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Steroid Stories #1 - Steroid Horror Stories

Paul (00:01.41)

The content presented is a lie and the mainstream medium always tells the truth. COVID is true and you should be vegan. Everything that Paul and Soph say isn't real. Don't use these words against them because they really love being natural and all of the fat positivity movement. Also, Gymshark is the best company.

Stoph (00:18.272)

Absolutely. Please do not take this program seriously. And get your booster injection as soon as possible. The more the merrier. Fitness advice from an obese person is completely factual. Only lift once a week for 10 minutes, otherwise you, you are being fatphobic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Paul (00:37.334)

All right, welcome to the podcast. Set our discretion, or set our disclaimer so you guys are now safe to listen and we're covered.

Stoph (00:39.97)


Stoph (00:46.1)

Well, yeah, I mean... Considering we're both in phenomenal shape, we don't know anything we're talking about, so...

Paul (00:53.955)

We're borderline gods. Do you see the enhanced games as a go?

Stoph (00:58.698)

Sorry, the what?

Paul (00:59.786)

the enhanced games. So.

Stoph (01:01.716)

I didn't know. I've been, I've, I always see some kind of, it's something about like a bunch of rich businessmen where like we want like a non-tested like environment, right? That's what it was.

Paul (01:13.146)

Yeah. So, yeah. So basically this guy, this came up with this idea that we should have an Olympic games that's not tested. And just to see it, like how far the human body can really go, you know, cause everybody in the Olympics, they're very stringent on testing.

Stoph (01:24.916)


Stoph (01:29.736)

I was gonna say more than what men's open competitors do. For what the body can do.

Paul (01:34.59)

Probably. I mean, it'll be it'll be different, but probably more. It'll be different stuff, but probably more of it. But they test the Olympics pretty heavily. They do. I think they do like random testing over the years. So I can show up. Yeah. So yes. So called random throughout the four years prior to like entering into the Olympics, just to be sure that who is already registered for the next Olympics is

Stoph (01:41.133)


Stoph (01:44.653)


Stoph (01:48.98)

random but everybody gets it.

Paul (02:03.702)

is good to go. So with the enhanced games could be very interesting. And we'll be able to compare it to trash because the Olympics is tested where the enhanced games isn't, you know, so we'll be able to be like, all right, well, here's enhanced, here's not here's tested natural guys. So like, let's see what happens. So it's happening in 2025.

Stoph (02:14.872)


Stoph (02:22.928)

It's kind of like, that's wild, I can't wait. It's kind of like, you know, there's a couple people like in the major leagues who, you know, some of the best plays of all time not being included in the Hall of Fame because of the, you know, PED conversation, like Barry Bonds, who, you know, 700 plus home runs. But there's always people, like, and myself.

Paul (02:26.99)


Paul (02:45.004)


Stoph (02:52.376)

Like I grew up in the steroid era or like the end of the steroid era of baseball. So for me, it's just more fun to see that. And there's a ton of people who hold that opinion that it's like, yeah, you know, baseball is great. And again, we're using baseball for an example here. Baseball is great. But, um, imagine if you watched the dudes just take anything that they want.

Paul (03:12.183)


Stoph (03:19.896)

And it was like, because the standard mount to plate Distance is 66 feet. So it was like make the pitchers throw from 30 feet away Let them juice and just see what happens Yeah

Paul (03:32.066)

Just send absolute fucking piss missiles straight at the fucking batter. And then the batter just fucking send a zinger straight out the fucking field without even trying. Instead of a baseball bat, they use like a like a baton.

Stoph (03:42.764)

Yeah. And like...

Stoph (03:50.36)

And like people joke about that but I'm like that would be it's like People who don't like baseball don't like baseball because they say it takes too long to watch it's too boring If you had a league like this, it would be like the Savannah Bananas. I don't know if you know who they are

Paul (04:01.367)

Uh huh.

Paul (04:05.906)

Yeah, yeah, we're watching them in Boston when we're in a bar once. Yep.

Stoph (04:09.932)

Yeah, it would be like them, like just a complete entertainment factor. Yeah, that's why the WWE works. Everyone in there is juicing, everybody's doing something at the WWE, but they're an entertainment business and they do some incredible feats of strength, some incredible athletic things and it's because of what they're taking.

Paul (04:13.182)

Just entertaining, yeah, that's all it is.

Paul (04:24.032)


Paul (04:31.35)

These guys are, those guys are fucking crazy, too. They'll talk about how like to get all the blood on their face and it's from cutting their forehead without people realizing it.

Stoph (04:37.8)

they the refs like either in the ref sleeves or in their belts will have little razors and when they go to check in with someone they'll like either slip the razor or do the cut themselves and then they back away

Paul (04:55.166)

just fucking crazy.

Stoph (04:57.344)

The amount of like, you know, we talk about it being staged and whatnot, but the... It's scripted out to a point, the entertainers in the ring who are the wrestlers, they have to now provide the show, but the amount of like, having to remember major moments they have to achieve, the ref has like the timing, the refs are the smartest people in those rings, because they have it down to like the minute of what's supposed to happen, and they're telling the wrestlers what to do.

Paul (05:01.727)


Stoph (05:26.04)

Like if something goes wrong or they forget, the wrestlers and the refs are in constant communication and you never see it because they hide it so well.

Paul (05:26.935)


Paul (05:36.51)

Yes, nuts man. I mean, I respect it. It's just not fighting. It's not real fighting, but it is entertainment. Yeah, yeah, no, they don't. They don't. Do you see the clip recently of, I forget who it was. I could picture him, but he was on a podcast, I think, and they asked him what he hunts on his like, enormous like land mass that he owns. And he goes, moose, elk.

Stoph (05:42.29)

Sure, but they don't sell it like that.

Paul (06:06.454)

deer, wild boar, and then he goes, bear, stone cold. Like he just like starts doing it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I forget exactly what he said, but I thought that was funny. He just like went right into it and he fucking nailed it too. That impression was on point.

Stoph (06:13.347)

What? It's, it's Brock Lesnar.

Stoph (06:22.9)

It... Brock has an incredible stone cold impression and every podcast will try to get it out of him. And so they just ask him questions that make him say a list and then everyone in the room will start going, What?

Paul (06:28.603)


Paul (06:37.13)

What? Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's what they were saying. Because he'd go, he went, Moose he go, WHUT He goes, Elk WHUT Yeah, I know exactly what that is now.

Stoph (06:42.992)

That because that and yeah, because I was one of Stone Cold's things when he was in ring and on Mike when he would say just one thing and then the crowd would go what? And so there's that, you know, it's been turned into a meme now, but he talks about, let me tell you what, what Stone Cold likes to work out. Deadlifts? WHUT? Benchpress? WHUT? And he just starts listing everything in the gym.

Paul (06:55.69)


Paul (07:10.102)

So I was listing off a bunch of, yeah. Yeah, he did it with drinks too. Yeah, it's classic. But what we planned on for today's episode before we started shooting the shit, we got a recommendation from a listener of ours to go more into steroid horror stories and maybe read some off that we've seen.

Stoph (07:15.373)


Stoph (07:22.671)


Stoph (07:28.601)


Paul (07:39.87)

you know, someone read it, stuff like that. So figured we could do that.

Stoph (07:40.332)

Yeah. And it's a pretty good thing to bring up too, because our viewer base, we're not predominantly 60 plus. Most viewers are either Paul and I's age or younger. And that's kind of what we work with. And so in order to properly educate, we got to...

We gotta remember to... I think we say it every single episode, but we tell you guys, do not touch anything. Like, there is no reason for anybody younger than us to be touching anything. Or even if you're our age, unless you're going down a very specific bodybuilding path, or maybe you're a paid athlete in one of these non-tested leagues, there's no reason otherwise to do it.

