:19.094)

Big ol' booby. Yeah, you got his over his delts over here.

Yeah, see and then this is this is the other thing that Seabum nails to his side his side chest his leg Seabum's leg is just insane.

Stoph (34:34.425)

Look at where his right foot is planted on this. Normally, you have it on the back heel or maybe the ankle, but this is behind his foot.

Paul (34:45.87)

Yeah. For me, when I do a side chest, the ball of my feet is lined up with my heel. It's just the way my legs are built. It's just probably just the way his legs are built. As long as he can push this hamstring out and this glute out with the other leg, he's good. So this is probably just what he has to do to do that. Cabs could use a little bit of size, but not bad.

Stoph (34:53.335)


Stoph (35:04.737)


Stoph (35:09.241)

There it is. I bet you the crowd went nuts when he hit this.

Paul (35:13.262)

Yeah, that was a really good transition. That was so fast. He just snapped it. Side chest and then boom.

Stoph (35:21.093)


Paul (35:22.862)

Yeah, and like the video too, like the camera did that little bit of snap with it too, so like it just added to it. You see that? Like it just, yeah, it looked really good. That looked really good. Pins in his glutes a little bit.

Stoph (35:30.027)


Stoph (35:34.841)

Great back.

Paul (35:39.31)

Yeah, see he stands up pretty straight on his lats. See, okay, this is where I see...

Stoph (35:43.289)

His lat is disproportionate right now. His right one's a little more protruding.

Paul (35:48.014)

Yeah, it is. It could be the angle, but I don't think so. I think his right lat, yeah, I think his right lat is a bit bigger than his left. I think that if he were to lose, like if he lost, and somebody said, why did he lose? Like ask me why, my guess would have been his back. I think his back needs a bit more size, especially his lower lats, he needs to even the fuck out. Like he needs to even this shit out.

Stoph (36:15.929)

I think if we took Breon's back and added Wesley's straightness, like how it's the perfect amount of straightness and like tilt, I think you'd have the ideal situation. And then add like...

Paul (36:25.934)

I mean...

I think honestly I think... Uh huh.

Stoph (36:31.257)

And I was gonna say, and just add like, uh, Urs's knowledge of posing, and then you have the perfect body.

Paul (36:38.702)

Yeah, potentially. I mean, I think that he could have leaned a little bit further back, not a ton more, but like a little bit further back. And I think that would have done him some good, but yeah, his back is just very disproportionate. And that's like inexcusable in bodybuilding. Like that is the whole thing is symmetry, right? It's like, you have to work on both sides the same way. And why wouldn't you? It could be some sort of injury or something like that, you know.

Stoph (36:51.285)


Stoph (37:04.217)

It might be though how he's like tilted, because you see, not tilted, but he's got all his weight on his right foot right now. So maybe it's just how he's popping because even look at his traps and rhomboids, like even they're smaller. So I have a feeling like you mentioned the angle earlier. I think it might also be just how he's holding this pose. Because when he did his front double and like his front chest, not front chest, but where he's got his arms down in front of him, like.

Paul (37:26.446)

could be.

Stoph (37:33.209)

His lats look completely fine and symmetrical on that. So I think it might just be how he's holding this pose.

Paul (37:39.182)

It's possible, yeah. I do think that also like his glutes need a bit more defining as well. Like that's what was so crazy about Ramon's posing is his glutes are so fucking defined. He's got crazy glutes.

Stoph (37:44.631)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (37:56.589)

His upper body, oh my goodness though.

Paul (37:59.214)

This one's a good pose. I think the only downside is just simply where Gukho is at in comparison to like this pose. I think that that's why it looks a little weird. He's posing for the judges. He's not posing for the audience. So that's why it looks a little off. But that's just my opinion. I think it doesn't... Yeah, the video is not in a good place for him.

Stoph (38:05.483)


Stoph (38:19.961)

I love that he hit this right here because most like the most musculars are something like where what he transitions to where he has his arms in front of him, not this. But I like that he did this because this is the traditional most muscular and.

Paul (38:31.862)


Paul (38:36.526)

Yeah, it is the more traditional. Personally, I think the more upright, most muscular, I find that more visually appealing. Personally, which is kind of what he gets into here. I don't like the hand thing that he does. I don't like this shit. Um, personally, I think creating a like fist like this, like down or putting them together like this, I think both of those look really good. I don't like that. Um, cause what it's also doing is that it's.

