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Influencer Review 5 - Derek From More Plates More Dates

Stoph (00:01.233)

Alright guys, attention here, we got ourselves a little disclaimer. We went cooking on this one for a little bit. So, just for your understanding viewers, the content presented to you is a lie, and the mainstream media always, and I mean always, tells the truth. COVID is true, and you should be a vegan. Those are just the best ways to live. Everything that Paul and stuff say isn't real. Do not use these words against them, because they really love being natural, and all of the fat positivity movement. We love it.

Also, Gymshark is the best company.

Paul (00:33.966)

Please do not take this program seriously. Get your booster injection as soon as possible. Also, fitness advice from an obese person is completely factual and better than our advice. Only lift once a week for 10 minutes. Otherwise, you're being fat phobic. Viewer discretion is advised. All right, we can now get started. Don't have to worry about anything. Yep, everything is protected now. We're good to go. Do not take any of this seriously.

Stoph (00:51.239)


Stoph (00:55.418)

Yeah, now that we're protected by law.

Stoph (01:02.723)

We could say anything now. Ha ha ha.

Paul (01:05.878)

We can fear our wrath, fear our power. Everything goes.

Stoph (01:09.901)

Yeah, Libs can't get us now.

Paul (01:14.106)

Um, but for today, you guys probably saw the title. Um, today's episode is going to be, uh, another influencer review. Uh, a lot of you guys seem to really like our influencer review videos. So, uh, figured we can keep that up, keep you guys happy, keep you guys, you know, keep talking about what you guys enjoy us talking about. Um, and today's going to be someone we mentioned very frequently, especially myself, uh, is going to be Derek from more plates, more Um, believe it or not, we looked.

and looked and looked and could not find his fucking last name. So I like, I don't know what it is. Honestly.

Stoph (01:50.033)

His first name's Derek, and his last name's more plates, more dates. That's it.

Paul (01:54.61)

Yep, a lot of people say that he should change it from more plates, more dates, to more dishes, more, more bishes.

Stoph (02:03.665)

Well, women can compete just like men in the Olympia. So...

Paul (02:04.299)

my will be.

Paul (02:08.502)

Yep. Always. Um, but yeah, he's, uh, he's got a lot of traction over the past couple of years, especially, um, he really, I started listening to him probably, or watching his content prior, like 2019, 2020, something like that. Um, and then more religiously, probably like 2021, once I started touching anabolic because that's a lot of what he talks about is anabolic. So, um, I started watching him a lot more, like beginning in 2021.

And then December, 2021, his first episode on Joe Rogan podcast came out and that really skyrocketed him. And ever since then, about once a year in December, every year he's done a podcast episode with Joe Rogan. So, it's good to see him on that.

Stoph (02:55.138)

It seems like whenever someone has a big fitness question or something to do with longevity or anything like that, you either pull up a more plates more dates video or an Andrew Huberman video. That's really what it comes down to.

Paul (03:10.77)

Yeah, those are two pretty big ones. Yeah. I mean, um, Greg Doucet's also pretty up there. He's been getting a lot more frisky. Greg Doucet's gotten a lot more risky and frisky with his content, especially on Instagram. Um, yeah, no! Yeah. He was attacking, um, he, he did something about how.

Stoph (03:16.839)


Stoph (03:23.01)


Paul (03:32.998)

I think it was like women with their body count or something. He's like ladies if your body count is High no guys gonna want you. He's like because guys body counts aren't high typically or something like that like he was just like If he really actually did talk about that

Stoph (03:44.081)

That doesn't sound like him. No, no, that doesn't sound like him. You got it.

Paul (03:50.19)

Oh, ladies, your body count is too high. But he did talk about that. And then it was something about like, um, being obese or something.

Stoph (04:00.725)

Abstinence leads to gains.

Paul (04:04.31)

The less time you come, the more testosterone you have. You think, you think...

Stoph (04:09.073)

That's a real thing people really think that though

Paul (04:12.606)

I mean, there's been studies done and it's like, the studies that have been done have shown that like, post ejaculation, your testosterone plummets, but that it immediately, almost immediately goes straight back up. Like it's like, it's basically like during the duration of post-nut clarity that your testosterone is low. That's pretty much it. And then it's right after that, it's right back up. And there have been studies done, we talked about it I think in November, no, not November, there have been studies done where like,

Stoph (04:24.477)


Paul (04:41.07)

It's there was a slight increase during a serious bout of a lack of ejaculation. And it was like negligible data that really showed that like, maybe there's a slight increase in testosterone overall, but it's hard to say it was like, it's. It's, it's, there's not enough data to really show that this is true. Um, and again, even if it is true, it's like marginally more. And we're also talking like a lower quality of life too. So it's like.

you're really not getting much benefit out of it by living a much lower quality life. And I know that sounds dumb, especially if you're a woman listening to this, but like, it's how men are biologically built. We're supposed to be able to impregnate many women at once. That's how we were built. That's why we can ejaculate multiple times a day and women can only give birth once every, you know, 40 weeks or whatever the number, the exact number is. Obviously it varies, but

Stoph (05:14.148)


Paul (05:39.862)

that it's for that reason. And I like it theoretically, if it came down to it, if we had to choose less men or less women, we would survive better with less men, at least as far as like future generations goes, because we can give birth to many kids at once versus women. So because of that, we have a much more of a need to ejaculate more often than women need to get pregnant often. Sex obviously is enjoyable for women, but it's not.

quite the same as it is for men. And there's a bit from Louis CK where he's like, women would be like, I'm just as horny as a guy is. And I'm and he's she's like, he said something about how the same lady was like, you don't know what's going on in my head. I have some dirty thoughts. And he's like, no lady, you had no fucking idea what goes on in guys heads. No idea. And I was cracking up. I'm like, this shit we think about sometimes is so fucked. Like, we probably break laws in our heads.

Stoph (06:27.987)


Stoph (06:35.774)


Paul (06:38.334)

And it's like, that's not okay. We don't act on them, but it's like a lot of guys. Like you could say, there's a video I saw recently that was so accurate. You could say basically anything and say, guys jerk off to it and every single guy would probably be like, yeah, I could see that. Like, you name it.

Stoph (06:39.321)


Stoph (06:53.873)

Yep. There's one dude, you talk about how like stuff in our heads and there's one dude who always lets it out and that's Theo Von. His intrusive thoughts always win.

Paul (07:04.698)

Yeah, that's his just style of comedy in general. He's just, it's always his intrusive thoughts. And it's like, he's gotten so deep. Like he's been around and doing it for so long. It's like, is this a bit or is this just who he is? But I really do think it is a bit because when it is time to get serious, he is very serious. And he's like, because of that, he's one of the best people to have around when times do get serious. Cause there's clips on like, I think he has a podcast where

Stoph (07:07.945)


Stoph (07:18.546)


Paul (07:31.754)

Like it gets serious when he has other comedians on who are going, who went through something rough and like Theo like cuts the act and just like, like comforts him. Cause like there's one guy who is, I forget who it was. Um, and he just had a really rough childhood and he just started like kind of breaking down a little bit and started crying a bit. And Theo was like, like basically like comforting him. So it's like, like I respect the hell out of Theo Vaughn for that reason. You know, he's funny when he needs to be and when he doesn't need to be funny, he just needs to listen and be there for someone he is. So,

Stoph (07:38.153)


Stoph (07:58.76)


Paul (08:00.726)

He seems like a really good guy to have around. But with all that being said, I'm going to go ahead and end

Stoph (08:03.385)

Yeah. And speaking of good things to have around, Derek from Warplace War Dates content.