Paul (08:12.983)


Stoph (08:31.62)

to have these conversations about, you know, stuff going terribly, maybe some anecdotal things that we've had that haven't gone well, like just to help you guys really understand like you should not be touching anything.

Paul (08:44.414)

Yeah, a lot of stuff we'll be reading today is, um, there it's, it was hard to find like these really bad stories. It's not like these happen every single time. Um, so I don't want to get that impression or to give that impression off, but, um, it does happen. And a lot of these stores will be reading off the types of people that will experience things like this oftentimes are in this realm already prior to taking steroids. Really all steroids do is just heightened.

of like who they are as people. There's a video I was watching, I think it was from Tarek, More Place More Dates, and he was saying, you know, he was reading the story off and this guy was taking trend and he just like was freaking out on people. And he was like a warehouse worker and was just telling people to fuck off and shit. And he's like, at what point do you think that this is like beyond the trend and just like who you are as a person?

And it's like, yeah, I mean, you know, it's you talk to anybody who's been on trend, they'll say a lot of them will say it's fine. They just were more irritable, more angry here and there. But like a lot of people use it as an excuse to be an asshole and be like, oh, it's just because I'm on trend, man. It's just the trend talk and it's not me. It's like, dude, no, there is a certain poor words like it's you.

Stoph (09:56.8)

Everybody wants that the blame game everybody wants an excuse for why something's going on. So yeah

Paul (10:02.898)

Yeah, I mean, it's like they some of these stories you got to take it you got to take with a grain of salt too, because some of them could be I mean the ones we looked at from what we could tell are real. But some stories out there they're fake they just want clout some of them. are exaggerated some of them are. You know, not telling the whole truth stuff like that, so you know that could all play a role.

Stoph (10:31.546)

Some of them are just straight up fiction that some school board wrote and pushed out to their community trying to get people off of it. So you gotta really, like Paul said, take it with a grain of salt. If it's a story and it makes you scared and it did whatever it's supposed to for you, good for you.

Paul (10:55.458)


Stoph (10:55.572)

You don't have to push it on other people. All we're doing today is providing our views on the stories. It's basically a reaction video. That's kind of what we're doing.

Paul (11:04.446)

Yeah, and we'll also talk about like there is some actual science behind some of these stories. So if you guys, I don't know like the stories that we're reading through to me I didn't really find anything like super that like really could be taken as like uh I guess uh

offensive in a way. You know, if they it was hard to read or something like that. There there does. One of the stories I have to read for everybody is it does involve sex and what they're into for kinks and stuff that changes when they were taking something. So we'll talk about what that really means there. But just so that you guys know, like that's what we're going to be talking about here. In the case you don't want to listen to that, then you can click off. We totally understand. But

There's also going to be some drug abuse as well. Yeah, there's going to be some, some drug abuse as well. Um, the timestamps will be down in this description, at least on, uh, YouTube for sure. Um, I'll try to get it on every other platform, but, um, if that's, you know, if that's a soft spot for you and you don't want to listen to it, then, then it's okay to click off, but yeah, that's a couple of the stories we've got today is how it affects people and that's, you know, this is a gateway to other things. So.

Stoph (11:57.785)

I love timestamps too.

Paul (12:25.982)

We can talk about it and see what happens.

Stoph (12:28.204)

Yeah, I guess starting the conversation with, you know, personal stuff, if either of us have had any, doesn't even have to be anabolic, but just bad things, it could be even supplements too, that just have not sat well with us and is not something we would recommend.

Paul (12:49.842)

I mean the GH that I had was bad. That's not all GH, but the GH that I took was from a bad source. We long story short, I know a group of people that supplied it for me and they basically was like, yeah, this fucked up a bunch of people. So we decided to drop the source entirely and because we don't we don't trust them anymore. So the GH fucked up.

Stoph (12:54.917)


Paul (13:18.646)

quite a few guys. For me, I was only on it for like a couple weeks or a few weeks really. I put on like 15 pounds of water in just a couple weeks. I got borderline pre-diabetic because my blood glucose was just through the roof.

Stoph (13:28.419)


Paul (13:36.89)

So it just was not whatever the hell was in it was not good. I'm not sure what it was, but we hopped off it like pretty much right away. Like we took it a few days because you know, it could have been like short term water laws or water gain. Um, that's what I meant earlier. I put on 15 pounds of water, not lost 15 months of water, put on 15 pounds of water. Um,

Stoph (13:54.579)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Paul (13:57.634)

It's really all, maybe it's just temporarily. Let's just stick it out for a few days. Let's just see what happens. And after like two weeks, it was like, all right, we'll pull the plug. Like it's been long enough to where your body should have adapted by now, if it was something other than the GH. And that was the only different factor was the GH. So we just pulled the GH and called it a day. Actually, my like worst horror story, I guess, Tread didn't really do too much to me.

Stoph (14:16.662)


Paul (14:25.398)

For me, it's not the relationship destroyer. It doesn't really affect me too, too much mentally. Maybe a little bit of irritability, but that's about it.

Stoph (14:30.064)

Thanks for watching!

Can you raise your left hand just to prove that you're still married? Yep. So, as you can see, he did not lose his relationship.

Paul (14:37.59)

Yeah, there you go. Good to go.

Paul (14:43.714)

This is correct, this is correct. Yeah, I had the show after our wedding, so we're still married, no problem. Yeah, that's really, that's pretty much it for me. It's been, but I'm also very lucky that it doesn't affect me too much mentally. A lot of guys get affected very, very heavily mentally or physically or both. For me, it's really not too, too bad to be honest. Just side effects for me are pretty manageable for the most part.

Stoph (14:51.376)


Stoph (14:56.001)


Paul (15:12.022)

except for hair loss, that's kind of a bitch, but that's about it.

Stoph (15:12.164)


Stoph (15:15.508)

Yeah, but that also is partly genetic for you too. So it's a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Yeah.

Paul (15:19.562)

Yeah, pretty supposed to for sure. For sure pretty supposed to it.

Stoph (15:24.564)

Yeah, I obviously don't have the experience that you do, but I mean, for pre workout on leg days, don't that's a no go for me and you. So.

Paul (15:36.85)

Yeah, yeah, just too much. I get too sick. Also, Alfio him being too completely forgot about this. My coach mentioned it the other day because I was getting nauseous while training. And it wasn't because of Alpha, you had been but Alfio him being in pre workouts makes me nauseous as hell. I don't know why.

Stoph (15:40.643)


Stoph (15:56.135)


Paul (15:58.378)

I remember taking a pre-workout and I'm like, what the fuck is wrong with me? And I'm like, every single time I fucking take it, I'm nauseous. And it wasn't the food, it wasn't the training, like everything was the same. So he's like, send me a photo of the nutrition label in your pre-workout. And I did, and he goes, it's the alpha-yuhin bean. He's like, easily. He's like, I don't know why they put it in pre-workouts. I mean, I don't know why. I don't know if my coach knows why, but I don't know why, but I do know that he said that it makes tons of athletes nauseous.

Stoph (16:22.88)


Paul (16:28.014)

It's just, it's very, very common. So.

Stoph (16:32.256)

Mine is just, I really don't need anything. Like for me, pre-workout really is just for the stem. And in my leg workout, I'm pushing myself to the point of death. Like it's, I train harder on legs than anything else because I mean, that's just my mindset around it. And I just, my body feels like such shit after working out and you know.

Paul (16:41.619)


Paul (16:51.028)


Stoph (17:00.08)

Are you taking pre? As the Karens would say. Are you taking pre? Um... Do you do supplements?

Paul (17:04.755)

the steroids.

Paul (17:10.086)

Next thing you know, you're gonna be injecting steroids right into your penis, I hear.

Stoph (17:17.316)

He's taking rabies.

Paul (17:21.385)

Is that HIV that you're taking?

Stoph (17:25.631)

So, yeah, other than that though, pretty clean slate. I don't really have any comparable measures. More just gym war stories, but that's not our topic for today.

