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Influencer Review 4 - Lee Priest

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Kepri, Kepri talking about Kardashian workouts off off camera.

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Right? Yeah. We started shooting this shit. A full recording and you're like, well, you should just fucking record this. I don't know why we're not.

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I'm here today for my fabulous workout and it's like, half squats into a medicine ball or or whatever the things are called. It's But rolling off of it like you do, like, when you when you have PF and you have all the balls, the other you just shoot across all of them.

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Yeah. It's yeah. It's so weird. And I've seen close of it in, like, in one aspect, I'm, like, You know what? If it works for them, it it gives them the body image that they've had this whole time. Sure. But at the same time, if they're getting trained by someone who which is what I think is happening, Like, they don't know any better. You know, this trainer is supposedly probably really expensive, and he's having them do these fucking whack ass workouts, you know. Like, if I was figuring out the s, I'd be like, this has gotta be proven. This is, like, this has gotta be, like, effective.

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But that's because you have you've got, like, an actual fitness mindset. They're just like, I don't want to get my butt like Kims.

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Well, that's what I'm saying. Like, it's just they they don't need any more than what they're getting. They don't need to learn anymore about it. So Yeah. They just do what the trainer says and they think, okay, it works for me. But I bet you they've been doing the same shit for ten years. They've made no progress, you know. And they're just Plus milk, cherry.

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Well, that's what I was going to say. And plus, they're in LA. That kind of answers the question. There's there's you're gonna be at, like, a ten to ninety percentile of good, like, people who know what they're talking about in you know, Hollywood compared to, you know, any of the the gym staples of the world, you know.

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Yeah. There's a clip recently where it was, like, it was, like I just have about Chic's feet in the gym for three months and being, like, Bob and Booty built their workout or something like that. And it's just like these half ass, like like leg lifts for the cable machine, from the side, I don't even know what to call

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them. They're kinda like a lateral raises.

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Yeah. They're kinda like a lateral raises, so they have, like, the cable attached to their ankle. And they're, like, It's it's basically just working your abductor.

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I was gonna say that's an unnecessary abductor movement. Yeah. Don't do a machine like everyone else.

Speaker 1 00:02:16

Yeah. A lot of women do it because they prefer it. And I don't know. But

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Well, you you know why you prefer it because you can cheat when you do it like that. You can swing your momentum and you can cheat on it.

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Yeah. I mean,

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the machine for the add doctor where you're opening, you're screaming and paying the whole way through. Add doctors where you're going in, you can cheap on that even on the machine. But going out is far fewer ways to cheat on that machine.

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Yeah. I mean, with the the one good advantage I guess with the cables is that you could get a further a better stretch out of it because you could stretch your abductor as far as you could possibly go, where you can do that with the machine. But my other problem with the machine is that it's, like, it's either too heavy or too light normally tweet with the machine. Mhmm. Like, I had to do typically full stack for, like, ten to twelve reps, and that's going, like, as far as my hips can allow. But At the same time, it's like, a lot more but else a lot less. You know? Yeah. It's it's a weird machine as far as, like, the way at least my body works. But I don't know, choose their own. I went to the gym the other day, and these two chicks were there. I didn't pay attention to them until I, like, put what

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They're chicks. Bro, you didn't text me.

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Oh, no. Muscle mummies. No. But they were at the gym and I put down my bag at the light extension machine. And nothing was at the leg inspection machine. So nobody was using it. Nothing was there. So I went over and put my bag down. And she go this girl goes over to me. She goes, hey. We got two more sets. I was like, okay. So I was gonna two percent anyway. So I just like, alright. Whatever. I'll just start with the other moving first. And then I'd give that a couple sets. So well, two sets in. They'll be hit one set. And I'm like, okay. I'm gonna end up fucking wait forever for this. And aren't I? And then they walk over, do something else, and they go superset it with, like, fucking pull ups or whatever because they're doing, like, leg day, but also back day for some reason. I don't know. And I'm, like, I'm doing my third set It was actually ad it was actually ad doctors. It was ad doctors and, like, extensions. And I was still my third set of my four sets of my ad doctor movement. And I'm like, they haven't come back over for the for the second set. I'm just gonna go do it.

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Yeah. And I

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just went over and started using it. I'm like, I'm not gonna wait any longer. Like, I'm done three sets over here. Like, this is the problem with supersetting when you're with someone. It takes longer. So I'm just not gonna wait. I'm gonna end up waiting all day. So I just went around and fixed it and they walked away. But

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I think it also has to do with intensity because no one's training in the gym harder than you and I. So, like, where our our sets not that they go quicker, but comparatively to someone who's doing like you know, regular set, we're probably outpacing them. So they're has to they're, like, you're you're beating them time wise anyways.

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Yeah. I mean, it was just it was just something I had to deal with. I was just normally, I wouldn't do something like that, but I'm like, I've I've waited extra long rest between sets and did three sets and you still haven't come back over for your second set. So I was like, I'm just gonna go use it. If they were like they used it, and then, you know, they came back a couple minutes later or whatever. And then they started using it. It took them all to finish up the second set that's sure. But they weren't even close they were didn't even come back.

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And I

Speaker 1 00:05:41

started using it, and they just I never saw them, like, use the machine again. So That was just that was really annoying. But the reason we've talked about the Kardashians because you said, yeah. I'm just like, well, like, Courtney says. They're like, oh, you're a vegan. She's like, yeah.

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She's just I don't know why yeah. It's like, yeah. I don't know why she does that shit. But you said it's about your most of mommy drink. You're like, yeah.

Speaker 0 00:06:04

Yeah. I have no idea. My oats all blended up.

Speaker 1 00:06:09

What's in there?

Speaker 0 00:06:11

I well, so my morning is always a couple votes with a scoop of protein and just some water and heated up like that every morning. And on days where, one, I don't have the time to actually eat it, like, take preparing it's not that to the time I'm worried about. It's actually eating it because it's dry. I have to drink a lot of water with it, and it it's just it takes a lot on my system to get it down. I just blend it together. And when I blend it, I use milk instead of water to get extra calories in there, and it just goes down a lot a lot easier. But the one downside is that when I drink my food. I don't feel as fulfilled like and I I want to eat more. I mean, that's not a bad thing for me because I'm trying to put on more, but I notice that when I drink it. I it's not like, my body's not registering it as much as it should be, you know.

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Mhmm. I mean, that's like this also kind of like a I guess, a way to trick your body to kind of like Sometimes I'm like hungry and I'll just drink my egg whites early and I'm like I know it's not like food food that I'm chewing, but if I give it some time, it'll fill me up and it does You know? No. So if you needed to get some food into your system real quick, drinking it does does help.

Speaker 0 00:07:26

Yeah. I blended a ham the other day, and I'm kidding.

Speaker 1 00:07:30

Imagine one of the consistency that that would be.

Speaker 0 00:07:34

We haven't moved in. At the house, we my my roommate he his mom gave him a hand when he moved in, and it's been in the freezer represents. So I joke about it, but I'm gonna I'm gonna thaw that thing out. I just blend it.

Speaker 1 00:07:48

Yeah. Why not eat it? Why haven't you guys eaten it yet?

Speaker 0 00:07:51

Well, I mean, we we all have, like, my girlfriend and I have specific meal plans and he does I mean, he cooks a lot of small meals. This is a whole ham. We're talking about So it it it it needs to be a family affair for you if we're gonna cook this thing.

Speaker 1 00:08:10

Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. I don't know how big the ham was. Usually, people buy just halfhams or something.

Speaker 0 00:08:15

No. It's it's a good it's a good chunker.

Speaker 1 00:08:18

Them. I love ham ham so good, especially if we can cook it properly and make it nice and juicy. That's good. Yep. With a lot of fat. Oh, yeah. That's good.

