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Influencer Review #6 - Dorian Yates

Paul (00:00.75)

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Only lift once a week for 10 minutes, otherwise you'll be fatphobic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Over here, Morgan.

Stoph (00:36.896)

I did my wheelchair routine.

Paul (00:39.086)

Yep, gotta prep. You gotta get ready.

Stoph (00:42.144)

I know, Wheelchair Olympia is only, I don't know, six months, seven months away.

Paul (00:50.764)

Isn't it like October? Is that is it that close already? Six seven eight nine months?

Stoph (00:53.02)


We're in month number two. We're in month number two and November's month number 10, 11, something like that.

Paul (01:03.244)

October is I think it's taking place in October. It's like beginning of October. So we're eight eight months Yeah, one. Yeah, one, two, three, four five Yeah, whatever Let's guess See, boom did say that he was gonna retire by 30 is what he said. He's 28 now Yeah, so he's got probably like maybe two more Olympias in him before he probably calls it quits Which again, I'm still very surprised. I thought he would have retired

Stoph (01:06.048)

Okay, then eight months.

Stoph (01:12.648)

Early predictions? No, I'm kidding.

Stoph (01:21.246)

What is he, 28? Yeah, 28.


Stoph (01:32.252)

Especially after his hair loss.

Paul (01:32.588)

by now or maybe when we're... Yeah, yeah, I mean...

Stoph (01:36.466)

Well, no, no, sorry, not his hair loss, his hair loss procedure. I feel like if he was gonna do the procedure that was showing that he's focusing on getting out of the game and like maybe like take more of like the, like the, like the Brian Shaw approach where like you now run events and you're coordinating everything and like have like a, cause obviously he can't leave the field. Like he's gonna be involved.

Paul (01:47.436)


Paul (01:59.406)

I mean, he's got raw, you know, he's got, he owns part, has part ownership of raw supplements.

Stoph (02:05.434)

Yeah, but at these major events if he doesn't show that's going to hurt the sport. Like there has to be some kind of a panel or photo op or something like that.

Paul (02:12.46)

Oh yeah.

Yeah, I'm sure you'll have a booth and all that, you know, like you'll make an appearance, especially like the Olympia, maybe the Arnold each year, especially once he's done competing, you know, he can go to both like no problem. He just shows up. I don't see why not.

Stoph (02:19.048)


Stoph (02:23.71)

Mm -hmm. And so that's my point, yeah. Guest poses and has like a regular physique but guest poses.

Paul (02:37.198)

I mean, that's what happens, you know, a lot of these retired bodybuilders who are guest pose and shit or like guest pose like up until about a few years after they're done retiring and then they'll call it a quits and just be like, look, I'm just going to be a voice, you know, like Ray Lewis kind of, I guess.

Stoph (02:39.282)


Stoph (02:53.696)

Would I still compete? No! But would I guess pose? Yes!

Paul (02:57.138)

No! For sure!

But yeah, before we started recording, we were talking about Alex Jones and how like...

Stoph (03:04.192)


Stoph (03:08.736)

URRAH URRAH URRAH That compilation video of him.

Paul (03:10.766)

Yeah, he like people. Yeah, it's a good one. Or like all the breaths, all the inhales. You know, but there's there's the biggest thing that people were making front of him for about the their turn in the frickin frogs gay. But come to find out there actually was like a study done.

Stoph (03:17.406)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (03:27.486)


Paul (03:31.406)

by the CIA or something to see if they actually could like manipulate people's homosexuality or like sexuality and they're testing it on frogs and that we're actually trying to turn frogs gay.

Stoph (03:42.652)

You know, there was a period of time when there was a on scale with nuclear bomb in development for exactly that turning an entire like 30 ,000 people area gay. That was the it's it's been declassified since then, but it's an actual like atomic bomb drop and then they're all gay.

Paul (04:00.91)

What's the point?

Paul (04:07.086)

The only guess that I have is like maybe population control? Maybe?

Stoph (04:10.816)

It's something about the hormonal changes and how it'll affect basically how the country operates, yeah.

Paul (04:20.078)

Huh, okay. I mean, if they're like, oh, gay people are pansies. We're gonna make them all fucking pansies. They're not gonna wanna fight us anymore. That's my only -

Stoph (04:30.304)

See that's a tough take because there are some badass gay people.

Paul (04:35.47)

Yeah, I mean, I think if it was like the Obama's gonna turn everybody trans, then we got a problem. That's a problem. But I turn people gay, I don't think so. You know, there's plenty of guys in the military who are gay. Let me just look at the Navy.

Stoph (04:41.824)

Yeah. Yeah.

Stoph (04:49.694)


Yeah, for sure.

Paul (04:56.878)

They're all gay. But figured based off the title of today's episode, we would talk about Dorian Yates, the man, the myth, not really myth, but the legend.

Stoph (05:06.496)

See, I can't see, obviously we haven't put the title up yet, but at the top of my screen it just says, Hall of Gains and Hyperdemy Podcast Studio. So I was like, oh, there's the title. It's the same title every each week.

Paul (05:17.742)

Yep, that's exactly what the title is. Now, but it's our next influencer review. I want to say it's number five, I believe. Yeah, but during Yeats, he's the original mass monster. He was the one who brought mass, like real true insane mass to the Olympia competition, really just bodybuilding in general. He competed primarily in the 90s. He had a smattering of other shows.

Stoph (05:23.868)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that.

Paul (05:46.286)

prior to that. So he had the British champion and stuff like that. And then the night of champions in 1990, the 1991 night of champions. And then he went on to the Mr. Olympia. What's crazy is that his first Olympia was the 91 Olympia. And then he competed until the 97 Olympia. So 91, 92, 93, 94, so it four, five, six, seven Olympias. And he got second in the 91 Olympia. Every Olympia after that, he got first.

Stoph (06:15.774)


Paul (06:16.846)

And then he just stopped. Right after the 97 Olympia, he was done competing entirely. At least from my understanding.

Stoph (06:22.848)

I feel like if you have enough understanding of your longevity, not survival -wise but in the sport -wise, you have to pick a moment when you're on top to leave. It's just the smart decision. Because...

Paul (06:37.966)

I mean, yeah, I get what you're saying, but there's a lot of guys out there, Roddy Coleman's one of them, where he didn't want to stop swinging until he had to. Until he was dethroned, he was gonna keep going until he was dethroned.

Stoph (06:49.17)


Stoph (06:53.056)

I get that, yeah.

Paul (06:55.118)

I get both sides of it. Like you want to, you want to call it when you're at the top, but also like you don't know if you are at like the peak, you know, you don't know if you can keep winning or not. So if you keep going until you lose, then you know, okay, it's probably done now. But if you stop when you're winning, you'll, you might be like, well, what if a lot of what ifs. Um, but that's, you know, Dorian, I think the biggest thing for him was just coming from, um,

Stoph (07:11.484)


Paul (07:26.926)

Like just, just the intensity of his training and his whole like mindset of like, Oh, I'm locking myself and not really locked himself, but like, he's like, Oh, like he, he, he always had, um, he always felt that, you know, being in England with all the snow and stuff like that, it made him tougher than all the guys lifting on Venice beach and in the sun and stuff like that. I could, I get where he's coming from. Um, but it doesn't just like, obviously whatever he was doing was working. I don't necessarily think that.

