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Influencer Review #7 - Bradley Martyn

Stoph (00:00.864)

Well, what I wanted to say was that one of the things that always baffles me is whenever I learn a new pose, so like Van helped me with my side chest tremendously. And in that process, I get like winded just holding that pose. Because here I am, I'm holding it how I think I'm supposed to be holding it. And he's moving like six different things on me. And then he's like, all right, cool. Now hold it. I'm sitting there going,

Paul (00:20.204)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (00:28.878)

Mm -hmm.

Yeah, that's how it is. That's why you gotta practice it. Like I was saying before, it's not just about, it's not even just about hitting the pose, but it's also breathing properly and making sure that it doesn't look like you're breathing almost in a way. You know, wanna be able to hide like your gut extending from breathing and all that and making sure that your body still gets enough oxygen.

Stoph (00:48.244)

You gotta suck the gut the whole time too.

Paul (00:53.23)

Yeah, especially if you're doing a vacuum. Man, try to breathe while doing a vacuum is fucking nuts.

Stoph (00:58.56)

I can't. I'm not at that point. I have to release everything out of my system and then if anything I'll get like short like super labored breaths in but it's not enough to sustain me more than like I don't know a minute.

Paul (01:02.062)

Yeah, I mean it's...

Paul (01:12.654)

Yeah, I mean when it comes to like the vacuum side of things, I just do slight inhales of my nose and just keep holding it. But that's like I said, that's part of the practice, you know, it's understanding all the intricacies, the little muscles that you're flexing or contracting and whether or not you should be flexing something because like sometimes like a pose, you shouldn't really be flexing a muscle even if you are showing it off. Like you're in a side chest, you're not flexing your glute, your hands or your quads or anything like that.

You're just letting them rest. But the way that the way it looks is it looks like you're flexing them. You're not, you know, so it's it's doing all that.

Stoph (01:48.)

Well, that's what I got for critiques when I was doing the side tricep was that, yeah, sure, you highlight your tricep, but everything else has to be locked in and ready to be shown off if you're doing that. It's a huge shoulder one too, because you're rounding off that front one and even your chest because of how you're rotating yourself and like you said, your hammies, your glutes.

Paul (02:08.364)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (02:16.01)

so much more goes into it even though we all know it as like, like if you did it to a random person or someone did like, oh, do the tricep pose, everyone knows that it's, you know, the tuck it behind or like extend out straight, but in both of those poses, there's so much more going on.

Paul (02:32.622)

Yeah, it also depends on how you do the pose too, because some guys do the side tricep and they're more almost straight on when they're doing it. And you can do, you you use more of a focus on your quads at that point. You see more of your abs, you're more of your chest. So if like you tricep, like let's say they say to do a side tricep as a required pose, you know, you do that one if you're theoretically, if your tricep is a little bit weaker, but.

Elsewhere stronger, you know, you could show off more of your chest, more of your abs and makes the pose look a little bit different and theoretically better than if you just highlighted your tricep. But yeah, it also shows like your doubt and all that. It's a lot more to it. That's that's it's posing is the art side of things where training is a science, you know, training in foods is science and then the pose in the art, you know, you're showing off what you've worked on using science when when you're eating and when you're training.

Stoph (03:22.848)

I actually use religion, not science.

Paul (03:28.014)

God tells me what to eat every meal and God thinks I prefer what?

Stoph (03:30.368)

And yeah, when I'm posing, it's not me showing off any scientific gains. It's me showing off my gains up top.

Paul (03:40.622)

Yeah, yeah, yeah God thinks that I that I should be eating cookie dough with every single meal So that's what I'll be that's what I'll be fucking doing

Stoph (03:48.672)

Click... clickbait. Bodybuilding is just God.

Paul (03:54.958)

God in your body is actually body God building. God -y building, geez. There it is, that's the term. Yeah, you guys, you gotta make it a thing. God -y building trademarked. Just TM. Yep, God -y building. And then everybody just let you host a class and you're just like, you must pray. Now do three sets of curls.

Stoph (03:59.698)

We're gaudy building.

I'm coining that. Coining it.

Stoph (04:11.05)

Yeah, I'll go and get it copyrighted. Pay like 10 grand to get it copyrighted.

Paul (04:24.716)

He he.

Stoph (04:25.152)

No, instead of, instead of, what is that, the scorpion, is that what that one's called? Instead of the scorpion, you're up in prayer up top.

Paul (04:31.022)

Yeah, I think it's called Scorpion or something. Yeah.

Paul (04:40.366)

Yeah, exactly.

Stoph (04:41.92)

hit that in the middle of a routine and just the judges go, oh my God, he's gaudy building guys.

Paul (04:49.582)

He's a gaudy builder. We got one in the house. Oh, no I was hoping to take longer. It's really picked up

Stoph (04:55.072)

I gotta print this on shirts right now.

Paul (05:00.876)

Goddy building. I'm not a bodybuilder, I'm a Goddy builder. You just show like...

Stoph (05:04.102)

Certified gaudy builder.

Paul (05:07.596)

You should like Jesus in your shirt, even though that's not God, but like closest thing to it.

Stoph (05:12.992)

Well, I got the whole small Jesus apparel already, so now I just gotta add a gaudy building to it. Perfect.

Paul (05:20.15)

Yep, God a building for swole Jesus. Perfect, which you can't, you don't fit the bill 100 % of Jesus anymore. It's all gone. Look at that. Look at them locks.

Stoph (05:26.622)

I know, I know.

Paul (05:35.758)

Very nice. Big change of pace. Yeah. How does it feel without it?

Stoph (05:37.726)

No more long hair.

Everyone whose opinion I actually care about tells me that it's great and that's what I care about. I have a lot of people whose opinions I don't care about that tell me, oh this is a weird change, I don't know if I like it. So I just go, whatever, doesn't matter to me. Not that I, even the people whose opinions I care about, I don't really listen to them anyways because I'm always just going to do whatever I want to do. But.

Paul (05:47.372)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (05:58.222)


Paul (06:06.99)

Yeah, I think it looks better short, personally.

Stoph (06:10.016)

It's like so much easier to take care of it. Although I will say the one thing is that in the morning, if I'm leaving in a rush before I could just slap that thing in a bun, done. Literally 10 seconds. Every morning I got to get up, get some water in my hair, get my product going, blow dry everything. And that's every morning now. Unless like if I do a full shower and have time to let my hair dry naturally, but...

Paul (06:14.444)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (06:24.366)


Stoph (06:39.232)

then I need to wake up like an hour before work and I don't have that time.

Paul (06:39.884)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (06:43.95)

Yeah, I mean, that's just up to you if you want to do something like that. I mean, I don't think anybody would judge you if you showed up with like a little bit messy hair because it's just guy style, you know, I don't touch my hair at all. I wash it like every other day. Do you wash it like every other day? And that's pretty much it, you know? So. Yeah, exactly, dude, it's fucking gone, basically. Yeah, it's gone from all the gains.

Stoph (06:51.712)


Stoph (07:03.166)

What hair?

Stoph (07:11.89)


Paul (07:12.404)

Speaking of actually speaking of that, um, I got my blood test back finally Took nine days. Yeah, so we got um, it was like point one point six on Uh lh, which is like right in the smack dab middle 0 .9 on the fsh which is on the low side It's considered low. It's not in the normal range But just over 500 nanograms per deciliter of test

Stoph (07:17.024)

Hell yeah, let's rip it, what do we got?

Paul (07:42.342)

Total test and then about nine nanograms per deciliter of free test. The total test is like smack that middle normal and then a free test is low. I think normal is like starts at 26 You want to say actually actually pull it up? I'll show you

Paul (08:03.598)


Stoph (08:04.16)

And the test also showed that you got 100 % on that dog and you bark bark. Grr.