Stoph (38:44.983)


Stoph (38:49.591)


Stoph (38:55.893)


Paul (39:05.006)

I always get it mixed up supernate supinating pronating. It's like the reason you flex like this, right? You don't do this because like your biceps gone, right? When you do this, it comes more up. Yeah, you're hitting it. Let me look it up because I'm forgetting now.

Stoph (39:15.609)

Well, it's your long head then. Yeah.

Paul (39:26.254)

I always get those mixed up. It's like adductors and abductors. Yeah, supination palms facing upwards. Proneation's palm facing downwards. Let me see.

Stoph (39:28.761)

Oh, I know.

Paul (39:43.082)

supinated overhand grip pronation is overhand grip on the other hand the supinated grip is underhand um i would say probably supination is this pronation is this yeah that would make sense so i think supination is where his hands would be facing inward so he's doing a pronation right now so it actually makes his biceps look a little bit smaller because of the way his hands are tilted where if he he flipped his hands over

be promoting supination and he'd be able to flex his biceps a bit more and have more of a peak. But that's just my personal opinion. Maybe that's like I've seen I checked out his Instagram after he won and in a ton of his photos where he does this he always does his hands like this. So I think it's just his style like it's just what he likes to do.

Stoph (40:23.233)


Stoph (40:27.129)

Well, I think what it does too, because that's what if you saw me, I was doing it myself. What I think it does is it rounds his shoulders a bit forward. So he's going to pop his traps a little bit and it's going to pull at his chest. Like just personally how I was doing it, I was getting a little bit more tension in my chest when I did it and my traps are popping because you have to roll your shoulders for that. So I think it might be just to emphasize his strong points.

Paul (40:52.43)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (40:56.174)

I mean, yeah, it could be. Again, I think it could be a number of things. It could be emphasizing different muscle groups. It doesn't help his arms by any means, but it does help his forearms. If you do that and you squeeze your hands, it fucking pops those forearms. It hurts. It actually pops it so good. So that could be the reason as well. Who knows? Could be a bunch of things.

Stoph (41:17.145)

He's doing a phenomenal job as well of hitting a pose and while he moves fairly quickly, I mean, granted, we know that posing routines are not, you're not supposed to be up there for minutes on end, but I think. Yeah, but I think he does just a great job of hitting a pose and then doing the rotation, making sure every, wherever you're sitting in the stands, you're going to get an angle of it. Like see he does there when he hits his next pose here, he does another little rotation as well.

Paul (41:28.622)

I think it's a minute and half is what you have up to. I think.

Paul (41:42.134)


Stoph (41:46.297)

Like he's giving it, granted he knows where the judges are so it's not like he has to show them anything more but he's giving the crowd what they want.

Paul (41:56.814)

Yeah. I mean, by this, by this point, they would have already decided most likely who the winner is. It would have that's that happens during prejudging where they're all next to each other. They're all doing the, the required posing, which is front double. Um, uh, uh, what's it called? Abs, the, um, abs and thighs or whatever. Um, and then you got your, your quarter turn to the right. And then you got.

Stoph (42:01.881)


Stoph (42:25.559)

side chest.

Paul (42:25.998)

So you could do quarter turn to the right. And then you got your rear double, you got a quarter turn to the right again. And then you got your side chest and you do your front double. Um, those are all the required poses, I believe, uh, from what I can remember. So they all do the same poses their own way or whatever, but they have to do them at the same time in order for prejudging to take place. These are just the, these are what's called the finals. This is where, for those that don't know, this is where they do their posing routines. This is mainly for show. Yeah. Like, so like the,

The time between pre -judging and finals can sometimes vary depending on the show. I think my last show it was like three or four hours, I think. So we were able to go get some food, walk around the town, stuff like that, drink a little bit of water, and then get back and do the finals. In the amateur level, finals don't matter. It's all about pre -judging. It's all about pre -judging. You can come in fucked up for finals and you'll be fine. The difference here is that in the Olympia,

And I think the Arnold, like the top level, I think if you come in for the finals fucked up, they can't reward you with first. So you still have to stay like pretty locked in for the finals. Like you might not need to be 100%. You could be like 98%, but you need to be pretty close.

Stoph (43:36.537)

Well, think about like from a from like a publicist standpoint, like from the amateur level, most of the pictures and content was filmed during the prejudging. But here, like we're only reviewing posing routines right now. We're not reviewing, like prejudging anything like that. So if they give an award to someone who looks, you know, washed out or whatever, because they, you know, ate a bunch in between or something like that.