Stoph (07:44.926)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (07:56.298)

A lot of the examples he uses are good examples of what he's talking about. Both of us are from Massachusetts, so we know what it's like to have a lot of snow and a lot of cold. And when it is snowing out, especially when I live like three, four minutes from the gym back in Templeton.

You know, it was like, you could really tell who was there because they like were dripping for it. Um, there's only a couple of people in the gym and when it would be snowing like 12 inches outside, like barely even able to get there. Um, but I still went, but it doesn't mean that I deserve it more than somebody else. I'm just, it just is harder to get there. That's how that really means. Like he was like, Oh, I walked an hour and a half in the snow to go train for 40 minutes. And I'm like, that doesn't really.

It's kind of counterintuitive because you're burning all those calories getting there. You probably ate before you left is my guess. So like your food is like way beyond digested or just about to be done digesting at that point. And you're just getting in the gym and then you're going to walk into their hour and a half back and that's a super long as time to not eat like a five, six hour window.

Stoph (09:04.992)

It's the craziest warm -up known to man. I take an hour and a half in my warm -up.

Paul (09:11.918)

Yeah, my warm up was an hour and a half rock through the snow and snowshoes. That's just to warm up my legs for arm day.

Stoph (09:20.416)

Yeah, I do handstand walks all the way there.

Paul (09:24.878)

Yeah, exactly. With some gloves on. No gloves, no gloves on. Just frostbite so you don't feel it anymore. You just grip anything you want. No more painful calluses. But yeah, so Dorian, I don't know, he just always had this like, oh, I worked harder for it than anybody else because I...

Stoph (09:27.936)

No gloves. No shirt either.

Stoph (09:40.928)


Paul (09:53.184)

You know, I was living in the snow and I had to trek through it and do all this and the intensity and the gym I was in was just a piece of shit gym with all this rust, blah blah. And uh...

Stoph (10:04.)

I'll say it doesn't like take, I don't think it makes someone more deserving, but for the toughness factor, it certainly absolutely shines light to it. Like people who can handle, you know, adverse weather and still be able to train with, you know, just whatever is available and not having, you know, like, obviously this, we're talking about the eighties, nineties, and even the seventies for training. So it's not like he's, um,

Paul (10:16.046)

I mean...

Stoph (10:34.304)

able to have like modern like today like if so many like the science -based workouts where you're hitting like certain machines and stuff like that it's not like there's a discrepancy between that and a gym that doesn't have that but it's more so like you know me and you talk about all the time like it feels way better to lift walking out with iron or like rust stains on your hand than it does to walk out of a gym without it you know.

Paul (11:00.526)

Yeah, yeah, I mean, I guess like the way I see it is, it probably just, it was more, it was less about the equipment and it's more just like about the atmosphere and like where he put himself mentally to train there and the intensity that he was in, like his, the guy who was spotting him, I forget the guy's name. He, I forget, geez.

Stoph (11:15.976)


Paul (11:29.198)

Um, I don't remember exactly, but that was the guy, the yelling, the yelling during during these training videos, that's from his spotter and like, that's such an iconic like voice to hear at this point. Um, and, uh, like that, I think it's part of it too, you know, like, I think that the people he had surround himself with and the atmosphere he put himself in were.

Stoph (11:40.7)


Paul (11:53.998)

a big proponent to the way he looked at bodybuilding in general and his overall just life. But a lot of the equipment that he was using, believe it or not, is actually at Vanarchy. Not the exact equipment, but the same models and all that. The pullover machine, for instance, is one of like...

Stoph (12:11.272)


Paul (12:14.83)

His, I believe I heard at one point that it was one of his favorite machines to use was the pullover machine for his back. And the same pullover machine at Van Arkee is the pullover machine that he used, you know.

Stoph (12:26.112)

Well, that's the one, like, if you look up Dorian Yates' video, that's, that one's absolutely thrown in the compilation. Not like a signature machine, but definitely a huge piece of it.

Paul (12:31.372)

Mm -hmm. Yeah.

Paul (12:38.926)

Yeah, yeah, you see a lot of like a lot of back stuff from Dorian because that's really what set him apart was his insane fucking back. And I think like the hammer strength pull down, I want to say. And then the the pullover from was a paramount. I forget what brand it is. Those are like the key ones that really like. I think he utilized to bring them up there. But.

Stoph (12:45.342)


Stoph (13:05.312)


Paul (13:06.804)

Yes, I'd like to train at the gym that he trained at it was it's called temple gym I guess in 90 and 1987 he bought it It's called temple gym and it's on Temple Street in Birmingham and then in 2006 he franchised four additional locations three are the UK But as of 2020 only the Birmingham gym is still in operation So the other I guess

Stoph (13:32.51)


Paul (13:37.006)

the other four that he franchised are no longer in business. But that happens with gyms. It might not be that those gyms went under. It might be that those gyms decided to change names, stuff like that, decided to stop franchising because, you know, franchising...

I mean, for me, it wouldn't make any sense to franchise from a company that only has one location. You know, it's like it wouldn't really make any sense. Like it would have been smarter for him to, I mean, in my opinion, it would have been smarter for him to open up multiple locations and not franchise them. Just have actual multiple locations. Like Gold's gym is a franchise. There's so many of them. Same with the powerhouse. There's not a ton of powerhouses, but a lot of these companies are franchises. You know, there's LA fitness and planet fitness.

Stoph (14:10.696)


Paul (14:23.648)

fitness is a franchise like most popular gyms are franchises for a reason you know it just makes a lot more sense for the business model of the the parent company to have these you know franchises and Goldishim is a good example of that but when you get when you purchase into the franchise you know you get marketing you get support you get access to I think like they're like equipment like people because like you you they build up relationships with like a

with different equipment manufacturers and stuff like that. So you get access to certain discounts, stuff like that is what you get access to. But as a franchise, you're still kind of answering to someone. Granted, if you do become a huge franchise, their goal is near me is run by the same guy who ran...

who runs the team that I'm on, Mike, and he owns like eight or nine gold's gyms. And I think that's the most out of all gold's gyms in the area in like the world, like most amount franchise to one person. So I think that he has a bigger say in like the way his businesses run versus somebody who just has one gold's gym, you know. But yeah, so to get back to Yates, I think that he would have been in a

Stoph (15:26.184)


Paul (15:43.982)

better place to open up multiple gyms rather than just have franchises out. But ever since his competition days, I mean, he's been doing random stuff here and there. Let me see. His career ended in... Uh -huh.