Paul (08:11.926)

Yeah, Derek's Death Star Delts is, uh, so he, um, he used to be very heavy in bodybuilding. Um, I believe he also used to compete, uh, amateur that is he never really rent pro. Um, originally his content was about, um, you know, bulking and different diets and stuff like that. Um,

Like there was like different like his if you look back at his all his videos they were posted seven years ago So we're talking like 2015 ish maybe 2016 something like that Um, just because it says seven years it might be closer to eight years But youtube says seven years when you're looking at it. Um, like two of his first six videos were Most complemented fragrances and com and comparing two different fragrances from dolce and gabbana um so like it was

Stoph (09:07.362)

Wasn't even fitness stuff.

Paul (09:09.202)

Yeah, I mean his first five videos were all fitness related or how to be attractive, I guess. And then episodes or his sixth video and his seventh video were about fragrances. So his, he talked about how like the original idea, so yeah, so he talks about fragrances quite frequently actually. How make your fragrance slash clone twice long, last twice as long. Best creative event is clone, C-L-O-N-E.

So he had various videos just talking about fragrances, which I totally understand. For those that don't know, I do collect fragrances. I haven't had the money to spend on them in a long ass time, but I do collect them. I have like about 30 right now and have had the same 30 for the longest time, but it really is like an addiction because it's like...

It's like wine or whiskey or cigars. Like, it's like you build up like this hobby around it. And it's like, you taste the, like you smell, it's not a taste test, but like you smell things in stores and it gets addicting, you know? And that's kind of where he started.

Stoph (10:13.563)

When I went down to Paul's wedding last year, we had the scene from Anchorman where he opens up the cabinet. This one's called Sex Panther. Got real bits of Panther in it.

Paul (10:20.07)


Paul (10:27.164)

60% of the time it works every time. That doesn't make any sense. So that's how we got started originally. And he's talked about how like a lot of his original content was focused on like helping guys get chicks and shit. And that was like his like he what he felt was going to be his niche. And you know, he did one of the one of his bigger videos back in the day that like kind of skyrocketed was he had a fragrance battle.

Stoph (10:30.212)

I don't think that works.

Paul (10:53.562)

is what he called it, where he would go around Vancouver, Canada, which is where he lives or lived. I don't know where he's at now at this point, but he had women smell Spicebomb, Dior Sauvage, and Jean Paul Gaultier Ultramal, and which one would they pick of those three? Because those three are considered like some of the really good what's called blue fragrances, which is like mass appealing. So it's supposed to smell good to a lot of women. So like

That got 500,000 views and that's kind of what skyrocketed his channel originally. Um, and then he talks about getting shredded and getting big, you know, from bulking and best diets.

Stoph (11:31.781)

It's basically the... Yeah, it's basically the, like, literally just the aesthetic side of lifting and living.

Paul (11:40.378)

Yeah, it's not about bodybuilding really, it's about like, all of this in conjunction with life, like, to get women and shit, right? So, um...

Stoph (11:51.409)

It's like when you're in school and you're learning a topic and the kid always goes, how does this apply to real life? His channel is literally, how do I make this applicable? Like that anything you do, how do I make it applicable? At least the early.

Paul (12:03.442)

Yeah, basically. Yeah. So it was, from my understanding, it was less about the in-depth content. It was more about like applying it. Like you were saying, like that's exactly what it kind of was. Um, but then he ended up finding, like it took a while to really find his niche. Like that's a, that's a lot of it too. Like a lot of content creation is about finding your niche and like, where you fit into the actual like market of your knowledge and for Derek it.

It definitely kind of really manifesting when he started talking a lot more about anabolic and SARMs and you know hair loss, or hair loss prevention, hair gain protocols, stuff like that. So like I started watching him prior around the time he really started talking about a lot of SARMs and shit.

And then, you know, talking about different steroid cycles of different actors and stuff. And like, this is where he's really starting to take off at this point. Like few hundred thousand views, probably per video on average. So this is probably like, um, 2019 getting into 2020. Um, so I remember watching this. He tried mewing. We didn't really fucking do anything. Um, the real point of a testosterone base, stuff like that. So like, that's where he really found his niche was like at the time.

There wasn't really a ton of people talking about steroids. And this is, we're talking like four years ago. Like this is still like really fresh. And it's just recently, past couple of years, really starting to get a lot more transparent, which is good to see because in one way it's, you know, we've talked about it before, in one way it's good to know what people are taking and it's good to know like what the realistic standards are.

for those that are natural and those that are not natural, but then at the same time, because there's so much more readily available information, we have a lot more bullshit, like people who think they can write their own cycles, and people who think they should be taking something, like they trust all this, like it's a different forum for bro science is what I'm trying to say. Like that's why I say a lot of what we talk about is anecdotal, this is, you know, we're not experts, we're not endocrinologists, this is just what we've seen, this is what I've experienced with my usage.

Stoph (14:12.686)


Paul (14:22.074)

and that nobody should, yeah, everything we say is a lie. And nobody should ever take any of it seriously and not actually apply it to themselves. This is just what I've seen and what I've experienced. But like now it's all these guys are like talking about like, oh, ACG versus HMG for instance, but they're talking about the differences, but then people will take it as like, this is what I should take instead of this. Or like, this is what he says to do, so I should do this. But he's just using, you know, that.

Stoph (14:22.086)

Everything we say is a lie.

Stoph (14:47.029)


Paul (14:48.47)

video would just be like about examples or just direct comparison. So with Derek, one of the things that he does do, which is huge on his platform is he talks about like horror stories from like steroid use and stuff. He did talk about his own like really bad cycles that he's done. I think he had a really bad one with testosterone and just a shit ton of D-ball. So he...

You know, he talked about that series cycle, basically how he just got like super fat because he was just dirty bulking, which is covered in acne. And at the time he was a bouncer. So he, um, you know, he wasn't super active. He kind of like leaned into like that bouncer roll a bit. Yeah, exactly. Um, and just was like, you know, let's just see how big I could get. And he just was full of water. And he, he talked about how like.

Stoph (15:33.686)

Yeah, the stereotype, yeah.

Paul (15:42.89)

Basically every single day he had a nosebleed because the D-ball was just increasing his blood pressure that much. And on top of that, like, he, you know, he got deck a dick from it. He didn't, he wasn't taking deck at the time, but he talked about how, like, he basically had to pop like a Cialis just to fucking get it up because his blood pressure was such shit. On top of that, like, he couldn't even like really hit anything that was a compound movement because his back would get such a pump. Because that's one of the side effects of D-ball with, with so much blood flow is that

Your back gets so pumped up, like it's almost painful. You get such a back pump. And I have gotten, not from D-ball or T-ball, I've taken T-ball, not D-ball, I haven't taken D-ball, but I have gotten a back pump where it was so gnarly, I was actually worried about it. I think it was my first week on trend. It was master on training test, that was during my prep. And after the first movement, I pushed it really hard in the first movement because I didn't realize how good.