Paul (43:48.812)


Paul (43:56.364)


Stoph (44:06.105)

and they're trying to circulate that picture rewarding their winner, it's gonna look like shit.

Paul (44:12.046)

Yeah. Yeah, that's why I say like, I think they just need to be like pretty locked in as much as they can.

Stoph (44:18.145)


My goodness, Samson Duda looked phenomenal. Yeah, this is just Sebum from the Olympia. Er, yeah.

Paul (44:21.588)

Let see, well here's...

Paul (44:27.822)

Yeah, that's what I was looking for. Yeah, oh, this is just like a highlight. Okay.

Stoph (44:30.777)

Yeah, they yeah, he only has two men's open it's Samson Duda and Hadi Choupan but he just he looks incredible here.

Paul (44:42.924)

This is really low. This is more of like, honestly, this is more of like what the judges see kind of like they just a little bit further back from where this is being filmed. But this is pretty much what the judges see. Right.

Stoph (44:47.703)

The end.

Stoph (44:53.785)

I think also, like I think it's a choice because these guys are so much bigger that when you go lower, you're creating a more like drama filled like position. Like, look at this. Like you could take that shot, put any background behind it. Like these are like posting shots.

Paul (45:14.326)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (45:16.697)

I'm not huge on that little pose that comes after a side chest where you extend your arm out. I'm not huge on it.

Paul (45:23.182)

I don't even know what to call it. A lot of guys like it.

Stoph (45:24.621)

It's like a tricep thing. Tricep ab, I guess.

Paul (45:28.078)

I mean, it looks better up higher, but yeah, I don't know. It's okay.

It's not a required pose, so it's not that big of a deal.

Stoph (45:38.315)


Paul (45:41.878)

It is what he likes is the transition kind of pose back looks great right here. Like that's that's what's crazy about to me about guys with very dark skin tones. Take white make it very dark. You know that old joke but it looks like silk like it's like like his back almost looks like it's like 3D printed like that's what's crazy to me. Yeah, he's got insane calves. Yeah. These dudes are massive.

Stoph (45:45.089)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (46:02.457)

Look at his calves too. Those are some calves.

Stoph (46:17.017)

Yeah, here's the spread. There it is. Look at that.

Paul (46:20.438)

Yeah, solid spread. Yeah. It looks good.

Paul (46:30.062)

This is prejudging, I think, on Friday, and then I think finals is on Saturday. Or no, this is finals. Wait, I don't know how they have the structure, to be honest. I don't know.

Stoph (46:42.105)

They have the routines before the prejudging, imagine.

Paul (46:45.742)

Yeah, I know that's not yeah, I don't know exactly what the structure is because they don't show the pre -judge. He doesn't show the prejudging of anybody else. So here's like that's like women's wellness. And I think this might be bikini. I think. Oh, no, this is the wellness. Okay. Couldn't tell from that pose that she was doing. This is the wellness is becoming like the classic of of like.

Stoph (46:53.099)


Paul (47:15.586)

Like women's competing like this is like Oh Look at all that look at all those pins you see that Look at our wait. Let's see if we can go back a bit That's not good when she's walking in you can see it You see the pins It's hard to tell I know it's kind of small on this screen on my screen. It's a lot bigger But she does a lot of pinning stuff in her abs

Stoph (47:22.393)


Stoph (47:38.937)

Yeah, my eyes aren't trained for that, so.

Paul (47:45.23)

Yeah, it's probably gonna be small on your guys' phones and stuff too, so don't worry about it. But there's a bunch of bumps in our abs right here from pinning. That's rough.

Stoph (47:56.793)

Did you, this is unrelated, but did you see the men's wellness that happened in Brazil?

Paul (48:03.982)

Oh yeah, I did. That was so dumb. He looked like Alex Eubanks. The dude looked a lot like Alex Eubanks. Yeah.

Stoph (48:08.857)

He did. He looked like Alex Eubanks. Alex Eubanks with lip filler and lip boss.

Paul (48:16.11)

Oh, it's so fucking disturbing. It was so disturbing.

Stoph (48:17.653)

Yep. Yep.

Paul (48:21.772)

Yeah, this is women's wellness for you. It's all like, I don't really know enough about women's to really critique it. I do know that the emphasis is clearly glutes. What?