Stoph (16:05.024)

Well, a big thing I was gonna say a big thing for him was that he talked about staying out of the public eye once he once he retired. Like it was very, very big focus. Not like, you know, like obviously Ronnie can't move all that well anymore, but he's still like heavily involved in the public. He goes out and does things, shoot, does shoots with people like Dorian was kind of like the opposite. Like I'm retiring and disappearing.

Paul (16:14.606)


Paul (16:25.71)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (16:30.126)

Yeah, I mean, I think like Ronnie is kind of the face also of his supplement brand. So like there is that too. And you know, Dorian has I believe like some, some stuff like part ownership and some companies. I think he also owns DY nutrition or yeah, own and endorsed by Yeats. Let me see if it's still around.

Stoph (16:36.512)

That's true.

Paul (16:59.63)

I don't typically buy nutrition supplements from a company just because yeah, they're still around. BYU nutrition. Yeah. So he does have that. Um.

Okay, I guess they don't have any proof got anymore.

Never mind. Everything I click it says it's empty. So yeah, they don't have anything. Never mind.

I don't see like that's what's weird. I don't get why you're gonna put all this effort into something and then just let it die. You know, like you found it in 2011.

Stoph (17:37.152)

Yeah, I'm looking... Oh, you can buy a Yeats bar. This is Dorian Yeats protein bars.

Stoph (17:48.448)

It's on his website if you just go through all the different things.

Paul (17:55.278)

see. Okay, so if you click all the products there is some stuff it's like apparel from the shadow book and like some of them are signed and you can buy some yeah the Yates bars I guess but it's not like I think they're just waiting to sell everything out until

Stoph (17:55.614)

Go into proteins and then under...

Paul (18:23.886)

because like you check anything else and they're all gone. Well, I guess a couple shirts are sold out.

Stoph (18:26.77)


Paul (18:33.458)

But yeah, he did have that whole mindset even during when during his Olympia days like he didn't even want he didn't want to show anybody his physique or anything like that He just would show up and just show it, you know, like that's what you'd show it is when he comes to actually compete, you know So, um, I don't know I think

Stoph (18:48.04)


Stoph (18:52.768)

You can buy Dorian Yates joint support tablets.

Paul (18:59.214)

Yeah, I did see that. My metabolism for $28 is not bad. But there's like basically nothing in it. Glucosamine and sulfate. It's pretty much it. Of which glucosamine is 600 milligrams. Yeah, it's not really much going on there. But I have a D3. But yeah, so he did have some investments throughout.

Stoph (19:08.136)


Paul (19:24.462)

his, you know, retired career, but it does say at least on Wikipedia that a large reason why he retired was because of acute injuries, including torn biceps and triceps. And his triceps tore three weeks prior to his final contest in 97 Olympia. He still won in spite of the injury.

Paul (19:52.622)

and a lot but that is the year that a lot of people that think that Nasir El -Sinbadi should have gotten the win.

Stoph (20:00.864)

The 91 you said?

Paul (20:01.262)

Yeah, the no, not 97 the 97 Olympia was the was the year that night that Nasser Al -Sumbayi should have won is what a lot of people say which knowing what we know now I wish he did win Nasser because you know, he he didn't survive that much longer. So he would have gotten least an Olympia under his belt, you know, instead of getting second. I don't think he ever won an Olympia or even

Stoph (20:06.304)

Oh, oh, sorry, 97.

Paul (20:30.766)

I think second was his best placing, so I think that would have been really good for him to...

Stoph (20:35.68)

I mean, second place at Olympia is still, I mean, an unbelievable feat. Yeah.

Paul (20:39.31)

For sure, like that's, I mean, stepping on the Olympia station general is an insane feat, you know? So, like there's no discrediting his second place, but I think that if it was controversial, like it's saying it is, then Nasr, you know, in retrospective thoughts, like we should have gotten given it to Nasr Al -Sumbadi so that he could have, you know, called it a day with the Olympia under his belt, you know?

Stoph (20:43.872)

Yeah, absolutely.

Stoph (21:08.958)


Paul (21:09.76)

But it says that he's the last Mr. Olympia to retire as Mr. Olympia so far. So like everybody else is retired after they've lost the Mr. Olympia title.

Stoph (21:17.664)


Stoph (21:23.104)

C1 will be the next.

Paul (21:26.284)

Possibly possibly if he wins his next two and he retires when he says he's going to then uh Then he'll be he'll be and the most recent one But it says from his competitions or so he Parted with Carrie Kays to form a supplement company called C &P professional Who had like a Dorian Yates product line so kind of like

kind of like a pro line, a pro supplement line, which they'll do, you know, they'll, it's like, uh, before, before CBOM bought into raw, I want to say that they were starting to invest in like a CBOM line of supplements and

Stoph (22:05.376)

Yeah, it's kinda like when an athlete gets like a specialty shoe or something like that and bodybuilding is the same thing. Yeah.

Paul (22:10.574)

Yeah, exactly. Yep. So I guess he partnered with Carrie Kay's, which is, let's see what Carrie Kay's is. Not really much about them. They're British bodybuilding champion and show promoter. So I guess Carrie Kay's is just like a showrunner, stuff like that. He left the company eight years later in 2006 to form his own company during Yeats Ultimate Formulas.

offers a lot of protein and weight gain supplements. He started a second company in 2010 called EU Peptides, which sells peptide hormones and other hormones supplements. But then he left EU Peptides in 2012. 2011, he found the UI Nutrition, which is basically no longer around really. So he's had some various business excursions, stuff like that.

Stoph (22:57.502)


Paul (23:05.358)

But the thing that he's known for now is, you know, he lives in Spain and all that and his wife, gal, Ferreira, she's been competing professionally since 2007, I think. They met in 2008 on a Classic, but they live in Spain now. And basically since then, he has been...

very open about his cannabis usage during bodybuilding, how that affected him. And then at the same time, he is a huge proponent now of psychedelic drugs, including ayahuasca. He's huge about that, you know? Jeez, he was on the Joe Rogan podcast and was talking about his ayahuasca usage and how he runs retreats and stuff in Peru.

for ayahuasca which is, I wanna say legal down there, so basically you show up and instead of smoking ayahuasca, I wanna say you drink it and you end up tripping for eight hours. It's a super long trip.

Stoph (24:09.312)

Yeah, you. Yeah, that's the. The people who do their like, you know, journeys to find themselves, it's always like a drinking version. And then like the the one that we have a lot of document, not documentation, but just anecdotal data that's similar to that is the Aaron Rodgers one where he locked himself in a room for like three days and it was a completely pitch black room. And he did that. So.

Paul (24:20.846)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (24:38.574)

That's dumb.

Stoph (24:38.72)

those kind of retreats are kind of, I mean, it's a similar thing.

Paul (24:43.758)

Yeah, yeah, he's also like huge on like yoga and meditation and shit now. So he went from this like hardcore bodybuilding like all about how he looked very like it's all vain, you know, I mean, that's just part of bodybuilding. It's all about how you look. But then you went from that, like rusty training, dungeon gym to being like a psychedelic hippie basically, like it was like a complete 180, you know, like that's wild, but

Stoph (25:09.106)


Paul (25:12.654)

I mean maybe he just, he had all this pent up shit going on, you know, and he just decided.