Stoph (16:14.353)


Paul (16:40.586)

it was feeling because the trend like it genuinely felt so good to train. I was just pushing it really hard and I got up and my back felt like I was going to fucking rip my shirt and I was going to pop a blood vessel or something. I was like, this does not feel right. Um, it was really crazy to feel, but then I decided to start taking it easier on back days, but that's what he talked about. He was like, the back pump was so crazy. He couldn't even like do curls because his back pump stabilizing him, like his back stabilizing him would pump up super hard. I'm like, that does not sound fun.

Stoph (17:07.917)


Paul (17:10.354)

So he talked about that. He talked about, you know, he's talked about like, um, a lot of like trend stories, cause there's quite a few, um, Reddit posts on his Reddit and stuff about like crazy trend cycles and what it did to them mentally and their relationships and stuff. And I think a lot of that's kind of like. Added to the, like, I guess a little bit of fear, but also put it way more into perspective for people, like how trend got the name just relationship destroyer.

because it really is and a lot of the stories they talk about, yeah, they're only like a few stories out of however many thousands of guys have taken a trend, but it exacerbates a lot of who you are as a person and it makes a lot of guys very violent and not really like physically abusive, but like very, very irritable, very angry.

So like he talked about what these stories did to, you know, these stories and what happened to these guys and all that. And, you know, they'll lose relationships and they start cheating and they get paranoid because they think their girl is cheating on them. Even though while they're cheating on their girl because their girl could keep up with their sex drive, blah, blah. It's pretty crazy. But there's also ones about acne too. I don't know if you've seen any of those stuff, but the ones with the acne results from steroid use is fucking crazy.

Stoph (18:28.701)

I haven't seen it directly from him, but what I do notice, like when I'm watching, like, like going through reels or like on TikTok or whatever, and a fitness influencer will pop up and they're talking about their natural cycle and then they're doing like a back lat spread and it's just acne. And I'm like, well, don't think you're very natural, sir.

Paul (18:45.102)


Paul (18:48.958)

Yeah, I mean, when it comes to the acne side of things, he talks about how in a lot of cases there is, you know, where you might not be that, you know, covered in acne or anything like that. Like I almost have very, I have very, very little acne, even with steroids, which is great. Yeah, I just have, well, I just have no hair now. My head has like no hair. That's why I always wear hats because it's a lot thinner than it was.

Stoph (19:06.309)

You just got hair.

Stoph (19:12.285)


Paul (19:15.338)

You can see it out of my scalp and that's just part of steroid taking and I know there are things that I could take like DHT or anti-DHT shampoos and shit so Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of balding in my family my dad was bald But granted my beard has gotten only thicker and longer the more steroids I take honestly I'll be taking like tests or whatever and it's just fucking poof. We're just down to like a month

Stoph (19:24.897)

You're also genetically disposed to it, so...

Stoph (19:37.054)


Paul (19:42.89)

So whatever I get from my beard, I wish I could put on my head, but I can't. So anyways, um...

Stoph (19:49.482)

Just boop. Boop.

Paul (19:51.374)

Yeah, I wish you could just like flip it. But he talks about, you know, hair protocols and stuff, because that was one of his problems was losing hair on testosterone and it's or just gear in general. And a lot of guys who lose hair, well, a lot of guys in general can't quite grow like a super thick or solid beard. So when you're losing your hair, you're going to end up, you know, shaved and bald for a lot of guys. So he was talking about different protocols for hair and.

hair loss and all of that. Plus the acne side of things because at one point, Derek did have to take, I think he said Accutane to like get his acne down. And the thing about Accutane is it's very, very harsh on your skin. So it really dries you out, which is the point is supposed to like dry you the fuck out and make all of your acne kind of go away. And it's really harsh on your body. But then when you're done, you're done. He has like almost no acne now. And like theoretically you could

Stoph (20:40.501)


Paul (20:50.154)

take like smaller doses of Accutane over time and it will keep your acne down but it'll keep your skin pretty dry constantly and it'll never fully go away. It's kind of like, it's kind of like um it's either you take it all at once and be done with it or you do it slowly over time and never truly be done with it but it's not nearly as harsh over time you know so it's like do you want to get it done kind of suffer for a little bit for a few months and then be done or take it for years and always have it be a problem.

but it's not nearly as bad, not even close to as much suffering as it would have been during those few months. And speaking of which, Stoff, did you chop your locks off?

Stoph (21:19.636)


Stoph (21:30.093)

No, I have it tied back right now. But the challenge is in place for my students. So if...

Paul (21:34.017)

Oh, okay.

Paul (21:41.402)

Right, I thought that was ending this week, I thought the challenge was ending this week. Okay.

Stoph (21:44.017)

No, no, no. I'm grading their essays on... Well, Monday is the due date, so all next week. And so by Friday, I will know. But, uh...

Paul (21:52.818)

Okay. All right. So next time we're next time next episode you guys see us maybe

Stoph (22:01.862)

No, no, the actual appointment, because I have running appointments scheduled out for split ends and whatnot. So that's going to be the 16th. The 16th is the next scheduled appointment. So whatever happens.

Paul (22:05.322)


Paul (22:09.922)


Paul (22:15.09)

Okay. And that's, that's if your students get that result from their tests that they, that the challenges. Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. I completely, I thought it would have been in this week. So I, when I saw you didn't, I couldn't see your hair. I was like, that's right. He did chop it off. But then because the challenge, but then I was like, oh, wait.

Stoph (22:19.621)


Stoph (22:25.353)

Hmm I've been

Stoph (22:30.897)

I've been intentionally wearing it up more just because I want to get more and more used to, you know, the look like especially I wear, I wear this hat like no other hat like this hat alone, probably like 99% of my regular hat wearing. So I'm just getting used to the look of not seeing and also like I'll get that cleaned up but like not having the look of hair behind me.

Paul (22:37.259)


Paul (22:45.368)


Paul (22:50.74)


Gotcha, gotcha. I was thinking about it the other day, I was like, man, I can't believe I grew up my hair as long as I did. Like, it still blows my mind to think about it.

Stoph (22:59.239)


Stoph (23:02.489)

Well, and so it brings into a, you know, an interesting question for like your genetics and then your cycles, what it would look like if you still had your long hair, if it would be stringy and like, you know, missing pieces, like, you know, when guys have like hair that they're trying to hold on. Oh, great example. Paul Heyman from the WWE. He just has his hair around here and up until look up Paul Heyman from the early 2000s.

Paul (23:15.771)


Paul (23:22.444)


Paul (23:26.19)

Let me look them up.

Stoph (23:30.657)

He wears it in a ponytail and it's just the hair like surrounding on his head.

Paul (23:38.342)

Okay, so... Oh, ew! What the fuck? I'm about to share my screen for you guys in a sec, so you guys can see it with me.

Stoph (23:41.282)


Stoph (23:45.993)

So now he doesn't have it as a ponytail, it's just the hair around. But that's what I think of when guys try and hold onto hair when they're just desperately trying.