Paul (17:30.734)


Paul (17:38.59)

Yeah, yeah, so we could just get into like some of the stories we've seen online.

Stoph (17:44.168)

I got a banger if we want to start with this one. Let me, yeah, I can.

Paul (17:46.298)

Yeah, yeah, go ahead. You can share your screen. Yeah, go ahead. You guys can read along, read with us, read ahead, whatever you want to do.

Stoph (17:58.624)

Alright, so it's this one here. And it says was just a fat ass lifting on and off for about one to two years and thought I'm ready to cycle. That right there. Lifting one to two years and ready to cycle. For reference, Paul, you were, I want to say, five years into your lifting career before you hopped on.

Paul (18:09.77)

Perfect. Perfect start.

Paul (18:14.295)


Paul (18:21.39)

Um, no, it's like three or four, something like that before I really like hopped on shit. I've only been on shit for like three years now. Yeah.

Stoph (18:25.264)

three or four.

Stoph (18:29.564)

Okay, and I'm four, four or five years in, and I'm in like the gray area with I'm not taking an catalog. So point being one to two years is just that's like, that's like paying like for expedited shipping on a product that you that has like no impact on your life, like it, you don't need it that quickly. First,

Paul (18:43.298)

That's too quick.

Paul (18:55.242)

It's like that meme with Arnold where he's like, it was like AI and it was like, if you're in the gym for one day, you get no results. Take steroids. Yeah.

Stoph (19:00.516)

I'm sorry.

Stoph (19:06.653)

Yeah. First cycle was oral only took a windstraw altogether for about four or five weeks and was angry that I didn't look like a Greek God by then. Yeah, windstraw has your as your only compound. And it's your first compound like I'm.

Paul (19:14.03)

Jesus already a bad start already a bad start

Paul (19:23.746)

first cycle and oral only should not be in the first, should not be in the same sentence. Ha ha ha.

Stoph (19:29.825)

When I was reading that, I was trying to think like, maybe he like, you know how like, we have our like stores that theoretically the backside of the store, you could probably buy something back there. I'm trying to figure out if he just knew someone that had one straw because like, that's not that any research you do, but any research you do does not.

Paul (19:51.85)

And he's like, fuck it, I'ma try it.

Stoph (19:56.328)

lead to take Winstral first. Like, it's, that is, that is such like a niche little piece. Yeah, exactly.

Paul (20:00.146)

Yeah, Windstrawl is just a cutting agent. It's for shows. It's like a cutting agent for shows is what guys use Windstrawl for.

Stoph (20:08.473)

and you take it for like a couple weeks and that's it.

Paul (20:11.406)

Yeah, it's towards the end. It's like the last half of your show or like prep really is when you take windstrawl. I mean, a lot of women take a lot of women take windstrawl during their prep. It's great for women. It's it's easier for women to take it just like a NFR. NFR is one of the main steroids for women. But for men, it's mainly used for prep. And even then it's like it's pretty harsh on the body. So you don't necessarily need to take it.

Stoph (20:17.169)


Stoph (20:34.188)

You just remind me of something, so I'm gonna pause from this real quick. But there's a girl who lives at the gym, the Empire used to go there, and she posted this transformation picture and her quads are, I mean, her quads are unreal, like unreal level quads, better than most bodybuilders. Even like Empire has some good bodybuilders too. Like she has the best quads in the gym and she like from a year took it like. Pretty good. I mean.

Paul (20:42.742)


Paul (20:49.346)


Stoph (21:01.848)

You could make the argument like it's possible, but it was pretty good. And the top comment was crazy what Anovar does to you.

Paul (21:10.35)

Basically, yeah, that's probably what it was. N of R, maybe some wind straw at some point during the cut, something like that. Maybe a dash, a test in there, just a little, bloop, little drip. All right, go ahead, next.

Stoph (21:24.264)

Yeah. Um, yeah, so thought my winstraw was bunk because basically the only logical reason why I didn't look like Arnold five weeks lifting on Winnie. That's kind of like the meme you talked about. Or maybe it was because I had about 25 to 30 percent body fat and my diet consisted of 90 percent of Subway Burger King and McDonald's.

Paul (21:33.279)

Yep, exactly.

Paul (21:42.698)

So for reference, like 25 to 30% body fat, like that's like borderline more like that's like obese. Like you have like that body fat percentage is basically obese. Like to see abs, right? Just even remotely see abs, you have to be single digit body fat. Most guys who are like considered skinny fat are like maybe 13 or 14%.

Stoph (21:50.096)


Stoph (21:54.061)

It is.

Paul (22:08.118)

Most guys who are considered fat or chunky are like under 20%, between like 16 and 20%. So like 25 to 30%, like that's fat. Like that's what he's working on, which is good, but he's fat.

Stoph (22:08.446)


Stoph (22:21.894)

Yup. 40% is where morbid obesity takes in. He's a big boy.

Paul (22:24.874)

Yeah, yeah, he's healthy like right on the, not based on BMI, just based off like visual representation. He's like basically obese. Yeah, BMI, you could, that doesn't matter. But body fat percentage wise, yeah, you're like, yeah. Anyways, 90% bullshit, okay.

Stoph (22:31.125)


Stoph (22:42.144)

Upping the dose to max 200 megs of windstrawl didn't do much either. Imagine such a disgusting fatass on windstrawl only taking up 200 megs of windstrawl and being angry after a few weeks lifting he isn't shredded. So the next only reasonable step was to order some superdrawl. Was taking it straight after winnie for another 8 weeks or something with maximal dose up to 50 megs. I ate even more because I legitimately thought I was missing gains.

Paul (23:08.47)


Stoph (23:09.676)

This was also the time I was kicked out of Chinese all you can eat because I ate them poor. I was there every day and eating for one to two hours after a gym. That's the level you have to do to be kicked out of an all you can eat.

Paul (23:16.766)

Well, check's out.

Paul (23:23.906)

How do you, how does your body handle this?

Paul (23:31.826)

Man, like, all you can eat buffet Chinese right as the gym makes me want to throw the fuck up just thinking about it. That's so bad.

Stoph (23:38.92)

Yep. Well, like, for me, when I think of, like, you know, Chinese, I'm thinking of lo mein, because I love lo mein, but I can only eat so much lo mein, and then like some kind of, you know, meat on top. And like, I'm thinking about a giant plate of that. And that just disgusts me after the gym, because after the gym, maybe it's because I'm gotten into such a routine, but my body is like such a specific craving. It's like, just give me rice, bro. Give me rice, a meat and like...

Paul (24:06.67)

You gotta clean.

Stoph (24:07.672)

a head of broccoli. Like that's what like, it's not even the clean factor. It's like, well, I, yeah, it's clean. But I mean, like, it just looks like, I don't know. To me, it looks appetizing. Like Chinese food just doesn't look appetizing to me. Yeah. It tastes, I'll eat it. Like, don't get me wrong. Like some good Kenny's, like, but I won't, it just doesn't look good to me.

Paul (24:21.974)


Yeah, I agree. I agree. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.

Paul (24:32.323)


Paul (24:35.979)

Not after the gym.

Stoph (24:38.796)

Oh yeah, especially. I must have eaten about 7K calories per day or something like that. I was so effing fat. I felt like total shit, but somehow my ego was completely pumped up and I thought I was buffed up when my shirts didn't fit anymore. That actually, this right here, this sentence, this happens to just about anybody that takes something where you feel pumped up, even if you're not seeing gains, just the size. And...

when my shirts didn't fit anymore. That's a great feeling when your shirts don't fit anymore, but it has to be correlated to, you know, actual gains. If you don't fit in your shirts and you're not trying to bulk and you're like dirty bulking and you're just throwing on a ton of size, that's not the same. What, like the cool one for that is like, when you put on a shirt and it's not the shirt doesn't fit, but the...

cuff of the sleeve is pressed up against your bicep and tricep, that's a cool feeling. That's cool right there.