Stoph (25:17.024)

Well, and that's the case with a lot of us too. Like, I mean, a lot of people who train the way that bodybuilders train, they have like that dark section of their mind that like gets them through those like super tedious and like drawn out workouts where like regular people would have like, you know, end up going home, but other people have the goal in mind and they know they have to train for it and are just going to push through it. So you have to like get to like the dark recesses of your mind and...

you know, people can struggle with that. So.

Paul (25:52.078)

Yeah, he had to dig deep to get all the good stuff out. But he I just I just like for me when I watched the Joergen podcast with him and I just didn't really like it a lot of his attitude towards things like it was always like almost I don't know. I mean, I have all the respect to him and what he's earned and accomplished and all that like they're getting me wrong. But like a lot of what he has to say just comes off very pretentious. Like it's like I'm better than other people is kind of like the way he talks.

Stoph (26:21.536)


Paul (26:21.678)

And he's like, yeah, this is how it was. And like, nobody could have beaten me. I was the hardest worker. And like, um, you know, he's like, I think that was the best bodybuilder of all time and nobody's ever going to be my physique and stuff like that. And it's just like, I don't know. I just don't really like the way that he says all that. Um, like, like look at Rodney Coleman, just like one of the most humble people in the world. And Jay had a video, Jay Kohler had a video that went viral recently talking about Rodney and how like,

Stoph (26:33.888)


Paul (26:50.894)

They went out to a club once and Ronnie would just sit there on like the wall and just kind of like, you know, like bob his head to the music and just kind of watching people. And people were freaking out on Ronnie's size. And he just didn't really pay any attention to it. You know, it's just, that's just who he was. He was just kind of there just to watch people have fun. You know, he didn't want to get in the way of anybody. Um, he's like, he was kind of a quiet guy when he was at the club with Jay. And, um, you know, I mean, even now, like he,

Stoph (27:11.826)


Paul (27:19.758)

You know, he makes the most of what he's got, you know, even though he's had all these injuries and bad surgeries and stuff like that, he still makes the most of it and still, you know, smiles through it, at least from what we see, you know, we don't know him in the behind the scenes, but at least from what he shows the public, like he's always smiling really. But like with Dorian, it's like nothing, it doesn't seem like anything's ever good enough to him. Like it's always somehow less, you know, it's less than.

Stoph (27:32.64)


Paul (27:49.102)

which I just don't really like that approach to life. I think that you should appreciate those around you and even your competition, you should appreciate your competition. You know, even if you are beating them, like still like at least give them a credit, especially when you have a controversial one where a lot of people think that you should have gotten second. Like don't be like, Oh, I have the best physique of all time. It's like, arguably you didn't cause Nasir actually was, should have beaten you.

Stoph (28:15.476)


And that's a good point too, because I mean, at the Olympia stage, it's obviously at the highest extent, but at any level, the people that you're competing with or that you train with are the ones that basically strive you to be better, because you always have to base yourself off of something. If you're training and the people around you aren't either of better physique than you or training harder than you.

Paul (28:19.118)

but I don't know.

Stoph (28:48.16)

then you have little to no incentive to push through that barrier, you know?

Paul (28:52.878)

I mean, that's like, that was one of Steve Bubm's issues that he said after winning the Olympia. He's like, well, now what? He's like, he's at the top of the hill. You know I mean? Like, what is he striving for? It's like, there's like that saying, it's the wolf climbing in the hill is always hungrier than the wolf at the top of the hill or something like that. So, you know, got to use, you know, your own form of motivation or to keep pushing yourself.

Stoph (28:58.302)


Stoph (29:10.034)


Paul (29:18.222)

because you're the best, you know, there's no beating you. Like nobody could have possibly beaten you that year. Like I'm talking about like C -Bomb or anybody who wins the Olympia being like the best competition of the year. So for C -Bomb, it was having to beat his previous look. He's like, I have to beat myself every single year. I have to look better every year. This year, previous year, 2023 was the only year I would argue probably didn't look that much better if at all than the 2022 Olympia.

Stoph (29:44.352)


Paul (29:45.326)

I think 2020 but also also keep in mind, I think that at least in that case, it could have also have been that the competition was a lot fiercer as well. So he didn't stick out as much as he did as the 2022 like the 2022 Olympia. It was like like fucking just hats off like just throwing the towel like nobody ever done. Yeah, it was it was absurd. But like 2023 it's like, okay.

Stoph (30:05.44)

Well yeah, he walked out. Everybody knew.

Paul (30:13.614)

Okay, Ramon's getting pretty close. He's not far behind now, you know, and Urs is getting there. Yeah, exactly. And then like for Dorian, you know, he was... Yeah, he's all over the place, but... Yeah, but like with Dorian, he called it after, you know, he never lost. Like after his 92 Olympia, he never lost the show.

Stoph (30:14.64)

Yep, ours is always right around the corner. Yep

Breon's kinda hanging out.

Paul (30:37.55)

But here's also, when you're at that level, you gotta be very meticulous. So like, C -Bum could say, oh, since 2019, I haven't lost a show. So for like Dorian competing for five years, six years, he could include any two. He was competing for that long, he never lost. But for like C -Bum, you could say the same thing, but he's only competing in one show a year and winning that one show each year. So if you're very meticulous about what show you're picking,

Stoph (31:02.528)


Paul (31:05.92)

and you win each one, then you could theoretically be undefeated for a long time, but you have to dial it in and nail it at that very particular show that you pick. So like, it's like tough for like guys who are trying to get to the Olympia level because you have to hit, now especially you have to hit, most likely multiple shows to get that overall card for the Olympia qualification, you know, so.

that's gonna result in most likely some losses, you know? You're not gonna come in, especially if you're doing a bunch of shows back to back, like within a couple of weeks of each other, like you're not, there's some of them you're gonna lose, guaranteed. So you're not gonna have an undecided run.

Stoph (31:43.008)

Just train for so long and so hard with a coach that you literally are Olympia stage and then step on your amateur stage for the first time and just go on a winning streak all the way to the top.

Paul (31:57.102)

Yeah, you get to the Olympia level of bodybuilding. Like you do like your own behind the scenes shows and stuff so that you can like prep yourself to get to that stage. And then you're just like Olympia caliber at like an amateur show. You show up and everybody's just like, I'm just going home, dude. I'm not even gonna step out there. Are you shitting me?

Stoph (32:00.126)


Stoph (32:04.476)


Stoph (32:08.736)


Stoph (32:13.056)

Yeah, that one like 19 year old kid is like, I can beat him.

Paul (32:21.038)

Yeah, yeah, exactly. There's always team kids at every show that think they can compete in Men's Open and win.

Stoph (32:26.208)

the broccoli head who's standing at like 5 '10", 160 pounds.