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Speaking of food though, I got a funny story to share with you. I got this I got this kid that I teach, so he's in eighth grade. Alright? And he he's one of the most fit kids in the in the not just the grade, but, like, school. Like, he doesn't have as much size, but he's toned and he's strong. And he plays, like, every sport. So, like, he's just, like, a really upended kid and he's gotta build. And he's, like, I wanna be what was that? I forgot what his weight is, but he's he he wants to be sixty pounds higher by the end of the calendar year. I was like, that's ambitious, but alright, man. And he goes, yeah, I'm a follow-up bulk. And so he has his phone on him, and he has time reset every hour, and I'll be teaching. And, like, you know, we're in the middle of a book or whatever, you know, here. Bam. Bam. And he goes, Yo, mister Noel, I gotta eat what you got for me. And he just comes over and looks because I've got food because I'm doing the same thing I'm eating for today. And so now this kid I'm bringing in, like, an extra sandwich everyday because this kid I'm not gonna tell him no because I'm, like, absolutely, I want you to book. I and you're doing it the right way, like, you're not eating giant meals. You're doing it first throughout the day. You've set timers. I'm like

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Speaker 0 00:09:43

Bro, come on over. Have the peanut butter sandwich.

Speaker 1 00:09:47

That's awesome. I wonder if he's gonna be able to do it. I mean, he's gonna have to eat a shit ton most likely.

Speaker 0 00:09:53

Well, that

Speaker 1 00:09:53

should be, like, thirteen or so and probably skinny on skinnier side Yep. How a lot of those kids are who are athletic, you know.

Speaker 0 00:10:02

He bugs everybody in the room though. Like, there's one day where I didn't have food and he stood over another kid till he got the kids bag of Doritos.

Speaker 1 00:10:09

Like, yeah, he can't be doing that. Just bring your own food.

Speaker 0 00:10:14

Well, think about how expensive it is to eat well, in eighth grade to be eating something every hour.

Speaker 1 00:10:21

Okay. But he could also I mean, if you really wanted to do it, I was working under the table I think at that age. Mhmm. So you could work on the world somewhere?

Speaker 0 00:10:31

A lot of it it's hard to do that with a lot of sports. So

Speaker 1 00:10:34

Yeah. Sure. But, yeah, speaking of food. Lee priest.

Speaker 0 00:10:43

It's right that way.

Speaker 1 00:10:44

Transition to the Century.

Speaker 0 00:10:46


Speaker 1 00:10:46

Yeah. Did

Speaker 0 00:10:48

you say suicide? Oh.

Speaker 1 00:10:51

Oh, yeah. You saw that? Yeah. I didn't know where that was going. It was, like, it was an anime and shit. She said some outside. And he was, like, did you say side? It was, like, side. And you're, like, a zoom down and you're, like, grew massive. Rich is closed from just flexing into the the side chest. And I was, like, wow. I love that.

Speaker 0 00:11:10

Well, it's She said, I

Speaker 1 00:11:11

didn't see that coming.

Speaker 0 00:11:12

She said, I love that side of you. Side.

Speaker 1 00:11:16

Oh, that's what it was. Yeah. You did the side chest. That's awesome. To set her over. I'll still have a sleep when I saw that shit. But, though, we I figured you know, today we could talk a bit about Lee Priest because he's been recently back in a little bit of spotlight again. I mean, he's he's well known in the bodybuilding community. He's one of those people kind of in a similar light to Rich Biena, like he tells it how it is and you either love it or you hate it. Some of his takes to me are think are a bit abrasive. But also a lot of it's like pretty real. You know, he has pretty good opinions. He The one that I don't like that much is he absolutely fucking just shits on men's physique constantly. And I'm like, if you don't respect it, that's fine. But it just you it's it's a couple times I've seen him talk about it, and I'm like, alright. You're just really going on your way just to be mean about it. Yeah. But he's not making fun of anybody in particular. He just takes the whole divisions like a joke. Like, that's what his opinion is, which is fair. I mean, that's his opinion. He he's totally entitled to his opinion. Just I think sometimes he just goes a bit too far with how much he hates it. But to each their own and Lee Priest. He he competed for a very, very long time. I believe it was over twenty years. I think his first show was in was in nineteen eighty six and his last one was in two thousand thirteen. So twenty twenty five years, quarter of a century he was competing for. And he did at least a couple shows a year. Two, three shows a year or something like that. And that shit adds up, you know, there's guys that I know that only hit one show every year or two. And by the time, you know, I came along and and met them, you're like, oh, I'm ten shows in. I'm like, well, that's shit time, but then I see, like, something that relief priests was doing. You know, two or three shows a year. Well, it's been over a few years. Boom. You already hit ten shows. You know? So it adds up real quick. Well, I mean, I do know guys fucking who hit, like, six shows last year alone. They just kept competing trying to get that Olympiacard, and they just never just never happened. So it's, you know, it it adds up. But the reason I, you know, leap frees us back in the spotlight a little bit is because because Sam Ciulik actually he said Sam said, I wanna he wanted to recreate the tricep photo that the priest created with Tom Platz, and that was that's the photo in the background here if you're watching the if you're watching the the video format of our of our episode today. You could see a little bit of his tricep on the screen and, you know, the top of his head and his eyes. But, yeah, it's that photo. And people were kinda I mean, for the most part, Sam's community is very, very positive. It's just kind of who he is as a person. He's just kind of a chill dude and just does his own thing, but People were kinda dog supposedly, I didn't actually see it, but supposedly, people were, like, doggin' on Sam. First, like, say that he's similar to Leopreased or trying to compare himself to Leopreased, and Leopreased came out of video to you. She's like, I don't know why Sam's getting so much hate for this. Like, it's really not that deep. He's like, he's just trying to recreate the photo and he's like, if I know I've said this before, you know, before recording this video that if Sanders had some more size in his triceps and his forearms, then and and leaned out a bit more, then he'd be able to recreate the photo. He's like, boy, I don't know why he's getting so much hate for that either. I don't I don't understand. So that's why Lee Preese is bit in a bit of a spotlight now. And he's actually got an interview. He he's on he's on fluid aviards. Podcasts for, I forget, hostile nutrition or whatever, hostile supplements. Podcasts, whatever. He just interviews people. He has, like, four or five people on at a time and they just kinda shoot the shit. But he was on it, I think, a few days ago. Probably because of something like this. And then I think Sam was actually in the in the podcast episode too because Sam is sponsored by hostile. So I'm pretty sure Sam was in it too. I didn't watch it. I just saw it, and they ended up, you know, they met for the first time and all that. But Lee Preese is kind of a freaking nature too. He was I don't really know what was his height, like, five four. Mhmm. Let me see. His height was five four. Yeah. He was five four.

Speaker 0 00:15:39

Yeah. Five four and off season two sixty.

Speaker 1 00:15:44

Yeah. It's competition weight. It was between one ninety six and two zero five. Depending on the show and all of that. But supposedly, he had twenty two inch arms on stage and twenty four inch arms off season. Which is fucking crazy for five four. But Mhmm. It's also because him and someone, you know, similar Jay Cutler really took the bulk to the to another level. Lee Priest, Bolton, and he was he was very much an advocate for dirty bulking. That's what works for him. That's what worked for Jay. They just would get borderline fat. Like, if you didn't know any better, if you didn't know what you're looking at, you'd see Lee is almost fat.

Speaker 0 00:16:26


Speaker 1 00:16:26

But then he'd he'd lean out for a show, and it would just fucking fall. All of that would just fall off and he'd be massive underneath all that. So they they him and Jay both really believed in a dirty bulk. Jay did kinda keep some definition, but it's also because Like, j is like five ten or five eleven or something. And when you're as muscular as j, like, it doesn't really matter how much fat you put on, you're always gonna see a bit of your You know, like it's he just has that much muscular size. Wherewith Lee, being on the shorter side, you know, if he puts on fifty pounds of weight in the off season, which is a lot, but let's say he puts on fifty pounds, it's gonna be a lot more on on Lee than it is on Jay. Know, fifty pounds is a lot is a big difference in that height change. It's fucking huge. I mean, we're talking, like, Jay was probably, like, I don't know, two sixty, two seventy, maybe on stage. Maybe in that ballpark at at minimum, Lee is, like, two hundred on stage. You know? So, like, height really does play a huge role when it comes to your overall size. So Lee was known for his dirty bulking, and then now he's known for his his almost like Mike Tyson face tattoo and and his straight up on his opinions on shit. So if you ever watch a video of his, like, YouTube show or something like that, he'll tell you how the fuck it is. And he talks a lot about steroids and stuff like that too. And he he trashes on guys who take a lot of steroids and they get so upset about it in the comments. But it's he's, like, he just never needed it. You know? He never needed a shit to the steroids. And he crashes on guys who do because he's saying that he needed he didn't need the genetic or he had the genetics for it. And he thinks that if you don't have the genetics for you, don't have the genetics bodybuilding. Like shit like that, you know, he's he's very frank about all of it.