Paul (25:39.155)


Yeah, when the torso is loose, but the arms are getting tighter or like the top of your shirts are getting tight. Like that's my problem. Like in my armpit area, like that's such a bitch to buy shirts for because my armpit, like it'll dig into my armpits so easily. And like, that's annoying.

Stoph (25:46.857)



Stoph (26:00.009)

But yeah, that's where you're allowed to have some ego though, but not based off of what this guy's been doing. Oh, and during the whole thing, I never took any liver protection. I was completely hammered one to three days per week, and I thought I didn't need PCT because it's just Orals. Glad I didn't damage anything. Don't know how he didn't damage anything, because this is a dumb cycle. But he doesn't really give us a conclusion, but...

I'm going to say that he, after writing this, must have hopped off because this is not sustainable. It's not effective. You're not doing anything. He's eating food that you would eat in a bulk. Like sure, if you eat 90% Subway Burger King and McDonald's, there are bodybuilders that have done that. You know, that is something that with intense training, proper rest and recovery, you can turn into a...

Paul (26:49.635)


Stoph (26:56.192)

an actual like productive bulk but mixing that with windstrawl is such a like i don't understand the point are you trying to gain size it's literally like if you took like a science equation and you took out only the parts that you want because windstrawl is a cutting agent so you want to be lean and you're eating to gain so you're like i'm just going to add lean muscle

It's not gonna come in fat. It's not gonna take away from me. I'm just gonna add lean muscle.

Paul (27:24.279)


Paul (27:29.47)

I mean, just the whole thing, it just shows like, he didn't really know what he was doing. He didn't really know what he was talking about. Like it was just, he thought that it was a magic pill, uh, and thought that he could eat whatever you want and do whatever he wants and get shredded very fast. Um, but he learned the hard way that that's not the reality. And that's the reality for all steroids. People think it's a, it's a, uh, magic pill. It's a magic injection. It's a magic liquid. It is far from the truth. Uh,

Stoph (27:33.483)


Stoph (27:44.088)


Paul (27:57.526)

I mean, I've said this a million times, I can't fucking stand it when people say, oh, well, he was on steroids, of course he's bigger. And it's like, go through one real cycle and see what you have to do to actually make gains. Yeah, your body will recover faster, which is the point, but because of that, you're in the gym for twice as long, pushing it twice as hard the whole time and...

dealing with all the side effects on top of it just to get more gains and that's also just to make it even worth it if you're lifting the same way you always have um you're cutting it short you're not putting in too much effort it's pointless you're going to recover faster yeah but it's like right now my body can barely handle two on one off well not on anything like it's like i'm exhausted after every workout i'm going like 45 minutes and i'm fucking toast on gear

hour, 15 hour and a half, six days a week, not a problem. But I had, so I have more energy, more stamina, but then I have to do that in order to actually even make it worth it. If I was doing that now, it wouldn't be as many gains. I mean, it would be more gains, yeah, but it wouldn't be nearly as beneficial. So it's not a cop out. It's not like you just take it and you're good to go. The only one that's like that is like trend. Trend's the only one that like really actually affects you on its own before you even really start working out.

Stoph (28:50.46)


Paul (29:15.651)

um with it you know

Stoph (29:16.676)

And we've said it too, where people on gear are the hardest trainers in the room too. Yeah, everything that Paul just said. Someone who, for example, there's a guy at the gym I used to lift at who very clearly on gear. His body is not attainable by any means. And you can look at him with two different mindsets. One, it's the...

Paul (29:24.488)

You have to be.

Paul (29:35.767)


Stoph (29:44.46)

You know, the mindset you just described. Oh, he's on gear. That's how he got that big. And then there's the other one that said, Oh, he's on gear. He got like, it's, it's the same words, just changing your complexion and tone and meaning two different things. And the second one is the one that, you know, everyone should view with. It's like this dude and you know, late there's ladies too, but if you're on gear, you're training dummy hard.

Paul (29:58.637)


Stoph (30:14.348)

Like, it's... I mean, when you came down for... I know when you came down, it was not the most recent. It was maybe a year or two ago. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, but you were on cycle, right?

Paul (30:25.322)

Oh, December. I was in keto too. I was in keto at the time too. Ha.

Paul (30:32.91)

Um, yeah, it was pretty light cycle, but yeah, I'm pretty sure. I think I was on a little bit of tests and some caper going to fight some prolactin, but that's it. It wasn't anything crazy.

Stoph (30:36.387)


Stoph (30:41.644)

But I remember doing my lift and being like, all right, I'm getting a good lift. And you're like, you ready to do more? I was like, what the fuck? And I'm, I'm like dying under, under whatever we're doing.

Paul (30:49.906)

Yeah, nice. You're like going to failure. And I'm like, that's a good warmup. Let's go to the, it was going to a working set.

Paul (31:02.494)

Yeah, yeah. My warmups right now are like 16 to 20 reps, like not quite to failure, like pretty close to failure. You know what I mean? So it's like, when you introduce somebody to like real like actual intensity and like truly go into failure where you like are dying. And it's like, wow, okay. I did not know what I was doing before.

Stoph (31:06.879)



Paul (31:22.742)

But yeah, no, that's how it is. You just, you have to be on a whole nother mindset. It's almost like masochistic in a way sometimes. But all right, here is a story I found. This one is one that's about this guy's sexual kinks, which we'll get into. It does have some merit to it. I think it's this one.

Stoph (31:30.229)


Paul (31:49.942)

Yeah, I think it's this one. There we go, all right. So it's my trend story. So boys, this is gonna be a bit of a rambling and a long ass post. I'll try to keep things concise, but I'm finally, after finally 26 years on this godforsaken planet, got my ADHD diagnosis and holy hell, those concerted work.

Anyways, everything I'm going to say in this story is 100% true. No memes, no embellishment, no BS. I just wanted to share my experience as there are a lot of young folks on here. I'm gonna preface and say don't do trend. While my experience overall turned out pretty positive, I was depressed when I started the cycle and had a poor state of mind. 26 is too young for that shit and it can fuck you up bad. I'm PCT for the cycle right now, and while not horrible by any means, it's the shittiest PCT I've gotten through to date. Anyways, started a cycle.

This would be my fourth plan for 14 weeks on. So as his, uh, fourth cycle that he's taking and it's a 14 week cycle. Started with 500 milligrams test E. So 250 milligrams twice a week, 10 milligrams D ball per day. First four weeks to front load cycle. 30 milligrams T ball per day for the first eight weeks cycle, uh, for the first eight weeks, which.

didn't really, to me that doesn't really make any sense because what's the point of taking D-ball and T-ball when T-ball is D-ball without the water retention, but it could be because of like financial issues or something like that. T-ball might be more expensive for him, but he did say front load with the D-ball so maybe he's just trying to give his body a kickstart and call it a day and then for another four weeks just keep taking D-ball or T-ball I mean. Anyways, it all went smoothly until...

He got to 10 weeks of buddy slash mentor of mine, asked if I wanted to a vial of Trend Ace he wasn't going to use for free. Of course I had to say yes, because I'm stupid. I just had my bloods done a week earlier and everything came back damn near as perfectly as it could be, so I thought fuck it and hopped it off the deep end.

Stoph (33:54.128)

Good for him for having a blood comeback perfect on... Because I got to 10 weeks, so 10 weeks of that cycle he just said and having his bloods come back perfect. Good for him for that at least.

Paul (34:05.214)

I mean, it depends. Like it depends on what he's looking at. If he's looking at, if he's, when he says his bloods, if he's talking about like his lipid profile, his cholesterol, stuff like that, that could absolutely turn back perfectly normal. Like I was middle of prep and got my physical diet and they took some labs and everything turned out basically perfect, like right in the normal range. Um, my hormones would have been a completely different fucking story, but. You know, lipids and stuff like that could be in a good place. So.