Paul (08:08.588)

Yep, 100 % dog. Goddabilder. Got that. I'm a doggy builder. Got that dog in you, you're a doggy builder. Let me see here. I'm gonna log in here, I'll show you guys what it looks like. It took fucking, I know right? It took forever to get it back though, I don't know why it did. It should not have taken as long as it did. Like in the past, I've gotten more.

Stoph (08:13.746)

Goddy building.

Stoph (08:26.112)


Paul (08:38.462)

Markers checked and it took like half the time and it make any sense but

Stoph (08:42.366)

No. Maybe it was just how many people got it at that time.

Paul (08:48.014)

Yeah, it's possible. You know, making sure that what the hell, there you are. Okay. Yeah. So I got, okay. So like, here's one. Okay. So back in, okay. So it was not 1 .9. I'm sorry. That's wrong. So, um, December 19th, which the report day was December 20th of 2023. This is when I first got it checked at just after my PCT.

It was 1 .7, sorry, 2 .1 million IUs per milliliter, where, let me just share my screen, actually. It's probably easier.

Jeez, can I share my fucking... There we go, okay. Perfect. Alright.

Stoph (09:33.31)

Whoa, his name is D -Fink.

Paul (09:36.302)

Yeah, defink. Um, worth Merrick health. So I like Merrick health because you could build like, like this is all I got checked LH and FSH and that's like 30 bucks where if I go elsewhere and I wanted to check just that the cheapest I'm spending is like over a hundred bucks, you know, so like you could check specific markers. They have a lab test builder. So if you wanted to check like just a few markers, you can. Um, so in this case, I only want to check LH and FSH cause that wasn't on my previous blood panel. So.

Stoph (09:51.176)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (10:03.404)

2 .1 million I use and then 0 .3. But the thing with 0 .3, well, the normal scale that is, this is the normal scale. So this is the reference interval in units. So this is what's considered normal. The thing with 0 .3 though, there's just a bit of a nuance that they don't mention when you're looking at blood tests is that most of the time for LH and FSH, they don't measure below 0 .3. So it might actually be lower than 0 .3.

Stoph (10:07.456)

You're not even on the scale.

Paul (10:33.358)

You know, it's most of the time the blood work just says less than 0 .3 from what they could tell because it was exactly 0 .3 and they can't measure any lower than that. So it's most likely less than three. Um, and then if we go back here, go here. Um, okay. So 5 .6. So it's, you know, pretty much smack dab middle. Um, 507 on the test, which is on, this is saying slightly on the lower side. I would say it's pretty much smack dab middle. I would say probably anywhere between like.

probably between 500 and like, or like 450 and like 650, I would say is like very average, especially now. Testosterone in men has gradually declined over time. Oh, okay, so the upper end of free test is 26, that's what I read. So it's pycograms.

Stoph (11:19.872)

Well, the uh... The overall testosterone has dropped over time because people have lost their way with gaudy building.

Paul (11:26.67)

Yeah, and they don't got that doggy building in them anymore.

Stoph (11:29.842)


Paul (11:31.822)

The dog's gone. But yeah, so normal is 9 .3 and I'm at nine. So I'm like just under low, which is basically what this means is that the enclomaphene is what's helping with my tests. I'm probably like 250, maybe 300 nanograms per deciliter naturally. Give it another six weeks and I'm probably about 500 on my own. And then LH is probably mostly just HCG. I'm probably closer to maybe like 1 .5, maybe two.

an LH where FSH, I think the reason that this is low is because we were taking HCG and HMG and HMG artificially makes your body create more of LH and FSH. So I think that what happened was because my HMG is a pretty low dose, it's not really picking up my FSH a ton, but what HCG also does is it skyrocks your LH, but it also pushes down your FSH.

So I don't think that the HMG was enough to counteract all of the ACG pushing down or suppressing on the FSH. So there is that. But yeah, so really what this tells me is that body's back on track. You know, it's getting back to normal, even with the additional supplements. It's not quite 100 % normal, but it's getting there. It's getting close. And then also free testosterone, you can kind of think of like, so like total test gives you a good rough idea of like,

where you're at, but free tests also tells you like in the bodybuilding world, it kind of tells you how much like muscle you can put on. The more free tests you have, the more size you're going to have. Um, and the more muscle you're going to put on more recovery you have. So free testosterone, if you do about it this way, it's kind of like, um, it's kind of like what your body has a readily available for testosterone, right? It could use any time needed for anything. It's kind of like STEM. If you think about it this way in the most basic terms, it's kind of like STEM cells where STEM cells are utilized wherever they're needed.

Stoph (13:07.796)


Paul (13:30.606)

Um, you know, versus any other type of cell. So, uh, that's kind of how it's free test also on works is it it's free floating in your body, your body utilizes it as needed. So the higher your free test, um, you more or less are going to be putting on. Um, so another example, so this is December 30th, 2022. This is just before a test and primo cycle. So let's see where this is at. So this is a full panel. Um,

So my, on my adibar panel, my button is high, my glucose is about 88. That's all pretty, pretty normal. AG ratio, AST, ALT, cholesterol total was pretty high. But that's just because my body's always been like that. My HDL and LDL always have been kind of high. This is also like seeing my LEDL where it's at here, we did correct it. So.

We did try to figure out what the issue is and we did end up correcting it I think I got another panel done not too long after this not with lab core. I think it was the quest and Ended up being back to normal So we did tackle this don't worry about that. This is slightly low 39 and up. So HDL is the good cholesterol LDL is the bad cholesterol. That's why you want it low So you see how it's zero to 99? HDL 39 and up so there's no limit

on HDL. So the more HDL you have, the better. It's just, good cholesterol. LDL is bad cholesterol. The less you have, the better. Um, DG sulfate testosterone CISO 1295. I think at this time I might've been on TRT dose. Um, see, look, see less than 0 .3 low reference range is 1 .7 and then there's 1 .5. So, um, it's saying on the other, the other panel that my, my FSH is exactly 0 .3 or no, not my, um,

FSH that's what I've seen earlier. No, my FSH is 0 .9. Is that 0 .3 or lower it can't measure so This is what it was before, you know in 2022 when I when I measured it You see here so like right here this is saying 0 .3 right so like this is It could be 0 .3. It could be less, you know The other one it says less than 0 .3, but it still could be less than 0 .3 in the other one. I

Paul (15:53.454)

Now it's 0 .9. We do know that's higher prolactin 20 .9. This is also where because at the time I think of this we wanted to collect correct the cholesterol and we also Wanted to figure out my gyno issue because I was just on TRT like there's no reason and I was taking a Romas in every other day even on TRT because of my gyno issue So it's like what the hell's going on here?

And this is what the issue ended up being. So if you guys get your blood work checked and your prolactin is high, that's a big, big marker for that. Atrial dial, everything else checks out. Free testosterone, see 29 .8. This is on a TRT dose. So this is 150 milligrams, which yeah, it's high for TRT. TRT is really more like 100 milligrams, but even on a TRT dose, I'm producing triple what I'm making now.

Stoph (16:18.846)


Paul (16:47.086)

With in clomophene and you know, the natural side of things granted also keep in mind that blood work is also a blip in time It's not the whole truth But yeah, so here's my blood work for you guys most recent one is here So this is like 50 bucks or something is is where we're at here as far as the cost goes So yes, you serve service date and then report date it took forever. That's what it felt like at least so LH normal approaching higher end of normal FSH low

If we increase HMG, this will probably go straight up. And then free test, that's just something I can really do about that, besides just waiting on it to get back to normal.

Stoph (17:26.848)

Hell yeah.