Paul (32:32.718)

Yeah, I'm going to compete in men's open and teen dude if you can compete in teen there's a reason teen exists and doesn't exist in open There's a reason you don't have the ability to be at men's open level yet The the bet like the the youngest um like professional Bodybuilders are all men's physique and they're like the end of 19, you know, like they're like right at like just about 20 Which is like starting?

Stoph (32:39.582)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (32:46.238)


Stoph (32:55.838)


Paul (32:59.79)

your body starting to like really mature at that point. So it's like really just like heavy gear usage and training from like 14 and then just like the perfect scenario of winning an amateur show and then somehow winning or getting top two in national show. Like that's like all that you need there, right? So.

you know, that's how like these younger guys get in there. But then a lot of them, the younger guys don't really do anything with it. And it's just like, it just, I don't know, like you said in that video the other day, the guy with the six months transformation, it's like, oh, he just got to learn. He just got to grow. He's going to get older. You got to mature. You know, that's part of it.

Stoph (33:33.854)

Mm. Yeah.

Yeah, for reference I said, sent Paul video and it was like he said six months transformation and the physique had not changed. The only thing that had changed was like you pointed out the lighting and he had a pump in the second video and it wasn't even like a big difference like

Paul (33:52.662)


I mean, there might have been some changes, you know, like he may have a bit better body composition or something, you know, maybe a tad bit more muscle, a tad bit less fat, but like, ultimately, if somebody was like, yeah, here's like without a pump and here's with a pump, I'd be like, oh, okay, yeah, like, I would have believed that, you know, but he said it's a six month transformation. So I'm just like, oh man, I just feel bad because I was in a similar place to like, you just, you just learn like, what?

like actual progress looks like and what it feels like and what you need to do for it. And he just hasn't, that kid just hasn't done it yet, you know? So he'll learn and he'll look back and he'll cringe at himself, but that's just because, you know, he'll grow as a person. And that's why we cringe at stuff like that now too, is because, you know, we grew as people where we were like that, you know, like every guy who...

Stoph (34:33.472)


Paul (34:49.294)

Ghost in the gym was like that. It's like, oh dude, I look fucking sick. Like I've been putting on some serious work. I look sick. But then it's like, you look back at yourself, you're like, what the fuck was I talking about?

Stoph (34:55.808)

I like looking back at my like, the PF days in particular because I remember thinking I looked like a badass where I had, you know, I don't think I was wearing noble yet, but I was wearing whatever bright shoe I had with sweatpants and then it's, I have these like, they're not stringers, but it's Nike tank tops. So they're like athletic fit tank tops.

Paul (35:21.676)


Stoph (35:24.454)

And looking at pictures then, like, or from then, I mean, I was not really filling out the frame, but I remember feeling so confident wearing them. And then I'd wear some little headband or like the thick headbands I like to wear. And my hair is like below my shoulder. And I just look so dorky and like a girl. And now I look. Yeah. And now I look at myself now and I'm.

Paul (35:41.644)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (35:47.758)

I know exactly what you're talking about. I know what photos you're talking about.

Stoph (35:53.76)

You know, wearing stringers, have a regular haircut, and even without a pump, like, it's just monumental difference. But that took, you know, three years of hard training. Like, it's not like a, like, this guy posted a six month, and it is, don't get me wrong, it is possible to have a transformation that's, you know, monumental in six months. Like, a lot of people, like, if they just start training and they have that, like, godly genetics, it just kind of, like, snaps for them.

Paul (36:02.67)

Yeah, that...

Paul (36:07.854)


Stoph (36:22.368)

But for a lot of people, it's going to be this multi -year, and then you can look back.

Paul (36:22.454)


Paul (36:28.174)

Yeah, I mean, you know, especially when you guys are in Planet Fitness, I was just like, man, y 'all ain't got no idea yet. I'm like, you do not know.

Stoph (36:34.272)

You're waiting for our first big breakup for us to go into the depressive state and then...

Paul (36:41.294)

Not even, I was just like, I was just like, man, y 'all just need another gym. And once you do, you'd be like, what the hell was I doing? Like that, just that alone is a transformation going from, you know, like a beginner gym, like plan a fitness or something, or like a 24 hour fitness or something. And then going to something that's a bit more serious, like that alone is a transformation and it changes you. And I was just like, man, I just knew like once I came up, that's what was gonna happen. And it did, it came up.

Stoph (36:48.734)


Stoph (36:59.294)


Stoph (37:08.224)

And that's a thing. Like, I thought I was making good gains. Like, you know, my, my, the way I could move in the workouts would, you know, move up a little bit. Um, but then once I got to empire, it was like my physique started changing and then my weight really started changing. But now that I'm in the underground sector with Van, like it's, it's even more intense. So yeah, the gym makes a huge difference.

Paul (37:34.286)

Yeah, it really does. The atmosphere too changes a lot and the equipment overall is just a lot better like plan to finish is Regardless of the atmosphere. Let's just ignore that the equipment itself is just lackluster at best It's like what you'd have if you had a garage gym, you know, like one Smith machine like a cable machine, you know, no benches, but you have like You like lay on the floor instead, you know shit like that. You know, it's like

You know, it is doubles only up to 70 pounds or whatever. Like it's like it just doesn't it doesn't promote more than beginners, you know, anything past beginner. If you start approaching intermediate, you'll grow out of it pretty quick. But again, that's just that's just part of growing. And I look back a lot of my photos and I'm just like, what the fuck? What the hell am I talking about? Like.

Stoph (38:05.222)


Stoph (38:24.64)


Paul (38:26.196)

It's so cringe it's so fucking cringe I used to train in jeans a lot just because I was my But I mean granted I was Working like 70 80 hours a week, so I didn't even want to spend the energy to like change I just would like throw on a stringer and just like get a pump and wear jeans but it was like I Don't know. I just was not

Stoph (38:30.824)


Stoph (38:36.99)


Paul (38:48.086)

a good period out. It was like if I could go back and tell myself something would be, dude, fucking stop training. Like you're getting five hours of sleep at night at best. You're working way too much. You got school on top of it. And like you're losing sleep to cook food. I'm like, I just tell myself like, look, you're literally not even making any difference. You're spending all this time and effort doing this and you're not even getting the sleep necessary to recover, let alone everything else.

Stoph (39:16.904)


Paul (39:17.442)

So that's what I would have told myself, but that's just part of growing and you know, I mean in Dorian's World, I mean, I don't know where the hell Dorian came from because in 87 89 I think was 89 He started competing then boom 92. He won the Olympia or second I mean second in the Olympia 93 he won so I don't know where the hell he came from, you know, it's like that's that's part of like Dorian too is like he just came out of nowhere brought this crazy fucking mass that like

nobody's seen before. But then there's also like this stupid bullshit that he says like, he's like, oh, like, it says right here, it references exactly what he's talking about. So he's kind of part ish of like the Holocaust deniers. There's a video that whoops, there's a video that

Stoph (40:07.656)

Oh boy.