Paul (23:57.074)

like this shit, like, uh, or like, like it's starting to go here. It's getting there. Um, where's another example?

Stoph (24:00.11)

Yeah, yep.

Stoph (24:09.053)

Yeah, now he has a, you know, short like that, but he used to wear that hairstyle tied back. And it was, it was wild. So.

Paul (24:16.022)

Whoops. I didn't mean to stop sharing, but it's all right. Um, that's wild. Yeah. I mean, looking back on it, it's still pretty obvious that I had issues with, with like my hairline specifically. Because like the goal I was going for was basically like Ragnar Lothbrok's hair. So like, I was going to keep growing it and then put it up in like hair ties basically and have it be like one long, thick strand kind of going on the middle of my back, but have it kind of coming from like.

Stoph (24:35.992)


Paul (24:46.038)

the top of my head mostly. So not quite like Kai Green, nothing like that, but you know, like a long kind of ponytail that's kind of like kept tight against itself. And my hair was so thick, I could definitely do it, but like my hairline just never agreed with me. So like a lot of the hairstyle I was trying to go for relied on a better hairline than I had. And that was what was so difficult for me. Plus I also have a widow's peak too. Like I didn't realize it growing up, but I was like,

Stoph (24:47.749)

Yeah, the... it's... Ha ha!

Paul (25:14.998)

because my hair was kind of on the longer side. Yeah, mine, it's kind of like, it's not as noticeable now because my hairline is receding. So like, here's my hairline for you. Because it's kind of like receding, it's not as obvious, but when my hair was more straight, as far as like the length, and it wasn't so like thin as it is now, the widow's peak was a lot more obvious. So I'd keep that shaved.

Stoph (25:16.305)

Minds...minds poking through.

Stoph (25:27.463)


Paul (25:41.802)

And that was a bitch to like, because eventually my hair was so long. I was like, I really just got to stop shaving my widow's peak. So I started growing that out and that was hard to fucking get everything back together because that would stick out and that was annoying. So I had to put a little bit of gel to keep it pulled back. And it was such a pain to deal with. And then also my beard, like. It just wasn't growing the way I wanted it to grow. Cause like it would like my beard now grows a lot better now. So comb it a lot more, but back then, like this, for some reason, this shit would stick out like here.

Stoph (26:10.351)


Paul (26:10.39)

And because like this is growing thicker than everything else and like this was a little bit thinner than it is now so my beard was almost like it was like All one length Yeah, one length and then like this shit was just sticking out like that shit sucked But like looking back I was like, oh I got this sick ass beard blah But now i'm like dude, what are you talking about? Like my beard now can actually like look relatively straight I was gonna get the sides done and my wife does want me to buzz it down which I will do but um

Stoph (26:19.061)

Mutt & Jobs.

Stoph (26:24.429)


Paul (26:38.062)

Anyways, that's my that's my hair issue. I know there's a lot of things that I could do to help with my hair. You know, DHT shampoo, a lot of like the stuff that keeps cells is actually pretty decent. It's expensive, but it's a really good alternative to like getting a hair transplant or something like that, which actually Sebum and Ian Vyer both did was it got a hair transplant, which I don't know if you guys saw on social media, but it's actually pretty wild looking because

Stoph (26:49.161)


Paul (27:06.418)

I don't know where they get the hair or not, but they, you know, they, they basically, it almost looks like you have like, you're almost like a, you're like a doll. It kind of looks like a doll with its head shaved. You know what I mean?

Stoph (27:13.941)

It's like a red line.

Stoph (27:19.269)

I was going to say if it's like when you have like I'm going to make the football reference because it's what I see now because it's NFL season but when someone wears a football helmet it's like too tight for their head and they take it off and they have a line on their forehead.

Paul (27:28.91)


Paul (27:34.238)

Yeah, I could see that. Yeah, like a hat you got like a tight hat on or something And he also talked about how like apparently he couldn't train for six weeks or something because of it or something like that Like he had to like he couldn't exercise. I don't know if it was because of sweat like he couldn't sweat I don't know what the case was, but he said that he couldn't train for a while um And yeah, I don't i'm sure you can't wear hats or anything to cover it up I'm sure so like you kind of just look wonky for a while, but it ends up being worth it A good example of that is elon musk

Stoph (27:37.8)


Paul (28:02.638)

Early 2000's Elon had like no hair, but his hair now is like thick and healthy. That's just because of hair transplant. So if you can afford it, it works. The technology has come a long way. I remember back like 20 years ago, hair transplants were like just kind of starting out and they weren't really that effective. But now, exactly. But now it's like actually really effective. You can afford it. There is a lot of protocols out there for hair and stuff like that.

Stoph (28:05.215)


Stoph (28:18.921)

You would wear toupees.

Paul (28:32.098)

Ketoconazole shampoo, which is like anti-DHT shampoo. And a lot of the reason I do lose my hair is because of DHT derivatives. You know, N of R is one of them. I believe Mastron is one of them. Trent is not. That's a 19-nor. But you know, there's a lot of things you can do to help with your hair and I just got to really just spend the money to do it. At the same time, I wish my wife just liked it when my hair was short because if I could, I just buzz my hair all the time.

Like keep it at like a few millimeters, like maybe one or two millimeters at any given time, where it's not quite bald, but it's like super short. That's how I like it. And then growing a long beard, that's what I'd want, but she's not on board. She's never on board with that.

Stoph (29:01.735)


Stoph (29:18.173)

I'll send you a package of just hair and it'll be after the haircut.

Paul (29:23.722)

Yeah, you just you're like they're like, oh do you want to donate your hair? You're like, I already made I already am donating it donating it to Paul Garnie You just ship it to me and I just got a box of hair I Did um when I'd cut mine off I did donate mine because I did chop off over 12 inches so Yeah, it's it didn't look that long, but it was that long just cuz mine was so curly. So it wasn't nearly as obvious

Stoph (29:29.173)


Stoph (29:33.565)



Stoph (29:42.949)

Yeah, mine's not gonna be that long.

Stoph (29:50.296)


Paul (29:53.35)

Let me see if I can find like a photo of me with longer hair. I could probably just pull up my Facebook real quick. But it's pretty wild. Every time I show somebody, they're like, what? That's what you used to look like? And I'm like, yeah. That's just how it was. Let me see. All right. I just got to log in. But yeah, so back to Derek.

Stoph (30:10.793)


Paul (30:20.678)

He talks a lot about like different cycles that he's seen, obviously like the horror stories and all of that. And then he, let's see profile photo. I bet you I could just scroll. Yeah, that's probably somewhere. Someone somewhere.

Paul (30:44.242)

Yeah, a lot of the ones where my hair is long, I don't really like any of them. I'll find one for you guys. But yeah, so Derek is a great source of truth or source for like, you know, anabolic training, stuff like that. I've been following him for a while, but.