Paul (17:30.446)

So anyways, that's my blood work for you guys. Went through that real quick.

Stoph (17:33.152)


Oh yeah.

Yeah, I mean, transparency is great. Imagine if everyone in the bodybuilding world took the time to just kind of be like, hey, this is what's going on. Imagine if we got Liver King's blood panel.

Paul (17:48.718)


Paul (17:52.14)

Oh jeez, probably every single marker is off. What are you doing? Well, I did a challenge of eating 400 eggs out of shot glasses. Yeah, that's not good for your health. I don't think. I'm just a doctor, what do I know?

Stoph (17:55.2)

I'm going to go ahead and close the video.

Stoph (18:00.896)


Stoph (18:08.48)

Oh, that's right. We don't know what we're talking about. Don't listen to what Paul and I say.

Paul (18:13.742)

Yes, everything's a lie. COVID is 100 % real. Get your booster shot. Yep. If you train more than 10 minutes a week, you are fat phobic and anyone who's obese and gives you training advice is 100 % correct. Keep that in mind.

Stoph (18:17.6)

Gymshark is a great brand.

Stoph (18:30.784)

Me and the boys on our way to the gym to be fatphobic.

Paul (18:34.63)

Literally though, literally. Hey, I'd rather be fat phobic than anything else, man. And in this, here's the thing, here's the thing that I fucking hate. Phobia is an irrational fear. It's like a fear you can't explain. So for instance, I have Limnophobia. Limnophobia is an irrational fear of lakes. I don't know why. I fucking hate them. I'll go like knee deep maybe, but I will not go any further than that. It...

Stoph (18:41.094)


Stoph (18:49.566)


Paul (19:02.67)

I'm fine in the ocean, I'll go jet skiing, I'll jump out in the, you know, I'll go scuba diving, I'll go snorkeling, whatever. Fucking lakes, nope, not in a million fucking years would I ever scuba dive in a lake. So, yeah, that's an irrational fear. There's no reason, I can't explain it, it's just how it is for me, I just fucking hate it. It freaks me out, right? I just can't get in the water. That's an irrational fear. Fatphobia, or when people say you're fatphobic, it just means you just don't like fat people or don't want to be fat.

Like I just don't want to be fat and they're like, that's fatphobic. Okay.

Stoph (19:33.152)

Yeah, I think their argument, and this is not justifying it because it's dumb, it's so dumb, but their argument is that if you look at a fat person say you don't want that, then it's you displaying your fears about becoming that.

Paul (19:52.302)

Yeah, I don't want to be a fat person. Is that so wrong?

Stoph (19:55.296)

And, but, but the point is, no, no, no, no, but the point is they're saying that's, it's a, like you said, a phobia, a uncontrollable fear, which it isn't. It's just, we look at that and go, hey, I'd probably want to live for an extra 20 years.

Paul (20:11.086)

Yeah, I mean, and even then it's like, you know how hard it like it's genuinely almost difficult to become obese. Like it's like when you're when we're talking about obesity, we're talking about like morbidly obese. It's like almost difficult to become morbidly obese. Like you have to get to a point like you ever see someone who's massive. It's like how you never thought to yourself that I should stop doing this. Like like.

Stoph (20:17.662)


Stoph (20:33.216)

And it takes, it takes literally 10 minutes a day. Just do some kind of aerobic activity and then you're good.

Paul (20:41.166)

Yeah, and just eating healthier. And it's not about eating less, it's about eating healthier. Because there's been video surfacing, which I really like to see, and I've been sending them to people, is like, it'll show like 1500 calories from like Chick -fil right? It'd be like a sandwich, some fries, and like a Coke or something. And it goes 900 something calories of like actually healthy eating. And there's like three plates of food. So it's not about eating less, because when you eat healthy, you actually can eat more, because there's less, your food's...

is less calorically dense, right? So it's like, you're not eating less, you just change what you eat and you could eat more. But again, it's, you know, the more we believe in you, I'm just like, man, I just feel bad because I'm like, there's gotta be something mentally going on where it's like, it's not clicking. And it's like, there's just something wrong and like, I feel bad about that. But then it's like, you need to seek help. Like, has no one around you been honest with you?

Stoph (21:36.224)

And that's that's the other thing having good friends like you can't have people who allow that to happen without saying something like even between Paul and I like even though we both understand like there's you know, Bulk's and cuts. They'll still be the you look a little fluffy today.

Paul (21:41.292)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (21:45.91)


Paul (21:56.878)

skinny bitch, skinny bitch. You know, he just did a, he just did an interview or something with Jordan Peterson.

Stoph (21:58.056)

Skitty bitch. So.

Stoph (22:05.504)

Oh really? Oh, you know what? I saw that. It was a virtual one, right?

Paul (22:07.886)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was virtual, but I think that's super cool. I gotta watch that. But...

Stoph (22:12.96)

Yeah, a lot of people give Jordan Peterson hate, but I'm on it. I like him.

Paul (22:18.22)

Oh dude, like and we'll go on a little little side tangent for Jordan Peterson. We'll get into the main topic for today, but Jordan Peterson like he I really like a lot of his content and a lot of people who find him sexist or get upset are just upset at what's reality and They're like, oh like like I was watching this video the other day. He was I think it was relatively recent. He was talking about Gender the differences between male and female right?

And this, this he was in the UK doing this and the lady in the cave was saying that, um, if we, like she, her focus is equity, right? So it's like, we should be promoting the difference between men and women, but then creating like an equal society where everybody can do what they feel is right for themselves and blah, blah, blah. And he goes, so it's basically an egalitarian society where.

Everybody has a freedom of choice to do what they want to do with their life You know, there's no like any sort of like cultural pushing or anything and he's he explained it you know, he compared it to like Scandinavian countries which have like the closest thing to an egalitarian society and He said there's actually bigger differences now between men and women than there ever have been in in today's society like it's Women are doing there are way less women in stem in Scandinavia than there are in other first world countries

That's because they're not pushing it on them. You know, if you don't push any particular subject on anybody, they'll naturally gravitate towards what they're interested in. And when that happened, there's a lot less women in STEM, a lot more women, you know, becoming, you know, stay at home moms and becoming caretakers and nurses and doctors, stuff like that, and less so in STEM and in all those different industries. But people just find that sexist, but it's like, no, it's not. It's just the reality. These are what the studies are showing.

Stoph (24:07.304)


Paul (24:08.462)

And when Jordan Peterson is arguably one of the most empathetic people in modern culture, he's extremely empathetic. So yeah, sometimes he gets emotional and he cries a bit. He got compared to incels and he's like, do you even understand what you're implying there? He's like, these guys need help. Incels need help. A lot of them are mentally disturbed or have mental issues.

He's like, if I'm going to be the image of these guys, then so be it. It's like, because these guys need help. And it sucks that you use that as a, like, as an insult, you know? It's, it's, it's just like how people feel about somebody calling you retarded. It's like, in, you know, when people say it, they don't really mean it. But if you really think about it, like it's, it's kind of messed up in a way you're comparing someone to someone who has a serious mental issue that they can't help, you know? So that's where Jordan's going from and start crying. People are like,

Stoph (24:46.834)


Paul (25:04.098)

What a bitch, blah, blah, blah. And he is all the sexism coming out of him and this is what he deserves. And look at how puny this man is. And it's like, sorry that he's empathetic.

Stoph (25:15.87)

And if people say how puny this man is, that's when all of us Jim bros stand up and go, you're not getting to him before you get through us.

Paul (25:23.566)

Yeah, exactly. Gym bros would be best bros. Be the best bros out there.