Stoph (34:18.344)


Paul (34:34.734)

It's also six weeks after D ball so it's very possible that D ball could have affected it and it just was long enough to wear like the D ball wasn't effectively affecting him anymore and I guess this is ten weeks So he's probably only on test for about two weeks at this point if you really did follow this right here He really did follow this At ten weeks he'd be off t ball and D ball and only on test for two weeks

Anyways, with that being said, the vial I was given had just enough Trend Ace in it to cover 200mg per week for 4 weeks, so that's exactly what I did for the final 4 weeks of my cycle. Obviously, far from optimal and stupid, but I was in a pit of sad at the time anyway, I didn't really care, so yolo. 200mg per week is really not much for Trend, to be honest, and 4 weeks is a relatively short cycle. You know, you see like 6-8 weeks typically.

with trend or maybe even longer, ideally not longer than that, but that's typically what you see. And a common dose in the bodybuilding world on the lighter side will be like 150 milligrams. Typically what I hear is either, I'm going to say, usually what I see with trend is either 150 or like 400. And there's like no between, you know? So it's either you're light at 150 or you go like balls deep at 400.

Stoph (35:44.408)

The results was no go ahead, sorry.

Stoph (35:53.944)


Paul (35:59.555)

Pretty much.

Stoph (35:59.846)

The anecdotal data says that you feel, and I mean, correct me if your experience was different, but you feel trend right away though.

Paul (36:08.858)

Yeah, it's pretty much instant. The night I took it, it was so I take at the time I was taking um 0.33 as close to 0.33 milliliters as I could because it was 150 milligrams per milliliter and that's how many uh that's how much I was taking per week so it was one milliliter a week so I tried to get it as close as I possibly could. I think it was 150 milligrams it might have been 110 I'm not sure.

But I felt it the next day. I was training and I was like, this feels like, this feels fucking amazing. I'm like, I don't wanna ever stop training. This feels so good, I don't wanna stop. That's what treadmill do to you. It genuinely makes hard work feel genuinely very, very good. It's like, I don't even know how to explain it. It's like, you get a super, super crazy rush of dopamine, but that's like the whole workout.

Stoph (36:48.898)


Paul (37:08.342)

Like every single day I look forward to training because it made me feel that way. And that was immediate, that was right away.

Stoph (37:15.356)

Yeah, and there's also the story of Larry Wheel's, like, deadlift, getting a deadlift PR by like, 100 pounds the day after hopping on trend or something like that. Yeah.

Paul (37:26.87)

It's pretty intense. It's very hard on the body. Um, but anyways, he took it for four weeks to 200 milligrams per week. Fast forward two weeks in, haven't really noticed much. Three weeks, three fucking weeks at that three week mark is when it finally happened. I hate glorious train euphoria, like a freight train. I came out of a depressed slump. I was starting to feel like a human again, now for the fun. So for some reason, mentally, it didn't really kick in for three weeks, which for me mentally stuff to kicks in at two weeks.

Like the side effects and stuff. I felt it right away like the euphoria when training and stuff like that But like that's basically if you feel euphoric is basically what it is Like you almost high when you're training like that's how good it feels basically even at a low dose but For him it took three weeks for me most the time stuff takes two weeks for my body to adapt trend was pretty much instant So the irritability did take a couple weeks to take Anyways, he goes on borderline asexual

So even on gear, the libido's normally pretty shit, but trend changed all that. I started potting my sweet, beautiful life into the dirt three, four times a day. It was great. I loved it and she loved it. Perfection. Asexual just basically means like, you just don't have sex. You just, you're not into it. You don't need it. You don't like it. And a lot of times that's just attested, especially for men. If a man says he's asexual, it's most likely because his libido is shit. We're not built that way. We're not wired to be that way. There are a lot of women that are like that.

Stoph (38:49.762)


Paul (38:53.782)

They're also not wired to be that way, but there are a lot more women that are asexual than men. Um, but women do have libido just like men do. So, um, typically not the case in this case. I mean, good for him, you know, that they were able to do it three, four times a day. That's exhausting. That is exhausting. Um, but I mean, they were happy and then he said, and then around four week, another switch went off. I was, I always laughed at the trend turns you gay stuff.

Stoph (39:12.805)


Paul (39:22.506)

but it started to believe that there's some real merit to it. Wifey always wanted to put a finger in my butt, always said, hell no, until that faded day, my trend-agled brain let her do it, and boys, it is great. To make a hell of a long story shorter, over the next week, we tried a bunch of new experimental, crazy, sexy stuff and ordered about $500 in new toys. Holy shit, that's a lot of money. Needless to say, the sex life has never been better. Even sitting here on PCT, been able to keep on fucking like rabbits.

Stoph (39:45.548)


Paul (39:52.658)

mood, everything has been elevated since trend, my life legitimately at least partially has been saved by it, it gave me the confidence to seek treatment from my mental physical health issues, I've improved my financial acumen greatly and of course the sex. Thanks for listening to my TED talk, hopefully it was entertaining enough to keep your attention, but before I go I will reiterate, trend is the best thing ever so don't fucking do it, it's like heroin in a sense, you feel great until you don't and at that point the damage is done. That's a great comparison.

Stoph (40:21.056)

Yeah, that is a... yeah.

Paul (40:22.402)

Trent is the best thing ever, so don't do it. Like that's what drugs are like. Like people talk about it. Like there's a comedian, Louis CK, he made that joke. And he made a joke that drugs is the solution to every problem, so don't ever take them. Don't ever do drugs. It's like, the drugs are so fucking good, they will ruin your life, so don't take them. Like that's how good they are. Like that's.

Stoph (40:43.597)


Paul (40:51.786)

Like that's why like addiction is a problem because drugs are so good. They will ruin your life. That's what addiction is. So that's why he's saying trend, don't do it. Um, and that is very true. Like I say, don't take trend. It's really bad for you. And it's, it's the worst one you could take. But then I say, like, it makes you feel your fork and it's like, you open up that can of worms, there's no going back. You know, and it's very easy to get addicted to, um, you'll feel great until you don't, and at that point, the image is done. My risk this time worked out.

Stoph (40:55.874)


Stoph (41:12.994)


Paul (41:21.642)

Worst negative side effect I got is a single little cyst on my shoulder. Could turn out a lot worse for you or me next time. Seriously be safe out there. I love you all. PS gained approximately 25 to 30 pounds of muscle during the cycle. Not true. He probably just gained 25 to 30 pounds of total size, not muscle. And based on how being off is going, Probs going to keep about 20 pounds. Twitch, he just talked about his dick. Anyways, point is, um.

Stoph (41:39.161)


Stoph (41:46.869)


Paul (41:50.258)

Yeah, 25 to 30 pounds in one cycle. Which is like a meme. So this is a Dagmore plates, more dates, subreddit and for some reason that's like a meme. This is say what kind of like what your dick is, like this, like the measurements of your dick. I don't know why. They'll even start it with the title of the Reddit post. Just like their dick size. I don't know why. Anyways, yeah, 25 to 30 pounds in one cycle is just not, of lean muscle tissue is just not possible.

He probably just put on 25 to 30 pounds of total weight. He may lose down to about 20 pounds total. And a lot of that's probably gonna be water. He's probably gonna hold on a lot of fat and a lot of muscle that he gained. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if like, for his fourth cycle, he did it for 14 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if he put on like three or four pounds of muscle, maximum no more than six, no more than six, there's no way. The average...