Stoph (48:30.681)

That sentence. I don't really know much about women, but she looks like a great person.

Paul (48:35.246)

Yeah, I don't know enough about women to really critique who they are. They elude me.

She probably trains. Yeah, it's all about glutes. Like they don't even show their back. It's glutes, hands, quads, is what it's all about. A little bit of back showing there. There's a lot more, like you have to have a bit more personality in women's stuff. It's a bit more entertainment than it is about like who has the best physique. But like, look at all this. This is all just glutes. It's all just like butt right here.

Stoph (48:43.801)


Stoph (48:53.335)


Stoph (49:03.147)


Stoph (49:06.891)


Paul (49:10.318)

back to this pose again. See, it's all about like the femininity, the finesse, right? So it's like, it's a less about.

Stoph (49:14.809)

Feminine. It's all about femininity, but when you do your interview, they go, Hey, are you, hey, are you, are you natural? What's natural?

Paul (49:21.566)

Yeah, I was about to say their voice is so fucking deep So, uh, what did you do? Go ahead

Paul (49:33.918)

Yeah, they'd be like, uh, be like, what did you, what'd you have to sacrifice for this? They're like, well, my uterus basically fell out. So there's that. They're like, are you natural? Yeah, totally natural. I take, I have more Anabar pills every morning than multivitamins.

Stoph (49:37.177)

Thank you.

Stoph (49:57.913)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how natural are you? Michael Hearn.

Paul (50:03.32)

Yeah, get Michael heard be the scale because I'm definitely Michael heard

Stoph (50:10.905)

Which is, but you know what's wild to me is that we talk about like, you know, obviously we're overemphasizing the voice change, but they definitely have a lower voice. But the fact that they have just pristine, perfect hair. Like we, like when there's steroid abuse in men, we lose our hair. But these girls, like a hundred percent, these girls are on some stuff here.

Paul (50:11.47)

But yeah, anyways, it's.

Paul (50:22.86)


Paul (50:28.524)

Oh yeah.

Stoph (50:40.409)

So, yeah.

Paul (50:40.878)

shit let's see let's keep going I'm trying to find the Olympia

Stoph (50:45.081)

I was gonna say this is no longer the Arnold.

Paul (50:49.166)

No, no, no, this is national championships. This is like Florida. I think this is this is amateur. I believe I believe this is amateur. That's why they don't look like I'm insane. You know, like like look at like like men's physique. They don't look like they look really good. Like these guys look really good, but they don't look insane. You know, like like look at the okay. So like here's the other thing too. Like like look at what we just saw and this is like the natural this not natural. This is the amateur level, right?

Stoph (51:09.707)


Paul (51:18.51)

Like that's the difference here. Like this is the amateur level. These guys aren't pros. A little bit.

Stoph (51:19.489)


This guy looks like Putin. This guy looks like Putin.

Stoph (51:30.425)

Still phenomenal physique though, so when we say this, this is still better than 99 % of the world. So we're not at all discrediting it. It's just comparatively to the people up on the stage. Yeah.

Paul (51:33.134)

Oh yeah.

Paul (51:41.198)

The best of the best. Slow down, dude, slow down. Jeez.

Stoph (51:49.497)

No smiles either. You can't control a crowd with a frown.

Paul (51:52.27)

Yeah, there's a lot less personality here. This dude looks good. He has potential.

Stoph (51:57.945)

That back is pretty good right there.

Paul (52:00.59)

Yeah, so this is the amateur level, right? So like this is the nationals. This is like you in top two of your class, you get pro. Like, dude, like these are, that's not natural. That's not natural. Those aren't natural. These aren't natural. Stop, you're pulling away from it. All right, anyways.

Stoph (52:14.137)

What do you mean?

Stoph (52:21.945)

Are you natural? No, but...

Paul (52:26.238)


Stoph (52:26.553)

Yeah, it's the reverse coach, Greg.

Paul (52:32.302)

Yeah, exactly. No. Instead of getting it getting higher, it gets deeper. Where the hell is the Olympia?

Stoph (52:37.249)


Stoph (52:41.017)

I mean Olympia was almost three months ago at this point. There's Olympia.

Paul (52:43.308)

He doesn't.

Paul (52:47.662)

Yeah, where is C -bum? Come on. Alright, so keep in mind what we just had before. Where the fuck is C -bum? You'd think that C -bum is like... is main focus.