Stoph (25:26.464)

Yeah. Well, speaking of that, I walked in and saw a person I haven't seen since high school. And this was literally just yesterday. And he looks at me and goes, Jesus, dude, do you bench press a car now?

Paul (25:42.936)

That's a nice compliment.

Stoph (25:45.376)

I mean, I was just in jeans and one of my steel shirts, so they are arm fit. It gives a little bit of tightness around the sleeves to help showcase your arms. I mean, a little baggy around the lower part, but that's also just because I don't have a big waist or gut. But it was just like, I wasn't trying, and there he was just saying, holy crap, dude. So that was a nice little piece to keep moving forward with.

Paul (25:53.07)

Yeah, yeah slim fitting, right.

Paul (26:14.926)

Yeah, that's what's up. It's good to hear. Got a lot of compliments.

Stoph (26:17.248)

Yeah. But speaking people who can bench press a car, our main topic for today is a fitness influencer review. We've done a couple of these in the past and we're taking a look at someone who's super duper popular, especially in the younger population right now. And it's Bradley Martin and he's a

Bodybuilder turned businessman turned influencer turned gym owner turned like he does a lot. And he you'll see him all the time on with super famous like celebrities athletes. He just has that like you know back when the blue check on Twitter meant something that that's what I refer to but he has that blue check contactless basically where he can pull.

Anybody onto his show. He has a podcast he has His own YouTube channel he can pull basically anyone he wants into that and he gets super click like tons of clicks for it so he's a he's an absolute unit and he He taught he talked about this but Reason you might like him Paul is he was one of the first men's physique competitors when men's physique came around

Um, he talked about that in an interview with some other people, but, um, just in regard to his bodybuilding, he has a pretty short career. Uh, it's only spanning two years and there's no pro appearances or anything like that. Um, it's all NPC, uh, not to take anything away from that because, you know, NPC is still phenomenal competition. Um, but he started off, uh, on.

the NPC side of things. He did other bodybuilding shows, but they weren't recorded. But his first NPC event he won. He won the Southern California Championship, just first won that. And then from there went and did, you know, a couple shows for the next couple years. But that's where and you were talking about this a little bit beforehand. He has this big story for why he leaves bodybuilding.

Stoph (28:40.96)

And it's whether or not to believe it is kind of anecdotal, but yeah. But he was in a bodybuilding show and based on the story, I have to place it as his 2011 NPC USA Championship because he got second there and that would fit what he says in the story that I watched. But he went out for the show.

Paul (28:47.726)

Yeah, take it with a great assault. Yeah.

Stoph (29:09.894)

And he was phenomenally like put together at that time And he was looking Pretty darn good for you know, men's physique and bodybuilding at the time. He's huge now. He's added almost a hundred pounds to his frame but he he won second or sorry got second and Apparently according to him in the story and again

take it with a grain of salt. I wasn't there. I don't have any actually recorded data on this. This is just a story he told on a podcast, but apparently the whole crowd was booing and saying that, you know, Bradley, you got F'd, you should have won that. And the crowd was just not happy with the placement. And so that pissed him off. And so he took a little bit of time off from bodybuilding. And in that interim, that's when he blew up on social media.

That was right when Instagram first started coming around and he was, uh, he got a ton of followers and, uh, that's because he way back in the day had a BM fitness or BM lifestyle or something like that. Um, where he was being fit. That's it. Um, that's.

Paul (30:05.39)


Paul (30:20.238)

That's being fit. Or wait, no, uh, Disney in 2012?

Stoph (30:27.424)

in 2011.

Paul (30:28.022)

He had okay, I was gonna say he had BM fit Which is like his own training program But he does 12 he found alpha creative designs and also open -zoo culture, which we'll touch on but yeah, I think it might have been BM fit They used to go out at the time

Stoph (30:40.864)

Yeah. Yeah. And he blows up from that. He gets a lot of followers. And at that time, someone reaches out to him. He just says her name is Venus. There's no other last name or anything like that. I don't know who it is. But apparently that show that he got second at, she was like kind of like how, Paul, you have your team, your body. Like it's a fitness team that you guys have.

She was running something similar where she had a team of people and she was someone either responsible for the show or a big donor to the show in some way had a lot of influence on the show and basically told him that going into this event she had already picked who she wanted to win and that it was not staged. The guy still had to bring a good package but...

Paul (31:10.06)


Stoph (31:37.472)

It was heavily skewed in that dude's favor and that's why Bradley lost. And, you know, at first he, you know, disregarded it. But then as he started to get bigger and bigger and bigger on social media, people were reaching out to him saying, hey, come do my show. Like, come do this, this bodybuilding show. You'll win. I guarantee it. And he was like, F it. Let's see. We're going to test the theory. And he goes out to one of these shows and this is...

Paul (31:40.172)


Stoph (32:07.424)

I'm assuming it has to be a non -NPC event because I would not think this would happen at a Phil Heath classic. So I'm guessing this is a smaller bodybuilding show that isn't NPC.

Paul (32:20.494)

I mean, it might be MPC, but just not be listed. Um, it's, or, or it might be, cause like there are like, um, there, there are so many organizations out there. MPC and IPB are just the biggest ones. So like, it could be one of those. And it was just one of those, like, uh, you know, maybe an organization trying to get its footing in the industry. And, um, you know, cause like the way it works guys is like, there's a bit of nuance here. So like,

Stoph (32:23.754)

That's true.

Stoph (32:31.712)

That's true.

Paul (32:46.158)

With NBC and IFBB, it's like those are like the governing bodies, right? The judges basically is what the NPC and IFBB are, right? It's a licensed event, you know, so if it's an NPC event, it's gonna be logged as an NPC, like, you know, events and you can go back and look at the history of NPC events, photos, stuff like that. And then NPC is also run by the IFBB panel as well. So it's a governing organization essentially that, you know, people running shows,

I would assume pay money to have their show become an NPC show. And then therefore the NPC judges who are qualified for NPC and or IFBB come out and judge the shows. So like for instance, the shows that I competed in were both Katie promotions run by this gentleman named Kevin who ran a gym that I used to go to or runs a gym I used to go to. So like those are his shows, but they're like NPC shows.

So like those NPC judges, but he was the one running the show. So like he made the profit, but I'm sure he paid NPC something to come out with their judges and judge it as part of the NPC. So it's possible that might not be an NPC show, might've been just like a bodybuilding show, you know, associated with a different federation or on its own, something like that. So it's possible, you know, but it's either way, it's still the industry. It's still the, you know, it's still the way the industry works.

Stoph (33:54.046)


Stoph (34:07.39)


Stoph (34:12.672)

Yeah. But then when he gets to the event, the he's just about ready to step on stage. And when he's walking out on stage, he can see the guy who reached out to him, like the organizer of the event. He can see him up in one of the like I call them press boxes. But if you think in like a theater, it's like where the owners would sit. And the dude sitting up there going, number one.

And then he, in that show, Bradley crushed the competition and won. And so, again, completely anecdotal. I don't have the actual, you know, history data to support it. But if that's true, that's kind of like showcasing the influencer side on the sport. But obviously once you get higher and higher, like obviously it has no effect at the Olympia stage because the Olympia stage is, you know, critique.

Paul (34:57.966)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (35:11.488)

at the highest level, so for sure has no influence there. Exactly. But I can certainly like see it. I can see it at the smaller scale. This being something that happens, especially someone like a, like a not developer, but a person trying to set up more and more and more shows and trying to drum up popularity for this particular kind of show.

Paul (35:15.054)

And there are millions of people watching too.

Stoph (35:41.152)

I could see something like this happening. Or even starting to build it like, and he says he stops bodybuilding, you know, a year after that, just because he was so like mentally like screwed with it because he realized that at the level he was competing at, it wasn't any more about who brought the best package. It was about the connects. And I can, I can, I can see it. So.