Paul (40:13.582)

Dave Palumbo posted on his YouTube channel five years ago and it says controversial viewpoints. And his contribute one of his controversial viewpoints is that the death toll of the Holocaust is over exaggerated as there have been two forensic studies in quotations two forensic studies to prove that no gas was ever used in Auschwitz. It's like.

Uh, what?

Stoph (40:45.472)

Well, even if it wasn't used in Auschwitz, that's not saying it wasn't used in like Buchenwald or any of the other concentration camps.

Paul (40:55.598)

Yeah. And even then, like it wasn't just the gas that was killing people. It was starvation, thirst, like literally freezing to death. Yeah. Like it was like, there's so many different, like, like the shit people would, people were doing the Holocaust that people don't talk about. Like what the, the, what was happening in concentration camps and even in the Japanese concentration camps with the American POWs, but it is fucked. Like the gas is like the least disturbing one.

Stoph (41:01.63)

that crematoriums.

Paul (41:23.278)

If you read like true world, like I know this is kind of a tangent here, but like this is what I hate about like Holocaust and Irish and shit. You read like firsthand accounts of what, you know, these Holocaust survivors were talking about, especially where they still have the fucking numbers on their arms. They'd be like, they were using babies for skeet shooting. I'm like, what the fuck? Like they would say pull and just throw a baby in the air. I'm like, are you shitting me? Like, like what is wrong with you? Like how does that happen?

You know, like originally I had never, you know, I think one thing that would be kind of interesting is to read mind conflict. What does Hitler actually say in there that convinced all these people that these people were bad? You know, like, what was it that he said?

Stoph (42:04.032)

It's very nationalist based. So it's like if we read like a piece of material that's like, take like the most, you know, gung -ho American you can think of and then amplify that by like 10. That's kind of what it is. And a lot of historical side things like for like, we're talking like early, early, early empires. That's a lot of stuff was rooted in there.

Paul (42:08.918)


Paul (42:22.06)


Stoph (42:33.472)

And for the skeet shooting stuff, that's one thing, but I actually just, it's funny you bring this up because my students just learned about this because we just read Knight. And I just put on a documentary on Friday where it talks about to conserve ammo, these extermination groups would just grab a baby and smash it against a tree instead of shooting it. So.

Paul (42:44.334)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (43:01.326)

Like, how do you just get the most psychopathic, sociopathic people to, like, how does that happen? Like, how do you go from like, I mean, granted, they also started with Word 1 and shit too, but like, how do you go from like, relative norm to like five years later, like soldiers are just like mutilating babies. Like, how do you, how do you, what's point A to point B like? How does that happen? You know? Like, it's not like, like you're like converting normal people to become like,

Stoph (43:08.544)


Stoph (43:26.44)


Paul (43:31.842)

like psychopaths.

Stoph (43:32.224)

Well, it's it's trend rage.

Paul (43:35.574)

Yeah, that's all it is. They were just dosing everybody up on a shit on a trend. A grammar trend each each week.

Stoph (43:40.576)


The Holocaust deniers never want to do blood work, huh?

Paul (43:48.046)

Ooh, steroid usage, perhaps, even though testosterone wasn't invented for like 10 years, artificial testosterone, but.

Stoph (43:56.384)

Your field kit has a throwaway razor, a wire toothbrush, and a vial of test. Yeah.

Paul (44:04.846)

Yeah, it is.

It's probably already dirty, a little bent. But he has a bunch of these like weird fucking ideas. Like his whole thing about like ayahuasca and whatnot and how like that's life changing and stuff. And he says that like supposedly cannabis has...

Stoph (44:10.432)


Paul (44:30.154)

anti -cancer properties and all this shit like it's just a lot of issues kind of like out of left field it just doesn't really make any sense um so i just i don't know it's like it like he also said he also said regarding his use of peds he said the documentary supersized me

Stoph (44:38.994)


Paul (44:53.152)

where the guy eats three McDonald's meals a day is more harmful for the metabolism than his 12 years of regular steroid use. My fucking ass, I mean, maybe, maybe the metabolism particularly, but let's talk about the rest of the body. Like.

Stoph (45:09.502)


Paul (45:10.67)

Like, yeah, it might've been more damaging for his metabolism at the time, but then he could still recover from it. You know, like he, you know, he had all those meals and he could then eat healthy and exercise and get back to where he was. Um, but that was part of it was that. Could you live off McDonald's while doing no exercise and only eating just McDonald's? So like he became like, you know, he gained a lot of fat, got really unhealthy, but that's for, it was for a reason, you know? Um, but then they say like, oh, 12 years of, he said,

regular steroid use. You mean super fucking heavy steroid use?

Stoph (45:44.416)

I was gonna say there's no such thing as regular steroid use, unless you're talking like, like doctor prescribed HRT.

Paul (45:52.974)

I mean, like you could say regular if it wasn't like abnormal amount. Like if it was like pretty standard for what a lot of guys use, then you could say like it's a regular amount.

Stoph (46:01.024)

Insert the video of Rich Piana saying, I was taking an IU of HG every half hour.

Paul (46:12.59)

Yeah, no, that's not a regular amount. But like, it's like, if somebody was like 400 milligrams a test on cycle, I'd be like, all right, that's a pretty standard amount. That's a pretty regular amount of test, you know? Or somebody said like 150 milligrams a trend. And it's a little lower side, but pretty standard. You you hear that pretty often. So like, that's what I think when he says regular steroid use.

In my opinion, Dorian must have been on fucking grams of shit. Like, no matter your genetics, like to get to that size, you have to be on a lot of shit. You just, your body can't handle it.

Stoph (46:40.99)


Stoph (46:45.376)

Well, especially because we know he got to the Olympia stage not being the mass monster that we have come to know him as. It was after that, what, the 91? Or, yeah, the... Not his first win. No, 91 he got second. And then even 9 -

Paul (47:00.11)

No, 92 is when he got second.

Paul (47:08.876)

Oh, is it anyone?

Stoph (47:09.866)

1990 with knighted champions he got second one of those is the the famous like quote where the judge told him he wasn't big enough and That's when we get you know the absolute monstrosity that he became And so like that that's my point like He got to that level without being the mass monster so to then go and take it to another level you have to be on all sorts of stuff

Paul (47:25.678)

Yeah, the 93 Olympia. He's fucking huge.

Paul (47:38.99)

Yeah, yeah, you have to shock the body somehow. It's not like he trained his train. He didn't change his training to get a ton of fucking size. You know, he had to change something else. But like, that's what I'm saying. Like he's just the regular, the regular steroid use. No, no, there's no way. I don't believe in that regular steroid use. But he, he's 61, huh?

Stoph (47:45.628)


Stoph (47:55.04)


Stoph (48:00.928)

I'm regular.

regular steroid use. I uh, I dri - I sipped on a uh, on a glass of testosterone.

Paul (48:12.238)

Does that make me a woman now? Oopsies. He's 61 now, gonna turn 62 in April, so he would have won his first Olympia at 30, just about 30.