Speaker 0 00:18:21

Well, his thing with with, you know, steroids is kind of interesting because of his path to pro body building and, like, how for the like, he won the the us Australian the mister Australia at, like, seventeen. And he's got this great body building for Zeke, but when he tried to go into the IFPB pro at at the time. They he was just gonna beat out because the guys had all that exercise. So that's when eventually he would I'm getting the timeline mixed up because I don't have it right in front of me. But when he would eventually go over, he was like, well, if these guys are gonna beat me with, you know, thirty, forty plus pounds I'm gonna go, you know, mess with them too. And, you know, it's not an abusive cycle by any means, but certainly hopped on.

Speaker 1 00:19:17

Yeah. I mean, what's what's also interesting that nobody takes into account too is that when it comes to anabolic and you're at a smaller height and smaller weight or lower weight and all of that, you don't need need to nearly take as much in order to get an efficacious dose. Because, you know, your let's say you you pin just for an easy number. Let's say a thousand milligrams or one gram. Let's say one gram a a week. One gram on someone who's two hundred pounds is a big difference between someone who's on three who's three hundred pounds, you know. So for him, taking last does actually, like, go further. He granted, you know, he was still taking a lot, especially for his height. He says it's low dose. But, like, he he had this line. He was talking about how he said let's say he took two to fifty sussed it on, which is, like, direct testosterone suspension. It's just the form of testosterone, basically. He said he'd take two milliliters a week, which would be four five hundred. And when he took SIPION eight, so testosterone SIPION eight is just a they're super fast. Half life. You take four hundred. Five hundred SUS and four hundred SIP. That's pretty high for someone at his his height and his weight. I know guys who are on half that and they're basically out of anabolic. Like so Hey, bro. It was. Excuse

Speaker 0 00:20:45

me. Every every time we do the cast.

Speaker 1 00:20:47

Dude, I know. I don't know why. What I'm talking in the morning. I was, you know, and but like for me, when I was in prep, I was, like, no more than three hundred milligrams a test during my prep. You know, and that's when you take the most amount of gear. Off season, I've taken more. But, you know, for instance, certain prep calls taken three hundred, And that was prop, which is a oh, wait. No. Wait. SiPionae is a longer half life. I got that vibrant. Sorry. Sustin on is very fast. Sipping nay is longer. Sipping nay is a super long half life. It's like two weeks or some shit. It's a super long half life. I was thinking a, so I was thinking acetate. That's my fault. I was thinking prop because also propionate, which is a super fast half life. That's like hours for the life. That's really that's why it's so good for prep because when you basically stop taking it, only a few days after it's, like, almost entirely out of your system. But Cipionate takes forever. So Cipionate, he took four hundred. I'm so stood out. He took five hundred, which makes sense. I actually don't think about it. But It's still a decent amount of of of gear. He's Maybe what alapeno ball a day or anodrol fifty? So that's fifty milligrams and a draw, which is about one pill typically You would take Glen or t three before a contest. So, I mean, that's all that's all pretty standard. I mean, I've taken all of that except for the debott. Anodrol is pretty sweet. In my first ever cycle, I ran anodrol. It's pretty low it's pretty mild. It's pretty mild oral. That's why EnerDrol is a good starter point. It's like that it's a good this is the difference between men and women here for you. A good starter point for men outside of testosterone, but it's like the furthest you should go as a woman is anodrol. Like, our minimum is, like, there, like, top.

Speaker 0 00:22:47

Well, that's because, you know, any any anabolic ticking as a lady's make you do a dude. So you wanna keep your feminine inside, so you stay away from that kind of stuff, you know.

Speaker 1 00:22:59

I mean, they have like I there's a source which actually I heard something about. I'm just gonna say, so there's a source one of my sources. He actually has I don't know if it's a he or she or whoever. Could be a group of people I have noted considering my knowledge of this person's grasp of the industry, especially now. Holy shit. So I got a story for you. Especially now. He probably has this is probably a team of people selling all these steroids and shipping them out and shit. And they've also been very fast because I pay by invoice, which is unique. Typically, you pay, like, Venmo or Cash App or whatever where it's, like, you don't say what it is, you just send them the money, but them, it's an actual invoice. They send you an invoice, you go online, you pay it, and they send you a receipt. I'm like, what the fuck is going on? I'm like, why am I why am I paying a business? This is weird. But anyways, the point is on the listing of their products, it actually says, like, female dose stuff. Right? So it's, like, they they get, like, wind straw for instance. Right? They'll have, like, wind straw, but it's a lower dose version. So it's, like, typically the same price per pill, which is how you buy it. But it's a lower dose. So that way they just take one pill instead of cutting it in half or something like that. So it would make sense for it would not make sense for me to buy it, but it makes sense for for women to buy it. It's easier to to take one pill that's dosed where it should be for them versus taking a higher dose and cutting it and potentially kinda messing with the mill the dosage and stuff like that. But the story that reminded me of it was I left the gym the other day. I had to turn back around and go back because I forgot my water bottle. When I got back, I saw someone there that I'd hadn't seen in a while. So I said, hey, what's up? You know, started shooting shit. And he said, Did you run out of did you run out of the gear at any point? And I was like, I was like, I haven't had the need to buy anything recently. I was like, I've been off for a while and I was like, I'm not really taking much besides just, like, stuff over the counter. And he's like, oh, okay. He's like, I heard some guys. Nearby that, you know, a lot of guys actually that are brought out of shit, and I've had a bunch of guys approached me and asked me, hey, do you got a source? That I could use because, you know, my guy completely out, like blah blah blah. So supposedly, actually, what happened was I think the same guy that I sometimes go to, not all the time, but sometimes they got robbed.

Speaker 0 00:25:25


Speaker 1 00:25:25

gee. And apparently, a ton of their shit was taken. But here's a funny thing too. So when it comes to anabolic, a lot of it is like, especially in the law enforcement world. It's a lot of it's don't ask until a lot of cops are on gear, a lot of guys military aren't gear. It's don't ask, don't tell. You kinda know, you know, if somebody's on gear, who are bodybuilders and who are police officers, stuff like that. But at the end of the day, it's like, just don't really openly talk about it, it'd be fine. But where it was, like, oh, yeah. So the only time that they really do actually cares if you're selling That's really the only time them to care. The DEA carriers when you're selling it, especially in bulk. Right? The only reason they ever cared about Courtney Bumsstead or no. Courtney. Chris Bumsstead's sister that that got arrested. Even by his wife, she got arrested because they did that controlled drop, whatever. The only reason they did that was because I believe is because Chris bumps that in spotlight, like, the whole family in the spotlight. Right? Because they're big of the vulnerability community and all that. So I think they only did that for the publicity sake. Because like, it's such a stupid fucking thing to do to go after someone who's like, even even for Ian and Chris combined, it's still dropping the bucket compared to what guys are selling. You know, like they yeah. They're taking a lot theoretically, but it's not nearly as much as these guys have in stock and are selling on a regular basis. But so yeah. So they care about the sellers, typically the suppliers, the dealers, all that. And a lot of it comes from China, so it's kinda hard to regulate it coming into the US because it comes, you know, as for clinics and whatnot, and you get connections to clinics is the whole thing, you know. But, I mean, what are you gonna do? You you get all of your gear sold. That you're selling. What are you gonna do? You're gonna call the cops? Oh, you took all my illegal steroids. It's like, that's why, like, that's why drug dealers get get robbed all the time is because we're they kick all the cops. There's nothing we can do. You know, it's you got robbed. They took your legal shit. You know, I can report that they took your legal shit because you guys do legal shit, you know.