Paul (35:43.854)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (36:09.568)

I don't know, we say take it with a grain of salt, but it's certainly something that I can see. I'm always on the more conspiratorial side as is, but it's definitely something that I can see happening.

Paul (36:21.902)

I mean, the way I would see it is like, if it was a clear difference, you know, so like that show that he got second, like it was a clear difference that he should have won, then I could see it being like a clear issue. But if it's like, it was kind of a tie, you know, let's say like the majority of people felt that Bradley could have won, but then you also have the camp that felt that the other person should have won and the other person won because they had a bigger following.

That's negotiable, you know, that's like, that's, that's, I could see it's more up in the air. Um, and I could see that more potentially happening than someone who's like a complete fucking dominator getting second. Like I could see the, the latter situation happening where it's a close tie and they go with the guy who has a bigger following. So it's better for the promotion and stuff like that. I could see that happening before somebody who's a clear winner getting second and somebody who has a bigger following getting first.

Stoph (37:18.686)


Paul (37:18.958)

You know, so it's possible that like the booing side of things could have been like exaggerated. You know, that's what I think like out of the story, I could believe it. Um, I don't know about that second one. So like what he should have done when he got invited to that show is he should have come in with like a, like a super mid package, you know, like just come in, like maybe like, let's say like 12 weeks is the average prep for a show. Let's see, he came in at like six weeks of prep, you know, still decent amount of fat on his body, plenty of water, all that. Um,

Stoph (37:26.88)


Stoph (37:34.72)


Paul (37:49.102)

come in and then see what happens there. And then that would be the clear fucking distinction. But if he came in like still pretty good and still could have been a toss up in the top three even then yeah, I could see him like being pushed towards the front for the social media following. So it's possible and I'm not surprised if there is corruption based off social media. You know, there's been a lot worse things claimed, you know, they almost every year that a white guy wins the Olympia it's claimed as racist.

Stoph (37:53.76)


Paul (38:18.862)

almost every single year. Which is damn shame because if you look at it historically, there's actually the biggest Olympia winners are all not white. White guys are the ones who usually get destroyed in the Olympia. Not obviously in classic. Classic, C -Bomb is the biggest, but classic's only been around for 11 years really. Same with men's physique, so you can't really take any of that.

you know, for truth, it's, you know, so it's a shame that people fall on these other issues. And, and you'll also see that in just general body of the building too. Like you'll see guys who just get so upset, uh, that they lost fair and square because they put all the effort in, but it's like, yeah, you put in the effort, but everybody else did too, dude. Like you're not alone in that, you know, um, you gotta take what you can from it, learn from it and adapt and move forward and aim for higher, you know? So, um,

Stoph (39:07.166)


Paul (39:17.23)

It's a lot of guys get very personally offended when they lose. So again, it's, you know, emotions could have played a role in that in what he can remember, you know, people might not have booed. He might have been like a few people that said that you should have won, you know, might not have been like a crowd booing. I don't think that that would happen at a small time show at the Olympia for sure. But, um,

not a small time show. So I don't know. Again, take it with a grain of salt, but I do see it potentially happening, especially if it's a pretty close tie or like, you know, Bradley should have been the winner, but the other guy, you know, had way more connections and way bigger social media following for the promotion of the further events later on. And they could have made a lot more money if they made him win.

So remember, you gotta remember these guys who run promotions in any shows in general, you know, whether that's fighting, whether that's bodybuilding, whether that's, you know, any sort of pageant, anything like that, they're in it for the money. These, yeah, these are for -profit organizations. So.

Stoph (40:13.536)

They have to make money. Yep.

Paul (40:18.828)

Yeah, they're going to try to, you know, they should stick to who should be the clear winner, but at the same time, they're also in it for the money. You know, they wouldn't do this for free, you know, none of these promoters would do it for free. Otherwise they wouldn't do it. They're making money. Yeah, I'm sure that they love doing it, but they're also making money. And if they had to pay all this money out of their pocket and not get anything back in return, then they wouldn't do it. They have to make some sort of profit. So you got to keep that in mind. You know, these are all for private businesses, just like colleges, universities.

Stoph (40:26.208)


Paul (40:48.024)

private companies, public companies, they're all for profits. You can't trust everything, every single thing that they say.

Stoph (40:53.28)

Yeah, and I was going to say it could even be taken a step further and start to be set up as like almost like how the WWE runs their entertainment side of things. Like, take all the, you know, athletic side out of it, you know, if you take just the storytelling side and like if let's say this situation, you know, let's use this example where Bradley gets called in to do this show, you know, big following.

Paul (41:09.966)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (41:21.728)

brings a lot of people to watch this show and he wins it. And then you set something up for like, you know, either a month, couple months, a year from now that sets up another person to then like dethrone and then you have a storyline brewing and it like engages people. And that's, I can definitely see something like that happening.

Paul (41:38.702)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (41:45.482)

Yeah, and if you follow these shows or these organizations over a span of time, you'll see that they use previous winners as part of the marketing. So like they'll put them on posters and shit. And that's like, I think that's probably part of it. I don't, I didn't read the fine print when I signed up for shows, but I'm sure part of the fine print is like whatever the photos they take, they can use for marketing purposes, you know? Yeah, yeah. So.

Stoph (41:56.384)


Stoph (42:05.792)

Oh yeah, you have no rights to those pictures.

Paul (42:11.118)

You know, they could use Bradley Martin as marketing for further shows. Oh, Bradley Martin competed at this show. Come compete and see if you have what it takes to reach the same level that he did, you know. So.

Stoph (42:22.272)

It's a picture of him like 10 years ago.

Paul (42:25.902)

Yeah, exactly. It's like black and white. Arnold competed here 60 years ago.

Stoph (42:28.256)

Yeah. Yeah. Come see if you can be Arnold and you show up and Arnold's not even in the building.

Paul (42:37.154)

Yeah, he's like on the other side of the world and it's just like five people showed up. And he's like, aw, sick.

Stoph (42:40.352)

It's like a cardboard cutout of him from back in like 76 or something like that.

Paul (42:45.582)

Yeah, you got to compare yourself to them. You eventually have holograms.

Stoph (42:47.456)

when he's doing his mantis pose.

Paul (42:51.438)

Man, imagine if we got to the point where we could do like a hologram video conference calls and like instead of bodybuilding shows where you show up, like they put a stage up and like the audience could show up and stuff and like everybody shows the hologram on the stage. Imagine. That'd be wild. But anyways, um.

Stoph (43:06.048)


That'd be pretty wild. That'll start with the Apple vision.

Paul (43:14.702)

Yeah, dude, all real quick speaking of that. So I'm super into racing, right? And, you know, I watch all these different types of racing and one of them that I love is F1 and there's this guy who made this like basically this, this way of watching F1 where you have like the, the actual broadcast in front of you. Sometimes you can watch like, I think he might be able to like, in theory, he could put like a driver's onboarding cam on, on either side or something like that. I think he had the map up to.

I actually saw in the video, but on the table in front of them was like a 3D map of Monaco where they were racing. Like this is all just, this is all just computer edited. It's not real, but put map on the table and it was 3D and it showed exactly where the cars were. And you could like look down and watch them race around the track and like, like there's guys fighting for a position and.

and you know, cutting corners and you know, uh, you know, uh, dude, switch a rouge stuff like that. So it's fucking wild. Apple vision is going to be sick, you know, as time goes on and more AR is well VR technically is, uh, is adapted. So we'll see what that holds for bodybuilding and how that could work with like, uh, training and shit. If there's ever any sort of technological, you know, application for the Apple vision pro while training, you're going look like a fucking idiot in the gym wearing it.