Stoph (48:31.21)

Uh, yeah, he, it's, it's right on 30 because he was born in 62 and he won in 92.

Paul (48:37.774)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were right. So yeah, in 92 he won, in 91 he lost, so he won when he was 30. And then stopped competing when he was about 35. Yeah.

Stoph (48:45.47)


Stoph (48:49.632)

96, no 97. So 35, yep.

Paul (48:52.43)

97 yeah So yeah, so when he was 35, yeah, so from 1991 English Grand Prix up until the 1997 Mr. Olympia he won every single show he competed in Including the Spanish German and English Grand Prix as he did in 94 96 And a few others but Yeah, he just came out of nowhere and just fucking started mutilating

Stoph (49:20.392)


Paul (49:20.974)

But yeah, 93 was really where he brought that mass, 93 to 97. But again, it's part of that his training style that resulted in those injuries most likely, you know, when you train with really, really high intensity, you're asking to get injured. Now look at Roddy, you know, a lot of his injuries are because of his really high intensity training. And it fucked him up.

Stoph (49:38.688)

Yeah, plenty of people, not to say that anybody has ever really achieved Ronnie's look, but plenty of people have gotten to Olympia caliber not doing the 800 pound squat. Like, yeah.

Paul (49:51.746)

Mm -hmm Yeah, I mean Jay color was one of them, you know He I think he'll eat it like 500 something at the most but like Jay was also like a big proponent of like low weight like he he was talking about the other day Yeah, a lot a lot of volume and he was talking about the other day like He when he was training for the Olympia each year. He never really got above two plates on bench He's like I almost never touched 225 a bench

Stoph (50:02.16)

Volume, yeah.

Paul (50:16.686)

like ever. He did it in a video and he said that's why I like that video. That clip was crazy for him because he'd never done really anything like that when he was training for the Olympia. He'd always go under 225, which really goes to show a lot. You it's like you look at these, the Mr. Olympia competitors, it really says a lot about the people you see in the gym on a regular basis who say like, oh, this is how much I bench. Like, this is what I do. And it's like,

Stoph (50:30.078)


Paul (50:43.98)

When it comes to bodybuilding, it's not really needed. You know, like Nick Walker's another example. He's doing like one tens or something on incline or whatever it was, incline bench. And he's like, this is my top set. He was talking about how I think he just started hitting one tens or something. And he's like, I can barely hit this for this amount of reps. And he's like, so if you're hitting this and you're not my size, then you're probably doing too much weight.

Stoph (51:13.918)


Paul (51:14.062)

or whatever it was, something along those lines. And it does go to show a lot because these guys, you know, a lot of guys judge, you know, their size based off of how much they can lift. And size doesn't always result, like, yes, it results in more strength in the grand scheme of things, but it's not like you're a power lifter, you know, your muscles are extremely, extremely dense to help support a lot of weight. Your muscles are inflated.

and very round and very full of like water basically so you're not going to be super strong but you're going to look like you're going to look crazy you know.

Stoph (51:50.112)


Paul (51:51.776)

And there's this other video, I don't know if you saw it, this fucking guy, I don't know his name. He's like a Spanish guy or something from Florida. He has like these aviators always on in his all of his videos. And he talks about like bodybuilding and shit. They're like shorts, right? They're like YouTube shorts. And he's talked about how like bodybuilding is the stupidest sport because you get injured so easily. And he's like, look at these two bodybuilders. He's like, they got injured and they weren't even lifting. He's like, one guy was catching his dog falling off the couch or his baby or something falling off the couch. This other guy.

was stepping up to something like a stair, like a tall stair or something and like toward his quad where the other guy towards tricep catching his dog falling off the couch or something. But it's like, yeah, but let's go ahead and dissect what actually happened. Was it the muscle that tore or was it the tendon that tore? And I almost guarantee you it was the tendon. And you know how it is very easy to tear a tendon, you know? My mom tore her ACL from a kick when she was doing, when she was, she was in karate and she got really high and.

Stoph (52:43.752)


Paul (52:51.96)

Is it Taekwondo? I forget what it was but she got really high up there in belt and she just did a roundhouse like she normally would just any other day and just swung it a little weird and boom tore our ACL just

popped it. You know, sometimes you just need like the perfect, yeah, roadhouse. Sometimes you need like the perfect, uh, perfect scenario to tear something. And on top of that, when you are, when you are training, yeah, you are more prone to injuries. You know, you know that firsthand with, with your sports that you play and

Stoph (53:09.088)

Heh, Rodehouse.

Stoph (53:17.16)


Stoph (53:23.752)


Paul (53:26.07)

And a lot of time it is tendon based because especially when you're using gear, your tendons aren't stronger. Your tendons never gain strength. You your tendons don't just grow. It's like saying cartilage. Your cartilage just doesn't grow. Your bones just don't grow.

Stoph (53:40.224)

My ears. What are you training today? Ears.

Paul (53:44.302)

ears. I'm trying to get that cauliflower ear. That's my goal, cauliflower ear.

Stoph (53:51.008)

Hey, where do you pin my earlobe?

Paul (53:54.734)

Oh, straight to the bloodstream. It just sits there infected for 10 days.

Stoph (53:59.136)

It pools up and then I take it out and reinsert.

Paul (54:06.838)

It re - yeah, that way it's acclimated to my body already. My body's taking its own resources in.

Stoph (54:15.648)

If I ever have to get the COVID booster again, I'm gonna have it put in like my ear or something like that.

Paul (54:15.98)

That's disgusting.

Paul (54:21.038)

Can you inject it into one of my hair strands, please? That's the only place that will get it.

But yeah, it's your tenants are very very weak in comparison to your muscles, especially when you're on gear That's when you're on gear and you talk to anybody who's taking gear They will tell it they should tell you to take it easy on the weights, you know, you're gonna feel strong It's gonna feel good and you're gonna want to be able to push more weight But you need to take it slow because your tenants can't handle it, you know You can build up the resilience in your tenants, but they're not just gonna gain strength, you know, then we might be able to handle more You know strain

but they're not gonna be able to lift weight. So like these guys who he was making fun of that were bodybuilders and just tore something, trying to catch something. Imagine that, imagine you're sitting there, your dog, your kid or whatever falls off the couch. Now try to catch them with that arm. Like yeah, your arm's in a weird fucking place.

Stoph (55:14.656)

Well, that's what I was going to say. Anybody who goes after like, the example I could think of from this about 10 years ago, of literally the exact same conversation. When someone who's an athlete gets injured doing anything else, that shows that they're human if anything else. Like that, because that's injuries that regular people get. So for example, there's, uh,

In the mid 2010 era, 2010, 2011, 2013 era, Madison Bumgarner, he was a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, he was huge into dirt biking. He's a, I want to say, a southern kid or a southwestern kid. And dirt biking is huge in the places where you don't have big cities or anything like that. And he got injured pretty messed up.

doing some dirt, it wasn't a stunt or anything, it was just, you know, like riding about and everyone was giving him crap. And I was like, that's an injury that anybody would get. Like it's not, it's sure he's, you know, a great athlete. He is a phenomenal pitcher. That doesn't mean he's not going to get injured doing something that somebody else would get injured for. So that's why I always hate these. If it's a training injury, completely different story. I get those. But that...