Speaker 0 00:27:31

Or if if there's a, like, a police intervention of some kind. And that doesn't get reported because now it's in some some policeman's, you know, locker and they're gonna pin after their shift.

Speaker 1 00:27:47

Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. They compensate it. Like, we're gonna put this right into evidence locker. Over this mile long. It's not right at Coleman was able to make it buy financially. It stole gift.

Speaker 0 00:28:00

You've robbed me from.

Speaker 1 00:28:02

It is a raw people over the year.

Speaker 0 00:28:05

That that's our

Speaker 1 00:28:06

cause of testing to take it.

Speaker 0 00:28:07

That's our Yeah. Everybody. That's our click title for today. Broadly COVID stole steroids.

Speaker 1 00:28:14

Broadly COVID stealing steroids on the force. I gotta look up when you press I I in a sec.

Speaker 0 00:28:22

Turns out the anabolic window wasn't about food. It was about actually getting stuff. It was your window of time.

Speaker 1 00:28:32

Yeah. It was his It was in the window. Yeah. The window he had to eat. It was the window he had to shove it into his locker real quick. Let me see. I got I just gotta pull up YouTube in general.

Speaker 0 00:28:45

Also, on the topic of Sam Soultic getting hate for recreating the pose, Next time you're up or next time I'm down there, we're just gonna recreate all the port all the different pictures. So we're gonna we're gonna each do one stop. So we're gonna each do one of these try tricep. We'll do the We'll do, like, the the sebum with with with the Hadi next to him side chest correction. We'll we'll Yeah. We'll do all the different things.

Speaker 1 00:29:15

Exactly. We would not be close to the size, though. We'll be we'll be the size of

Speaker 0 00:29:21

the motor.

Speaker 1 00:29:21

They're flexing.

Speaker 0 00:29:22

We'll be bigger.

Speaker 1 00:29:23

Think a button that both of us were, like, close.

Speaker 0 00:29:27

We're gonna we're gonna go on rich pianos. Yeah. I was taking two IUs of g h every hour.

Speaker 1 00:29:34

I take it hourly. There's a clip of this guy recently. I I don't even know where it was from, but he was like, yeah, I'm taking three fuck what was he saying? Three milliliters a day. And this guy was like, or three milliliters. He said he's taking three milliliters of test. And he's like, He's like, whoa. You could see it like zoom in. It was like a whole meme. Like zoom in. This guy's like, wait. Three milliliters a day or a week, and he goes a day. And he goes three milliliters of, like, just test. And he's, like, yeah, I'll take three milliliters test, and three milliliters of Master on. And he goes, like, that's exactly my first response. Like, let's say we're talking, like, the lowest dosage of tests you could possibly get. Let's say, like, Matt, typically, test prop is, like, pretty low. It's, like, a hundred milligrams per milliliter. Right? So typically, you have to pay in a few milliliters a week in order to get three hundred milliliter Like, that's what I had to do. Which is what sucked because I would have to pin, like, two and a half milliliters in one syringe. You just fucking it's like a bowling ball you're implanting in your butt cheek. But he did three milliliter supposedly a day of each, which is awful. That sounds terrible. You'd run out of places to pin. But I'm like, let's say, you're talking the lowest amount. You're talking about two grams of test a week. I'm like, there's no fucking way. He'd be dead. But also he had, like, he was no bible that I knew. So he was never, like, at the top or even at the pro level. Really, a lot of the time I know some of the pro's as especially the ones that are doing decent. Here's nowhere near that. So this guy, it was not worth it. It was however much he was taking was not worth it. But here you check this out. So this is Lee Preeth's off season versus on season. Can I shut off the fucking sound?

Speaker 0 00:31:31

Whatever the top right top right you can hear

Speaker 1 00:31:34

it is. Okay. There we go. Alright. So that's his off season. Right? Dirty bulk, like, looks actually kind of like kind of fat. Like, he looks muscular, but then look at his off season.

Speaker 0 00:31:46


Speaker 1 00:31:47

Dude's insane. Look at his hamstrings. Are you fucking kidding me, dude? This is before he got a face tag and shit. So, like, he looks not much definition. I mean, a lot of it he's starting a lot of it in his back and in his legs, you could tell, a lot of his fast turn in his back to his legs, then look at that. That's fucking crazy. Look at his hamstring. What the fuck is that?

Speaker 0 00:32:13

It's it's further than his glute.

Speaker 1 00:32:16

That's insane. Like, that is absurd. Cabs are solid. You know, it's harder for him to build calves because he's shorter. So it's it's much harder for him to build, like, noticeable calves. The best calves in the world are all guys who are tall as shit. But his hands, that's fucking crazy. Let's see. Three hundred pounds, two twenty five competition weight, which supposedly isn't true, I guess, like, I don't know if this is, like, inaccurate or something, but somewhere else so that it's anywhere from, like, one ninety three to two zero five. But Let's say let's just say two twenty five. Three hundred in the off season for a guy this size. That's crazy.

Speaker 0 00:32:54


Speaker 1 00:32:54

I mean, you could tell, like, look at he's oh, it's super muscular, dude. She could tell.

Speaker 0 00:32:59


Speaker 1 00:33:00

You know, like, his look at his doubts, dude. Like, that alone is, like, absurd. And that's also anabolic's there for you too. I mean, it's, you know, your delts are super energetic, so you're that's why, like, a lot of guys joke about taking gear just to get bigger delts because your does literally blow the fuck up when you take gear. Say with your say with your traps. A lot of times your traps also blow up too. That's why, like, your guys' traps get huge and smaller and they look crazy in the off season especially because they're taking so much gear. But, yeah, his doubts look insane. Let's see. Where's it? Where's the next fire front squat?

Speaker 0 00:33:41

You gotta go back to the front squat.

Speaker 1 00:33:44

I'm about to say, like, our fucking I can't I can't you won't let me

Speaker 0 00:33:47

Oh, okay. His hamstring in that in the front squat was a yard.

Speaker 1 00:33:53

He had, like, a three inch range of motion. Not much definition, but tons of size. Pretty big dude. Pushing around a lot of weight. Pretty young here too.

Speaker 0 00:34:07


Speaker 1 00:34:07

And he's also not on a shit ton of gear, but then look at his off season. Like, look at that. Like borderline eight pack. Like, that's crazy. And, like, no stretch skin or nothing. You know? Like, he's he's It's a lot of water and a lot of fat, but it's not enough to, like, stretch his skin out by any means.

Speaker 0 00:34:25


Speaker 1 00:34:27

He would be, like, the perfect dude to do, like, that Scorpion shit. Whatever it's called. Oh, there it is. We're gonna say, I'd be perfect for that. He's got the perfect build for it. Yep. Yeah. He's he's pretty crazy off season. That's just how he's always done it. Oh, that's sick.

Speaker 0 00:34:49

Why does

Speaker 1 00:34:50

he not make that anymore?

Speaker 0 00:34:51

That's that looks like a like a like a branded Smith machine.

Speaker 1 00:34:57

Yeah. It's just a cabled Smith machine or something. That's sick. So you don't have to worry about it. Drop it on you.

Speaker 0 00:35:05

Gotta wear their glasses too. Studious man.

Speaker 1 00:35:08

You know, look. It's studious. Students. Yeah. He's also one of the guys who was, like, big in Venice beach and shit. Supposedly, the guy who ran or owned or something, Gold's Gym in Venice, was his only source of steroids. So, like, he would supply Lee with his steroids. It's supposedly that he corroborated. He said that, like, Lee really wasn't on that much compared to everybody else. He's like, trust me, I would know I was his only source. Like so, believe me. Like, he was really not on that much. Which I mean, I can I can understand, but again, you gotta take into account like I said a million times, his height and his size? But, I mean, personally yeah. Supposedly, there was rumors of this. Did you end up doing it? Yeah. I mean, he he still has a lot of our provider's size his likes or or a lot of it's missing. But, I mean, he still looks crazy for his age. Like, that's crazy. I don't know how old he is, but he looks great.