Okay, Arnold's Olympia is over there. There is prejudging. I'm looking for his actual fucking routine.

Stoph (53:17.433)

There it is.

Paul (53:18.454)

Here we go.

All right, nice.

Paul (53:26.958)

Yeah, see, so like.

Stoph (53:27.545)

It's so perfect.

Paul (53:31.27)

Camera's moving, so it's hard to say.

Stoph (53:36.569)

For anybody who's new to the bodybuilding world, there's a reason why men fanboy over this dude.

Paul (53:44.174)

Yeah, he is. Yeah, he's next level. The gap is closing though. Like, see, like, look at it. Okay, so look at his legs right here though. So, like, compared to, like, Wesley Visser's, like, this is what I'm saying, like, his legs look insane in side chest. Transition could have been better there, but that's just my opinion. See, like, look at it. Look how low his Latin insertions are. Like, he has phenomenal Latin insertions.

Stoph (53:49.463)


Stoph (54:05.571)


Paul (54:12.942)

And his front spread is really, really good.

Stoph (54:17.689)

Also a great example, C -bum is a great example of how to make tattoos work as a bodybuilder.

Paul (54:24.366)

I was about to say, does he have tattoos? That's how you know he would. Yeah, right there. Yeah, that's not bad. I mean.

Stoph (54:25.657)

He's got a whole, he has a whole quarter sleeve. Yeah. It sounds like a wolf or something like that. I don't remember off the top of my head.

Paul (54:36.59)

Okay, this is more what I was looking for. There we go. Okay, perfect. Nice. Alright, so right away, quads look a lot better. Yes, he's... Exactly. So like, look how low his latinsertions get, you know? And so it makes his waist look a lot smaller because of that. That's just genetics. Alright, this is where we'll be able to tell. See how much... Fucking dude! It's not even fair! Like...

Stoph (54:42.745)

Signature signature shot

Stoph (54:57.593)

It doesn't make sense.

Paul (55:03.47)

He needs his own fucking division, dude. This is so nuts. Like... Jesus. Holy shit. Like, it's...

Stoph (55:05.241)

Ha ha.

Stoph (55:11.321)

Yep, yep. Also, to the point we made earlier about Breon and taking up the square, look at him. He's taking up almost the entire square, not even leaning. That's a 6 -3 frame working right there. He's 6 -2, 6 -3, something like that.

Paul (55:23.918)

Yeah, he's a big guy, Stu, I think.

Is he 6 '3"?

Paul (55:36.588)

He's 6 '1", according to Google when I Google.

Stoph (55:37.017)

6 -1. Well, as a member of the 6 -4 plus group, I'll give him 6 -3.

Paul (55:45.678)

Yeah, 6 '1'' is really tall, but it gives them that classic physique look. That's the other thing too. The look of classic physique is a taller structure. Men's open is a shorter structure.

Stoph (55:53.847)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (56:00.025)

Here it is, here it is, here it is, the best turn of all time. Oh.

Paul (56:00.91)

Yes, he like, look at his legs. Yeah, lot, lot more of a shelf. Yeah, he does really have a, like, this is, this is like what goes viral is like his, his.

Stoph (56:09.753)

He transitions so well into it.

Paul (56:14.894)

Eddie always has the half smile, like his iconic half smile. See, his hair is not even that bad. I mean, I get why he got a hair transplant, but his hair is really not that bad. Way better than mine, I feel. But yeah, look at his leg. Way better.

Stoph (56:17.417)


Paul (56:33.262)

You know, like it's just, it's a lot more of a shelf. So really, really good physique.

Paul (56:43.694)

Don't really know why he did that. I think he could have.

Stoph (56:45.241)

It's like an ab thigh, like side.

Paul (56:49.966)

I think he could have gone without it, personally. I think he could have done a more smooth transition to a rear double. That just made it look awkward.

Stoph (56:52.043)


Stoph (56:59.961)

Look at the, alright, pause right here real quick.

Stoph (57:05.625)

Yeah. This is him leaning now, and he takes the entire square. He is from end to end right now. That is a big boy.

Paul (57:12.91)

Yeah, he's leaning forward here. Yeah, he is.

Stoph (57:20.793)

I love that we did an Arnold classic review and then, 50 minutes in, went and just fanboyed over C -Bomb.

Paul (57:21.582)

We were saying in the end.