Paul (56:27.214)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (56:37.006)

Yeah, it's.

Stoph (56:43.84)

It's such a dumb conversation to have.

Paul (56:47.854)

I mean, when it comes to those side injuries, if it was me and I was a professional baseball player or something, I would take it more easy in the off season just to prevent injuries. I'd focus a lot more on eating healthy, enjoying life mentally, doing a lot more stretching, focusing more so on my just general health. Because when it's the season,

You know training prior to the season like you're going hard the whole time, especially baseball You know, there's so many fucking games a year for each team. So I can get where people are like, why is he risking it? In the offseason, but also like you need to live your life, you know

Stoph (57:26.24)


Stoph (57:30.624)

But my thing is you, the conversation is that you can't blame it on the sport. Like saying a bodybuilder gets injured for doing that. So that's why I think those are dumb. Like last summer when both my ankles blew up, that was because of sport. That wasn't because of my lifting routine. So I can't say I like, oh, I squatted three plates of my ankles just snapped underneath me. No, I was out doing other stuff and it affected my gym use.

Paul (57:37.006)

No, no, of course not.

Paul (57:46.412)


Paul (57:59.662)

Yeah, I mean, you can like, like I was saying, you can be more prone to things, you know, from bodybuilding. Like when I was in prep, like, I was eating such a little amount of food and doing all the training that I was doing and cardio and all that. Like I was really prone to injuries at the time. My body was extremely fragile. My recovery was, I mean, it was really good because of the gear usage, but that's the only reason why it was good in the first place. Like it's you're, you're asking to get hurt when you're, when you're in prep, you know, you're.

Stoph (58:03.486)


Stoph (58:22.76)


Paul (58:26.734)

Your whole system is very, very like on edge the entire time. So it's very easy to get injured. Um, you know, or if you're bulking and you're just like really pushing your body to the next level to get on size. Um, I'm sure like Dorian from 92 to 93, like you have to be careful, you know, during those periods because you're putting your body through hell in order to put on size. You're eating a ton of food. Your whole body is just working over time to do all of that. So you're going to be more prone to injuries. That's just part of it.

You know, and it's like, it's like pitchers and baseball and you know, their shoulders are way more prone to injuries than anybody else because of the stress that they put on their arms, you know. Um, it's just how it is. It's just how, how sports work. Um, you're, you're more prone to these injuries when you work, you know, different muscles, tendons, ligaments, whatever.

but to be like, oh, it's a stupid sport because you're more prone to injuries, it's like, then you could argue that every sport is stupid because you're more prone to injuries. You know, like there's sports that like, I wouldn't say you're more like, like motorsport for instance, right? Like you're not, yeah, they're kind of training for certain things, but like, you're not really prone to injuries outside of motorsport more so than anybody else. But you know, the sport is inherently dangerous itself. So you're asking me to get hurt, but.

Stoph (59:26.13)


Paul (59:48.32)

Anything that's physically demanding, you're asking for more. You're not asking, but like you're more prone to injuries. So it's much easier for you to get more easily injured than anybody else. So.

Stoph (01:00:00.266)


Paul (01:00:00.27)

You gotta be careful of that shit. And that's what happened with Dorian Yates. He had a bicep and a tricep tear, and that's basically what kind of ended his Olympia career. It's like he ended up winning somehow the 97 Olympia. There's a few, I think Seabom had a bicep tear going into the last year, 2022 or whatever it was. So these things happen and they do hinder you quite a bit.

But sometimes like your tear could be so bad that it just, there's just no recovery from it. And I think that's probably what happened with the 97 Olympia. He tore his triceps, he somehow won because he did everything that he needed to do. And his triceps were where they're supposed to be besides the tendon tear. But after that, like he probably, like when you're, especially when you do a full tear, you have to get surgery. And then after that, the muscle is never going to look the same. You know, it'll always be messed up, especially when you tear a quad or something like that. Like your quad's fucked the rest of your life if you tear a quad.

Stoph (01:00:50.12)


Paul (01:00:56.846)

So, you know, these tears will end your career. So especially the longer you do, you compete in bodybuilding, the longer your training, you should be doing more movements that are more agreeable with your physique, you know, is more agreeable with your body. You know, like, that's why I think that after like beginner to intermediate, you should probably ditch preacher girls on with a bar or dumbbells like right away.

Stoph (01:00:57.064)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (01:01:21.166)

Like that's one of the first ones I think everybody should ditch because it is so easy to tear bicep on preacher curls or like doing like, um, like single arm overhead tricep extensions. Like this shit, you're so prone to a tricep tear because you're just stretching this tendon right here so much. So like, you know, getting rid of that, you know, there's like certain movements that you really need to be careful of, like slow incline bench press. Great for beginners, not good for bodybuilders because you're just asking to tear your pec. You know, there's, there's so many different movements that you've got to

Stoph (01:01:49.394)


Paul (01:01:51.12)

avoid just because of the potential for injury. And sometimes you just got ahead of just right. Dorian probably just stretches triceps too much or something and just popped it and that was it. His Olympic career is over pretty much. Those things happen. But that's Dorian for you. I mean, it's not a ton to talk about with him just because it's like his bodybuilding and that's pretty much it after that. I mean, there's all those different businesses and stuff.

that he got into and kind of got out of. Yeah, yeah, a lot of them failed and a lot of them he didn't want to like be involved with anymore, stuff like that. But yeah, everything else besides that, he's just been a big advocate for drug usage as far as like cannabis, ayahuasca, stuff like that. And then just like living a very hippie, like peaceful life in Spain, which I don't blame him. Spain is beautiful. So one place Anthony Bourdain was like,

Stoph (01:02:20.8)

That all failed.

Stoph (01:02:46.528)

Oh yeah.

Paul (01:02:49.454)

If I could live anywhere in the world, it'd be Barcelona. It's the only place during Parts Unknown, which is a great show, but Parts Unknown, he was in Barcelona and the guy he was spending that week with or whatever, he said to him that he envied his life. He's like, this is a beautiful life to live. It's the only place he ever said that. Everywhere else, he never said that. But, so I don't blame him for living in Spain.

Stoph (01:02:51.264)


Stoph (01:03:05.088)


Stoph (01:03:08.864)


Stoph (01:03:13.568)

Hell yeah. Well, great review and we'll be bringing another one eventually.

Paul (01:03:13.614)

But yeah, there we go, that's Dorian.

Paul (01:03:19.758)

Yes, a couple weeks. We're gonna try to do one of the influencer reviews every other week, because you guys like it. So we'll come up with another good one in a couple weeks. And we will see you guys then, next week at least, for something else. All right, we'll see you guys.

Stoph (01:03:25.256)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (01:03:33.056)

Oh yeah.

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