Stoph (44:16.52)


Stoph (44:31.872)

It'd be wild for... Well, I was going to say it'd be wild for the posing side of things. Imagine, like, it's a FaceTime call, but you, like, it's right there in front of you. Like, you would... I don't know, I think that'd be really beneficial.

Paul (44:50.542)

Yeah, yeah, if they could like FaceTime you and it shows like If you have I mean you probably need multiple cameras Well that but i'm saying i'm saying like if you had multiple cameras you could show like Your entire body so that way when you're doing posing with someone they could see exactly what you're doing You know, um, that would be that would be pretty cool if we can get to that point, you know kind of using

Stoph (44:54.656)

Well, you would just see them in front of you. You would just see them in front of you, yeah.

Stoph (45:04.008)


Stoph (45:12.8)

just have the Facebook emoji people. You know, when Zuckerberg did his call and it's the animated version.

Paul (45:18.798)

Yeah, the cartoon people.

Yeah, they spent like billions of dollars on like some bullshit animation that doesn't even look good. But.

Stoph (45:27.74)

Yeah. But yeah, getting back to Bradley, that's like his bodybuilding side of things, right? He was men's physique, which is Paul's side of things. And he did it for a couple of years, but then kind of drifted away from it and then kind of went to what he really wanted to do. And I was...

Paul (45:33.518)


Stoph (45:54.016)

Talking to Paul earlier, but he's a cool dude and one of the reasons I like watching him is because he's a regular dude. Because one of the bit like his YouTube channel first started with him doing gaming stuff. He all he does is he works out and he does video game like plays video games. Obviously has like his podcast and all that now. His last one that I saw that he did a big debrief on was Destiny 2. But.

Paul (46:12.59)

Where does he play?

Paul (46:20.514)


Stoph (46:21.472)

He he's just that's what I mean. Like he's a regular dude. Like he just loves gaming and he loves the gym. And that's why, you know, I like him so much because that's I mean, I have my whole get up set up right here for gaming. The gym is the other half of my life. Like, it's really cool to see. But that's actually, you know, his start in on YouTube and progressively it turned into like we talked about B .M. fit and basically.

was a coaching program. He still does this. But he took on clients and did like some of the stuff that was bringing him a lot of, you know, fame was his like extreme makeover type stuff. Like a dude lost like, I want to say like 49 pounds, something like that, in whatever the timeframe was. And it like doing these wild transformations. So he has...

Pretty cool history there. And of course, being on every social platform helps him a ton for, and we'll get into it, but he has his own gym and his own podcast and both of those do very well because he's on everything.

Paul (47:39.756)

Mm -hmm Yeah, I mean I didn't really know he was in a gaming or anything like that. That's kind of cool Looking at his YouTube is all this content is all training stuff Beginner chess routine beginner routines explained beginner leg routine How to bench press stuff like that? So I'm not sure the game content is unless it's on a different channel, but he also

Stoph (47:50.046)


Paul (48:03.726)

started posting not as it says on here on his youtube nine years ago which would have been what the year he opened his gym

Stoph (48:13.888)

Something like that, yeah.

Paul (48:15.758)

Yeah, so it's possible that he like archived or deleted a lot of his older content that doesn't fit the image that he wants to fit now. Which is perfectly fair. I mean, you grow as a person. So, you know, you you look back at the content that may not represent who you are now, you know, people act like you have to be the same person your whole life. And, you know, over a span of 10 years, somebody could drastically change, you know, so.

Stoph (48:42.912)

Also, Zoo Culture opened in 2023.

Paul (48:49.422)

He's had his own gym for a while.

Stoph (48:49.44)

His gym opened up in 2023.

Alright, okay, new Zoo Culture Gym set. Okay, maybe it's a new one.

Paul (49:01.358)

Okay, maybe it's a franchise or something. Let me see. So, zoo culture.

Jam, let's see.

Paul (49:14.734)

Stop. Okay. Yeah. Let me see. See if I can look up like history or something. Yeah, zoo culture.

Yeah, that link doesn't go anywhere. So, this is saying in 2018 they had their one year anniversary. So maybe 2017 they opened it.

Stoph (49:32.672)

and it's.

Okay, so 2017. Yeah.

Paul (49:42.316)

Yeah, it's hard to say. I mean, because it says on this other page that in just 12, you open zoo culture gym in Los Angeles. Anyways, one is he owns a culture gym, which there's also a gym franchise called the zoo. I don't think it has any affiliation, but I see ads for them sometimes on like Instagram. And it's like, you could like buy into the franchise and your gym is called the zoo, which I kind of like. I like playing those plan words where it's like, oh, sweet. I'm going to the zoo and I go into the gym. You're going to the zoo.

Stoph (50:05.714)


Stoph (50:11.2)

Well, like, that's just one of those gimmicks that just rolls off the tongue well. You would want to go there, not even to work. Even if you didn't want to work out, like, I'm going to the zoo.

Paul (50:17.868)

The zoo.

Paul (50:23.758)

Yep, yeah, it's like, there's a gym near me in Rock Hill called the office, you know, so you can say I'm going to the office for a little while.

Stoph (50:28.832)

That's a good way to get out of the house without you know, the missus asking anything. Oh, where you going? I need to get some work done at the office.

Paul (50:35.982)

Yeah, if you could, yeah, if you could hold it off long enough, then yeah, but.

Stoph (50:45.312)

But one of his, he's LA based, he's West Coast based, which is, you know, it is gross, but in terms of, you know, publicity and having a big following, it's the place to be. And the, yeah, but it's still the hub for people who are big, you know, and.

Paul (50:50.286)

Mm -hmm.


Paul (51:03.532)

Less and less though, I will say that.

Stoph (51:13.44)

That was completely emphasized when he opened up this new zoo culture spot. Like we talked about 2023. That must have been the one I was thinking of because that's all I like. It's the all red and black one. But when that one opened, I remember watching the videos and there was a line that stretched down, God, maybe like two, three blocks. That line was stretched and like.

Paul (51:27.436)


Paul (51:34.54)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (51:38.976)

I think he also had some big, big figures in the gym that opened. Like I know Arnold was there the day that gym opened. So there was obviously more reason to go than just work out. But his gym is a huge influencer gym. A lot of people who do like fitness influencing or training or any kind of social platform regarding the gym.

Paul (51:46.766)


Paul (51:58.892)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (52:08.032)

A lot of them are in that Zoo Culture gym. So, me personally, like, sure it'd be a great chance to work out there and like check it out, but that's like the whole reason I left Empire, because that's what Empire was turning into. So I don't think I would enjoy it as much. Granted, I would love to, you know, talk shop with Bradley. And one of his things too, is that this has become a meme, but...

Paul (52:13.934)

Mm -hmm.

Stoph (52:36.274)

Anytime he talks about fighting or anything like that, he always goes, bro, I'm 260. You couldn't take me down. And he is convinced that he could fight just about anybody. And he, I mean, he backed it up a couple of times, like not fighting, like hand to hand fighting, but just either sparring or on a wrestling mat. And he's, you know, he's backed up his words, but he's taken some big shots at people like.

Paul (52:40.524)


Stoph (53:06.048)

talking about Demetrius Johnson, DJ, who is one of the best current fighters. And that dude is only at like a buck 50, a buck 60. And he was on Bradley Martin's podcast and Bradley was like, yo, I could take you down. And he was like, you wouldn't even get to me. Like you, you, you wouldn't step, like you could not get your arms around me. Cause that's how we would win. Like.

Paul (53:06.766)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (53:28.654)


Stoph (53:34.464)

Being 260 and how strong Bradley is, getting his arms wrapped around someone, sure, he could probably get the takedown then. But against a professional fighter, you're not even getting there.