Speaker 0 00:36:16

I think he's Late forty. He hit seventy seventy four. Is this hold on. I have it

Speaker 1 00:36:23

right here. No way. Oh, so he was when he's born? So he

Speaker 0 00:36:26

said seventy two is when he was born. So

Speaker 1 00:36:29

alright. So he's about fifty two. Returning fifty two this year. Alright. Yeah. Use use a freaking nature. Alright. Now we're not even in a Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:36:39

Now we're in clickbait. We freeze it anymore.

Speaker 1 00:36:42

Yep. Anyways, Yeah. So he's just he's a really interesting dude to watch content from and to learn more about he had really good genetics. Apparently, Paul dilute. Who's Paul dilute? My thinking of somebody else?

Speaker 0 00:37:00

Bob dilute.

Speaker 1 00:37:02

No. Paul dilute. Okay. I

Speaker 0 00:37:03

know. I know.

Speaker 1 00:37:04

No. Yeah. So Paul Paul dilute was the guy. I don't know. He I guess, Lee, corroborated that Paul was just super clean, which is true. I am super duquin. Paul Dilts, super duquin. Yeah. He said he'd be sweating from the clan because he hated doing cardio, so he just taking more clan. Is that a Caria said she just takes more Clint?

Speaker 0 00:37:42

I'm I am now going to subscribe to that to that mindset. Hey. So so I'm new into fitness and cardio is really hard for me. What can I do? Meat sweats and cleansing.

Speaker 1 00:37:58

More cleansing.

Speaker 0 00:38:02

Those are the that's the So the

Speaker 1 00:38:03

What is It was the way I said it. It was he hated cardio, so he just took more cholesterol. Which is I mean, is what it says he is he said that Paul would be laying on the couch. He said, turn the air up because he's burning up. I'm assuming he's talking about the fan. That he's sweating from the Clint because he hated doing cardio. So he just take more Clint, which is weird because, I mean, for me, I mean, everybody reacts so differently, but Clint isn't what made me sweat. It was Trent. Trent is what made me sweat. And dude, I got reminded the other day, somebody said, something about trend sweats, and I remembered try oh my gosh. That was the worst. I never got trend cough. Nothing like that. I never really had any, like, serious side effects, you know, some irritability from different shit, but, like, fucking trend sweats while sleeping. Every night I was drenched. No matter how hot or cold it was in the bedroom, I was drenched. I'd wake up and I'd literally take a towel sometimes and wipe the back of my head because I'd sleep on my back a lot of the time. And my head would be so wet from filling up my pillows I had to just wipe off my head like I took a shower. It was crazy. I sweat so much.

Speaker 0 00:39:19


Speaker 1 00:39:20

And then I also that's what maybe starts sweating during the gym too. Like, I barely sweat prior to taking training and then I took training and I was just drenched. Drenched drenched drenched every time I train. Now I do cardio. Holy shit. Like, I've now that I push it in the gym now and I do more cardio and all that, I've dropped a lot of weight, which is nice. I dropped a few pounds this past week, which is great. But I know I'd do a lot more cardio, and the cardio I'd do is pretty difficult you know, stairmaster or the bike or whatever. And I'm drenched. Like, I looked at, like, how much I was sweating. I didn't really rub. Like, try try to avoid rubbing shit off my face because you just kinda smear it a lot of time, especially when you don't have, like, a t shirt or something like I was just wearing a stinger. And the trigger was already drenched. So so if I just wipe that, just end up smearing it and just made it, like, worse. But by the time I got off the the stare master. I looked at, like, my arms and shit, and I was just covered. It was crazy. I was never like that before before trying that is. But also DMP. There's also DMP too, which is we've talked about it before. It's an ingredient that goes into It goes into I'm pretty sure it goes into plastic explosives. I'm pretty sure it's an ingredient in explosives.

Speaker 0 00:40:36

But cardio, you're gonna get explosive results.

Speaker 1 00:40:41

Literally, though, that's actually what would happen. They they the the women so the factories that make it saves back in the day. I don't know what it was. It might have been TNT. I don't think it I don't think it's c four. I mean, it was TNT. They were making something, some sort of explosive, and a lot of them is women in the factory. And the women were losing a ton of weight like almost like to the point of mount nourishment and they didn't know why. They're trying to figure out why and come to find out is the DNP that they are inhaling like, secondary from from making these explosives. So you could actually you could buy DNP. I I think DNP is very hard to come by now. I wanna say one of my sources has it. I could be wrong. I have to look. I wanna say I saw it there. I know he has GHB, which is interesting, but DMP, so DMP, I think. And if you take DMP, you're like, your heart rate increases to like hit cardio level. Like, past steady state cardio. So steady state is, like, for me, it's, like, one thirty five to one fifty. I'll probably approach it like one eighty. Harpy, with just taking d and p. So you like, guys would take d and b and just sit there, just sweat it out until it's over because it'll last, like, three hours, but it's, like, doing three hours of cardio almost because you're it's beaten that fast. Mhmm. So you're just shredding weight, but it is very dangerous. It's very dangerous to take. Much like Halo testing is, you know, it's it's there's a couple of these that I'm just like, I would never touch on the technical poll. Halo testing I I'm curious how it affects me mentally because that's what's the problem with halo testing. There's a great cutting agent, but they they say if you take the halo test and you you ruin relationships. But they also say that about Trent, and that's what Trent

Speaker 0 00:42:26

And you were gone.

Speaker 1 00:42:27

You know, so Yeah. So I don't know what what happened if I took halo testing. So that's something we gotta figure out. But I don't think I ever will. There's no no real need for me to ever take something like that. Say it like insulin and and D and P and all that all that shit. It's just like it's just a far and above and away from shit I gotta take. I would ever need to take.

Speaker 0 00:42:50

You got them.

Speaker 1 00:42:50

Unless I work with Milo Sarkiv,

Speaker 0 00:42:52

You gotta do the Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:42:54

Make an exception.

Speaker 0 00:42:55

You gotta do the, like, when you have the sewing machine at a fast suit joint, a little bit of everything in one.

Speaker 1 00:43:03

Yeah. Just cold block your pepper with extra steps. I did that. I used to do that at Papa Gino's at your o g Yeah. Your OG workplace. I forgot that that you were there for a while till I visited up north. And I was like, fuck. That's right. Stock used to work there, which is now where the D'Angelo's is. Well, just weird.

Speaker 0 00:43:19

Papa Gino's, and the angels is under the same name now. So There Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:43:25

I saw that. And I was like, that's where was when. They really closed down the other spot.

Speaker 0 00:43:29

They were sister companies, and then they merged to just locations.

Speaker 1 00:43:34

That's smart. I miss PUBG knows. It's pretty good.

Speaker 0 00:43:37

Oh, it's still as far as

Speaker 1 00:43:38

chain goes, it's pretty good. It's still no. I just haven't had it.

Speaker 0 00:43:40

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I love it too, but

Speaker 1 00:43:43

it's not here.

Speaker 0 00:43:44

It's just more expensive than everything else, so I just never do it. Like and considerably more. Like, my Domino's is the cheapest, and it's like, two I can get, like, two pizzas for, like, twelve bucks and, like, a large pizza from Papagino's with, like, one topping, like, one pepperoni topping is, like, fucking eighteen bucks, something like that. So I just I I can't justify it.

Speaker 1 00:44:12

Yeah. I mean, it's pretty as far as chains go, I think it's pretty good. The place we go so, like, what's what's sucks down here. Pizza, I think up north, I would I would probably say is on average quite a bit better than pizza down here. Mhmm. There's not many there's not many Italian places. And even then there's not many good Italian places. They're either super expensive and really good or, like, garbage and cheap. There's no in between.

Speaker 0 00:44:35


Speaker 1 00:44:36

I've had a good Italian. It's just expensive. But pizza, it's a lot of the chains. It's, you know, Domino's, Papa Gino's. There's pizza hut. With the drive through right next to the gym. There's also Swiss pajajans, Domino's, Pizza Hut, Oh, well, there's also Tony's there's Marcos. Marcos Pizza is what page has been liking lately. But, yeah, we go back and forth. And what sex is what these chains are all fucking franchises. So, like, each was a little different. And even then, like, sometimes it's cooked differently. Each time so, like, we went to, you know, page likes cheesy bread.