Stoph (31:01.973)

Something that Derek does too that is, I mean, I'm not gonna say it's not common because it's more and more so the case, but something that he does like religiously is that he pulls all the articles and will cite everything. And like, if you're in the podcast, you can go into the details and find like the source material. If you're watching like the screen while he does it, he'll like present it while he's talking. Like it's very like,

Paul (31:25.364)


Stoph (31:30.549)

he's not just presenting what he learns. Like he does have his own anecdotal like we talked about, but then he has all of this like whatever has been studied, excuse me, like whatever's been studied, he puts it out there. And of course, that's where, you know, his expertise comes in, because there's a lot of stuff that is just refused to be tested or like the FDA is like,

Paul (31:53.591)


Stoph (31:58.261)

anecdotal for anabolic is just key but you know all of the other stuff he talks about like a lot of his nutrition stuff so much of his nutrition stuff is backed by just like dozens of research articles

Paul (32:11.522)

There's also like a joke kind of something to keep in mind too is that you almost have to like, in order to really understand what he's talking about, you have to understand what he's talking about. Like you have, there's a lot of terminology that he uses that it takes a while to really understand what it means. You know, there's some basic stuff that he'll say like super physiological, antibiotics instead of steroids, he'll talk about testosterone or DHT derivatives, stuff like that. But then he'll get into like,

There's a ton of just super in depth terminology where like, I can't really say it off the bat, but I can understand it when he says it. Um, it's kind of like another language almost when you're talking about hormones and all that, there's just like any medical field where when you talk about the scientific names of things, it really becomes like, uh, it's own language in a way, you know? And that goes for a lot of things too. Like I work in, in IT sales and in cyber security and we almost speak our own language, you know? So.

Stoph (32:58.067)


Paul (33:08.006)

Learning the terminology and learning the vocabulary for a lot of what he, Derek shares and teaches and preaches is, uh, its own, like, thing you got to learn how to do over time is to like, to, in order to fully understand it, to fully like take in all the knowledge that he has to offer. So it does take a while to really, to like really get into his content and you might not understand it right away, but the more you learn, the better it gets. But this is also not the case for a lot of guys, a lot of guys.

in bodybuilding and all that could not care less about the science behind anything. They just would rather just be done with it. You know, just do what works for them and just be done with it and do what the coach says all that, you know. So when you are trying to actually learn about it, Derek is one source. You know, we are another source as well. We try to be best of the sources we possibly can for you guys without being endocrinologists or being majored in sports nutrition or whatever the case may be.

I don't even know, I don't think he's in, he's majored in anything like that either. Maybe sports nutrition, maybe, but I'm not even sure what his college experience is. I know he went to college. I just don't know for what, but what he's smart with when it comes to business is that he's a businessman, not.

Stoph (34:27.333)

Yeah, he's got a bachelor in business administration.

Paul (34:30.814)

Okay, yeah, so I mean, business administration is fine. Huh?

Stoph (34:36.827)

I thought I got his last name but it's a different Derek.

Paul (34:40.126)

Okay. Business administration is fine when it comes to the internal side of a business, but not quite the marketing or sales side of things. That's kind of what administration is. It's just internal stuff. There's business management, which is more so like...

a little bit of both internal and external, but then there's marketing, which is what I majored in, which is more the external stuff and selling and how to market your products, stuff like that. With that being said, he's smart because he's a businessman at heart. And the reason I say that is because like, for instance, Merrick Health, we know that Merrick Health is owned by Derek, but the actual face of Merrick Health is the doctor, Dr. Merrick. And he's the one who like writes prescriptions and...

analyzes the different programs for people, stuff like that. So he has a doctor that does it. And then his supplement company. His supplement company is based out of Idaho, I think. And then also they have another location in Texas, I think, for shipping. But he lives in Canada. So he only visits every so often. So he has people running these companies and making these formulas and stuff like that, while he just kind of provides the capital, I believe. And it's also because of his platform, it's very easy for him to make a lot of sales by just mentioning it.

Stoph (35:56.035)


Paul (35:56.042)

Um, at the same time though, because of his content, he has to hold up a very high quality product so, you know, everything's going to provide. He did like a two and a half hour fucking deep dive into his energy drink and the idea behind it and the formulation and all of that. And then like his pre-workout like gorilla mode and all that.

his nootropics and everything, like he's dove into each of those in a whole video and the idea behind them and like I said like the ingredients, the formulation, all that and so you just know he has to hold up this high quality standard and by making these videos he's getting sales, you know? Like that's why social media is so big. If you have millions of followers you just talk about something and you'll get sales no matter what. Even if it's not a ton you'll still sell something just by posting about it. So that's why it's huge.

Stoph (36:43.455)

We got a decent amount of people in the classroom who say when they grow up, they want to be an influencer of some kind.

Paul (36:51.094)

The number one career, there's a study done, the number one career kids say they wanna do now is be a YouTuber. That's the most common career. It's not astronaut, it's not firefighter, it's not police officer, nothing like that. The number one by far is YouTuber. It's becoming its own thing, which is crazy, because...

Stoph (36:56.981)


Stoph (37:04.465)

Yeah. Wild.

Stoph (37:09.245)

Like obviously there's a need for it, but if too many people back away from the jobs that make America America, we're gonna, you know, we're gonna fall apart. But that's not too related to that. That's a that's a side rant.

Paul (37:21.691)

What's the...

Paul (37:27.742)

Well, I mean, yes and no. I mean, he, there's a reason Derek got big. Um, yeah, there's 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube. Yeah, there's a ton. So the need isn't there. It's finding a niche, you know, it's, it's fitting your, your individual, uh, you know, your niche and stay consistent with it. And that's what Derek was able to do. He posted a bunch of random content, which is what a lot of YouTubers do originally and then never gains traction. They quit, but you talk to any YouTuber.

Stoph (37:36.989)


Paul (37:57.206)

successful and they'll say like first three four years even they don't get they don't get any views but they kept doing it and eventually they found what worked for them and what there was what was getting views and just kept going with that um regardless of whether or not they wanted to do it it's just what their fans were enjoying um but now we're at the point too where i mean derek doesn't do this but we're at the point now too where it's not even just like youtube content creation it's

Stoph (38:02.74)


Paul (38:26.446)

for YouTube. You know, it's like streaming is the platform, YouTube is the by-product. But for a lot of streamers, one of the ones that I watch very religiously for business stuff is Atrioc. And he talked about how streaming is like his primary form of content creation, but YouTube is actually where he makes all of his money. Even though it's the by-product of streaming. You know, it's like he just has an editor that clips from his streams, the good stuff, post it to YouTube and that's what makes him his money. Even though streaming is very popular, but.

Stoph (38:27.218)


Stoph (38:45.031)


Paul (38:56.162)

Derek was able to build everything just off of YouTube itself. Um, a little bit of social media, but I don't, I don't even know if I follow his Instagram, I think I do, but it's not often that he posts. Um, it's just his YouTube really that he, he posts to and he doesn't post too, too often anymore. He's got so much going on with his businesses now. He doesn't post as nearly as often as he used to, which I miss a lot. I miss it a lot. Um, his like weekly content and shit, but now it's like, he posts like once a month or something. So it's a shame, but it is what it is.

Here's my, here I'll show you.

Stoph (39:27.523)

Now you mentioned that he did do some bodybuilding. Do we have any kind of, I don't know, show photos? Oh, look at that. Yeah.

Paul (39:35.918)

There you go.