Stoph (42:24.036)


Paul (42:50.154)

Like it's the number of anabolic cycles you have is also like the number of years you've been training. So the first year of training is gonna be your best year. You got newbie gains, you're gonna put on a ton of muscle, you're gonna lose some fat, it's newbie gains. This is the same thing with your first steroid cycle. You're gonna just blow the fuck up, you're gonna lose a lot of fat, it's just your body's gonna respond really, really well to it. It's your first cycle. But every single cycle after that, every year.

of training after the first year, it's gonna be diminishing returns. It's arguable that it's almost 50% the previous year. So if you put on 10 pounds the first year of muscle, the next year you put on five pounds, the next year you put two and a half on, next year you put 1.25. Like that's what people argue. So being the fourth cycle, I would be very surprised if you put on more than five pounds of actual lean muscle tissue. There's a photo of Regan Grimes and he showed.

a 10 year difference and he showed like it was like stage weight and um it was like a stage shots and stage weight and it was about 80 pound difference over 10 years and so let's say like all variables just kind of out the window let's just say the fat percentage and water and all that are the same he gained roughly eight pounds of muscle per year over 10 years right.

The first year, my natural lifting was eight years of muscle. I gained eight, sorry, not eight years, eight pounds of genuine lean muscle tissue after getting scanned. I got scanned towards the beginning and scanned towards the end, and I was off about eight pounds of lean muscle tissue. So like that's more like steroid usage, but he had to average that over 10 years. Yeah, so I'm saying like it wasn't steroids, it was just newbie gains. So yeah, so he didn't put on that much. That's also something to keep in mind too, is that like,

Stoph (44:12.343)


Stoph (44:31.5)

Newbie games too. Yeah. It's keeping, yeah. Yeah.

Paul (44:41.678)

For a professional bodybuilder who's on the Olympia stage, over 10 years, he gained eight pounds per year of lean muscle tissue.

Stoph (44:47.776)

Yeah, the best of the best.

Paul (44:49.926)

Yeah, yeah. So like to say you gain 25 to 30 pounds in one cycle, you're out of your damn mind. It's not possible. But anyways, that's that story. I thought that was kind of interesting. There is some merit to the like, trend makes you gay thing. So what happens is trend directly affects your progesterone. And what that's going to do is, I was actually reading a bit about this recently, just for shits and gigs.

Stoph (45:01.7)


Paul (45:17.918)

And basically what it does is progesterone is actually has been found to be higher levels in gay men and lesbian women. I don't know if it's in, like that's just what the studies have been found. So it's possible that progesterone is tied to what you find sexually arousing and the higher progesterone is arguably the more like common or more likelihood you're going to find like.

the same sex more attractive. So while you're taking trend, that's why a lot of guys get into butt stuff and shit while on trend is because it raises your progesterone and it literally changes what you find sexually arousing. Granted this guy is on PCT and they're still doing all this stuff. So it is like a kink that he unlocked, but that's what trend will do. It directly affects your progesterone. So it's arguable that it will make you into stuff like that.

Stoph (46:11.787)


Paul (46:12.318)

And that's okay. Like it's like we, we don't kink shame here in this podcast. If you're into something, you're into it. Um, but you know, with, with that, like it's, if it, you don't just become gay when you're taking trend, if you're, if you say you turned gay while taking trend, you were gay beforehand and you didn't have the balls to like, really go after it until you had trend. So you don't just turn gay, you know, I argue gay genetically a part of you. Just like being straight is kind of a part of you. Um, so taking trend just doesn't.

Stoph (46:32.612)


Paul (46:42.146)

just make you gay, but it could make you into butt stuff, like you did here. So.

Stoph (46:45.388)

Hmm and his wife was just hanging out and then one day BAM she got the business

Paul (46:53.374)

Everything started up. Yep, just randomly for her. So good for them. So that's one story for you

Stoph (46:58.308)


I got a, uh, this, well, this one, um, I figure, Oh boy, went down the wrong pipe there. Um, this one is, uh, based on the, the drug part that we just talked about, how you, uh, how that one compared, you know, trend to drugs. So this one is an addict that was, that was taking stuff. So, uh, yeah. Uh, let's see, this is this one.

Paul (47:02.382)

Get out of the way.

Paul (47:18.846)


Paul (47:24.086)

Great, that's great. Great combination there. Drugs and steroids. Drugs and more drugs.

Stoph (47:31.32)

Boop. Yeah. So my very first cycle was advised by my drug deal in Mr. Minnesota at the time. So call out four years ago. Who was Mr. Minnesota four years ago? Oh.

Paul (47:44.67)

I mean, it might not have been four years ago. Oh, I've been cleaning for over four years now, and then she was probably the sole thing that saved me. So, this is at least eight years ago. Eight, nine years ago at minimum.

Stoph (47:46.621)

I know, I know.

Stoph (47:54.332)

Yeah. But 500 test, 500 trend, HGH. No AI. Yeah. No gaber, no preemie, no serm, no PCT. But then this right here. We're also heroin addicts popping Xanax, doing coke, etc. We'd literally shoot up and then try and hit the gym. I did not even have my own legitimate gym membership and had zero idea about a diet. I was young and luckily never got gyno or

Paul (48:00.93)

That's so much.

Paul (48:07.086)


Stoph (48:24.576)

um, estup, anything else. Not sure if that was directly related to my need for TRT later on life, or if I already had low T. Uh, you know, I'm going to take a, take a pretty, I'm going to say medical professional here. If you're TRT later, it definitely has something to do with how you have this kind of a cycle and no PCT.

Paul (48:47.038)

I mean, it depends on like, there's so many factors that go into it, but I definitely think that it played a role. That's like a definite role. I mean, those are very high. Aromatizing agents that he's taking. And the fact that he didn't take any AI or caver to fight estrogen and prolactin is fucking unbelievable. Like that's the fact that he didn't get guy now is genuinely a miracle. Like that is a mic.

Stoph (48:48.42)


Stoph (48:51.769)


Stoph (49:06.351)


Stoph (49:12.386)


Paul (49:13.474)

I can't express that enough. That is genuinely a fucking miracle. It blows my mind that he didn't even get any guy now. Like that's crazy. Anyways, go ahead.

Stoph (49:19.57)


Stoph (49:23.524)

Um, honestly looked pretty damn good. Nowhere near where I am now, but considering the circumstance, it could have been worse. I don't remember my mental state during the course of this because I was so doped up. I remember being depressed AF and completely fatigued all day for obvious reasons. I've been clean for over four years now and the gym is probably the sole thing that saved me embarrassed. Even if business has been in a bad place, it trusted the wrong people. Luckily, nothing dramatic happened other than a valuable life lesson for him.

nothing dramatic happened other than a life lesson. For other people, everything in this post, that's like, he is in a very, I mean, you said miracle with Gyno. He's a miracle he didn't die doing this. This is, you add a cycle on top of his lifestyle and it's a miracle. And this one doesn't have a ton of like story to it, but it's just, it's...

Paul (50:02.263)


Paul (50:11.814)

Yeah, it really was a miracle.

Stoph (50:21.504)

There is a connection to continuing to be an addict with his lifestyle and his cycle. Like someone who is an addict and has the addictive mindset is not going to stop doing something in their life that is their regular lifestyle when something else is going good for them. Like him topping on 500 tests, 500 trends, HGH, he must have felt unreal. Unreal.

And adding, yeah, exactly, and adding his addictive lifestyle choices to that, neither one of those in an addictive mindset is going to stop. You're not going to stop one of those. So the fact that he's just alive to write this is a mirror.

Paul (50:51.114)

Yeah, superhuman.

Paul (51:07.482)

Yeah, I mean, it's the combination of the two is just not a good, it's not a good thing. I mean, it's you know, addictions all over my family. So I know it's like genetically in there. I argued addiction is, or like prone to addiction is genetic. I mean, drugs is a different story, you know, anybody can get addicted to drugs, but having an addictive personality is arguably.