Speaker 0 00:45:14


Speaker 1 00:45:14

And sometimes you'll get, like, a like, when she gets cheesy bread from different places, sometimes she'll like Sometimes she's in the mood for, like, stuffed crust. And not everybody has stuffed crust, so she gets papa john's. She got, like, a small cheese pizza with mushrooms, and it's just stuffed crust. And one time, it's like amazing. She's like, loves it. You know, can't wait to have more. Then the second time, it's like, she has one session. She's like, this terrible one of the like, what is what's going on? It's so weird. It's so annoying. Even though it's from the same place, it could be great one day and shit next. But that's also for food down here in general. Marcos is pretty good. Marcos is a chain that's pretty good. San Mateo's Tony's is pretty popular down here. I would say Marcos is It's kind of like Bob John's book better in my opinion. It's that's kind of how I replace it.

Speaker 0 00:45:57


Speaker 1 00:45:57

How many chains up north, though? There's like a few chains, but a lot of Italian places, a lot of smaller pizza chains and or smaller pizza joints and stuff. So But what's your opinion on Sarendos?

Speaker 0 00:46:11

I hate it.

Speaker 1 00:46:12

No no Sarendos. Sorry. I love Sarendos. But

Speaker 0 00:46:16

Oh, which I know

Speaker 1 00:46:17

it expresses.

Speaker 0 00:46:18

That's that's why I knew you were going in that I hate it. I hate it. Orange Soda does not belong in

Speaker 1 00:46:23

my face.

Speaker 0 00:46:24

I have Yes. I have died on this hill. I am I live in the in the Pittsburgh, Westminster area. And I I used to live within, you know, throwing a baseball's distance to express

Speaker 1 00:46:39

those. Yeah.

Speaker 0 00:46:40

And I I have died on this hill. I will not eat it. I will not I have tried it once. I went through with all the fellows, went probably like eight years ago, I went there. And that was the last time I ever step foot in there.

Speaker 1 00:46:58

I don't know how their other food is, but when I was in high school, we were in shop. We would get it for, like, pizza parties and shit. For whatever reason like Christmas and, you know, if we did some big project or whatever. But, like, I'd eat it if it's free, but I'm not gonna buy espresso pizza. So for those that aren't familiar with the Fitchburg area, we have a lot of international customer or international listeners, my customers listeners. The pizza here in the US I'm sure it's very different, especially from Europe, and I can't wait to try true actual pizza. At least from especially Italy. I know pizza isn't very big in Italy, but, you know, I do wanna try from there. Anyways, the point is for some reason, everybody loves Espresso's in the Worcester County area for some reason. And the reason it's not good in my opinion pizza sauce or red sauce, whatever you wanna call it, should not be overly sweet. It should be acidic actually. You should use other ingredients and pizza should not be sweet. It should be a dairy, cheesy, creamy, like acidic, garlicky type of food. Right? You can get talazone that can sweeten it up like peppers will sweeten it a bit, pineapples, if you go that route, hay, and stuff like that. But they put espresso's puts I don't know if they still do it. I don't know if they just do straight sugar now, but they use to push orange soda Yeah. In it. And that's how they sweeten it up. And it just it was just so sweet. I've had pizza down here that's like that. It might be Markos. There's a place down here that is sweet. And it's good, but it's not like overly sweet. And I've had espresso and that shit's fucking so sweet. And it's super sweet. And I'm like, dude, this this is not how pizza should be. Granted, you know, they have their own niche. You know, people, you either love it or you hate it. So, like, they have, like, their die hard customers, which is a good thing for them, but it just it's fucking terrible. And I'm like, you I I'll die on that. Hill. I will argue that all day long.

Speaker 0 00:48:56

You ready for the segue of the century?

Speaker 1 00:49:00

Yeah. Go ahead.

Speaker 0 00:49:01

Just like how Some people love the pizza, but more of them hate the pizza. We have Lee Preese who we love his physique, but he never really won the big one. So here is some of his here's some of his rankings. You're already, like, that segue house. That was pretty good about there.

Speaker 1 00:49:21

Yeah. Yeah. Let me look it up so I can go along with it. Wait. Are you on the Wikipedia?

Speaker 0 00:49:26

No. I'm on bodybuilding dot com. And yeah. It has light pull

Speaker 1 00:49:31

that up. I'll share the screen.

Speaker 0 00:49:32

Yeah. Oh, actually, we see. I have a share screen button.

Speaker 1 00:49:38

Oh, go ahead.

Speaker 0 00:49:40

Let me

Speaker 1 00:49:41

I don't know if you could or not.

Speaker 0 00:49:43

Where is it? Here we go. Boom. Are you yep. Where are you located?

Speaker 1 00:49:48

Go ahead.

Speaker 0 00:49:49

So this is from his

Speaker 1 00:49:50

earliest shit ton.

Speaker 0 00:49:52

Earliest point, which is the the nineteen eighty nine. Whoa.

Speaker 1 00:49:56

Wait. Wait. Wait. Scroll up. How many are right here? Holy shit. Oh, oh, it starts. Okay. Sorry. Yeah. This is all. I thought Yeah. It was the other direction. Okay. So this is yeah. So he started this is IFPB, though. This is he's a pro by this point.

Speaker 0 00:50:10


Speaker 1 00:50:11

Mister Ashley, he's already a pro. Correct. Yeah. So this is what he started competing in pro shows.

Speaker 0 00:50:16

Yeah. But most of Australia, obviously, is from Australia. So that's where his start kinda comes from. And then he just there's so many ranked, like, placed finishes on this list And there's just no What?

Speaker 1 00:50:32

He looks like he took a break from the from nineteen ninety one to nineteen ninety two. He took a break. Yeah. He two years. You probably have to put on some size.

Speaker 0 00:50:39

That's probably

Speaker 1 00:50:39

See, look, use iFEV lightweight. Yeah. Amateur championships, iFEV lightweight, and just iFEV Open. So he was pretty light at the time. Yeah. Also probably his Braun's eyes.

Speaker 0 00:50:50

Look at this. This grand pre stretch. This is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight Holy shit. Ten ten shows in nineteen ninety seven.

Speaker 1 00:51:01

But this is also like That's how they used to do it. Ronnie talked about it, how they would literally take a train. He said he would take they would take trains around Europe and compete in different shows.

Speaker 0 00:51:12


Speaker 1 00:51:12

Like, he would do that's how they used to do it. That's not how they do it now, but that's how they used to do it. It was show, show, show, show, show. Like, you'd have a you'd get your side guys, and you get lean and you just maintain that. You just hit show up, you show up, you show up, you do your water cut.

Speaker 0 00:51:25

Yeah. And that's

Speaker 1 00:51:25

how they used to do it. And that's how, like, Ronnie, Ronnie talked about it in his, like I think it was his the king documentary, and they also interviewed Kevin Leverone. Who was at the time destroying Ronnie back in, like, here, like, the late nineties.

Speaker 0 00:51:39


Speaker 1 00:51:40

Who's destroying Ronnie in every IPB show they're competing in. And they were competing every single one basically like this. Like, he would they would hit a ton of them like this. And that the night before the Olympia that Ronnie won, I think it was the night before he went to Kevin. He said, I I don't know what to do, man. Like, I don't even wanna play as well. And he said relax, man, you look great, relax, we're all in this together, whatever he was talking about. And he said, that's when they start taking shots. Of vodka

Speaker 0 00:52:07

Yeah. And

Speaker 1 00:52:07

that's what dried him out. So and that's when he started winning. But, yeah, it was it was like that. Like, a year stretch of what talent shows But, I mean, respect to that. Like, is you compete once and it's like, I've said this before, and I'll I'll keep saying it. You don't know you like bodybuilding until you compete once. And you have just commit. Like, you gotta commit. It's expensive to do it. Very expensive. Usually, it's a couple two to three hundred dollars, just a compete. Let alone everything else involved. But you once you gotta commit. And once you commit, and you do it, you can tell if you like it or not. You guys love it or you hate it. And I could tell you for sure, prepping for a show, fucking sucks. This shit sucks. Your life evolves around it. Like, I think about it now and I'm like, wow, I like I like cardio, but I go to do cardio like this shit sucks but then I remember every single morning waking up and doing forty five minutes of cardio during prep.