Paul (39:39.47)

Yeah, right. That's down, that's up. And I think I took this right before I went to get my haircut, I'm pretty sure. So it's all super curly. So when you actually cut this off, or like if I were to take a shower and brush it, it would literally be down to like the middle of my back, like past my upper back. But it's just curly so it doesn't look nearly as long as it is. But you can even see here, like there's still a bit of like a hairline issue. You can see it here too. You see how it comes out right here?

Stoph (39:55.411)


Stoph (40:09.131)


Paul (40:09.642)

So like there is still a hairline issue prior to ever taking antibiotics, prior to ever really going into the gym super hard. Um, I got all this cut off for work because they said I needed to, but I didn't really end up not needing to. So this is like, started, this is like, I don't even know, maybe like March 2020, I think it took me about two years, I think to grow all this. Um, which is really isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things. Um,

Stoph (40:32.947)


Paul (40:39.518)

I think I chopped this off in March because they're like, oh yeah, we need you to chop it all off. It's we need short hair and you know, trim beard and clean cut and all that. So like, all right, fine. So I chopped it all off. Fucking boom COVID never needed to chop it off really, because we were remote at that point ever since and I've only been remote ever since, you know, so like it was it was it was kind of useless. But it is what it is. Anyways, go ahead. What were you saying?

Stoph (40:58.164)


Stoph (41:06.409)

I was just saying if you have anything on his bodybuilding. I know he stayed amateur, but if we have anything like show wise on him.

Paul (41:12.724)


Paul (41:16.054)

Um, let me see if I could find something. Cause I, I mean, I know he was like, why are you not going to another screen? Um, I know that he was like, uh, let me see Derek.

Paul (41:33.47)

I know he was taking cycles and all that, but I'm not sure.

Stoph (41:37.997)

Yeah, if he even stepped on stage.

Paul (41:40.622)

Yeah, like it's... It's never really said, I don't think what shows he competed in.

Paul (41:51.379)

Why are you not going to a new window? What is happening right now? There we go. Okay. There we go. Sorry. I just need it on my second monitor so I can still talk to you. He, one of his most popular photos was just I think just when he was in a harsh cut.

Stoph (42:06.181)

I was gonna say you gotta put the iconic picture.

Paul (42:11.398)

Yeah, so he's got the with the pink stringer. He does have like some of the worst genetics ever, which he did work on and improve upon, I believe. But he never had the best abs. It's just the way his abs are shaped. So like here, I'll show you guys, you guys, if you guys are watching, I'll show you. Let me see.

Stoph (42:13.865)


Paul (42:37.71)

There we go. So like there's his abs right there. Not the best abs by any means, right? It's just that his ab insertions in general were just not good. It's not that he wasn't lean enough. Like he was more than lean enough to have his abs protruding by a long shot, but it just, he didn't have the ab insertions. There's also this photo right here. So like you could, they look fine here from the side. Kind of.

Stoph (42:43.655)


Stoph (43:01.777)

Well, ready? Click on the stringer picture right next to it. And then click on the exploded shoulders one underneath. Like look, no, to the right where it gives the no. Go back to the picture you were just on.

Paul (43:06.304)


Stoph (43:18.001)

And now if you, it pops up more results under the pictures. Yeah, that one.

Paul (43:18.467)


Paul (43:23.794)

Oh, that's what he looks like when he's, when he's like on YouTube, the way he records his videos and all that. That's what he looks like. His fucking shoulders are crazy. But it's just he just has a shit ton of androgens in his delts. So he just his doubts are just crazy. That's just from anabolic usage, like not even just training, like you can train and get really good doubts. But anabolic will seriously take your doubts to the next level level.

Stoph (43:42.037)


Paul (43:54.262)

just because there's so many injured receptors. It's like, look at that. Like no pump, nothing, just absolute fucking Death Star delts, right? That's just part of taking anabolic in general. That's why a lot of guys talk about taking their first cycle, they're like, I just want to have good delts. And it's basically what ends up happening. My problem is that it's a ton of it goes to my glutes. My delts have grown a lot from anabolic, but

A lot of it went to my glutes, especially because that's what I used to pin, is my glutes. Again, this is all lies, guys. None of this is true. You're fatphobic. A lot of it went to my glutes just from pinning in my glutes. So I pin in my delts anytime I can, but my body does not agree with it. Anything more than like a third of a millimeter in my delt fucking kills for like a day. I think I tried the trend, which was already suspended in relatively thick liquid, but I tried the trend.

Stoph (44:32.167)


Paul (44:53.462)

Which is I think 0.33 milliliters I think is what I was doing or something like that. Forget what it was. I think it was something like that. It was 0.33 milliliters or something. And I pinned that and my delt was fucking wrecked for like three hours. I could not move my arm. It burned so bad. But for a lot of guys, I know quite a few guys off the top of my head who pin almost exclusively in their delts or their lats and they just have fucking crazy delts. That's part of the reason why. So I'm sure that Derek probably pinned it in his delts, I'm sure.

Stoph (45:20.935)


And naturally I have really good delts, so I'm curious to see what mine would explode if I ever pinned.

Paul (45:24.072)


Paul (45:33.466)

Yeah, I mean, it doesn't really matter. Like, where you pin can influence it, but even if you didn't pin your delts, it still blows them up.

Stoph (45:38.865)

Well, I just mean... That's what I mean. I just mean pinning in general. Not, uh... Yeah.

Paul (45:42.878)

Yeah. Um, even like a lower dose, anabolic and all that will still play a big role. And that's one thing I do like about Derek is that a lot of what he preaches is like, um, anti like high dosage and bashing up rosine shit. Like he talked about how like when he was on gear, he's just been on TRT for years now, like, at least three, four years now. But he's talked about how

when he was really on gear is a lot of bro science shit, a lot of forums, nobody was talking about it. So like the bare minimum you do for tests is like 500 milligrams. Because according to bro science, that was like the base that was like the minimum you did for tests. Otherwise, it just wasn't worth it. You don't do more, you didn't do less. Like that was what you did. You did 500 milligrams of tests, no matter what else you were hitting. You know, plus like Mastron and a lot of guys are taking like test and Deca and D ball at the same time. It's like, geez, dude, how many testosterone derivatives do you want to fucking take?

Stoph (46:37.917)


Paul (46:39.15)

man tits in like a week. Because all that shit aromatizes and I mean not deca doesn't aromatize. That's why it's a lot of people argue. It's better for TRT. But like test and d-ball aromatize like crazy. You just hold on to a lot of weight and get gyno out the fucking wazoo, which is something else. I want to actually do at some point is I want to get a gyno surgery and just get that whole fucking gland just fucking snipped right off and never have to worry about again. That's one of my worst side effects. It's just gyno. I hate it.

Stoph (47:03.477)

Is that a expensive process?

Paul (47:06.858)

Um, I think it's like a couple grand. Uh, let me see. I know someone who got it. I know a couple of guys who got it done. Um, gynochromastia surgery, it says the average is about, it's just under five grand. It depends on where you go. Um, like it's not, it's not insurance based because, um, gynochromastia surgery is entirely, uh, cosmetic.

Stoph (47:24.361)

Probably insurance-based too.