Paul (57:28.15)

We're straight to see, Bob.

Dude, you just have to. You can't talk about Klasik Gizik without talking about how insane C -bum is. But yeah, people were talking about in the Arnold posts that we were looking at, they were talking about how the Olympia should take notes on the lighting from the Arnold. I think it's really not that bad. I think the Olympia lighting is fine. It has been really bad in the past.

Stoph (57:38.553)


Stoph (57:48.535)


Stoph (57:53.913)

I think the difference too though is right now it's all about contrast, like that's how you make definition pop and whatnot. The background is a more lighter at the Olympia with how it's Joe Weider's Olympia and it's all in white and a lot of the undertones are white hazy compared to the Arnold, it's like a bluish and I think it creates that better contrast with the type of lighting.

Paul (58:24.334)

You would have to pull it up again to see it. Yeah, good rear double. Perfect leaning. Like I would not change a single thing about his rear double. Not a single thing. You could tell he did get an injury because look at his arm here versus his arm here. I think it was his right arm that got the injury. I forget though. But yeah, perfect pose here. Just the right amount of leaning.

Stoph (58:25.761)


Stoph (58:37.815)


Stoph (58:42.903)


Paul (58:51.118)

Getting the crowd going, quad stop, abs. Very nice. Absurd, absurd vacuum. Like that's just insane. Where did his waist go? It's gone. Doesn't exist.

Stoph (58:57.945)


Paul (59:08.462)

This is also like, this is also like slightly less quality C -Bomb compared to the 2022. Like I think he looked better in the 2022, which is crazy to say.

Stoph (59:15.801)

Well, he came out 2019, 2022, it was, sorry, 2019, 2020. It was like, okay. And then 21, and then it was like, you know, the meme of, I think it's like Mr. Incredible, and he continues to get more and more like pixelated and zoomed in on his face.

Paul (59:25.71)

Solid, solid.


Paul (59:37.87)

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. And then 2022 comes out. And I'm just I just throw throw my hat off. Like, that's fucking it, dude. Like, you can't beat that. You can't. Like, if I was showing up and I was Ramona and I saw C -Bomb, I'd be like, well, we're all fighting for second, guys. I'd probably say that. I'd probably say that. It'd be like, well, we're all going for second here. Let's be honest. We can't. Yeah, you can't beat that.

Stoph (59:47.179)


Stoph (59:54.525)

Let's go home!

Stoph (59:59.321)


Paul (01:00:08.174)


Paul (01:00:11.81)

I think Classic Ezek is truly what bodybuilding was meant to be. You know, like...

Stoph (01:00:19.385)

That's, I agree with that, wholehearted. That's why it's my personal favorite. Like when I think about the days of, you know, Mike Menser, Arnold, some of the, you know, big names of the golden era, like they had this physique. You know, you had the, the, a small of a waist. You weren't overly huge. Like you weren't a science project, but you had plenty of size. Like that's, that's what I think. And then, you know, you take the Mike Menser, I only trained three days for one hour. Like.

Paul (01:00:24.59)


Paul (01:00:35.694)


Paul (01:00:50.006)

Yeah, but he's also a meth too. So like there's a lot of shit you got you don't got to take too seriously for mike mincer

Stoph (01:00:51.481)

No, I know, but I just it's more so like the the environment like now we have we we have so many people saying different theories and back then it was like you had two options or was either Arnold I train all day every day and then Mike Menzer do meth and you're good

Paul (01:01:00.022)

Yeah, it's just how it was.

Paul (01:01:14.19)

They trade three times a week. Arnold also ate like steak and eggs or something after every training session. He'd go to a restaurant and eat steak and they go run on the beach. That's what bodybuilding was. It was like, it was just like who could, who had the most appealing physique, but also back then nobody did that. So like, that's why Arnold stood out so much is because like it was such an unknown thing. Like bodybuilding wasn't a thing yet really like.

Stoph (01:01:21.899)

Yeah. Yeah.

Paul (01:01:42.222)

People knew about it, but wasn't like a thing. You didn't win money is it's like, I don't even know what to call it now. Like it's like, I don't know, Magic the Gathering tournaments or something like, yeah, we know it's going on, but it's not like super popular. It's not like, like they might win some money or something. It's just not there yet. I don't play Magic Gathering. I just kind of know about it.

Stoph (01:01:43.841)


Stoph (01:01:59.745)


Stoph (01:02:07.481)

There's a good couple million on the line at the big tournaments, just for clarification.