Speaker 0 00:53:01


Speaker 1 00:53:01

It's like my twenty five minutes, thirty minutes now is a drop in the bucket to what it was. So like, it sucks. It really does suck. It's it's very hard. It's very difficult, but it is so rewarding. And so, like, respect to anybody who can do something like that, like, ten shows in one year. That is insane. And he did in Olympia. And look at his placings. Like, they're all top ten.

Speaker 0 00:53:20

And he did

Speaker 1 00:53:21

six in the Olympia.

Speaker 0 00:53:22

The Ironman is that so when I read Ironman, I'm thinking a strong man. Is is is he also in

Speaker 1 00:53:30

technically, Typically, the Ironman is that, like, long marathon.

Speaker 0 00:53:36

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:53:37

So the yeah. It's it's the very long running, cycling, and swimming. It's a triathlon. I'm I believe.

Speaker 0 00:53:43


Speaker 1 00:53:44

And it's extremely long. It's, like, it takes, like, a week Well,

Speaker 0 00:53:46

I don't think Yeah.

Speaker 1 00:53:47

But it's promise. They stopped doing it in two thousand nine. The I guess, the Ironman, they stopped doing it in two thousand nine. The last one when it was Sylvia Samuel save your, I think. Let's see who who do we know.

Speaker 0 00:54:05

Here, I'll let you take over the screen.

Speaker 1 00:54:08

No. It's fine. There's nobody else that we know really in this lineup in in two thousand nine. Sean Ray, one nineteen ninety, Ken Wheeler won ninety five through ninety nine sorry, ninety eight. Chris Cormier, that's a big one. He won ninety nine through two thousand two. So it was it's it was just another show for them to go to. You know, it's just another one of those IFPB pro shows. It was just called the Iron Man, where the Grand Prix grain pre translates to grain price. So grain pre, that's why they call it racing. It's it's Grand Prix. And that's why these shows are called Grand Prix. It's Grand Prix. It's IFPB. It's it's probably like Spain's biggest show. It's Russia's biggest show. It's probably like that's why it's like that. Granted now, we don't have Russia in the IFPB Pro series anymore. They're the IFPB Elite Pro. That's where Michael Krzyzo came from. So that's why we don't see anything Russian or like Eastern Europe. Like, Hungary, I'm pretty sure Hungary is over in IFE Elite Pro. So they're their own division. They're just called the IFE Elite completely separate from the IFPB on in the US. Yeah. I'm sure our European listeners will know more about it, but it is a separate organization. Just with the same acronym of of international Federation of Bodybuilding, which is I don't think they own a trademark to it, but they own a trademark to the IPB Pro name I think now, but I feel the elite pro is now Russian, all that. That's why you don't see any more Russian stuff now.

Speaker 0 00:55:33


Speaker 1 00:55:34

But yeah. So the Ironman was a pro show. The last one to win it, that we know actually two thousand eight Phil Heath one in two thousand eight. Lead Priest one in two thousand six which we'll see in a minute. But

Speaker 0 00:55:44

Actually, when The the list for Lee Priest ends in two thousand two on this one.

Speaker 1 00:55:49

Oh, shit. This says Lee Priest won overall in two thousand six

Speaker 0 00:55:54

unless there's yeah. No. That's it.

Speaker 1 00:55:57

Wait. What?

Speaker 0 00:55:58

Here, I'll dump the ice cream.

Speaker 1 00:56:04

Let me see. Let me look up like his competition history. Because me I mean, that website looked pretty shitty. So, like, it it may not be You've been the first time in the age of thirteen and one?

Speaker 0 00:56:17


Speaker 1 00:56:19

Apparently. Yeah. He's born in seventy two. His First competition was nineteen eighty six school schoolboys classic Sydney here. I'll show you. I'll show a screen. I'll turn off the audio. There we go. Yes. He saw in nineteen eighty six, his first ever show was in Sydney schoolboys classic Sydney, so I guess it's just teenage

Speaker 0 00:56:40

Should I Yeah. Should I start

Speaker 1 00:56:42

organizing school shows? Let's go

Speaker 0 00:56:43

should I start organizing school shows? Get bodybuilding and being

Speaker 1 00:56:49

I mean, you could you could you probably could. I think I

Speaker 0 00:56:52

think nowadays,

Speaker 1 00:56:52

I don't think you should.

Speaker 0 00:56:53

I think nowadays, that'd be considered grooming.

Speaker 1 00:56:57

I mean, I think what you could do with it is you could do like like a you could call like a flexing competition or something.

Speaker 0 00:57:04


Speaker 1 00:57:05

And it it helps you you, like, if you wanna do this show or, like, you just host it at the school, any of the parents can come and whatever, and any of the kids who wanna compete in it or do it, kinda like a talent show, whoever wants to do it, they have to sign up, and they also have to do, like, some, like, after school program or something Yeah. Or, like, do, like, exercise or go to the gym or something like that or, like, something like that would be kinda cool because, like, they have, like, skiing programs like that, not that there's any event at the end, but they have, like, skiing programs or, like, on Fridays or whatever you go skiing. I used to do it with Monitec or wasn't Monitec? Maybe it was skiing. Uh-uh. Webin Gantzit. I think it was Gantzit. Gantzit had one. It was a skiing thing and you'd go once a week and they would drive you up drive us up to about what you sit and we go skiing for, like, a few hours and then they my my parents pick me up.

Speaker 0 00:57:51

I'll have them I'll have them leave their own routines and then have callouts.

Speaker 1 00:57:57

Yeah. Exactly. Like, you could just do something like that just just for fun. Yeah. So you did Nava and Mister Universe, I guess, and you won in two thousand thirteen, PEI, United Champions. So so two thousand six was really where he's, like, stopped competing. I don't know what Nava is. Let me let me look that up.

Speaker 0 00:58:14

That's gotta be some kind of like champions league type thing because twenty thirteen is

Speaker 1 00:58:19

I guess it's like

Speaker 0 00:58:21

like well pastas.

Speaker 1 00:58:22

Yeah. So you know what it was is so p d I n o c somewhere either to I don't know. Let me let me look it up to see if this is like because I don't know what NOC is. NOC New York. Let me see. Really shared one tab. That's why you guys don't see me searching. Oh, they fucking misspelled it as n p c. They didn't they didn't spell it. It's supposed to be n p c right here. So, hey, you know what I meant? Was his IFPB card expired after the show. Right? And he didn't re up it. So he did the NBC New York and the PDI, United Champions, which I bet is a amateur of the Pro Show. So it's it's not IPB, but it's its own Pro Show. So you probably just paid something to get in or whatever. But Nava is also it's, like, national something bodybuilding association or something is in the UK. So it's it is, like, a amateur it's, like, national amateur

Speaker 0 00:59:24

They're coming through

Speaker 1 00:59:25

by building a robot even. Let's do my Internet.

Speaker 0 00:59:29

Yeah. It's it's from sharing the screens. I think too many tabs.

Speaker 1 00:59:33

Okay. Alright. One sec. We closed out some tabs. Yeah. My RAM was was high. Is that better now?

Speaker 0 00:59:42

Yeah. Way better.

Speaker 1 00:59:44

Alright. Yeah. It was too much ram. I fucking I don't know why my edge does that, Microsoft edge. But Yeah. So Nava is, like, national amateur bodybuilding association or something that's in the UK. So somewhere in two thousand six, I think somewhere around here, his Ivy ProCard expired as my guest, and he just didn't wanna, like, pay it again and re up it. So he started competing amateur shows and winning. And then he just he had a big break, obviously, between o six and twenty thirteen, and then just stopped after twenty thirteen.

Speaker 0 01:00:16

Well, imagine you're you're coming off a career like this and you're like, well, I'm just gonna go hit it hit it against the amateurs. Screw it. Like

Speaker 1 01:00:27

Yeah. Just go let's

Speaker 0 01:00:28

That's like that's like rectangles. If me and my teacher said, was gonna go just step on the floor with the middle school basketball team.