Stoph (51:21.22)


Paul (51:35.198)

genetic. So for me, I've always tried to stay away from anything that could cause an addiction and steroids is one of the things that I'm really proud to say that like I haven't gotten addicted to, but I could totally see why people do get addicted to it. You come off anabolic and you feel like utter shit. All your gains disappear, all that. So it's like to be taking drugs like hard drugs on top of steroids.

is just a recipe for disaster. You know, you're just, you're just asking to get hurt. There's a clip recently, this guy was shitting on bodybuilders and how like prone they are to getting hurt, whatever they're like, oh, this guy's like shitting on bodybuilders. He's like, it's so fucking dumb that, I've seen him before. I forgot what his name is, but he's like some influencer that's like broccoli head type of influencer. And he's like,

He's like, if you're going to be a bodybuilder, he's like, you're more prone to accidents. This bodybuilder and this bodybuilder both got injured outside the gym. And he's like, that's dumb that you did all this effort and blah, blah. And it's like the top comment goes, yeah, they're prone to more accidents because of what they do in the gym. And both of the accidents, like where they got injured, I forget who it was, were both tendon or muscle tears. But like they were awkward. One of them was like...

Stoph (52:54.746)


Paul (52:57.946)

Stopping a dog from falling off a couch and tore his like bicep or something because he like lean weird way and it just popped yeah, and there's one where this guy's like leg is a quad tore something from something and There are most stupid injuries But it's like that's all it needs like the attendants are so weak on steroids because you're pushing your muscles so hard You really need to be careful because it's very easy to tear it so to go do that plus also take drugs and like

Stoph (53:02.964)

Oh, I've read about that one. Yeah.

Paul (53:27.03)

You know, anybody who's been drunk or high will know that like, there's a lot, there are consequences in your head is out the window. Like there's no such thing as consequences. It's you, you're, it's like, great. Like alcohol is like brave juice. It's just like you just, you're dumb brave on it. Um, there's, there's no such thing as negative consequences when you're doing and drinking alcohol. So to combine the potential issues of more prone to injuries, plus the issues of taking drugs that.

eliminate the consequences in your head is just not a good combination there at all by any means. Let me see, I got one here. Let's see how this goes. I'm gonna start here relatively short so we're not taking up for you guys this whole day. Let's see, yeah it should be this one.

My first and last experience with Trend. This is another More Place More Dates subreddit post. This happened a couple of years ago and it was my second cycle. I was on around 250 Trend a week and I decided to also add 150 tests on top just to see the result, which I'm surprised he wasn't on test in the first place.

I hadn't really heard much about that combo or anything since it was my second cycle and it was like four years ago. So this was posted three years ago. This was about seven years ago. So we're talking like 2016 or so, something like that. Maybe 2017, something like that. And 140 tests for like bodybuilders, that's like TRT levels. That's not like an actual like real cycle.

Stoph (54:55.254)


Paul (55:09.054)

So he's actually, it's pretty light shit he's taking. Like in comparison to what other guys are taking, I mean he's only taking 400 milligrams total a week. That's really not too bad at all. Like this is a pretty light cycle, but 250 try-in and 150 test just doesn't make any sense. I got all my supplies from my buddy, we'll call him D, and was also my fellow coworker, and he guided me through my first cycle, which I got pretty decent results from. And I didn't really experience much side effects, negative side effects, since he pretty much held my hand through it.

It was also around 219 of raw steel at age 20, in only his second year of lifting. So at the time, I would do anything, even cut off a nut to look like him. So I decided to trust his wise words and take Trent because he had gotten a good kick into his body progression from it. Fuck it, no shit. By the second week, I couldn't drive like a sane human being and kept thinking I was going to hit someone, despite occasionally being alone on the road.

I even one time almost swerved into a tree because I forgot to check my blind spot and shit myself thinking I was gonna crash when I was pulling into my fucking driveway. So that's the paranoia that Trent can introduce, the really bad anxiety. I didn't get it really that bad at all. Um, but a lot of guys get super fucking paranoid on Trent. Um, that's why they call it the relationship story because they make up these scenarios in their heads. Um, like there are, you know, girls cheating on them or somebody somewhere.

Stoph (56:10.)

Thanks for watching!

Stoph (56:15.032)


Paul (56:29.002)

Wanted to fight them even though it's just a made-up scenario in their head all these guys looking at me the wrong way He must fucking think this or this and this and this and he wants to fight so I'm gonna fight him first You know, so it's like it'll you can ruin your life because of that. Anyways My anxiety had become horrible and fast But D told me just to finish the cycle to just get a good one in quotations By the third week at work D who was also my co-worker

I'd been on the phone with a female at work constantly and I became so paranoid it was my crush from four years ago. See what I'm saying? Fucking made up scenario, completely made up. Like the chances are of him talking to his crush from four years ago is fucking insane. Like that is.

Stoph (57:10.092)

And even if it was, it's your crush from four years ago.

Paul (57:13.682)

Exactly, but so like why is he mad about it? But like that's what I'm saying. Like it's just completely made up scenarios in his head Day by day my jealousy curiosity and fear that it was her was killing me one day I became filled with rage And jealousy and was totally convinced it was her so I snatched his phone out of his hand to look at who he was talking to And it turned out to have been some internet girl from a different state. He was trying to hook up with for whatever reason See made up a scenario Like nothing was remotely true

Stoph (57:16.214)


Paul (57:43.85)

He totally understood the motive behind it and told me it was normal, but I felt like a totally different person with a different mindset and I couldn't even control my thoughts anymore. Knowing what I know, if I was in this guy's shoes, I'd be the same way. I'd be like, look dude, it's not you. I know what this is like. It's the trend talking. I wouldn't even be mad. I'd be like, look, it's, I know this has been probably brewing for a while and it just, you just hit your boiling point.

Stoph (57:56.599)


Stoph (58:04.588)

And then you mess with them and go, I'm talking to your crush on my other phone. Ha ha ha.

Paul (58:09.538)

Maybe like, I get your mom in my phone too. Um, he says I had increased my bench press max from two 15 to two 30 by week five. Okay. That's not much. And I was like leaning, not much on trend. I'm saying not much on trend.

Stoph (58:27.319)


Paul (58:28.182)

That's not much on trend at all. My strength was like, I doubled in like two weeks. Like it was crazy. So 15 pounds really isn't too much, but it also shows like his lack of experience because he's talking about his PR and he's taking trend. Two plates as your PR and trend should not be in the same realm. You should have much more muscle density and muscle maturity before you take trend.

225 should not be your PR or like around there should not be your PR anyways By week five and I was looking lean and shredded and I was constantly horny like every second of the entire cycle Know what that feels like by week six I would constantly overthink about my ex that I had still really liked at the time despite falling through and Somehow convinced myself to try to talk to her and I called her. Oh boy And take a sip of this real quick

Stoph (59:24.9)

Yeah, Kermit meme.

Paul (59:26.642)

The tea is starting. When my phone call rung, it run for about three seconds and then she hung the call up and I became so angry from it, I punched a hole in my door and almost fractured one of my knuckles.

Stoph (59:28.51)


Stoph (59:42.008)

which if your phone rings for three seconds, there's a decent chance that's a regular progression and it regularly went to voicemail. Oh.

Paul (59:48.902)

It could have just been off.

Stoph (59:51.662)


Paul (59:54.282)

And like, see, this is also makes me think like, this might just be part of who he is. I totally get like the anger and irritability, but like, you can keep that shit under control. Like you could just, the amount of times, like when I was on trend during my prep, the amount of times, like anything that didn't go exactly as planned in my head would make me so irritable and so angry. I'd have to just sit there and go.

Stoph (01:00:06.454)


Paul (01:00:23.382)

Like just like breathe for a second, because if I didn't, I'd freak the fuck out. But like you could control it, you know? It's like, just relax, dude. So he just has no self-control. D, who was also my roommate, tried to calm me down. I barely remember it even happening because the amount of anger that had overcome me. So yeah, he just saw red. My anxiety was horrible. I was getting constant headaches and I would occasionally wake up feeling weak, drained and sweaty on random days for no reason. And I felt like I was generally going crazy.