Paul (01:02:13.55)

Oh, well, I mean, yeah, but I'm just saying like to the public, it's not as obvious as it is now. Like bodybuilding has gotten so much bigger because of TikTok and shit. Like C -Bomb has like 14 million followers or some shit now. Like it's crazy. So it's not nearly as big or it wasn't nearly as big as it is now and I didn't even close. But because of that competition is also a lot more fierce.

Stoph (01:02:16.565)

Correct. Correct.

Stoph (01:02:26.391)


Paul (01:02:38.85)

Yeah, like C -Bump could probably move up to men's open if he wanted to. We could just take some gear, push some size. He's only like what, like 29, 30? Something like that.

Stoph (01:02:42.969)

I've said that in the past, yep.

Stoph (01:02:47.641)

Yeah, but he wants to retire real soon.

Paul (01:02:51.278)

Yeah, yeah, I think he said he's going to retire within the next couple of years, I think is what he said.

Stoph (01:02:55.129)

There's the quote that I like to refer back to from its last episode of The Office where Andy's character says, I wish someone would tell you when you're in the good old days before you actually left it. We know we're in the good old days because Seabombs gone and like, I'm going to put it at like two or three years max. So like we are all like, what are you going to give us? Let's fanboy now. And then in two years, I'm going to, you know, be severely depressed.

Paul (01:03:10.606)


Paul (01:03:25.486)

Yeah. Yeah. But also here's the thing too. Like classic is very new. We will see someone who will dethrone. Like we will see someone who will beat Seabombs physique one day, just like Ronnie Coleman. Somebody will beat Ronnie Coleman's physique one day. It will happen. You know, it's not like we haven't been doing this for thousands of years. It's not like, like we could say with like pretty solid evidence that Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player of all time. Right? Like it's been, chess has been around for so long. It's been, the history has been long for a long time.

It is very arguable that Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player of all time. Saying Seabom is the best Classic Physique champion of all time, it's only been going on for 12 years. You know, it's hard to say that, like, yeah, he is, but it's so short, like, it's almost discrediting him. Like, we need to say that he is Classic Physique. He redefined what Classic Physique is, right? Like, that's really what he's going to do with his physique.

Stoph (01:04:05.377)


Stoph (01:04:20.441)


The way I look at it though is that Classic Rizik now is what bodybuilding as a whole was during the best era of bodybuilding. So for me, I view it in comparison to those days and not to the science projects of Men Is Open.

Paul (01:04:32.142)


Paul (01:04:39.566)

But those guys back then, like Arnold had like 30 pounds on Seabum on stage. Like he was like 250 something. Seabum's like just under 220, I think for his height. I think he's like 220 something.

Stoph (01:04:44.617)


Yeah, but they also weren't... They were dialed in, but they weren't as shredded and watered. Like, you weren't taking the same kind of like diuretics and stuff back then as you do now. Yeah.

Paul (01:04:58.176)


Nothing like that. Yeah, and their legs were a lot smaller and all that. Like I'm not, yeah, it's not exactly like comparing apples to apples here, but he did have a lot more weight. So like, it's, yeah, it's a little different what they were looking for back then. Their legs were a lot smaller and all that. It was a different look, but Seabom, I think his legacy is gonna go down as like defining what classic physique truly is and what the look of classic physique is.

Stoph (01:05:03.469)


Stoph (01:05:22.551)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (01:05:25.678)

Right? So like, that's why I think Wesley Vissar's and like, I think that Errs are also going to do is also going to do really good because they have that classic look, right? They have that super narrow waist, super wide shoulders, right? They have that look, right? That's going to keep that this division going. Ramon's not quite there, but I think it's because his arms are so dominant, right? Like I think if his arms a little bit smaller, he would have that classic look. So.

Stoph (01:05:51.509)

Ramones also getting up there in age too.

Paul (01:05:55.022)

Yeah, yeah, exactly. So C -Bomb being the age that he's at, I don't think he's not gonna move up to men's open, he's gonna retire soon. But again, I think his legacy is gonna go down as just what is classic physique. And like I said, we will have someone dethrone C -Bomb as the best classic physique of all time. It's just a matter of time, but.