Speaker 1 01:00:37

Yeah. Just go wreck him. Let me see if I could find his twenty thirteen Yeah. Look. He actually looked really good. I wish I could, yeah, share this tab instead. Let me one sec. Shout a step instead. There we go. See, look, he looked really good in twenty thirteen. Like, look at that. He he totally deserved it, especially if he's competing in I mean, that's what ten years ago. So he's forty. He could have been that could have been Masters. I'm not sure if he did the open or not, but

Speaker 0 01:01:05


Speaker 1 01:01:06

Masters, he would wreck if you look like this and masters. So I mean, he looked great. Nava universally priest. I guess he went overall, but he looks he looks great. At the age of forty two, forty one, forty two, somewhere around there. He looks great. It's pretty good. So especially men's open. Men's physique, you'll see guys who look like pro level for much longer. There's a guy, no, off the top of my head right now. He's like forty five, and he still looks insane. You know, he's still competing on the pro level. But that's also a much smaller size and much easier to maintain, something like this is way more difficult. But Yeah. So I guess he did win the Ironman Pro, iron Arnold Classic in two thousand six. He got sixth. And then the Grand Prix in Australia, he got second. So that's his last, like, pro show. It was the Grand Prix in Australia. But he's a really good source of information, especially if you just want it. Mhmm. Someone to tell it like it is. Yeah. He doesn't hold anything back. He he talks about gear and stuff like that, and he talks he's what I like about his his gear opinions a lot of time is that he he's very much more about so, like, a lot of guys who don't talk about gear are probably out of shit ton. That's why they don't talk about it. But he talks about it because he's very much a less is more type of person, which is how gear should be treated. Less is almost always more. And I mean, you know anybody who takes drugs, who's had I mean, it's it's all over it's all over my family, addictions all over my family. And when you build up a tolerance for something, it becomes more and more dangerous. You know? So if you keep her tolerance low and don't just keep increasing the dosage to get better results, it's much better for you in the long term. And, really, the results are gonna be diminishing returns the more you take. You know, it's some of the some of the most mid physics out there will be on a shit ton of gear. And there's there's guys I've seen, they talk about their gear usage. And those videos I've seen, guys, take fucking ten grams of gear in the off season and they get jerked destroyed. On stage because they're just full of water. Their guts extended. Like, they just look like shit because they took so much shit. It's like that okay. So, like, that nineteen year old. Right? He's he's probably got a lot of shit. He looks great for a number for nineteen. He looks better than ninety nine point nine percent of even pro bodybuilders, to be honest. But he's probably taken a shit ton right now, and his genetics will only promote. So, like, at nineteen, any guy on gear could not have that physique. But his his physique has matured very, very young.

Speaker 0 01:03:49


Speaker 1 01:03:50

So he's not gonna last that much longer in bodybuilding in comparison to, like, his age. Like, he's probably gonna be done mid twenties to late twenties at most. Because it's just his physique is good. He's peaked. Like, he's gonna peak way younger than most guys. So, like, that's that's something to keep in mind. When you look at a age, like, that's that's one of my biggest comparison issues is that I compare based off age, and I shouldn't be doing that, you know, because there's guys who peak at different ages, you know. And my time may just not have come yet

Speaker 0 01:04:19


Speaker 1 01:04:19

For me to peak. And sometimes it's just something that just needs to click. And, you know, I we've I filled out a lot better, but sometimes it's just you just need to some age, you need some density, you need some age, and the best bodybuilders out there have all been in their mid thirties. Competing, you know? Or like I said, Ronnie Coleman started winning the Olympics at thirty two, you know. So it sucks when you see some guys oh, he's like nineteen or twenty, twenty one, twenty two, and he looks insane, but it's like, you never really hear from him after that. It's it's not about It's not about getting your pro card. It's not about competing at the top of whatever you're competing in. It's it's what you do with it that matters. And a lot of the pro guys will say that. It's not about getting your pro card. Your pro card is just a milestone. It's just a stepping stone. It's about what you do with that pro card that matters. And sometimes getting a ProCard is all people want. That's all that they ever wanted to go for. And now they could say they're an iFU Pro or the Pro body builder. But competing at the pro level is a different story than getting your pro card.

Speaker 0 01:05:20


Speaker 1 01:05:20

And I think that's what we're, like, for that nineteen year old is, like, he got his pro card. But he's not at the pro level or competing at the pro level yet. I mean, he looks great. He could probably do well in pro competitions, but he's not competing there yet. And a lot of guys who do get the pro card, especially at a young age, aren't ready to compete in the pro stage yet. It's a different level. You know, it's everybody who's at that stage is earn the same achievement you just did. Granted you did it a lot younger, but they did it ten years ago and they've had all that time to put on size to get leaner, more dense, more mature muscle, So it's about what you do with it that matters. Same with these individuals who have influence, and that's why we do these influencer reviews because it's not about the number of people that follow you, it's about what you do with it that matters. And there are people out there that are to me, a hindrance Southern Community. And just because they have a lot of followers, doesn't mean that what they say is true. Some of the some of the best people out there, some of the most knowledgeable people out there do not have a big following. And it's a damn machine. You know, like, one of my favorite guys to watch for just training is Johnny Shrieve. He reinforces a lot of stuff that I know is I don't need to a lot of training videos anymore, but he's got a decent following, but not nearly as much as he deserves. That's why I preach him. You know, same with Lee Priest, I think he deserves more of a following than he has. You know, Sam Stulik deserves exactly what he has. I think he's right in that space. Like, I'm surprised he has as much as he does because of his long form videos. You know, his training videos, like, forty five minutes long. I wanna see, like, a ten minute video. I wanna see, like, what you do for each movement, the sets, and you're done. Like, that's what I wanna see. But he has but that's that's his niche. It's who he has this person. So he has exactly probably where he's gonna say. Like, I don't think he's gonna get twenty million followers or twenty million huge subscribers, whatever. I think he's gonna start to plateau, but his followers or his his diehard fans, you know. And a lot of the stuff he has to give out is very knowledgeable. And somebody made a good point. They said, I forget what it was. It was something about I think some shit about anime, but it was something about, like, how his assumptions for everything, for training, has been intuitively correct. So, like, the way he sees things in training, has just been correct the way you should be doing it. So he's like, oh, I start with compound movements and then I end with higher rep, more isolate movements that require lower weight because of the effort and blah blah, and that's really how you should be doing it. You should be doing the heavy compound stuff in the beginning. And then ending it with, you know, isolate, light movements, you know, cables or whatever that may require more energy. Like, if you did heavy, it requires a ton of energy if you do lighter, it's less energy on these isolate movements, but it's gonna feel like more energy because you're already fatigued. That's what his assumption was. But that is the correct that is the correct way of doing it. So a lot of his assumptions are correct. So I like the I'd like to do these influencer reviews, especially on people who deserve it. Deserve the the praise and the and the communication and people talking about them, you know, because, again, that's what they deserve and same to what's one of them, Lee Preese is one of them. We'll talk about more. I'm sure and I know that a lot of our listeners you guys like it. I'll put up a poll if you guys are still listening. I'm gonna put up a poll. On this episode and see if you guys enjoy the influencer reviews. A lot of our influencer review episodes, you guys seem to enjoy, so we'll keep doing them. And if you guys have any suggestions on who we should do next, I'll leave that in the in the episode as well. On Spotify, at least. If you guys are listening on Spotify, I'll leave it in there as well. So let us know who you guys want us to talk about. And I'll also put up a poll if you guys enjoy it too. So we just yeah. The influencer reviews, I think it's just good to talk about people who deserve it.

Speaker 0 01:09:15


Speaker 1 01:09:19

So, yeah, a little spiel there.

Speaker 0 01:09:20


Speaker 1 01:09:21

So oftentimes, but LeapReast definitely deserves it. I think you guys should check out LeapReast content.

Speaker 0 01:09:27

And go do some tricep poses everybody.

Speaker 1 01:09:30

Yep. Use some side triceps or something and recreate Side. Chest. But alright. We'll appreciate you guys listening. We'll be up next weekend with a new episode.

Speaker 0 01:09:45

Alright. Yeah. Have a great week.

Speaker 1 01:09:48

We'll see you guys. Alright. It's stopping now.

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