Stoph (01:00:41.582)


Paul (01:00:52.39)

Um, one thing I do remember from trend is that night sweats, the night sweats were pretty intense. Every single night I'd wake up direct and sweat. That was pretty intense. Oh yeah.

Stoph (01:00:59.72)

And your gym sweats. I remember getting texts from you saying like, I just walked into the gym and you were just drenched.

Paul (01:01:07.79)

I was walking, like I'd start my first set, my first like warm up, like just warming up the joints set and I'm already starting to sweat. And by the time I'm done training, like my shorts would be fully soaked. Like I take off my shirt because it's like my shirt would get so heavy and cold. It would just, it was annoying. Let me see, if I'm crazy, I would get extremely annoyed by the smallest things. Nobody could even talk to me without me showing the noticeable hatred for them. I know what that's like.

Stoph (01:01:14.292)


Stoph (01:01:19.407)


Paul (01:01:36.39)

Somehow someway had it gotten so bad that I decided to stay on trend because I was looking more jacked by the day And I was trying to get to the point where I would be so ripped. I would be irresistible to my ex despite her literally Hanging up my call That's that's too bad. It that's the reality is that Being shredded or being buff is not what women want physically They want chunky dudes

Stoph (01:01:56.26)

Yeah, but it's what a lot of guys, it's what a lot of guys do to try and get girls.

Paul (01:02:01.786)

Yeah, it's not the reality anymore. It used to be, you know, you women used to appreciate the hard work and effort And that's what was attractive was that they're able to stick through something and commit to something but that's not what they see anymore. They want Guys who biologically look like that they could handle being a dad Which is like dad bod but dad bod also varies from person to person. They you know, I saw a video recently

Stoph (01:02:11.829)


Stoph (01:02:18.445)


Paul (01:02:24.85)

This guy was like pretty buff like probably like 15% body fat So like not really like lean by any means but he was a pretty buff dude A lot of muscle and women were like in the comments like this is the dad bob we're talking about. That's not a dad But that's a bodybuilder on a dirty bulk. But like that's not that's a very rare person anyways, um Let me see hang up the call I was hitting the gym every day I'll be physically able to

Stoph (01:02:39.311)


Paul (01:02:52.114)

Yeah, I would hit the gym every day I was physically able to and whenever I was not feeling like shit and dead By week seven, I couldn't drive to save my fucking life I couldn't even step outside of my apartment without me feeling like a car was going to run me off the road And hit me and leave me paralyzed for the rest of my life. That's just the paranoia That's just that side of things the anxiety paranoia the headaches and night sets were almost an every other day thing And for the rest of the cycle my motivation to keep going was to hit the gym get more jacked and get my ex back

Stoph (01:03:08.542)


Paul (01:03:18.974)

Yeah, the night sweats for me, which is right, was pretty much right away. I just, every night I'd wake up, I literally, some nights I remember this. Some nights I'd be so drenched in sweat. I'd actually take my shower towel that I used the day before and literally dry off my hair because I was so drenched in sweat. And like, right, like I'd like get my chest and my back and shit because it was just that drenched in sweat.

Stoph (01:03:35.437)


Paul (01:03:40.65)

My friend had realized just how bad the situation had gotten when I started talking about seriously beating my ex if she didn't take me back as soon as I got off my cycle. I didn't even know how it got to that point, but it did and it felt serious. Dee told me to just get off it and I took the right measures. My dick didn't work for about a month, but it came back pretty normal. Not sure if I ever recovered mentally from it or if I'm just scarred from the amount of thinking about my ex and anxiety. More of the story, do not take trend if you don't want to go fucking crazy.

Stoph (01:04:09.712)

I think that last sentence where it said, I'm not mentally, not sure if I'm mentally recovered, that plays back into whether it was him or if it was the trend. Like trend, yes, messes mentally, but it's an amplification of your own tendencies, so.

Paul (01:04:25.894)

Yeah, so like he probably has already like anxiety and all that are an issue that he has to deal with and the trend just Just really made it go through the roof. So when he says i'm not sure if i've mentally recovered from it He's yeah, it's probably just a part of who he is. So he's not meant to recover from anything. He just He just went through it really bad And worse than usual And he's still kind of dealing with whatever's going on in his head

Stoph (01:04:35.243)


Paul (01:04:54.062)

So it could also be like, that's if the dosage is even proper too. Like this is the other thing you got to take into account too. You got to...

You got to have a lot of trust in these, the guys you're buying shit from, you know, it'll fuck you up. And if they're not a hundred, if it's not like pure, like the sources I go to either provide one provides farmer shit, farmer grade shit. So it's very expensive. And then the other one doesn't provide a farmer grade shit, but he gets it tested and it's at anywhere from 96 to 99% purity, depending on the item. Usually though.

Stoph (01:05:06.25)


Paul (01:05:25.97)

like testosterone and stuff like that's not like 100% pure or like on the lower side of that pure side because it's very easy to make testosterone, it's very cheap so it's easier to kind of bunk it a bit but if they're not true to the actual dosage in there or the guy who you know the person who like

Stoph (01:05:34.309)


Paul (01:05:43.05)

Dissolve the liquid like if they're using like MCT oil for instance They have to do the proper amount of MCT oil into a vial in order to get a certain milligrams per milliliter So if they fuck that up That'll fuck up your whole dosage and that'll fuck up your whole cycle and that'll fuck up your head your brain like your Muscles your heart like so you got to you put a lot of trust in the guys you're buying shit from So that could have it might not have been 250 milligrams. It could be 250 milligrams, but also adding in 150 tests on top just Doesn't make any sense

This guy said that we should have done more tests, honestly. Like 150 milligrams of tests was kind of fucking useless at that stage. Like it's, I mean, it's useful, you know, but it's not like, if he's going to take, try and just take more tests, you know, it's, I don't know. That's just my opinion. Like it's just, it's just stupid to us that he didn't really know what he was doing when he wrote this like program for himself.

Stoph (01:06:15.138)


Paul (01:06:35.762)

You should take more tests than you take trend. So if he was taking 250 trend, he probably should have been on like 400 tests. But then again, you shouldn't be that high anyways. You should have been like 150 or 200 and then 300 test.

Stoph (01:06:48.436)

Actually, it was Dee who was writing that for him.

Paul (01:06:51.786)

Yeah, Dee, his coworker and roommate and gym buddy, all in one. They'll, they never leave each other's side.

Stoph (01:06:55.592)

Yeah, as the story progressed, I was going to say as the story progressed, I was wondering if it was going to go that D was actually his ex. Just keep adding in layers to who D is.

Paul (01:07:07.58)

Yeah. Ends up being like his ex, who's like also his baby mama daddy or something. They're a transgender man who had their kids, so now they're a mom dad. They're, oh, what's the joke from, does he think it was Family Guy? The other one was,

Stoph (01:07:21.931)


Paul (01:07:32.97)

Hey Peter, you wanna see my vaginus? I don't know. That's like my mom, dad, my dad, mom. He gave birth to me. My dad, mom gave birth to me with her vaginus.

Stoph (01:07:48.)

Oh yeah, when Joe's dead transitions, that's what it is. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Paul (01:07:54.974)

Yeah, yeah. So what was it? I forget what the joke was. I don't know. It was something like that in Family Guy. Yeah, exactly. Could you want to come up and join us? Anyways, that's it for Reddit Stories today. If you guys enjoy this content, let us know. Leave a like. You know, we're on YouTube, so if you're on YouTube, leave a like, subscribe, comment, all that.

Stoph (01:08:00.996)

There's a lot that came out of that.

Paul (01:08:24.502)

On Spotify and stuff like that. I'll open up like a yes or no kind of poll to see what you guys think Just because it is different from what we've ever done. So hopefully you guys enjoyed it With that being said we'll see you guys later and thanks for listening

Stoph (01:08:38.82)

Hell yeah. Peace.

Paul (01:08:41.138)

See you.

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