Stoph (01:06:07.947)


Stoph (01:06:16.121)

And I was going to say too, when you talk to the younger generations and you just say the word bodybuilding, this is who comes up. Like it's not any other, no name from any other division has popped up other than influencers. Like if I say to the, like, for example, for the kids I teach, I say the word bodybuilding, I either get Sebum as a response or get Sam Sulik as a response. Those are the two names that get thrown my way. So.

One's an influencer, the other is literally the look that they identify with bodybuilding. Maybe Arnold if they have a little bit more knowledge.

Paul (01:06:43.756)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (01:06:50.188)

Mm -hmm, that's how it is.

Yeah, a little bit. Kai Green is like the older generations, like what is bodybuilding? Like that kind of physique, like Dorian Yates, Ryde Coleman, Kai Green. If you ask like a millennial what is bodybuilding, they'll say that like, if they know, they'll just say that they're one of their names. The big ass dudes. That's how it was. Cause the message wasn't around, classic physique wasn't around. It was just men's bodybuilding. You know? So, but yeah, that's C -Bomb for you. You can't beat C -Bomb.

Stoph (01:06:58.647)


Stoph (01:07:09.131)


Stoph (01:07:21.369)

That's our Arnold Classic review guys, Zbomb1 again.

Paul (01:07:27.694)

Yep. He just, he is so good in the Olympia, he also won the Arnold.

Stoph (01:07:30.801)

Yeah, they... Can you imagine they just made like a hologram of him going up and posing?

Paul (01:07:39.374)

imagine and then here is mens physique we have yet to yeah we have yet to uh see mens physique for the arnold so we don't know what's going on there but yeah ryan terry is

Stoph (01:07:42.393)

Ryan Terry.

Stoph (01:07:50.873)

Yeah, next week we'll probably do the Men's Open, Men's Physique review. Just because we film on Saturdays, guys. So Men's Open and Men's Physique is probably going to conclude tonight. And then there's going to be probably a couple more photo ops and Guildco production stuff from Sunday as well. So we'll have more content to work with next week.

Paul (01:07:56.044)

Yeah, yeah for sure.

Paul (01:08:16.268)

Yeah, for sure. For sure. I'm looking forward to seeing what men's physique people can bring. Yeah, Ryan Terry. Men's physique is truly becoming a little smaller than classic. It's becoming smaller classic. But.

Stoph (01:08:19.799)


Stoph (01:08:28.537)

I just love how much he fills his shorts. Like that's a true guy who trains. Yeah.

Paul (01:08:33.326)

That's what it's becoming. That's what it's becoming now. Like they're saying that you can't have any bagginess to your, do your shorts anymore. You can't have it. If it's too baggy, they'll, they'll dock points. Whoops. I didn't mean to completely exit out of there.

Stoph (01:08:43.809)



Paul (01:08:52.462)

this back up here. Oh, it's too fucking low. Never mind. I have to scroll for a while again. But um, yeah, it's it's becoming the the new requirement is you have to actually fill out your board shorts. Because they were getting too many guys where they just wouldn't hit legs and just the baggy board shorts would just pull away from it. And it looks a lot better when you have tight board shorts. I want to say

They don't allow the nine inch inseams. I think it's seven inch inseams now or five inch, I think. I could be wrong there.

Stoph (01:09:23.031)

I wonder what's crazy. I'm 6 '4". All my gym shorts are 7 -inch inseams. They literally, like, show so much of my leg because of how tall I am. Like, I have to work... I have to work so hard on my quads to make my legs look good in 7 -inch inseams.

Paul (01:09:36.558)

You can probably get away with dying.

Paul (01:09:45.902)

Yeah, I mean you probably would be able to get away with nine. I think it's not, I don't know if it's the exact inseam inch length. I think it's more like it has to be above your knee. Yeah, I think there's the pants itself has to be above your knee at the other keep you past it, which for most guys is either five or seven, depending on the height for you would probably be nine. You probably get away with nine, which would make it a lot easier. So like a lot easier, like.

Stoph (01:09:54.073)

How much of your leg is showing? Yeah.

Stoph (01:10:03.865)


Paul (01:10:12.622)

to fit into it properly, where like seven, it would be like probably really tight, like nine inch you could probably get away with more size. So, but with that being said, that was class for Zeke Arnold for you. Like I said, we'll be back next week with men's physique and men's open. We'll talk about that. There's plenty to talk about there. So, all righty, we'll see you.

Stoph (01:10:16.321)


Stoph (01:10:32.535)

Hell yeah. Alright guys, we'll catch you next week.

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