Stoph (47:34.037)


Paul (47:34.37)

There's nothing actually wrong with you when you have gyno, like as a man, there's technically nothing wrong with you. It doesn't affect your body.

Stoph (47:40.965)

Yeah, it's just the stage look and stuff like that.

Paul (47:45.102)

Yeah, it just doesn't look good. It's painful because we're not supposed to have inflamed glands. Yeah, see like this one's saying about $4,000 is the average cost. This one's saying $4,200. This one's saying it ranges everywhere from $7,700 to $18,000, but that's also Los Angeles. So it just entirely depends on where you go. But the healing for it too is really not bad. It's like they pull it all out. I...

Really what the doctor should be doing is removing the whole gland. Um, and if they don't, then you should fucking sue them for malpractice because. Uh, that's like saying like, that's like removing, like getting surgery to remove a tumor, but they only leave like a little bit like, oh, you're fine. There's a little bit. It's fine. It's like, dude, the whole point is to get rid of it. You're going to leave the whole gland. If you're leaving the gland in there, it's going to come right back. So we get the whole thing removed. They just basically cut open your nipple.

Stoph (48:30.174)


Paul (48:41.494)

pull it out, essentially they just cut it out and then just sew your nipple back up. Like I'm sure you could even be like awake for most of it to be honest. And if you just didn't like I would I wouldn't mind being awake and just like having it numbed and just having them pull it out while I'm awake. But I mean, if I could I'd get, you know, knocked out for it. At least that way I don't have to pay attention to it.

Stoph (49:01.783)


Paul (49:04.694)

But yeah, so that is something eventually to get done, at least for me. He has talked about like gyno and all of that, just because a lot of his viewers have gyno issues.

Stoph (49:16.681)

And until then, you blast trend.

Paul (49:19.722)

Yeah, exactly. But because he's talked to like Andrew Huberman and stuff, Andrew's a very similar like group of fan base and Andrew on Joe Rogan's podcast is pretty good. He's way more on the holistic side of things and he's very much of a proponer, very much of a like person that like promotes good sleep, a lot of water.

cold showers, sauna usage, stuff like that. Time away from screens, like just, really just general health. One thing that he has talked about with gyno that I think Derek has talked about as well, he talked about, I think this particular clip was how prolactin affects a lot of guys' gyno, not just estrogen, and that was my problem. It's not estrogen, it's the prolactin, which I think it might be actually my issue right now is prolactin buildup, to be honest. Like that's why I'm losing so much muscle by holding onto my fat.

Stoph (50:07.378)


Paul (50:15.122)

is because of prolactin, I almost guarantee it. But yeah, that plays a role and Derek talks about it because gyno's the issue for a lot of guys and every guy gets different side effects, but his was always hair loss and acne, but he hasn't touched it in years, so he can't really attest to anything that's current or anything that's newer as far as fighting the side effects and shit.

Stoph (50:39.857)

Yeah, he's definitely taken a backseat to, you know, the training intensity and how hard he was going with his usage and everything. It's just like, I mean, I think that's kind of like the natural progression to I'm not calling him old by any metric, but he's older than he was. So it's more so just, you know, once you find your groove and you know, you're not like he knows that whenever he stopped taking, you know, the

Paul (50:46.786)

Oh yeah.

Stoph (51:07.461)

amounts that he was taking before. He knew he wasn't going to make it pro for bodybuilding. And unless you are making money on your physique, which he wasn't, there's no need to do it. He was making money on his content, which was his knowledge. So there's no real reason to keep it going.

Paul (51:16.686)


Paul (51:22.954)

Yeah, I mean, just given his app genetics alone, he was going to be way, way fucking down the line as far as like competing goes, no matter how big or lean he got his just his midsection alone would just get destroyed on stage. And it's a damn shame because that's not something you can really help. Like part of a big part of bodybuilding in general that a lot of people don't talk about is muscle insertions and just the actual muscle abilities themselves. And that's why like, for instance, men's open guys can be men's open because

Stoph (51:32.062)


Paul (51:51.522)

their muscle bellies are just so fucking round. Like you just, it just get, they get fucking huge. Like biceps for instance, there's, there's so much that goes into just having good biceps, short or long head, like the actual muscle bellies themselves, the insertions, where your biceps cut off left and right, like the actual width of them, the length of them, all that plays a big role. So for Derek, it's just, his abs just were never.

the insertions just aren't there, you can't just like fix that, you know, it's like trying to say you're gonna fix your height, you can't just like yeah there's surgery but you can't really fix it at the end of the day. Um it's

Stoph (52:27.377)

I wanted to hang down to my knees. They brought my knees up.

Paul (52:31.359)

They brought up my knees. I love that clip. It's one of my favorite clips from Family Guy.

Stoph (52:35.665)

It's anytime someone mentions height, it's what I reference.

Paul (52:39.99)

Yeah, I wanted to hang down on my knees. He walks out super short. They brought up my knees. There are, supposedly there are guys who have gotten height surgery. There's one video I saw recently. This guy was like five, six and now he's like over six foot. And like the way they do is they like shatter your leg bones and like basically tie like the screw in this fucking rail and the

Stoph (52:46.145)


Stoph (53:09.636)


Paul (53:10.77)

Yeah, so like it that's been around for a while just because it's for people who have like um, I think like calcium deficiencies and like have issues actually growing throughout their life. So like you have to get that stuff done and there's I've read a story about this one guy who had to do it for like eight years of his teenage years because like he just would not grow the rest of his body was growing but his legs would not grow so they had to keep shattering his legs and extending that bar to make his body grow.

Stoph (53:36.555)


Paul (53:38.134)

And it was working and it worked, but it's extremely painful. And I think that's kind of what this guy did. And he did grow in height, but like, who knows what that's going to do in your love, your longevity and your overall quality of life. Like, I'm sure his bones will be brittle by the time he's like 60. So he's going to end up like, what's that guy, Mr. Glass or whatever, you know, that like villain. I don't know.

Stoph (53:54.578)


Stoph (54:00.53)

Ha ha.

Paul (54:01.47)

I forget, it was Samuel L. Jackson that played him, but like his bones are so brittle that like, falling over he would break a ton of bones. That's why he's called Mr. Glass, because his bones were like glass, but anyways, point is, I think that's part of the reason why Derek didn't really get into bodybuilding more, was because he just wouldn't be able to place the way that he would want to place. Which is a lot of what a lot of guys have to come to grips with is

Stoph (54:08.905)


Stoph (54:22.171)


Paul (54:28.186)

If you don't have the genetics for it, you just can't compete. I mean, I thankfully have very symmetrical abs, which is great, but I also have my own downfalls and one of my downfalls is I put all my fat in my lower belly and it makes me look like shit and that's something I have to work with. Derek can hold off fat really well it seems. He has pretty good fat distribution. His doubts look crazy, but his biggest downfall is just his ab insertions aren't there.

Stoph (54:51.817)


Paul (54:52.222)

Regardless of how good or how much he knows about anabolic your diet or training whatever you can't fix that. So That's why he always wore stringers, but in those in that stringer photo, like he looks fucking crazy. His delts are insane so I

Stoph (55:04.417)

Yeah, yeah, that's one of my favorite poses to do too, where you just hinge your hands like either on your hips or behind your hips and you just kind of... It's not even a lat spread, you're just like kind of rounding your shoulders. Yeah.