Paul (53:44.27)

Yeah, that's the thing we're talking about here. Like that's what's so dumb about all of it is that he's not talking to the average person. You know, he's talking to professionally trained fighters and when we're talking professionally trained fighters, like especially in the MMA, you know, or UFC, I would say like UFC for instance, like when you're at the top level, these guys eat, sleep and breathe training. Like most guys who are trying to get pro,

Stoph (54:07.518)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (54:09.806)

Like they live out of their fucking cars because they have to be at the gym for so long every day. Like they're there for like 10 plus hours a day training the entire day. So like these guys are living this lifestyle. That's what people don't understand is that there's so much more that goes into fighting than it seems. And to say that, oh, I'm, you know, I got a hundred pounds on you. I would beat you. It's like, dude, like hit, like feel his knuckles. You feel a fighter's knuckles. It is absurd. They're like rocks. It's like rocks in their fucking skin.

Stoph (54:34.248)

Oh god.

Stoph (54:39.368)

Mm -hmm.

Paul (54:39.406)

Like you think your knuckles are hard right now because they're bone, feel the fighters knuckles. It is insane, especially boxers. One punch, I bet you one punch from like a good boxer, Floyd Mayweather for instance, one of the best boxers of all time, one punch and fucking Bradley's out. Because the other thing too is like when you're training, you're not just training to learn, what's that? Oh yeah, yeah, that'll put you on the ground for a minute. But like you're not just training to learn how to fight, you're also training to learn how to.

Stoph (54:55.4)

Mm -hmm. It could be a gut punch and it's still gonna do it.

Paul (55:07.662)

take a fight, you know, like you're learning how to take punches, how to get out of situations, you know, so like you build up his pain tolerance. So part of being a boxer, for instance, is being able to take punches and probably doesn't have that experience. He doesn't have the boxing experience. He doesn't have the MMA experience to be able to take a punch. So somebody wails a really good square one on his fucking face. You know, he's out. He's going night and night because his body doesn't know how to respond to it. His body will black out in order to protect itself. You know?

Stoph (55:08.8)


Stoph (55:36.032)


Paul (55:37.166)

So yeah, it's, it's, I think it's one of the stupidest things he says is, Oh, I'm 260 pounds. And it's like,

Stoph (55:43.68)

Well, yeah, so that's the meme that comes around. So if anybody ever challenges a physical aspect of you, you go, yeah, but you're not 260. I told myself my goal for this year was to get to 250, but I kind of want to get to 260 just so I can say that meme.

Paul (55:47.894)


Paul (55:53.87)


Paul (56:02.798)

but just put on 10 more pounds of fat. Let's just stack on the fat just so you can say, I'm fucking 260. If like a boss comes up to you like, hey, I need you to do this. Are you 260? No? Then you're not gonna tell me to do shit.

Stoph (56:05.216)


Stoph (56:12.032)


It's like those memes of Beetlejuice walking around and it says, when the boss tells me to do something, but I can bench press more than everybody there, so I legally own the company.

Paul (56:25.614)

Yeah, I love that dude. That's so sick. I love that. I've said that's why I've said it to a few people that I've worked with and I'm like, it's just so funny to me. There's a clip from a movie or show with Arnold and he like rats on these two cops are interviewing them, him or something. And he's like, he's like, you got to eat more you skinny bitch or something. And he's like, you fat fuck. He's like, I'm not gonna listen to anything you have to say. He like walks out of the room. It's like, that's how I.

Stoph (56:34.736)


Stoph (56:46.752)


Stoph (56:52.352)


Paul (56:54.382)

Especially when you're hopped up on gears, kind of how you feel.

Stoph (56:57.568)

Imagine you're detained, you're in a waiting cell and you're like, nah, I'm ready to go home. And you just walk out.

Paul (57:04.558)

Just like open the cell door, one hand, just boom, just open it right up. Just like walk out like the Hulk.

Stoph (57:09.024)

bending it like those pressure sticks.

Paul (57:14.508)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, you just bend it, no problem. You fit right on through, no problem. When you're walking out, like the walls crumble when your shoulders hit them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're too wide for the doorways. Oops, sorry. You ever see that guy with the invisible lat syndrome?

Stoph (57:19.424)

But you have to go sideways through. Yeah.

Stoph (57:31.968)

I mean, I've seen the guy who can recall his lats unbelievably well and he does it like mashed up with songs.

Paul (57:39.296)

No, no, I gotta show you this. I gotta show you guys all this. This shit's so funny. I gotta find the right one. Fuck, I don't.

Paul (57:54.318)

Who is that guy? There's one guy that went viral. Ah, there it is, there it is. Okay, wait. All right, check this out.

Alright, this guy.

Stoph (58:08.36)

Oh, yep.

Paul (58:08.44)


Paul (58:16.622)

Like, people have caught him a few times doing this and I can't tell if it's like...

Stoph (58:21.696)

Like a bit or something like that.

Paul (58:23.498)

Yeah, like a bit. Because he's just walking kind of by, like I can't tell if he's with her or like she just happens to be kind of next to him. But there's so many of these out there. Let me see. What do we got here?

Stoph (58:32.626)


Stoph (58:41.024)

There's a Noel Diesel of you might have ILS. There's a short that you click by.

Paul (58:48.982)

Let's see.

Stoph (58:49.888)

Right there.

Paul (58:53.078)

Let's see what this is all about. Yeah, exactly. Exactly how they fucking walk. I know so many guys like that in the gym, like they walk, but I'm like, dude, you look like an idiot.

Stoph (58:54.482)


Stoph (58:59.104)


Stoph (59:06.046)

and having a phobia for a long day.

Paul (59:07.022)

First step is identify your friends because ILS is often contagious.

Paul (59:17.198)

Yeah, exactly.

Stoph (59:18.784)

See this just gave us our car. I think we have to do no -el diesel next week.

Paul (59:26.252)

Let's see what this is. Invisible Lats New was so funny to me.

Stoph (59:33.888)

That one's kind of, but that one seems forced. Like you can do it where it looks... Yeah, yeah, but I'm saying like... It is 100 % forced, but it can also look like someone just... Like the one with the guy walking around. That guy generally could just think he's supposed to walk like that, you know? Oh great, he's sumoing. Sumoing with a cross -hand grip?

Paul (59:36.782)

I think this is Forrest. I think he's given an example of it. Yeah!

Paul (59:58.582)

Let's see, what do we got here? What does he pass out? I mean that's that's so could actually grip the weight, but I bet you this guy's gonna fucking pass out.

Paul (01:00:15.31)

We gotta just do this, just watch like viral clips. He's gonna pass out. Yeah, night night. You know, he didn't breathe. Need some milk. Oh yeah, here's another one. Maybe the same guy.

Stoph (01:00:25.728)


Paul (01:00:30.638)

Look at that. Yeah, it's totally a bit. It's got to be a bit. Fucking love it, dude. It's so funny. It's like my invisible lat syndrome is like, is almost equivalent or like people like, accentuated muscles that they don't have to me is like Joe Rogan's like, like the fake karate and fake martial arts. Like, it's just so entertaining. What's that?

Stoph (01:00:32.192)


Stoph (01:00:50.88)

What I mean.

What? I'm not following, what do mean?

Paul (01:00:55.79)

So Joe Rogan, what are his favorite things to watch? And he said this a few times in his showed it on multiple podcast episodes. One of his favorite things to watch is like the fake martial arts. You like those like phonies out there that are like, oh, you got to channel your chi and you got to do this. And like, they like barely touch someone and they like flip and pass out or whatever. Like because that's part of like MMA and all that that he's into, like this is this, this side of things is so funny to me for bodybuilding, like all the.