Paul (55:15.486)

It's just like a most muscular. Yeah, it's like a most muscular is what that is. But I put my hands in front of me and I push my palms together and pop my delts out that way. And I flex my chest, that's my most muscular. But yeah, it's called the most muscular. The other ones that guys do is like where they bend over and do this shit. That's the most muscular as well. It just depends on however you want it to do it. Derek's most muscular is putting it on the side. I've never had the genetics for that.

Stoph (55:24.199)


Stoph (55:33.512)


Paul (55:43.478)

like where I could put my hands on my hips or my legs and just be able to do that. If I put my hands in front, I feel like it looks a lot better. Uh, it's a great post to really show off your delts. And I look back at like, even, um, shortly after I, uh, competed, like my delts are just in such a better place. Like that was one of my main things I used to see how lean I was my delts and like literally seeing the muscle striations even after I competed, I was like, man, I really was, there's no reason I should have been complaining.

Stoph (55:43.747)


Stoph (56:11.126)

Heh heh.

Paul (56:11.378)

I was like, oh, I'm not as lean as I was like the week going into my show. But then I look back and I'm like, man, I'd be more than happy with that look. Like I do not like the way I look now.

Stoph (56:18.669)

Yeah, well, the grass is always greener. That's that's how it's going to be.

Paul (56:23.974)

Yeah, yeah, it's like that photo I sent you from, was it Ryan Terry, I think? Where he was like, yeah, he said he looked fucking insane, super lean, and he just, he posted it and he said, "'I kept these unedited for a while "'because at the time I didn't like how I looked.'" And he said,

Stoph (56:29.145)

Yep. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How? Yeah.

Paul (56:44.406)

But I'm posting them now because I'd be more than happy with this physique. And talked about how like, you know, your mind is in a different place when you're competing. And it is true where like you, because you're going for a particular look, even if you look insane, but you're if you're not where you want to be, you're not going to be happy with where you are. You know, even though like during prep, I even said to myself,

Stoph (57:03.779)


Paul (57:08.318)

Enjoy this I talked to people and I said I'm just telling myself to enjoy this because I know later on I'm gonna wish I'd still look like this and it is so fucking true And I still didn't enjoy it as much as I should have like I should have like fucking looked in the mirror and smiled every time I could see all six of my abs and like my delts triations and shit, so um, it's just uh You live and you learn but yeah, Derek's got a lot of good content. Um We gotta do a deeper dive into like

Stoph (57:09.257)


Stoph (57:22.615)


Paul (57:36.898)

the cycles he's talked about and stuff like that. So we can have like better examples of what Derek's talked about. But yeah, Derek Moore plays more day, it's a great influencer. I think if there's anybody that I think a lot of guys should listen to or watch when it comes to bodybuilding or fitness in general, Derek is one of them. Derek's one that I highly suggest.

Stoph (57:56.317)

Yeah, it's a lot of positivity for men and young men too. Like that's a big part of it, so I agree with that.

Paul (58:02.611)


Yeah, he's very like, he's kind of like, a lot of like my philosophy behind anabolic just kind of derives a lot from what he says and his opinion stuff. Obviously, I have my own anecdotal like ideas and stuff, but like a lot of what he preaches is less is more, which is always true. Less is more with steroids. You should not be taking them if you're at a younger age, which is 100% true. If you're under the age of like

21, 22, you really shouldn't be taking it. Because one, newbie gains is phenomenal. Newbie gains is borderline anabolic gains. And at the same time, there's no way you're even remotely close to what your genetics could possibly do if you're 20, 21, before taking anabolic like that. There's no way you're even close to what your natural genetics are possible, or what it's possible for your natural genetics.

And he preaches like actually well thought out cycles and shit that he talked, he talked about. Um, and then on top of that, like, making sure you're taking high quality stuff, you know, ideally going through clinic if you can, uh, stuff like that is, is a lot of what he preaches and, and I, I preach a lot of similar shit. Um, I do think like doses and stuff like that could vary when you, when we're talking about less is more. Um,

Stoph (59:18.33)


Paul (59:30.698)

you know, taking something oral is gonna be harder on your body than something that's injected. But then there's certain things you just really should never inject, even if there is an injectable version, stuff like that. And he also talks about that, too. And he talks to like one of the things that like really stuck with me was like carnitine. This is why I haven't bought carnitine forever, because when he talked about carnitine being used for weight loss, the bioavailability of ingesting carnitine is like almost fucking nothing. It's like you have to take like 15 grams of carnitine to really even make it like.

bioavailable within your body. So like injecting it is way better. And this is like something you just buy online is injectable carnitine. It's like, if you're going to be using it for cut injectable, it's just so much fucking better in every single way. Um, you don't need nearly as much to inject in order to make it actually usable by your body. And you don't have to spend a shit ton of money just getting a ton of carnitine to, to ingest every single day. Um,

Stoph (01:00:11.47)


Paul (01:00:25.298)

So like, I like how he talks about stuff like that. And he like calls bullshit on like different supplements and whatnot for being under dosed and not remotely bioavailable or just basically useless ultimately. Like he shit on Prime real fucking hard when they first came out. Like the Prime, the electrolyte drink that competed with Gatorade prior to their energy drink. It was just the like their Prime hydration drink. And he just shit on it. And he's like, the reason it tastes so good is because there's fucking nothing in it.

Stoph (01:00:38.825)

Heh heh.

Stoph (01:00:47.484)


Paul (01:00:52.214)

He's like, look at Gatorade and body armor and like liquid IV, like liquid IV is like arguably the best like hydration drink out there. It's a powder, but he's like, the reason it tastes like shit is because there's so much salt in it for a reason. You're supposed to replenish your salt when you're sweating. That's why it tastes like shit. But all they ever talked about was the flavor and how much is better than everybody else. He's like, yeah, because you're not getting shit out of it. There's no electrolytes. There's no salt. It's like he went into like a full like hour in depth video. And I think Logan Paul ended up saying something like trash and on him.

Stoph (01:00:58.982)

I agree.

Stoph (01:01:13.139)


Paul (01:01:21.994)

or something he's like, well, this guy just takes steroids. But yeah, I get that. And like, I get defending it, but also he just like attacked his person, I think. Like he's like, talk shit about him and it's like, that's not what he's saying. He's attacking your product. And even then you don't even own all of the product. The product is owned by a company and you own like 10% of it. You're just the face. So, but yeah, I like a lot of his content. So we'll probably talk about him some more at some point.

Stoph (01:01:23.089)

Well, he has to defend his brand. Yeah.

Stoph (01:01:31.252)


Stoph (01:01:41.077)


Paul (01:01:48.246)

probably get into like Andrew Huberman and maybe Greg Doucet and that's that'll also tie it to Derek. So today I was just talking about what we think about him and he has our utmost respect.

Stoph (01:01:59.921)

Hell yeah. Alright everybody.

Paul (01:02:03.118)

Appreciate you guys listening. We will see you guys soon. See you guys next week.

Stoph (01:02:08.201)


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