Stoph (01:01:10.122)

Oh, okay.

Stoph (01:01:14.112)


Paul (01:01:24.622)

like the big ego, ego lifters and shit. Like this guy, I remember, remember this guy being hilarious. So like there's Kyrgios Grizzly, which is kind of like a little bit of ego, but like, look at this. This guy's gone viral a few times. He always wears a chain around his waist for whatever reason. He doesn't do anything. We might see it in a second.

I mean, it's a lot of weight. Like this dude has to be strong to do this. But also like, you're not lifting from this plate to this plate. You're only lifting these. And even then, because it's so leveraged on this side, especially with the smaller plates, it's not nearly as heavy as it would be. And he's also lifting it like three fucking inches.

Stoph (01:01:58.142)


Stoph (01:02:10.144)


There's no build up to that. You don't go, I'm gonna do this exercise for one plate and then you build up to 20 plates. Is this a shoulder shrug?

Paul (01:02:18.83)

Yeah, exactly. And like, like I kicked this guy to my gym so fucking fast. Like there's weight limits on these machines. There's a reason you will break the machine. It can't just let it can't just handle any weight you put on it. Like look at this chain around his waist.

Stoph (01:02:25.064)


Stoph (01:02:33.95)

Hold on, pause it, pause it. Look at where the plates on the top are. There's a bar sticking through them in the top. Yeah.

Paul (01:02:42.83)

probably to hold them in. And there's also dumbbell here. There's two dumbbells here to keep it down. Like you should not need to counter balance a fucking machine. Yeah, watch this one inch range of motion.

Stoph (01:03:07.42)

Wow, look at that. That's a knee exercise. That's literally a joint exercise for your knee.

Paul (01:03:07.95)

One, two.



Yeah, he's just stretching his knees out. Everything else is already stretched out by the time he lifts the weight. Look at this fucking thing. Underneath the machine! They're going this way. They're going this way. This is so good, dude. I love this. Look at... Dude, you can't lift that! That's not physically possible. Like, look at the bar!

Stoph (01:03:24.896)

Where... Where is legs? What?

Stoph (01:03:42.464)

Ha ha.

Paul (01:03:45.934)

The fact that this bar hasn't snapped yet is a fucking miracle. Like that's a really high quality bar to handle all that weight.

Stoph (01:03:46.624)


Paul (01:03:55.342)

Look at this chain that's doing nothing. He's not even getting off the rack. No, it's not even off the rack. It never leaves the rack.

Stoph (01:03:59.68)

Has he picked up the weight yet?

Paul (01:04:07.63)

He's just moving the weight.

Stoph (01:04:07.776)

That band is not gonna hold it. His support is a band.

Paul (01:04:12.62)

Yeah, he's got a couple bands up top, which already eliminates some of the weight, but like he's literally just... The weight's just bouncing. The weight's just bouncing because of him moving it around. I don't know what the fuck this is. This is more reasonable, I guess. This is just fucking dumb.

Stoph (01:04:18.112)

He's wiggling.

Stoph (01:04:29.952)

This is just a wide grip deadlift.

Paul (01:04:32.494)

An extremely wide grip deadlift, I think, is what he does here.

Stoph (01:04:36.16)

I guess it's testing your hand strength because you don't really have a full grip on it.

Paul (01:04:43.918)

I think we did one there, and then there's this fucking thing.

Stoph (01:04:46.27)

Oh my god. Look, look there's dumbbells stacked on!

Paul (01:04:51.278)

And then there's more plates back here too. And then all these plates down here.

Stoph (01:04:56.32)

Oh, can we try and count these right now?

Paul (01:05:02.766)

Let me see, one, two, three.

Paul (01:05:10.262)

18 there.

Stoph (01:05:13.76)

I got ten. Ten on the bottom.

Paul (01:05:15.054)

10. Yeah, 10 down here, 18 here, and maybe another 10 up here, and then dumbbells. So we're talking 38 plates per side. That's not physically possible. What is that in math? Like what's the weight that he added on?

Stoph (01:05:32.288)

That's what I'm pulling up. So 38 times 2 times 45 is 3400 pounds. And then let's say add 100, 100 for the machine.

Paul (01:05:44.846)

I mean, yeah, maybe give or take.

Stoph (01:05:44.96)

35, 3500 pounds and then whatever is also behind.

Paul (01:05:48.59)

I mean, I think...

What did Brian Shaw do for the Lake Press?

Stoph (01:05:54.24)

Brunchod did the car, but the car didn't have an engine block.

Paul (01:05:58.51)

Yeah, but how heavy was that?

Paul (01:06:03.278)

I'm looking into it right now. Doesn't fucking say. Yeah, it just shows a car. Oh, it's 2 ,000 pounds. This is the Shaw Classic, like pressing a 2 ,000 pound car. Let's see. This is on a different screen. I know you guys can't see it. So it's a Ford Edge. Yeah, you could see it's all stripped out, but it is 2 ,000 pounds. So what are the world's strongest men?

Stoph (01:06:04.786)


Paul (01:06:31.854)

Makes a whole thing about like pressing 2 ,000 pounds. And this dude supposedly do it almost double that. No. No, sorry. Sorry, dude. You're not actually lifting any of this. There's no way it's coming off the rack. Wow! It actually came off the fucking rack. It's all knees. His knees are gonna be fucking dust. And not too long from now, but like, holy shit, that's crazy.

Stoph (01:06:39.328)


Stoph (01:06:45.598)


Stoph (01:06:54.952)


Paul (01:07:00.782)

Um, but yeah, I just, I love the ego lifters and I love the, uh, invisible that syndrome shit. Like it's just part of also part of all that is, um, yeah, exactly. You just, you just push your shoulder blades out.

Stoph (01:07:04.512)

Heh heh.

Paul (01:07:18.99)

Yeah, you just, that's, that's why my invisible lat syndrome, I have to put my arms like this.

Stoph (01:07:23.296)


Paul (01:07:25.646)

But yeah, it's just, it's so funny to me. With that being said, I mean, I think Bradley has his influences. We'll probably talk about him again on a later episode. There's more to dive into like who he's trained with stuff like that. Yeah. Tristan Lee is one of the big ones that like really he like trained a lot with was Tristan Lee. Who's actually lost a lot of like publicity recently because he's not so lean anymore. He actually looks fucking.

Stoph (01:07:37.568)

Yeah, well, we'll mention him. Yeah.

Stoph (01:07:53.632)


Paul (01:07:54.926)

actually like a bodybuilder now instead of just a dice to the gills freak. And he's probably a lot happier too. So, but yeah, he trained a lot with Tristan Lee and other people too, but he has his influences. I think he really started getting a bad rap when I started seeing the two sixties shit like that, that really like made people not like him.

Stoph (01:08:13.724)

Bro, you just saying that, you're not 260.

Paul (01:08:21.614)

260 isn't just about the weight, it's a mindset. It's about who you are as a person. Are you 260 on the scale, but are you also 260 in here and 260 in here and in the heart?

Stoph (01:08:24.384)


Stoph (01:08:30.272)

In the mind. Are you 260 in your gaudy building?

Paul (01:08:35.726)

in your Goddy building and in your Brainy building and in your Hearty building. Because we're doing all of that at once. But appreciate you guys listening today. We'll be on with a new episode next week. Hopefully it'll be a, maybe we'll do another story episode, maybe we'll do another training episode. We'll see, but we will see you guys next week.

Stoph (01:08:38.624)


Stoph (01:08:48.862)

Hell yeah.

Stoph (01:08:57.344)


Paul (01:08:58.606)

See you guys.

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